Copper-Infused “Anti-Aging” Shapewear is Now a Thing

Cass & Co., eco-friendly shapewear, sustainable shapewear, eco-fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion, ethical fashion, sustainable style, wearable technology, Cupron

Depending on how badly you want to believe, Cass & Co.’s copper-infused luxury shapewear is either an anti-aging “revolution” or more pseudoscientific gobbledegook that preys on our culturally ingrained fear of aging. Derived from Cupron, a patented form of copper oxide that supposedly grants polymers antimicrobial and antiviral properties, the “Repair” collection claims not only to nip, tuck, and lift all your wobbly bits but also boost said bits’ tone and texture, staving off the hollow-cheeked, leathery fates that inevitably await us all. Wrinkle removal, you’re doing it wrong.

So tell us, is "anti-aging shapewear" haute or not?

  • 74 Votes HELL NO! Peer-reviewed, double-blind clinical studies or it didn't happen.
  • 85 Votes HELL YES! How can I smother every inch of my body in this miraculous fabric?

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Cass & Co., eco-friendly shapewear, sustainable shapewear, eco-fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion, ethical fashion, sustainable style, wearable technology, Cupron


Cupron isn’t all bunk, at least not according to one of the biggest brain trusts of our time. In 2009, Gadi Borkow, the company’s chief medical scientists, received a $100,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a Cupron breast-shield that prevents the transmission of HIV from nursing mothers to their babies. A study led by Borkow found a dramatic reduction in the number of HIV-1 isolates in infected breast milk after exposure to copper oxide—more than 98 percent, in fact.

“The ‘cosmetic fabric’ is like a firming cream in a fabric form,” says Cass & Co.

More nebulous are Cupron’s alleged powers of restoring the “look of healthy, glowing skin.” Comprising 66 percent raw copper, the material is “like a firming cream in a fabric form,” says Susan Ledyard, founder of Cass & Co., adding that it’s “clinically proven” to improve your complexion as “oxygen is drawn to the surface of skin while worn.”

There are far worse things than dropping $96 on a scoop-neck compression garment with magical regenerative abilities—whither the face mask? or neck brace?—but wouldn’t you rather spend that money on a nice facial massage? A good exfoliation always does wonders for our pores.

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5 Responses to “Copper-Infused “Anti-Aging” Shapewear is Now a Thing”

  1. jrhvays says:

    I say HELL YES!!! These items are amazing and well worth the money aside from being very comfortable. Would recommend to everyone!!

  2. kwsager says:

    I say HELL NO!!! Aren’t there a million more environmentally friendly fabrics that are just as comfortable? Why would you want to contribute to pounding more heavy metals out of the ground when there are so many attractive alternatives? The words “conspicuous consumption” jump to mind…But mostly: it’s just LAUGHABLE. Work the crowd in a room and ask 200 people, “Shhh don’t look but hey, that girl in the corner is wearing a copper infused dress, REALLY. What do you think?” Surely most will have a hard time keeping the Margaritas from coming out of their noses: “Doesn’t she know copper is the stuff carrying electricty through the romex behind her drywall? I think she thinks she’s Wonder Woman. She’s collecting cosmic rays. NO! A she’s GIANT ANTENNA! A PENNY!!!” kyle sager (If the HIV data is real I certainly would not fault that application – but anti-aging?? Whew! ri-i-i-ight)

  3. CassCoFan says:

    The fibers used by Cass and Company were developed by Cupron, Inc. based in Richmond, VA. Cupron, founded over ten years ago, has developed proprietary and patented processes for manufacturing and use of highly ionic forms of copper in polymer carrier systems. Copper is an essential element for life and is needed for the body. Cupron’s technology is backed up by solid science and much clinical research.

  4. mrsesp80 says:

    Please can anyone tell me where I can purchase some copper infused cloth at a reasonable fee? I am suffering from an undiagnosed medical condition and am currently just packing on the pounds as it is hard for me to move, and as a obese person I need to have someone sew some clothing for me to see if this will help. Another md specialist to see in about 4 weeks will hopefully have some answers for me.

  5. romoland says:

    I am interested in buying clothing that will cover my arms & chest. Thanks romoland.

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