Mark Liu

Mark LiuMark Liu is a London-based fashion and textile designer who is a graduate of the prestigious Saint Martin's College. Having worked freelance and as a consultant in Australia and London for fashion labels such as Alexander McQueen, Ghost, and Miss Selfridge, Mark has used his extensive experience in the fashion industry and passion for eco-sustainability to push the boundaries of fashion through innovative textile design.

Having launched his revolutionary zero-waste range at London Fashion Week in 2007, Mark has been earmarked as one of the leading proponents in the next wave of eco-aware and eco-responsible fashion designers.

By utilizing a unique cutting technique designed to save 15 percent of material on each garment, Mark has come up with a solution to reduce wastage as well as manufacturing costs, in a unique win-win situation for both the environment and business operation.

What is Zero-Waste Fashion (and Why Does It Matter)?

What is Zero-Waste Fashion (and Why Does It Matter)?

Zero-waste design isn’t a new technology or material. Instead, it’s a new way of thinking—a philosophy that forces you to challenge existing techniques and become a smarter designer.

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