GIVEAWAY: PACT Organic Cotton Undies for Eco-Lovers (Worth $42!)

Pact Organic Undies Giveaway, green undies, organic undies, pact, yves behar, eco undies, eco underwear, sustainable skivvies

Wondering what to get for your hunny this Valentine’s Day? Well, nothing hints at romance quite like a pair of red-hot eco-undies—it’s like a come-hither look in a box! That’s why we’re teaming up with PACT and making it easy for you to win a pair of organic cotton skivvies for your Valentine, as well one for yourself. That’s right, we’re giving away matching his-and-her (or his-and-his or her-and-her, depending on how you roll) sets to two lucky winners, so enter for a chance to win them in time for the most romantic day of the year!


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winner there.)

2. LEAVE A COMMENT below sharing how you and your eco-lover will be greening up your Valentine’s Day this year. We’ll pick the two responses we like the best, so be as detailed and creative as possible! Not a couple? Not a problem. We encourage single peeps to enter the contest too and win two pairs all for yourself!

Pact Organic Undies Giveaway, green undies, organic undies, pact, yves behar, eco undies, eco underwear, sustainable skivvies

We’ll pick our two favorite comments and announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, February 10. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Tuesday, February 9, so ENTER NOW for a chance to add these amazing unmentionables to your eco- undie drawer!


PACT’s organic cotton undies are soft against your skin and easier on the Earth. Each pair is manufactured in a way that meets all of the most stringent environmental standards and for each one that you sling on your hips, the company donates a generous 10 percent of the sale to charities that create social and environmental solutions.

The sexy red boxers and panties that our contest winners support ForestEthics, a company that has protected over 65 million acres of endangered forests. Founded in 2000, its current campaigns focus on wild places in Canada, Chile, and California’s Sierra, as well as on transforming environmental practices of companies that use products from these places.

Pact Organic Undies Giveaway, green undies, organic undies, pact, yves behar, eco undies, eco underwear, sustainable skivvies


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64 Responses to “GIVEAWAY: PACT Organic Cotton Undies for Eco-Lovers (Worth $42!)”

  1. Katydid says:

    In the spirit of less-is-more, I’ll be making my fiancé a paper Transformer autobot from an awesome pattern I found…and then (if we win) declaring it a “pants-optional Sunday”. I heart him in boxer-briefs.

  2. adelin says:

    we’re spending our valentine’s day without gifts or flowers, it’ll be just an opportunity to remind ourselves how lucky we are to have found each other. it’s not like valentine’s day will “just be another day”, but we probably will get more joy out of reflecting and spending time together than amassing stuff because the calendar says we should.

  3. diana.b says:

    Me and my honey are avid bike riders, we met on a group ride one evening and been together ever since! We normally go 30-50 mile on the weekends. This V-day hopefully we get around to riding to the beach, and on the way back pick up some seasonal veggies and fruit at the farmer’s market – bok choy, thyme, leeks, fennel, pears, kale, dried beans, and honey sticks. Before we get home we I would make one more stop at the Goodwill and pick up some used records, to add to his collection. Someone romantic that croons like Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald or Fran Sinatra.When we get home we will and make a wonderful fragrant meal and dance to together while its cooking.

  4. kimberlyryzner says:

    We are going to spend less, and enjoy each other more! We have plans to bundle up and head outside to enjoy the sunshine and ice-skating… warming up with hot chocolate in the afternoon. When we get home, we’ll put on some classic LPs, have a glass of wine (or two), and eventually make a fantastically healthy gourmet romantic dinner. Cozy, conversation, and cuddle… what’s better for V-Day than that?

  5. Kagyuwindhorse says:

    me and my eco-lover will be preparing seeds for sprouting for the garden. This year it will be 1000 ashwaganda plants! and several hundred goji berry plants. we will be deep in the dirt, and deep into each other, on V-Day like all other days.
    I can wait to see him in these sexy skivvies!

  6. jlshirey says:

    This V-Day is going to be bitter-sweet for us. Bitter because my mom’s younger sister and one of my all-time favorite people, my Aunt Gin, passed away on V-day 2009 after a two and a half year battle with melanoma. Sweet because this is the first V-day our sweet baby boy is with us.

    Two of my favorite people are visiting us on V-day weekend: my Grams and my Uncle. I am going to make a chocolate face mask for the girls (and the boys if they want one too!), give away some beautiful hand crocheted (by me) flower pins made from organic cotton yarn, and make a nice dinner for all of us. But first and foremost, I am going to enjoy my family, the loves of my life, and not take the day too seriously. My Aunt Gin always put family and fun above all else, and I can’t think of a better way to honor her life than to have fun and enjoy my own family.

  7. thahawk says:

    I am single this V-Day, so I’ll put on my red undies to remind myself how special I am… then if it’s really cold outside, instead of turning up the heat, I’ll layer on the boxer briefs. Just kidding… I’ll probably save them until I find someone worthy of both me and some great eco-friendly boxers!

  8. greenmomali says:

    my hubby & i will spend this valentine’s day snuggling with our eco tot and enjoying nature. we try to use holidays as a chance to teach sustainable and eco-concious living to our son. this year for valentine’s day after eating some heart-shaped french toast with freshly squeezed orange juice from our tree, we will go on a hike and bike ride, then exchange our home-made or hand-made gifts to each other. for our son, it will be a tiny wee hoot owl, and for my hubby & i our usual exchange of artsy love notes, made from old magazines…and hopefully some eco undies to enjoy as well (after our tot is in bed, of course. :-)

  9. kalbee says:

    I’m single this Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean I can’t decorate! I’ll be making light garlands from old christmas lights, red and pink recycled magazine ads cut into heart shapes, and then another light garland made with lights and recycled egg carton flowers.
    My house will be looking romantic, even if my night isn’t!

  10. kris10henry says:

    My eco-honey and I will be spending this valentine’s day apart. We are both going to school and he happens to live overseas in Norway. Rather than spending all that money and having the after-flight guilt of contributing so much to emissions, we’ll be skyping while eating a home cooked meal and maybe even lighting a candle for the occasion. After, we will attempt start a movie at the exact same time so we can watch it “together.” :D. It will be a bit bittersweet, but still romantic and nice even though we can’t be together.

    Hopefully the eco-package I mailed him will also arrive on valentine’s day! I used a box I had recently received a package in and mailed him an inflated heart-shaped balloon (left over from a recent birthday party) that I had painted to be a valentine and also included some of his favorite US candies. To try to ensure the balloon wouldn’t pop I stuffed the package with the paper that I had torn up from our recycling bin.

    It would be nice to know while we are on separate sides of the globe, we are still wearing matching earth-friendly undies. :D

  11. harriatsu says:

    I’m actually in a long distance relationship right now, but this would be a great gift for the future.

    My boyfriend loves biking and photography, so it’d be lovely to just bike around Golden Gate Bridge and take pictures of the scene. Alleviate traffic AND enjoy the greenery!

  12. veggie says:

    My husband and I are staying put in our home! No traveling in the car to have a dinner out. We are making a rendition of the meal we had on our first date! We plan on making a fire in the fireplace and snuggling up to watch a romantic comedy!
    Thanks, Cindi

  13. Carolinalmeida says:

    To be green we will spend only our own energy in the bedroom at valentine’s day!

  14. njl827 says:

    No gifts, just love!! I’ve always felt that buying pesticide laden, out of season flowers that burned useless fossil fuels to make their way to me are NOT sexy, they are a sad reminder of over consumption and reckless consumerism.

  15. Mag says:

    My girlfriend and I are going to our local vegan restaurant, walking over to to a storytelling slam (because storytelling is always sustainable), and going home and cuddling with her cats (and each other, of course)!

  16. vega says:

    V-day is our anniversary, imagine that! There is one thing we both want every time we are together, especially on that day, it’s holding each other in a big hug and feeling lovely, peaceful with little butterflies flying all over us…
    and kisses… and dancing in these hot red undies… *;o)
    Wish you all a beautiful surprising V-day!

  17. Judithanne says:

    No cards or flowers or candy can express the love we feel for each other. Only trading sustainably produced, organic cotton underwear can do that!

    Our Valentines (also our anniversary, 5 years) will be spent at home, quietly eating a romantic vegan dinner by soy-candle light.

  18. svenskaanna says:

    Doing an all girls organic Valentine’s Day brunch with local deliciousness! No men needed.

  19. India says:

    they would e great b/c they’re super comfy.

  20. dscott28604 says:

    I’ll be spending V Day alone this year, so I’ll definitely be having a blast! Perhaps pampering myself at a spa!

  21. WhitSF says:

    My long-time boyfriend and I plan to hang close to home on V-Day. We’ll be making a vegan brunch, spending time in the garden, and whipping up a romantic dinner featuring whatever we found that day, together, at the farmer’s market. It’ll be a simple and honest day, very reflective of who we are as people.

  22. rian says:

    My husband and I are going to take a romantic walk from our home to dinner at a nearby restaurant serving up local and organic scrumptious delights. We will then come home to put our 3 babies to bed and hopefully slip into our new sexy eco-friendly undies!

  23. Lirapoe says:

    My love and I are very different people that have the most delicious chemistry.

    For Valentine’s day we will be sharing both of our worlds. From his world, we will be going to an underwear party at the Supperclub where we will be wearing ecouterre undies :=). From my world, we will be going hiking and then organic wine tasting.

    Do opposites attract? definitely and what a great way to take risks, learn from one another and be more eco-conscious and culturally open.

  24. fotomatique says:

    I plan on wearing only eco-undies on v-day. I am pledging to use organic detergent and line dry these garments until they can be resourced as pillow filler. I am single and will apparently be standing around in boxers, any suggestions?

  25. hofken says:

    Me and my eco-lover will be greening up our Valentine’s Day this year by spending alot of it in bed (no fuel usage that day) or in the shower (shared, so less water wasted) and . . . active (so we keep healthy) Everyone wins!

  26. acunat says:

    We’ll be Kenya constructing wind powered wells to provide drinking water and teach sustainable practices. Vday might be a bit hot this year!

  27. hcosurfer82 says:

    We will be giving each other gifts that help support humanitarian projects. For instance I bought my lover a bracelet and a shirt from charity water which helps giving people in developing nations clean drinking water.

  28. Drphoto says:

    We have just finished building raised beds (for growing our vegtables) and will probably be filling them with reclaimed top soil on valentinesday. After a day of digging we will be needing a relaxing shower, an exchange massage, topped off with some comfy Eco undies to relax in our halfbuilt woodeneco house, which is so well insulated our wood burning cooker heats to tropical temperatures when it is freezing outside with dead wood from the mountains and offcuts from building our house

  29. nicollette82 says:

    My boyfriend and I have already packed three bags of clothes and shoes for donation. We decide it to give it away on V-day. So we can make it special feeling that we are helping others and the earth.

  30. katymirra says:

    I am totally inspired by pact and this great print. I am starting a clothing line as well that will donate to charities and it’s great to see a company doing the same thing and not just for publicity. Plus maybe I’m in the minority, but I love Valentine’s Day themed undies!

  31. I plan on making a yummy vegetarian pad thai soy-candle-lit dinner for my fiance and myself. And of course, fair-trade organic chocolate for dessert, mmmm.

    Maybe too much info, but these are both the style of underwear my fiance and I like best. Sexy!!

  32. DolphinV27 says:

    Ode from One Eco-Lover to Another

    This year something’s different,
    Not at all the same.
    Green is the new color of passion,
    Conserving resources the new game.

    My sweetheart and I have a system:
    I feed off his energy, he feeds off mine.
    Nothing can be any simpler
    For our divine alone time.

    The heat will stay off, as well as all the lights—
    It’s not like we’ll need them anyway.
    He’ll feel, not see my lips when they whisper,
    ‘Oh what a Valentine’s day…’


  33. bethbot says:

    Me and my BF always make each other funny valentines from bits of magazines and newspapers before they hit the recycling bin. Then, we make a point to hit up the local winter’s farmers market, and splurge on a few local delicacies, like wild mushrooms and grass fed buffalo for our sweetheart dinner at home!

  34. alg_architecture says:

    I will be greening up my Valentines Day by cooking local produce to create a vegetarian feast!

  35. greenthenewblack says:

    My honey and I will conserve resources by baking chocolate brownies in our solar oven and feeding them to each other in the dark wearing only these PACT organic cotton undies.

  36. emmakat says:

    I think we will be staying in and maybe we will make some vegan cookies. Also, I think it will be a good night to try switching to candles and using as little electricity as possible!

  37. active says:

    I live in NYC, and she in MA. Though, over local beers and books galore, plans will be made for future acts of social justice. We don’t see each other much so time is sweet. Needless to say we spend it volunteering and dancing all over. And the best way to dance is in your undies!

  38. earthsaver says:

    Izzy and I will be celebrating three years of my employment here, which began on Valentine’s Day in 2007, and has reached its first climax of me being utilized as a greening resource on campus. I play a key role in the jewish Greening Fellowship, working for the lead organization that is trying to be a continuous innovator and role model for 19 other organizations involved in this first fellowship cohort. And by Valentine’s Day, we should be receiving the report from the resource audit survey that took place two weeks ago. I’m really looking forward to reading and sharing the report with my cohort, directors, and board and acting on the recommendations throughout 2010!

  39. iheart13point1 says:

    As basic as it sounds, my sweetie and I are going to create some art together. Seven years ago, we were trying to decide if we were going to have a big wedding (his wish) or to go away and have a private ceremony (my wish). My hubby is a numbers guy (next year we might be making spreadsheets on why we love each other)…so when he drew me a picture showing me how he envisioned our wedding day, I melted.
    I am a serial-must-try-out-everything artist. I admittedly have a studio chock-full of stuff. I recently made the difficult promise to him to use only what I already have and not buy any more supplies for the rest of the year. So this is going to be a fun and fresh-start on reducing, reusing, and recycling. And creating our masterpiece in our skivvies, now that’s what’s going to make it extra fun!

  40. yourmomisgay says:

    why in the hell is it a male and female piece? why, we are forgetting that not all couples are heterosexual?

  41. kokobloko says:

    We broke up a month ago and I still have some stuff over at his place so my eco action will be, going over there by bike to get what’s left :)

  42. GeoffC120 says:

    Starting with mimosas made with local sparkling wine made from biodynamically grown grapes, moving to breakfast made with ingredients from the Union Square Farmers Market in NYC, then on to a nice walk along the Hudson River, enjoying the wind-whipped waves while getting some needed exercise, my beautiful lady and I will then enjoy a nice salad using as many locally grown (yes from the Union Square Market again) goodies as possible. Then a walk to the movie theatre to see the new movie Valentine’s Day…hoping for the same magic as Love Actually; sitting there, the box of popcorn on our laps, laying just over the beautiful PACT organic undies, looking at each other, eager to return home, where we will lovingly remove each others garments, and engage in some deliciously eco-proper Valentine’s Day exercise before a relaxing shower; a little mutual massage, and then the sweet bliss of sleeping in each others arms.

  43. Jasmin Malik Chua says:

    Hi @yourmomisgay, as we noted in the text, you can get his-and-her, her-and-her, or his-and-his undies.

  44. aecopley says:

    My husband and I will be celebrating our first V-day as parents to a beautiful ecoista named Anna. For her playdate pals, we are making cards out of seed paper, and hosting a brunch with fresh, organic foods from our local farmers’ market. Then, Anna is going to spend the evening at her grandparents’ house while husband and I go au naturale ;) What a great way to end the day!

  45. awagy86 says:

    we will forgo the usual candy, flowers, and cards and spend the day together strolling around NYC. After returning home we will cook our organic dinner (menu yet to be determined) and laze around in our new matching undies.

  46. charitygrace says:

    My hubby and I are going to wake up in super soft organic cotton sheets on an organic cotton futon. Naked, we’ll be cuddling under the covers as the heater hasn’t been on all night and each other’s warmth is hard to pull oneself away from.

    When we do finally get up, we’ll breath the cool air deeply and enjoy the sun streaming through the windows as we make a pot of local garden grown chamomile tea.

    During the day, we’ll bike our way to local park to read love poems to each other, people watch, and picnic on vegan foods purchased on the farmer’s market.

    In the evening, we’ll make a nice local salad sprinkled with rose petals and enjoy some other vegan options. For dessert, well, I’ll leave that up to your imagination.

  47. jason says:

    my wife and i will remind ourselves that valentines day is everyday…

  48. zubr says:

    As a resident of Hawai’i, livibg on The Big Island, I see the carelessness of it’s residents along the beach. The automatic mantra is that the tourist population are the culprits. It is not true, the local population drops whatever they are using as soon as it is finished it’s need. Prime example, we have a store called “Da Store” in our tiny neighborhood in rural Puna district, young and old walk out of the store and between the door of the store and their car or the walk across the parking lot they have dropped the wrapper from the candy bar, cap from the soda, bag from the chips they bought. No pride in the land, someone else will do it. So that’s what we are doing!
    On February 14, 2010 we will walk along the cliffs with the Pacific Ocean crashing 50 feet below us located at the end of my street and pick up the broken glass, trash bags full of plastic diapers, wrappers and especially unused fishing line that constantly cause havoc with the birds getting tangled.
    It will be nice watching the whales surface and not have to worry about a broken bottle cutting your foot as you stand on the rocks.

  49. Arvilgon says:

    My Girlfriend and I are studying Natural Resources and Sustainable Development in a Masters Program at the United Nations University for Peace in Costa Rica, and we will be spending the week leading up to Valentine’s day studying for our class on the the Ecological Foundations for Sustainable Land use, taking a trip to the local cloud forests to take soil samples, and walking to eat a locally made, and organically grown romantic dinner as a break from writing our respective research papers on the history and future of Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD) post COP15.

    In order to increase our chances of winning, we are willing to (tentatively) go the extra mile and sacrifice ambiance to cut our carbon emissions, and will eat our romantic dinner to the light of a hand-cranked LED flashlight as opposed to candles.

  50. ezekielsays says:

    Heart shaped whole wheat pancakes – the valentines day breakfast of champions.

    We’ll likely have to spend time outside, either to shovel snow, or just to take the kids outside to play in it.

    Warming up with hot chocolate will be required.

    In the evening, the whole family will be listening to the local symphony perform with the violinist Midori.

    Should be a wonderful day, with or without cool new undies.

  51. felipe says:

    my valentines day will be all about finally asking her to be my girlfriend (after dating for 4 months).
    so there will be a romantic dinner – i´ll be cooking a vegan strogonoff (with soy protein), some wine and candle lights.
    that´s my idea of a pretty green valentines day – a meal with no meat (tasty though) and candles. and hopefully this awesome undies as a gift !

  52. felipe says:

    just complementing… here goes a great recipe of my valentines dinner choice:
    and, candles made of bee wax, with a bit of lemon grass smell might give a nice touch too.

  53. peach says:

    I have a huge physiology midterm on the 17th so on the night of the 14th I’ll sit alone in my room by soft CFL light (how romantic) with a light organic/vegan home cooked meal. I’m thinking French lentil soup followed by a slice of chocolate cake topped with sliced local grown strawberries (recipes courtesy of Vegweb). I’ll frantically rack my brain via my paper-less pdf textbook over the process of gas exchange between tissues and capillary beds and the electric events of the cardiac cycle. Learning about the workings of the heart on Valentines Day? How perfect/sweet is that?

    The weather has been really nice here in Southern California so during the day I’ll probably walk or ride my bike to the park. Maybe do some people watching (in the non-creepiest way possible of course) at the cafe that’s situated in the park and/or feed the ducks at the lake. When I get back home I’ll send a little e-note to my friends via Facebook wishing them and their significant others a gushy, sappy, love filled day. I’ll also put the money that might have gone into a gift for someone into Kiva which is my typical way of celebrating any holiday. Plus, with Kiva you get your money back in the end… so it’s really the gift that keeps on giving!

    As you’ve probably guessed I’m single this year so for me there will be no lavish, raw material depleting presents, no rainforest reducing greeting cards, no water diminishing flowers (not to mention the effects of fertilizer on the water supply yeeesh), and no overflowing petal soaked bathtubs. Wow, bitter much? No, not bitter at all… it’s my V-Day tradition and I’m really quite fond of it (not to mentioned accustomed – yeesh again). If I weren’t single I’m pretty sure I’d be doing the same things…and any guy that doesn’t want to participate can take a hike!

    I’ll probably go to bed early since I’m recovering from a cold (hopefully in adorable, comfy PACT underoos, *wink wink*) and start the cycle of living as green as possible into the next day and for the rest of my life!

  54. ST_Lawson says:

    I plan on treating my wife to an evening of candlelight (beeswax), no distractions (turn off TV, computer, etc.), and I’ve found a soy candle that burns cool and melts into body-temperature massage oil (, so I plan on trying that out as part of a full-body massage.

  55. melissa mc says:

    we’ll be sharing a few eco-friendly chocolates and then kick back and get some much needed rest….

  56. ab4842 says:

    My Girlfriend and I will be deep in the english countryside in an English inn owned by friends of ours, cosying up with our friends in front of a wood fire from trees they cut themselves locally. We will be eating mostly what we can buy from the local farms, and hopefully, with the underwear on, we can ‘keep it in our pants’ and not increase the burden on the earths resources by attempting to procreate.

  57. AwakenedAesthetic says:

    I just talked with my guy about this last night! Our plan is to spend the morning cooking a local market-purchased breakfast together (eggs! toast! northwest jams and jellies!) and avoid our usual electronic distractions, then curl up in the sunroom and watch it get light out. (In Seattle, “sunrise” is variable.)

    After taking the dog out for a romp in the yard, we’ll likely get bundled up for a walk down to the local fair-trade coffee shop…then it’s back home for more cuddling under the covers. Time to break out the soy candles and, ahem, call it a night!

    I’m very lucky to live in Seattle, one of the easiest cities to be green.

  58. kgengler says:

    My boyfriend and I will be heading to the country to stay at a bed and breakfast that is self sufficient, completely organic foods, etc. Should be a great time.

  59. wild designs says:

    We are planning to pack an organic vegan picnic and bike ride to the beach for the afternoon.

  60. Graeme says:

    This Valentine’s Day, I will start off the day giving my girlfriend a Valentine’s Day card that I am making from scrap paper I have lying around. Then we will be checking out some of the events happening at the Olympics in Vancouver. There are many sustainable and green things going on. Two displays that I am very interested in checking out are the Solar House that took part in the Solar Decathalon last year and the free Ziptrekking in downtown Vancouver. The Solar House has lots of really cool sustainable elements in it’s materials and livability. Ziptrekking is being setup by the company in Whistler where they promote being a green company in many ways (even by having the lines and stairs and platforms attached to trees in a way that doesn’t harm the trees, but allows them to still grow). So those are two of the things that we will be checking out among many other eco things I’m sure.

  61. ljenator says:

    We’re probably going to take the kids on a little picnic out behind the house! :) The kids are taking old cards and upcycling them into new Vday cards for their friends :)

  62. allen says:

    this year my boyfriend and i are dropping off donations to goodwill, dropping of recyclables, then heading to the waterpark. if we win, we need two men’s undies.

  63. buhaj says:

    My love and I are going to drive the 5 blocks to our favorite bistro in our Range Rover instead of our Hummer, we want to leave a smaller carbon footprint, even if it is for one day.

  64. Nelsenal says:

    My love and I will be spending our quality time together walking around Austin,(though it will be cold) and enjoy our time being alone together without the restraints of the need to buy something to make the other feel special. Really we try to remind each other everyday by doing something small, and Valentine’s Day will be a chance to re-live the first day we met while walking around Austin.(though it was warmer then)