Gallery: 36 Eco-Fashion Predictions for 2016


According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Americans generate 82 million pounds of textile waste per year, amounting to about 82 pounds per person annually.

Guess how much ends up in landfills? A whopping 85 percent, or 70 pounds per person.

Given these numbers, and the heavy toll manufacturing new clothes—even if produced more sustainably—has on the Earth, our water sources, and greenhouse-gas emissions, the most promising eco-fashion trend for 2016 will be wearing secondhand clothing.

Instead of dumping old trends in the trash and replacing them seasonally with brand new threads, this year conscious fashionistas will help the Council For Textile Recycling reach its goal of zero waste by 2037.

This means only buying pieces that have lived at least one previous life cycle, taking better care of the garments we love, and regularly editing our closets by recycling —not throwing away— items that no longer fit or bring us "joy" (as per Marie Kondo).

In a time where creativity and originality are paramount, socially conscious thrift stores like Goodwill and the Salvation Army will offer consumers the chance to flex their sartorial muscles and construct quality, one-of-a-kind wardrobes no one else on the block could possibly mimic— and all at a serious discount. What could be better?

Fortunately, this won't hamper fabulous style. Old is new again on the runways, as designers reimagine vintage looks popularized in bygone eras from the '40s, '50s, '60s and '70s.

With historically timeless silhouettes at top of mind and the growing availability of swapping, bartering, consigning, and upcycling both online and via brick-and -mortar outlets (even H&M has gotten in on the action), rocking secondhand duds will be 2016's most stylish antidote to "fast fashion" and what I'll be wearing again all year.


1. Marie-Claire Daveu (Kering)

2. Simone Cipriani (Ethical Fashion Initiative)

3. Livia Firth (Eco-Age, Green Carpet Challenge)

4. Lewis Perkins (Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute)

5. Amy Hall (Eileen Fisher)

6. Kathleen Talbot (Reformation)

7. Christina Sewell (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

8. Kirsten Brodde (Greenpeace)

9. Jason Kibbey (Sustainable Apparel Coalition)

10. Judy Gearhart (International Labor Rights Forum)

11. Orsola de Castro (Fashion Revolution, Estethica, From Somewhere, Reclaim to Wear)

12. Christina Dean (Redress)

13. Nicole Rycroft (Canopy)

14. Andrew Morgan (The True Cost)

15. Leah Borromeo (Dirty White Gold)

16. Sass Brown (Eco-Fashion Talk)

17. Anthony Lilore (Restore Clothing, Save the Garment Center)

18. Carmen Artigas

19. Shannon Whitehead (Factory45)

20. Deanna Clark (Fashion Institute of Technology)

21. Marci Zaroff (MetaWear, Portico Brands, Thread: Driving Fashion Forward)

22. Giusy Bettoni (C.L.A.S.S.)

23. John Patrick (Organic)

24. Safia Minney (People Tree)

25. Javier Goyeneche (Ecoalf)

26. Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart (Vaute)

27. Francisca Pineda (Bhava, Ethical Fashion Academy)

28. Karen Stewart and Howard Brown (Stewart + Brown)

29. Rebecca Burgess (Fibershed)

30. Maxine Bédat (Zady)

31. Rachel Kibbe (Helpsy)

32. David Dietz (Modavanti)

33. Jill Heller (The Pure Thread)

34. Suzanne McKenzie (Able Made)

35. Bianca Alexander (Conscious Living TV)

36. Amy DuFault (Pratt Institute’s Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator)

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