Emotion-Sensing Dress Emits Mood-Enhancing Aromas, Pheromones

Smart Second Skin, Smart Second Skin Dress, Jenny Tillotson, wearable technology, pheromone dress

Too shy to show your object of affection how much you care? Let your dress do the talking—or sniffing, as it were. Jennifer Tillotson’s Smart Second Skin Dress interacts with its wearer’s changing moods by releasing atomized bursts of fragrance—or more precisely, a “rainbow symphony of aromas”—in response to different emotional triggers. This personal “scent bubble,” which purports to regulate your emotional and physiological state, is designed to promote relaxation, alleviate depression, boost self-esteem, or simply telegraph your amorous intensions.

Smart Second Skin, Smart Second Skin Dress, Jenny Tillotson, wearable technology, pheromone dress


By creating a specialized olfactory experience, according to Tillotson, the Smart Second Skin Dress unlocks fashion’s so-called sixth dimension. “Multisensory enhancement makes the senses more effective to enjoy the experience of sensing reality,” she says. “It increases creativity, expressions and visions, sparks little reminders, expands colour, texture, sounds and taste, pushing the boundaries of the senses that we didn’t know we had.”

The Smart Second Skin Dress unlocks fashion’s sixth dimension, says Tillotson.

The dress itself comprises a fabric membrane (in effect a second skin) that acts as an invisible carrier of liquids, much like the body’s circulatory system. But the technology could have more than aromatherapeutic implications, Tillotson notes. Wearable dispensers could be create “responsive” clothing, jewelry, and footwear that pump insect repellent, deodorant, and even bronchodilators on demand.

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6 Responses to “Emotion-Sensing Dress Emits Mood-Enhancing Aromas, Pheromones”

  1. wearableartblog says:

    I actually watched the whole video – which was a bit slow and lacked a punch line. Even so, the 2nd skin idea is an intriguing one. There could be a huge market in medical applications. My favorite application came at the end of the video…those wanting to attract a mate can send out a special scent. More interesting concept is the ability to repel an unwanted suitor with an unattractive scent!

  2. ringla.eu says:

    This idea are so great. So light and mood changing only wathing this ;)

  3. tibett says:

    Were do I get one?

  4. VD000 says:

    How much? Where? When?

  5. […] person next to you, you don’t like him/her? Now you can tell everyone how you feel with your Smart Second Skin Dress. Well, tell, rather sniffing. (So when having this dress, never get a cold) This dress interacts […]

  6. golem2014 says:

    Are you kidding me, are we not contaminating the air enough with toxic synthetic fragrances that we want to add more, any idea how allergenic and toxic these things are? Plus we want to pump insect repellent around…promoting these types of products makes nonsense of being anyway ‘eco’, this is not sustainable, healthy, or progressive products like this have the potential to contaminate without consent…you’ll be promoting a cigarette smoking wool vets next, so retro and over!

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