Jessica Robertson, A Bit Slow

Jessica Robertson, A Bit SlowJessica Robertson creates fashion and textiles with her Sydney based label: Slow Palette by Jessica Robertson. Her goal is to create systemic change in current production, consumption, and disposability rates in fashion and food industries. She believes the principles of slow±using local materials, being transparent, and co-producing—provides for a sustainable and ethical alternative.

Slow Palette was recently one of the winning designers selected for The Spirit of the Black Dress awards at L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, showcased as a finalist at The Centre For
Sustainable Fashion's Fashioning the Future Awards in London and received "Best in Show" at the Society of Responsible Design’s annual graduate exhibition.

Jessica is co-founder of slow-design hub A Bit Slow, co-producer of seasonal artisan food preserves The Source, and a core member of the Youth Food Movement, co-piloting events. Through all these projects, Jessica is able to promote the practice of slow and provide
sustainable food, fashion, and textile alternatives.

What is “Slow Fashion” and Why Does It Matter?

What is “Slow Fashion” and Why Does It Matter?

“Slow fashion” is a sustainable and ethical alternative that is fundamentally reconstructing the contemporary fast-fashion system. Slow-fashion principles guide my textile-based label, Slow

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