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Sarah Lazarovic's "Buyerarchy of Needs" Tells It Like It is

Abraham Maslow would be pretty shocked at what most Americans today consider “needs.” Sarah Lazarovic’s reimagined “buyerarchy of needs” presents a new…

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Cradle to Cradle's Star-Studded Bash Teases "Fashion Positive Project"

Photos by Patrick McMullan for the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute Last Friday evening, distinguished patrons filled the ground floor of New York’s IAC building for the…

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Ishi Makes Organic, Naturally Dyed Vests That Promote Livelihoods in India

Very rarely does a fashion choice have the opportunity to make a profound influence on a global scale. For Harish Patel, a few compliments sparked an idea that became the Ishi vest.…

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A&F Would Rather Destroy Its Clothes Than Donate Them to the Homeless

If you thought Abercrombie & Fitch couldn’t get more offensive, you’d be wrong, oh so wrong. After CEO Mike Jeffries drew fire last week for deliberating excluding…

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Bona Drag Offers Gothic Romance for the Conscious Bride-to-Be

FINE ROMANCE Among the gems are Mara Hoffman’s first-ever ready-to-wear bridal dresses, including a hand-beaded, Grecian goddess-inspired gown that Wojner says “should be…

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Agilite's Rescue Harness Lets You Carry an Injured Friend Like a Backpack

The military may live by the expression “no man left behind,” but extracting injured troops from war zones is often easier said than done. An Israeli-U.S. company known as…

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