Gallery: 7 Eco-Friendly (and Vegan!) Alternatives to Animal Leather


Olsenhaus was the first footwear label, vegan or otherwise, to use Toray Ultrasuede's new Ambiance fabric in its Fall/Winter 2010 collection. Comprising 100 percent reconstituted post-industrial material, such as scrap polyester film from junked television screens, the microfiber feels and performs like the plushest suede while resisting sagging, pilling, and fading with aplomb.

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5 Responses to “7 Eco-Friendly (and Vegan!) Alternatives to Animal Leather”

  1. R says:

    Thanks for the article, although I am shocked to see that barkcloth makes the grade.
    Barkcloth is made by “ringing” the tree and one piece of leather kills the enitre tree. Not really an eco-friendly alternative!

  2. materialconcern (@thepopomomo) says:

    i guess i’m kinda confused about the reasons for buying vegan leather. I would never wear fur: so there’s no way I would want to wear fake fur as it’s made synthetically and doesn’t provide the actual warmth that real fur does. For me with leather, its the same thing. I buy vintage leather and some new leather because it’s a strong, long lasting material that’s really practical for shoes, boots, belts, etc. However, I’m not vegan: if I was I wouldn’t want to seem like a proponent of the most wasteful aspect of leather, the fact that it’s trendy or occasionally “in”

  3. Refinity says:

    Dear R,
    I like to react on your comment of 21th August.
    I think you are mistaking Barkcloth with another process. The barkcloth I used for making the coat is stripped of the tree, but the tree just lives on, so we do not harm the tree. During the process of Barkcloth they use solar energy, and they help the local people to get education and an income.
    If you want more information I can send you pdf’s and pictures which show you the process.—gary-symor.htm

  4. I think it’s great that more brands are finding alternative to leahter. I think it is also important to consideer the footprint in both manufacturing and shippings. I read that in order to get a can of coke on the shelf of the supermarket, the whole process from raw materials to shipping travels halfway around the world!

  5. amudhan says:

    I will like to know whether these alternate leathers are non allergic

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