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Beyoncé may be one of the top-selling performers of our time but her latest move isn’t likely to win her points with animal lovers. According to a blog post by Perfectly Made Kicks on Monday, the “Crazy in Love” singer “summoned” the footwear design house to customize a pair of Isabel Marant sneakers—dubbed the “King Bey”—using an array of exotic animal skins, including calf hair, anaconda, stingray, crocodile, and ostrich. Inspired by Beyoncé’s “sweet and fierce persona,” PMK plied the multi-textured wedges with white-on-white tones, gold-stitched details, and a “hybrid of land and sea skins” it provocatively refers to as the “Eden treatment.”

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11 Responses to “Beyoncé Orders Custom Trainers Made of Anaconda, Stingray, Ostrich”

  1. brulee says:

    This is an absolute disgrace, someone like this could use their image to stop the cruelty (often skinning alive)and extinction of species rather than furthering it, so much for ‘my moma taught me better than that!’

  2. ah says:

    This is such a vulgar,selfish act for someone that has everything!

  3. bukaroooo says:

    Now that PETA is involved I now want a pair of those sneakers. And I will buy Beyonce’s latest cd.

  4. franklanguage (@franklanguage) says:

    My gut reaction: “Wow, they’re ugly!” What a waste.

  5. virtiSane says:

    Wow. What a supreme waste of money, time and intelligence. Clearly shows a person beyond caring.

  6. nomadlizard says:

    While I hate the mass-murder caused by the creation of these shoes, the argument loses all credibility as soon as PETA gets involved. They love to embellish, lie, and make fools of us all and I just can’t get behind anything they say. Sorry.

  7. fofol says:

    Horrible shoes, besides they have killed animals to do them I hate them ¡¡¡

  8. old woman says:

    PETA kills animals every year. They are nothing but a way to make money off of people. They do not help any animal shelters, but spends BILLIONS on bullshit commercials and stunts. You want to help, donate to you local no kill shelters.

  9. philc says:

    Get off the PETA bashing wagon. Lots of groups that defend animal rights kill animals. That isn’t the point and someone needs to stand up and say something. I wonder if she witnessed the full process that created her shoes. Sad that Byonce doesn’t have more compassionate views but it will be an even worse tragedy if her fans blindly follow her lead. I mean really they are shoes, what inner need does custom animal skin shoes fulfill? I don’t get it.

  10. givy says:

    hmmm… first, ewe, those are gawd-awful ugly shoes!

    Second, lost all respect for Beyonce, cuz it’s a heartless, selfish, & unnecessary deed to kill the animals for a needless fashion accessory for shoes.

    Third, the intent makes all the difference. For example…animals killed for food like cows, pigs, chickens, lambs, etc. is sad indeed, but understandably necessary.

    But killing to flash-up ugly shoes to make them even uglier, takes the cake… Whoever came up with this morally-insane idea should be behind bars & labelled a dangerous offender, cuz this nut-jobs obviously has no sense of right and wrong (morally or with fashion).

    Two thumbs down!!!

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