Gallery: Eileen Fisher Would Like Its Clothes Back Now, Thanks Very Much

Photo by Dan Cutrona

At New York City's Green Festival on Sunday, Eileen Fisher, with help from "eco-fashion conspirator" Amy DuFault, also hosted a mini-fashion show featuring looks from its sustainable collections.


At New York City’s Green Festival on Sunday, Eileen Fisher, with help from “eco-fashion conspirator” Amy DuFault, also hosted a mini-fashion show featuring looks from its sustainable collections. The models—designer Carrie Parry; writers Greta Eagen, Jessica Marati, and Emma Grady; “one-woman army” Sass Brown; makeup artist Kristen Arnett; and Ecouterre’s Amanda Coen and Jasmin Malik Chua—weren’t your typical clotheshorses, but they each spoke about their passion for sustainability in fashion, along with the importance of living mindfully. For their curtain call, the group reemerged in matching “We’d Like Our Clothes Back Now” organic-cotton tank tops to draw attention to the initiative.

Green Eileen seeks to highlight the importance of examining a garment’s life cycle in its entirety.

But Green Eileen and its garment-take-back program aren’t just a way to channel funds to female-empowering organizations like Girls Inc., the New York Women’s Foundation, and Women for Women International. The initiative also seeks to highlight the importance of examining a garment’s life cycle—from the harvesting of its fibers to its final disposal—in its entirety.

Having its garments molder in a landfill isn’t something that appeals to Eileen Fisher. Longevity and versatility are key tenets of the label’s design philosophy, according to Cheryl Campbell, managing director of the Eileen Fisher Community Foundation, the altruistic arm of the company that manages the Green Eileen initiative. Eileen Fisher clothes are “worn for many seasons and do not fall into the ‘disposable fashion’ category,” she tells Ecouterre.

Should you tire of them, however, Green Eileen’s goal is to give those clothes a second or even third life. Still, all good things must come to an end. When the time comes when they’re no longer suitable for wearing, Campbell says their usefulness can be extended as children’s clothing, rugs, and other items.

To date, Green Eileen collected over 90,000 garments, raised $1.5 million and supported 21 organizations that improve the lives of women and girls in local, national, and global communities.

So send those clothes back. It’s a win for everyone.

Want to score a “We’d Like Our Clothes Back Now” tank top of your own? Just leave a comment below about what you love about Eileen Fisher and we’ll pick three winners at random on Friday, April 26. (Open to U.S. residents only.)

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15 Responses to “Eileen Fisher Would Like Its Clothes Back Now, Thanks Very Much”

  1. nessr says:

    I love that they’re joining the clothes recycling movement! With more companies joining it can become even stronger. :)

  2. elmarama says:

    Finally a company who is amazing enough to care about being environmentally friendly! Gorgeous, unique and great idea! love, love, love

  3. stephaniejlee says:

    LOVE it! now THAT is corporate responsibility!

  4. petradakia (@Petradakia) says:

    I love that a clothes maker/seller is promoting reuse instead of buy more new clothes!!

  5. trashn2tees (@@trashn2tees) says:

    So wishing I could’ve made it to the Green Festival last week- but hope that I get the opportunity to meet/work with Eileen in the future. I’ve been offering mail in clothing recycling & hosting creative upcycling events in my community for over 3 years now through my brand Trashn2Tees. ( It excites me to see a similar initiative successful on a larger scale- and doing so to help empower woman + support amazing causes!

  6. tatekohmni says:

    It’s great to see people who are dedicated to making quality clothing that CAN be reused & recycled~keep up the good work~

  7. inikoa says:

    I love Eileen Fisher’s green movement! love her color choices! Love all her clothes!

  8. sstiles (@sashastiles) says:

    Power-washing sidewalks as advertising – I love it. Cheers to people who think way outside the box and act as true leaders in sustainability and conscious consumerism.

  9. mariaantonescu says:

    I like the products and the company for holding themselves responsible for their product and environmental impact.

  10. jkw60 says:

    I love the idea of a place to send my worn out clothes! Fabulous. I frequently worry about what to do with mine!

  11. greenmomali says:

    i love how effortless her clothes look to wear and of course her environmental awareness. love her!

  12. bd says:

    I travel frequently for business and my suitcase is full of Eileen Fisher. You can dress up or down — and it’s both sensible and ecologically sound because you need less but in the case of Eileen Fisher clothes, less really is more!

  13. jlstreet says:

    awesome job wIth all your products!! workIng to make the planet a better place!

  14. setht says:

    I think this is a great way to do something with old clothes, there’s so much out there that just sits or rots :(

  15. sunnymay says:

    I already recycle clothes going to thrift shops and garage sales. I think it’s great when more companies paln for the life of their clothing.

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