7 Unexpected Ways To Recycle Old Denim Jeans

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Used, abused, shredded, and worn down to the threads, our favorite jeans have stuck around longer than most significant others. Is it any wonder, then, that we’re loathe give our bootcuts the boot even when they’re one pant leg away from Do Not Resuscitate? Take heart, your dungarees are in a better place. From cozy wall insulation to custom-made ottomans, denim’s afterlife is just as true blue.

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12 Responses to “7 Unexpected Ways To Recycle Old Denim Jeans”

  1. Rebecca Paul says:

    I want those sneakers! I wish I knew where to find them.

  2. sbaipsys (@sbaipsys) says:

    I am trying to find out where I can donate clothing that has been damaged – torn or stained. Most charities want only gently used clothing. I have many kids jeans and other clothes that they will not want. There has to be a good way to recycle these.

  3. vegan says:

    sbaipsys – some companies recycle rags so that could be an option

  4. hhh says:

    I too want to know where to get some of those sneakers!

  5. dejahmi (@dejahmi) says:

    where can i get those sneakers? i’ve been googling and i can’t find them…

  6. Jane Rennie says:

    Most UK charities take torn/worn out clothing or bedding providing it’s clean. They get money for materials from Rag Companies. Our local primary school collects ‘Rags’ 3 times per year and raises loads for school funds this way.

  7. justpassingthru says:

    Many animal shelters will take used clothing for rags. They also take used towels and blankets.

    If the kids jeans can be cut into short, you can do so and donate them that way.

    Goodwill will take rag quality clothes and sell them to a rag recycler. Just mark your bags as rags (some local Goodwill stores are unaware they do this, especially if they’re small, so if you run into problems call your regional office for help and they will call the local store.) The Salvation army and Amvets apparently sell rags, too.

  8. Variable Potpourri says:

    I attempted to track the hi-tops down the last time I saw mention of them somewhere, but was unsuccessful in finding a current retail offering.

    Perhaps the Inhabitat site can help us out with that?

  9. GrannyJanny says:

    hi … for info … try
    http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/levi-reused-jean-shoes .. but I can only find sales info for UK shops … maybe email direct to Levi info at their website?

  10. Amisha says:


    Where are you based? In the UK if you give them to TRAID they will make use of every bit of fabric, either as embellishment or they shread it and use it to stuff cushions etc.

  11. style_vulture (@StyleVulture) says:

    You can also use them to make little purses and iphone/ipad cases! Love recycling fashion.

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