10 Ridiculous “Pinkwashed” Products That May Actually Cause Breast Cancer

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Before you open your heart—and more important, pocketbook—to pink-ribbon tie-ins, Breast Cancer Action’s Think Before You Pink campaign urges you to pose some critical questions:

1. How much money from your purchase actually goes to the cause?

2. What is the maximum amount that will be donated?

3. How much money was spent marketing the product?

4. How are the funds being raised?

5. To what breast cancer organization does the money go, and what types of programs does it support?

6. What is the company doing to assure that its products are not contributing to the breast cancer epidemic?

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8 Responses to “10 Ridiculous “Pinkwashed” Products That May Actually Cause Breast Cancer”

  1. jill (@jillfehr) says:

    This is an awesome article Jasmin – nice work!

  2. Georganna Hancock (@@GLHancock) says:

    So, it hasn’t been just my imagination that some of these “pink” offers are ridiculous, some of the supposed benefits doubtful, and the result of years of donations is still pitiful?

    B.C.”survivor” – not! Just living with it.

  3. Crafts and Coolaid (@djpoptart) says:

    For folks asking “Why be hating?”

    When businesses support a cause, they are also advertising their products and enhancing perception of the social responsibility rating of their products and business conduct. When there is contradiction inherent in business practice or composition of product, or if the cost to market the “benefit” outstrips the value of the donation, then it is fair game to interrogate that practice or product, to burst inaccurate consumer perception that she/he is indeed doing “good” by purchasing a given product or service marketed as part of the “the cure.”

  4. eco1 says:

    If these companies *really* cared about stopping breast cancer, they wouldn’t manufacture the toxic products that contribute to it!

  5. paige h says:

    Anyone else pick up on the irony of the B of A pink ad on the right of the page for this article? I would replace the last mention (Chambord) with the B of A Pink Washing. Give B of A a blasting and give alcohol an “Honerable Mention” at best.

    Cheers to awareness. Thanks for posting! I’ve come to hate SBG month and prefer to support the prevention of cancer by attacking the causes before they create damage.

  6. pinklati2001 says:

    Great article, I wasn’t aware of most of this stuff. From now on I will make a donation directly to cancer research rather than think that any of this is actually going to help. Especially if what they are putting out is hurting us rather than helping.

  7. Understandingly misunderstood says:

    I just want to say… you should consider the good that has come from these companies support.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t think to myself “I have 5 extra bucks this week. I’m going to donate it.”

    I would think though “Oh. They are going to donate 5 bucks to research. That’s nice. I will go ahead and buy it.” And if you are purchasing anyway and it happens to donate a small percentage to your fav charity… BONUS!!!

    Yes. I do agree that manufacturers should re-evaluate what goes in to their products but without their donations, there would hardly be any.

  8. bettysaturn says:

    Vodka? Seriously?

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