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7 Bags Made From Recycled Denim Jeans

ANN FRYE Laptop case or old lady’s knitting bag? Ann Frye’s deftly constructed stuff sack, woven from recycled denim on a Leclerc Nilus “Medico” loom, is a…

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7 Designer Looks Made From Recycled Denim Jeans

DENIM COUTURE Few articles of clothing are as egalitarian as the humble blue jean. It’s come a long way from its working-stiff roots, rising in status to become not only a luxe…

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Eco-Designers Turn Yesterday’s News into Headline-Making Paper Couture

HEAR YE, HEAR YE At the Yesterday’s News Green Catwalk Event and Workshop in New York City on Tuesday, four leading sustainable designers—Samantha Pleet, Bahar Shahpar, Lara Miller,…

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7 Unexpected Ways To Recycle Old Denim Jeans

JEAN GENIES Used, abused, shredded, and worn down to the threads, our favorite jeans have stuck around longer than most significant others. Is it any wonder, then, that we’re…

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7 Upcycled Eco-Accessories Recast From Symbols of War, Violence

GIVE PEACE A CHANCE You know what gets us really fired up? Peaceful protests, civil debates, acting not reacting—anything that doesn’t involve fisticuffs or the barrel of a…

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7 Offbeat Eco-Fashion Accessories Made From Upcycled Circuit Boards

Fine jewelry and luxury goods may not appear to have much in common with discarded electronic innards, but look deeper and you’ll find that circuit boards are riddled with…

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7 Upcycled Skateboard Wearables to Deck Yourself In

If you’re raring to rebuild your youthful street cred, but you’re not exactly crusin’ for a bruisin’, take a gander at these statement accessories made from…

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