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Twelve year old “Eco” Erek Hansen is putting his best foot forward, and has gone on a one-boy mission to divert thousands of shoes from our landfills. The Ohio kid has been organizing shoe drives in his home town, collecting cast off sneaks and turning them over to clothing recycler USAgain. Rather than playing video games, the inspiring tween spends his free time reducing his carbon footprint.

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One Response to “12-Year-Old Boy Saves 4,000 Pairs of Shoes From the Landfill for Recycling”

  1. donate.wisely says:

    Of course, Erek is to be congratulated. But too bad he chose USAgain, a for-profit company. Local charities ALSO accept shoes, and use the proceeds to help the needy.

    USAgain gets a lot of bad press. One 2009 report even suggested that USAgain “…routinely pretended to be a charity so business owners wouldn’t ask for rent on the bin space.” The same report tied USAgain to an alleged cult called the Tvind Teachers Group, whose leaders are fugitives wanted on fraud charges.

    Research before you donate.

    Below is a list of just some of the unfavorable reports on USAgain. To view them, simply highlight a title, right-click it, then select “Search Google…”. A new tab should open in your Web-browser, showing search results for that title. The one you want should appear at the top of the search results):

    Millions In Clothing Donations Diverted From Charity – kirotv

    Local Mayor Wants Red Bins Out – USAgain in Seattle – YouTube

    Report: for-profit clothes bins hurting charities – YouTube

    No charity cases: Some clothing boxes are not what they seem to be – Herald & Review

    [PDF] Tri County News – Kimball, MN | Do you know where your donation is going?

    BBB: Charity bins suspect – View International Cultic Studies

    [PDF] BetterBusiness JulAug 2005 converted.indd

    Doing Business in a Box – TIME

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