Brainwave-Sensing Headband Lets Your Control Things With Your Mind

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Science fiction is becoming reality with the new Muse Headband that monitors your brainwaves and eventually could be used to control things with your mind. Muse is the latest in brainwave-sensing technology and was developed by InterAxon as a way to monitor what’s going on inside your head. Coupled with a mobile app via Bluetooth, Muse can be used to focus your mind, train your brain and improve your thought control. With another week of their indiegogo campaign, InterAxon is raising funds to start their first round of production and you too can get your own headband to help train your brain for a whole new wave of mind-controlling technology.

Canadian tech firm, InterAxon is dedicated to harnessing the power of your mind and their latest product, Muse, will help you strengthen your mind so you can learn how to controls things with just your thoughts. The Muse Headband sits on your forehead and back behind your ears and features 4 sensors to monitor your brainwaves. Using Bluetooth, Muse sends the data to your tablet or smartphone so you can see your brain in action. By knowing your brainwave pattern right then and there, you can use this information to focus and train you mind to be in control.

InterAxon is running an indiegogo campaign to raise funds to being production of Muse. Along with the headband, you’ll get a brain training mobile app that you can use to sharpen your mind, de-stress, improve attention and memory, build a positive attitude or stay motivated. This real-time feedback helps harness brain power and helps you understand how your mind works. Eventually, InterAxon hopes that a device like this can be used to control apps, play games and much more. Soon you’ll be playing games just with your mind and maybe even driving cars, operating equipment and so much more. Until then, you can use Muse to prepare your mind for the age when mind control is the de facto operating mode.

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+ InterAxon

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2 Responses to “Brainwave-Sensing Headband Lets Your Control Things With Your Mind”

  1. brandyafowler says:

    This is so cool. I wonder how this technology will evolve. And how do you purchase something like this?

  2. bombastinator says:

    Sadly this is complete BS.

    The problem with wearable transdermal brainwave sensors is that the electrical impulse produced by muscle movements completely overwhelms the much weaker signals traveling though the skull and scalp.

    such sensors can ONLY be pleced in areas where there are no muscles, and all of those places are normally covered with hair. The entire forehad and the sides of the head amost all the wy to the top of the skull are covered with eye, jaw and facial muscles. The back of the head below the ears is also covered with neck muscles.

    There is NO POINT that this device comes in contact with any area of the head where it can detect brainwaves.

    This is not to say it does not function. What it DOES detect is small muscle movements of the face and ears. It IS a function biofeedback device, but calling it a “brainwave” device is flat out false advertising.

    Biofeedback devices lie this were developed in the 1970’s. Atari even made a video game controller that used one. They were unpopular because while they work they force you to relax and control all the facial muscles causing anyone using one to adopt the facial expression of someone either stoned out of his mind or recently been hit by a bus.

    it is a reliable enough behavior that a good way to tell if the device is biofeedback is to watch a users face and see if he suddnly looks like he has developed severe autism or is experiencing a prolonged spontanelous orgasm.

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