Gallery: Artists Enlist Caddisfly Larvae to “Build” Jewelry From Gold, Gem...

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Humans aren’t the only animals with yen for self-decoration. Caddisfly larvae protect themselves by constructing elaborate armors from gravel, sand, twigs, and other debris, which they “glue” together using excreted silk. The tiny moth-like insects scavenge whatever material is suitable from their environments, including anything you choose to give them. French artist Hubert Duprat was among the first to take advantage of the insects’ predilections by supplying them with gold flakes, opal, turquoise, rubies, and pearls. The resulting cases are intricate works of art that can be strung up like beads to create one-of-a-kind jewelry.

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4 Responses to “Artists Enlist Caddisfly Larvae to “Build” Jewelry From Gold, Gemstones”

  1. Lae says:

    I think it’s horrible. One more example of humans using animals. There’s nothing eco about this.

  2. Purified says:

    I think it’s wonderful! One more example of humans and animals creating art in harmony. This is what eco is about!

  3. jennielie says:

    I don’t think it hurts or worries the caddis flies at all. They just need material to make their pupae and anything will do – grit, shells, etc, or precious gems will make no difference to them as long as they’re good construction materials. And the materials being given to them are natural – gold and jewels – not synthetic or man made like plastic beads for example. So I don’t see why this art form is not eco-friendly, and Hubert Duprat totally gives the caddis flies the kudos for creating these lovely pieces of jewellery. They don’t need them once they finish with the pupal stage but have had full use from them in the meantime.

  4. caddisfly says:

    WildScape Incorporated is a business that focuses on environmental education. The caddisfly larva is an environmental indicator! They tell us the quality of the water they live in… They are a beautiful insect that creates beautiful art. I give my caddisfly larva a environmentally safe place to live and create their unique pieces of art. I then raise my caddisfly larva until they emerge as adults. Their cases are left behind to remind us that there is so much beauty in nature. I create unique jewelry that is made using the cases of the caddisfly larva… They are beautiful Look me up at!

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