20-Year Old Woman Kills, Mutilates Cat for Lady Gaga Outfit

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Note to “little monsters”: No live cats were used in Gaga’s costume.

We’ve all gone a little gaga at times, but even that’s an understatement for Angelina Barnes, a 20-year-old Oklahoma native who has been charged with animal cruelty. While “prettying up” to attend a Lady Gaga concert, Barnes allegedly killed and dismembered her family’s cat for its blood, which she smeared onto her face before being discovered by an unidentified relative. Investigators found purple hair dye and blood all over the bathroom, along with—brace yourself—the gruesome remains of the 15-year-old tabby, which Barnes drowned, sliced open, and mutilated. Oh and its liver was discovered inside a nearby makeup case. That’s not all: At a local hospital, Barnes also threatened a nurse with a glass shard. Barnes was previously diagnosed with depression, but we remain disgusted and mournful as we think of all our fine feline friends. Click below for a video of the news broadcast.

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[Via The Huffington Post]

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9 Responses to “20-Year Old Woman Kills, Mutilates Cat for Lady Gaga Outfit”

  1. dkw1014 says:

    It is truly sad that a family friend was mutilated. But, I am overwhelmed by you writing that you “remain digusted.” There are two victims- the cat and young woman. It is obvious that she is suffering from mental illness. My prayers go out to her and her family as the seek the help that is so needed.

  2. Jasmin Malik Chua says:

    @dkw1014: There are millions of people who live with depression (myself included) and other forms of mental illness who do not brutalize defenseless animals. I hope Barnes gets help, but that doesn’t make her actions okay.

  3. CC-rider says:

    I don’t consider the young “woman” a victim here. This was premeditated, she knew what she was doing. She does not deserve to walk this earth.

  4. Steff says:

    This is absolutely horrible, but why is this article on Ecouterre? I thought it’s about sustainable fashion and its designers, not sensational stories about people who have no respect for other creatures and truly need help. I visit this blog to read uplifting posts about how some people are trying to make a difference and not to read depressing new stories.

  5. Jasmin Malik Chua says:

    @Steff: In addition to uplifting stories, we also cover atrocities in fashion, including the use of animal fur and the toxic impacts of unsustainable practices like conventional leather-tanning. Although we believe in 90 percent carrot, 10 percent stick (to quote TreeHugger’s Graham Hill), it is only when we know what’s wrong that we can push for change. Torturing animals for vanity’s sake definitely falls in that category. If you need a palate cleanser—I certainly did!—may I suggest a video of Maru the cat?

  6. tj says:

    This story isn’t about “push(ing) for change” or “torturing animals for vanity’s sake”. This is a story about a seriously mentally ill girl. Instead of educating your key demographic on the fact that the onset of mental illnesses occurs in women between 18-25 with or without prior warning, you’re somehow pretending this is a story about stopping future animal abuse.

    Even worse, you brush over her history of depression as seemingly irrelevant and “remain disgusted.”

    Way to stay classy, folks, and miss a chance to impart valuable information to your readership.

  7. Donde B. says:

    Clearly this woman is mentally ill and has much more than just depression. Depression is a painful disease that many people, myself included, suffer with every day. However, it does NOT make you do things like this. Please don’t let her abhorrant behavior lead you to believe that people with depression are dangerous. I love my animals dearly and they are a vital part of my own treatment. What she did sounds much more like a psychotic break. Even so, I cannot justify or forgive what she has done.

  8. Missourimule says:

    Can’t really see the point of this article, other than for its shock value – obviously, a sick young woman, and obviously this website is capitalizing on her sickness in order to get attention – since I was directed here by a Twitter connection, I’ll waste no time in “unfollowing” same.

  9. tjwdraws says:

    I suspect more than “depression” being her problem, i.e., perhaps she was self medicating with illegal narcotics when she committed this murder? I hope she was drug tested and will not be allowed to skate free.

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