Asus Unveils Waveface Ultra, A Web-Connected Smartphone Bracelet

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If information is your drug, consider Asus an enabler of the worst kind. The electronics maker unveiled a family of conceptual, data-gathering devices at the Consumers Electronic Show on Tuesday, including the Waveface Ultra, an Internet-ready smartphone you can snap around your wrist like a bracelet or watch. And if a flexible OLED wristband that streams information 24/7 isn’t cool enough for you, get this: You control it by gesturing with your fingers. Click below the fold for a video demo that will have you rattling your kids’ piggy banks for change.

+ Asus

[Via OLED Display]

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5 Responses to “Asus Unveils Waveface Ultra, A Web-Connected Smartphone Bracelet”

  1. Paul_Bags says:

    I was trying to look at the images while waiting for the youslow video to load, but instead of just changing the image it loaded a new page, now i have to wait for youslow to load again, GAH.

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  5. Michal Sparks says:

    now that is a cool cuff braclet. i wish i had one and i saw you’re video and was blown away!!!!good work!!

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