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Why is Walmart Still Selling Lead-Tainted Handbags, Accessories?

Walmart may be the world’s third largest purchaser of organic cotton, but the rollback-happy mega-retailer’s eco-cred could still use some burnishing. A year after the…

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BREAKING NEWS: Acid, Formaldehyde Found in Designer Clothing Brands

If you cast a gimlet eye at made-in-China merch, you might need to append a few more places to your blacklist, according to a story in China Daily. In a random sampling of department…

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Why Are H&M, Walmart Destroying Unsold Clothing Instead of Giving Them to Charity?

Photo by tnarik H&M and Walmart are doing a lot more than slashing prices, according to the New York Times. More literally, the fast-fashion purveyor and a contractor for the…

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