Gallery: 30 Eco-Fashion Predictions for 2013


In 2012, we saw human rights and social justice attract more mainstream attention, partially due to a few tragic, deadly fires in overseas factories. People are beginning to realize that cheap fashion often comes with a price much higher than that shown on the tag.

Large global retailers from H&M to Zara have been forced to turn their attention to publicly address worker rights issues and improve the quality of life for the people who make their clothes. Once consumers know what's really going on, change starts happening, little by little.

Maybe it's the new Mayan world age or just that the time is ripe, but I believe that style and fashion is entering a new level of consciousness that will create powerful change across the entire industry. Tools like the Higg Index developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition will help designers make that happen.

I also think we need a new word for what we've been referring to as eco-fashion, and would like to propose that we call it "smart fashion."

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One Response to “30 Eco-Fashion Predictions for 2013”

  1. Brulee says:

    I think that one of the main ethical questions should be over the lack of choice in skincare/make up brands unless one chooses to shoponline at places like Naturisimo or LoveLula where only non animal tested products are sold? In Department stores and Boots many brands especially the ‘high end’ designer ones still use the cruel and unreliable draize and force feeding methods rather than the more reliable alternatives, even ingredients linked to skin irritation and cancer are still used. This is less likely in BUAV approved non animal tested products as natural alternatives, higher quality are often preferred?

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