Color-Changing Contact Lenses Help Diabetics Keep Tabs on Glucose Levels

Contact lens in eye

Photo by marcoguy

Want to talk about a sight for sore eyes? Diabetics could soon be weeping tears of joy over a new noninvasive technology that would make the ritual of drawing blood throughout the day ancient history. A biochemical engineer at the University of Western Ontario has developed contact lenses that change color in response to spikes and dips in the wearer’s glucose levels. The secret: Ultra-teeny nanoparticles that react chemically with glucose molecules in tears to produce a shift in hue.

Blood-glucose meter


The nanocomposite hydrogel lenses, which could render those pesky e-waste-generating blood-glucose meters obsolete, will allow diabetics to monitor potentially life-threatening variations in their sugar levels without missing a thing. (Another upside: They’re ouch-free.)

The lenses could render e-waste-generating blood-glucose meters obsolete.

Professor Jin Zhang received $216,342 from the Canada Foundation for Innovation on Wednesday to further develop the multifunctional nanocomposite technology, which has applications in everything from measuring pathogenic contamination in produce to improving the biodegradability of food packaging.

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+ University of Ontario

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4 Responses to “Color-Changing Contact Lenses Help Diabetics Keep Tabs on Glucose Levels”

  1. JSGibbons says:

    Thanks for this information. My diabetic husband is looking forward to trying it out, once the insurance goes along. :)

    I actually wrote an article on this on my blog as well. Check it out…

  2. […] nanotechnology is providing a way for diabetics to use lenses to check their blood sugar. These nanocomposite contact lenses actually change color to indicate blood sugar […]

  3. Kailey says:

    Hey seems we are lucky with the revoultionised equipment in the medical environment.Having Contact lens which can monitor glucose levels in the body is amazing and Thanks to Canada Foundation for innovation for encouraging the professors by supporting them financially. I am awaiting to use such contact lens.

  4. raisa rivera says:

    is it available now?
    how much is it?
    i am doing some research about this.
    thanks for those who will reply.

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