LAST CHANCE: Win an Organic-Cotton Tassel Scarf from Indigenous (Worth $70!)

by , 01/18/13

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What better way to kick off an eco-fashionable year than with another fantastic giveaway? We’re teaming up with our friends at Indigenous to give away a super-soft tassel scarf—in glittery platinum—to THREE lucky Ecouterre readers. Handmade in Peru from 100 percent organic cotton and environmentally friendly dyes, the fair-trade neck-warmer guarantees women artisans a living wage. Add some shine to 2013 by entering now to win!


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER. (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winners there.)


3. LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW BY JANUARY 18 telling us which pieces on Indigenous’s website are your favorites. Although it doesn’t hurt to get fancy, we’ll be picking three winners at random.

Note: This contest is open only to residents of the United States.

eco-fashion, eco-fashion giveaways, eco-friendly accessories, eco-friendly knits, eco-friendly knitwear, eco-friendly scarves, ethical fashion, ethical scarves, fair trade, fair trade scarves, fair-trade clothing, fair-trade fashion, green fashion, Indigenous, Indigenous Designs, low-impact dyes, organic cotton, sustainable accessories, sustainable fashion, sustainable knits, sustainable knitwear, sustainable scarves, sustainable style

We’ll announce the winners in our newsletter on Wednesday, January 23. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET Friday, January 18, so ENTER NOW for a chance to win!


Founded over 13 years ago, Scott Leonard and Matt Reynolds have turned Indigenous into a pioneer for fair-trade and organic clothing in the eco-fashion industry. Indigenous is rooted in the belief that clothing can be fashionable, yet kind to the environment by using low-impact dyes and supportive of the the people who make the clothes by preserving fair-trade wages and artisan cooperatives.

+ Indigenous

+ Tassel Scarf $70

+ Indigenous

Originally published on January 7, 2012.

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126 Responses to “LAST CHANCE: Win an Organic-Cotton Tassel Scarf from Indigenous (Worth $70!)”

  1. nlee says:

    Wave pullover: so sexy and comfy
    Asymmetrical coat: Unique and chic
    Mix Knit zip: gorgeous pattern
    Portrait coat: sleek and perfect
    Military jacket: yes!

  2. twilkinson says:

    My favorites:

  3. Mwheeler says:

    I adore the mIlitary jacket and the relaxed pullover – both are amazing.

  4. sindorhey says:

    I liked your blog but the shop is where I am able to spend plenty of time dreaming about owning your original pieces.:)

  5. BC says:

    Although I really like NEARLY* every piece of clothing on your website, I’m afraid the only way I’ll ever get to (i.e., be able to afford to) wear any of them is by winning something in one of your giveaways. Crossing my fingers …

    * Zippers are my enemy.

  6. islandwanderer says:

    Modern pullover. You can sneakily wear something as nice as this to work at your lame office job, and while everyone is complimenting you on how nice it looks, you think to yourself, Ha! They have no idea how freaking comfortable I am. Losers.

    Urban fingerless gloves. Great for playing guitar when it’s cold outside, and these ones don’t make you look like a hobo! Or at least a very well-dressed and chic hobo.

    Airplane wrap. It needs to be worn while sipping a cup of hot herbal tea and gazing forlornly into the rain outside. Yes. It must be mine.

  7. supermankisses says:

    I love the Winter Coat in Black, it’s so pretty! And your pullovers are super cute!!

  8. TGF says:

    Love the GEO wrap and organic poncho – stylin’ especially in the cold east coast weather!

  9. achliebling (@achliebling) says:

    First and foremost, I love the ethics and values that the company honors. The clothing is gorgeous, and I would love to wear the Geo Wrap! The Asymmetrical Coat is perfect, and the Military Jacket is beautiful. Of course, I would to add a Tassel Scarf to any outfit! Thank you.

  10. gratefulsugaree says:

    The Steel SHORELINE SKIRT is Amazing and Looks like it would be fun to wear!!!!! Fun clothes = wonderful smiles & good times!!

    And the WINTER COAT in Charcoal is fantastic!!!! What a fun look to Rock!!!!!

  11. philharmonicme says:

    My favorites: Asymmetrical Coat, Mix knit zip, Namaste pullover, Angle V and the Airplane wrap!

  12. moosedominic says:

    Theory Polo for men. It’s fresh and looks comfortable, giving fair trade organic a superior feel above “regular” cotton shirts

  13. charity says:

    The melange cocoon looks so cozy!!!!!

  14. ohohphillii (@phillii) says:

    I love the novelty loop scarf and the tassel scarf. They would turn any outfit fab!

  15. jbe79sb says:

    lots of cool stuff, I see gifts for friends and family in the future. Really like the drawstring dress and theory polo and the essential scoop. the tassel scarf is awesome as well

  16. descry says:

    Organic Rancher Shirt
    Theory Polo

  17. anjelina01 says:

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the items on the website! I’m not even sure I could pick one item as a favorite! The skirts are gorgeous, love the cardigans, and the pullovers: Romantic, winter, relaxed, urban – love them all. Yes indeed, I’m a fan! Would love to cozy up with a new tassel scarf to start the indigenous section of my closet! I will definitely be buying in the near future!

  18. austepha says:

    The tassel scarf is definitely among my favorites, along with the cable pullover and asymmetrical coat.

  19. CindiR says:

    How do I choose? So many great items, but here are my three choices , in addition to the great scarf offered in the giveaway.

    Fiesta Poncho in Hazelnut
    Flirt Skirt in Emerald
    Winter Cardigan in Black

  20. velvt says:

    i love the double knit cardigan. the sleeve interest is fantastic.

  21. LovelyKins says:

    I love the Luxury Tunic, Relaxed Pullover, Namaste Pullover and Geo Wrap!

  22. danielleevoigt says:

    1. Geowrap
    2. Tassle Scarf
    3. Namaste Pullover

  23. Ali_M says:

    I really like the Aerial Pullover and the Luxury Tank!! OOOOOOOOHHHHH LA LA!! Actually, in all honesty, I had a hard time picking out just one (can you tell?). I think all of the women’s line are beautiful.

  24. dayhota says:

    I love everything…but if I had to choose: 1) Fiesta Poncho 2) Melange Cocoon 3) Tassel Scarf .. Pick me!!! :)

  25. thebay (@JulzLag) says:

    Love these clothes. If I had to start with only one outfit, it would be the flower skirt in clay with the ruched scoop in capri (or the drape neck tee in mink or teal) & the tassel scarf in pewter. Perfect!

  26. Florissa Glen says:

    My favorites although its so hard to narrow it down to just three are the Black Winter Coat, the Luxury Chic Tee in Berry, and the Drape Neck Tea in Merlot. Your clothes are so beautiful and I love the ethics that come with them.

  27. katiekat421 says:

    I love the poncho!

  28. johnnyp (@johnhutchens1) says:

    I like the lebron cork basketball shoes

  29. JennySchu (@jennyschu4) says:

    I’m not marrowing down anything, I love all of their skirts! I can always use more wraps, my neck is forever wrapped up in the winter.

  30. Fruitsandgiggles says:

    I really like the knit beret and the men’s sweaters (I typically wear “old man” sweaters)!

  31. asophia11 says:

    -Luxury Dress – Layered I think this piece would be very versatile and comfortable. !
    -Modern Pullover – Adore the draped detail.

  32. wrenavery says:

    I adore the mixed knit coat and the tassle scarf. The colors of Indigenous are amazing!

  33. cub4sunriz says:

    I love all of them choosing one or even a couple would be impossible if i could i would get them all for the mere fact they are all made of natural material

  34. LottaMoonbeam (@lottamoonbeam) says:

    Alpaca sheer pullover!!! Alpaca is the most amazing material- light, warm, biodegradable, and healthy for alpacas… CUTEST animals ever.

  35. JenEgrrrL says:

    Faves from Women’s Clothing:
    Drape Neck Dress
    Military Jacket
    Sheer Tank
    Savvy Skirt

  36. gr8tfuldayz says:

    Love the Melange Pullover & Flirt Skirt! Thanks & happy New Year!! <3

  37. katymorris (@@katygmorris) says:

    Wow! They have great sweaters! I like the Chunky Cowl Sweater and the Netted Pullover the best.

    I’m a newsletter subscriber and like Indigenous on FB as Katy M.

    I’m loving this scarf- thanks for the great giveaway!

  38. texinthecity says:


  39. DLori27 says:

    I was already signed up for your newsletter and I already LIKED your Facebook page, username is kleimanlaw.

    I also shared this contest on my facebook page, kleimanlaw and tweeted the contest on my twitter page, @DianeLori.

    What I love about all the clothing is how soft and comfortable it looks. So you can really look fabulous AND be comfortable at the same time. When does that ever happen.? There were so many pieces that I loved, way too many to write down here, but the one piece I was instantly attracted to was THE WINTER COAT in BLACK. It also looked adorable with the adorable chapeau(I hope I spelled that correctly). The coat is beautiful, stylish, warm and never goes out of style.

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway and good luck to all.

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  40. gretchenm47 says:

    I’m a fan of the flirt skirt…

  41. superdumb (@superdumb) says:

    I’d love to have the Luxury dress in every color!

  42. says:

    Absolutely love the luxury chic T!

  43. jen vee says:

    i like the modern pullover and the pocket tee best.
    liked on facebook under jen vee
    subscribed under

  44. JennaPC (@Ladyjaaay) says:

    I love the scarves and pajamas!

  45. hfantastic says:

    Despite the comparably tiny selection for men, three pieces definitely caught my eye. The organic rancher shirt in black is stunningly modern and down-to-earth, though the shirt also looks really good in the blue and yellow pattern. The men’s shawl collar looks extremely comfortable, and in deep charcoal, is a solid choice for the present-day sophisticated environmentalist.

    I couldn’t help but wander into the women’s section as well, for the heck of it, and my favorite pieces, though difficult to pick, are probably the summer shawl, which seems so carefree and versatile with almost limitless combinations in outfit matchings, the luxury chic tee, which has an amazing cut on the waistline and even more amazing work on the sleeves that’s both understated and elegant, and of course, the slightly asymmetrical winter coat with really rather remarkable details worked into the knitted collars and sleeves (all the better that it’s low-impact and fair trade).

    My mom’s birthday is coming up… I may just add these pieces to the list of gifts I’m considering. :)

  46. keephopeinyourlife says:

    It’s too difficult to choose any one item from the collection. All of the styles appeal to my sense of style. I can see myself in any item. I do need a coat and I do love your black winter coat. All great stuff.

  47. adina39 says:

    love the winter coat and flirt skirt

  48. sjrst26 says:

    Favorite – men’s essential V

  49. reneedonna says:

    Favorite from Women’s Clothing:
    Drape Neck Dress
    Military Jacket
    Sheer Tank
    Savvy Skirt

  50. clayfrog says:

    Love the melange cocoon – looks so cozy!

  51. Sakura Sandra says:

    My favorites are the winter pullover and the geo wrap! So cute and comfy-looking!

  52. Monikon says:

    I really want the airplane wrap! It looks so comfy as do all your clothes.

  53. vfox says:

    LOVE the Winter Coats. They’re so sharp!

  54. rebatyler says:

    Your items are all so incredible, the decision is not an easy one.
    1. Geo Wrap
    2. Winter Coat in black and Gray
    3. Savvy Shirt
    and so much more. Keep up the great work!

  55. nightowl says:

    I like the Shoreline Skirt, Portrait Coat in the Merlot and the Romantic Pullover.

  56. shel says:

    I like the Angle V sweater, the Melange Box Top, and the Drape Neck Tee

  57. aliceofthelight says:

    i love the maroon scarf!

  58. sfecko says:

    I am in LOVE with Indegenous Design’s Winter Pullover sweater and the tassel scarf!

  59. Kelly S. says:

    Love the FIESTA PONCHO! The colors are wonderful, but I’d have to go for the Truffle. Fair Trade offerings, too! I’ll be shopping at this site. <3

  60. wendylee says:

    Me + the White Luxury Tank + Hazelnut Airline Wrap + my husband + a trip to Peru = heavenly! #vacation2013 ;)

  61. guinevere_ann says:

    Netted pullover, long sheer tank, and the angle tunic to cover me bum!

  62. Majorettics says:

    I need the diamond skirt in my life. I could wear it with nearly everything I own.

  63. T.A.D. says:

    My Favs: Military Jacket and Airplane Wrap.

  64. thereg says:

    I like the:
    Drape Neck Tee
    Aerial Pullover
    Bon Marche Tee
    Zen Hoodie
    Melange Cocoon
    Cable Pullover
    Novelty Beret
    Luxury Tank
    I love all the available colors!
    I am going to tell my friends about this for them to see too!

  65. debby14 says:

    I like the summer shawl and the relaxed pullover and the hoodie and I could go on and on, such beautiful clothing!

  66. Alynn says:

    Men’s Havana Shirt
    Urban Ski Zip
    Essential V

  67. Cori Westphal says:

    I’m a newsletter subscriber, coriwestphal at msn dot com.

    I like you on Facebook: Cori Eckstrom Westphal (

    And I absolutely love the Indie Zip Hoodie! And the Military Jacket is right up my alley! And I could totally see myself sporting the Sand Dollar Vest!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  68. existentialella says:

    i love the luxury tee, luxury tunic and cable knit pullover!! my favorite it the poncho –

    i have signed up for, and confirmed, the newsletter and liked the facebook page also! lovely site!!

    ella birt

  69. RichardBidmead says:


  70. cuniejewski says:

    Women’s Sheer Long Tank, Luxury Dress in Dusk, Drape Neck Dress

    Mens Solid Woven Shirt

  71. jadetiger says:

    I am loving everything on Indigenous – so glad to be introduced to them!

    By far my favorite is the Urban Fingerless Gloves – cool knit pattern and goes up the whole forearm – super swank! Going to have to get the strawberry and black for sure, maybe a third…

    I love this fun and flirty Ruched Scoop top:

    And this unique flower scarf is way cute!

  72. laurenmdavis (@laurenmdavis717) says:

    Very enthused to be introduced to such a lovely site. As an interior design student, I strive to also incorporate eco-friendly, organic, and sustainable aspects to my designs. All of these clothes are lovely as well as organic and eco-friendly which I love! My favorite pieces would have to be:

    Organic Tassel Scarf

    Drape neck black dress

    Angle tunic

    Weekender cardigan

    Savvy zip

    Thank you so much for your time, your clothes are so lovely.

  73. yoginiontheloose says:

    The Melange Cocoon is divine! We’re in the middle of a cold snap so anything named “Cocoon” sounds just right. I love something that’s functional (warm!) but with some sexy flare! It’s a dramatic garment but makes just the right amount of statement.

    The Angle V! This is exactly what I like to wear out to dinner with some skinny jeans, boots and big earrings. All 3 colors are magnificent!

    This winter coat is phenom – it’s the curved hem and the knit detail at the cuffs and collar that make this a standout. I love the length, I’m a yoga teacher and I could easily top my yoga pants with this, slide into my boots and I’d look totally presentable.

    I love seeing what everybody loves too!

  74. barbara says:

    Glad I found you,,,love everything and so Earth caring :)

  75. Ang Leisure says:

    I love the loose pullovers and scarves.

    I need to find a better job just so I can wear this clothing all the time.

  76. smacca86 says:

    The Angel V is divine!

    I need the Winter coat in Charcoal

  77. luviebelle says:

    never heard of this company but I’m really digging your organic cotton tassel scarves! That hooded geo wrap sweater is just amazing, love the two tone look and the belt. Love that oatmeal color, it is the perfect shade to go with any outfit in my wardrobe. I will support anything that is fair trade, and being organic is an extra bonus!

  78. ginitas82 says:

    I love the flirt skirt and the savvy skirt.

  79. inikoa says:

    I love the relaxed pullover and ez skirt….

  80. Jennifer B. says:

    I really love the Savvy Skirt, Tassel Scarf, and Airplane Wrap.

  81. lscanlon22 says:

    I love the EZ Skirt! Could def wear it with several themes and styles. I also lve the Mix Knit pattern on the zip jacket and Coat! Wish I could afford this stuff! Amazing! The Indie Zip Hoodie in the Teal is awesome! Comfy and hip. I need it!

  82. paigejean says:

    i <3 the zen hoodie and the sand dollar vest! Chic, sexy and subtle all in one!

  83. alexhalbert (@alexhalbert) says:

    The EZ Skirt is so cute and multiseasonal! And I love the tassel scarf in the burgundy color… So on trend and cozy.

  84. Rikki says:

    I love the tassel scarf, fingerless gloves and asymmetrical coat. Beautiful!

  85. Elena Brat says:

    Loving the EZ skirt, so versatile!! Definitely the luxury dress, and ALL of the coats!!! All of it I would wear in a heartbeat :)

  86. ksukeena says:

    The angle tunic is the best; all colors are wonderful

  87. apearson37 says:

    The luxury chic tee is my favorite – looks perfect for casual wear or dressing it up a bit!

  88. Jill Myrick says:

    I love the Romantic Pullover and the Winter Coat.


  89. thisisme79 says:


  90. zonarx says:

    Can’t choose a favorite – simply adore your selections! Absolutely in love with your scarf, too!

  91. Desiree says:

    It was so cool to see this side fringe scarf. I had seen one of the same style in CO last year and have been wishing I had bought it ever since.

  92. (@zanna_leigh) says:

    I’m a sucker for sweaters: cable pullover, zen cardigan and of course the geo wrap!

  93. sage says:

    I really love the melange box top and the diamond skirt. Also the flirt skirt is so cute! I wouldn’t mind owning the variegated turning leaf sweater as well… too much to like here!

  94. Calikth says:

    The scarf is pretty amazing and I also like the Rancher shirt

  95. kvieweg07 (@kvieweg) says:

    EVERYTHING is beautiful, but I really love the EZ SKIRT, you can dress it up or down!

  96. jaclyn reynolds says:

    LUXURY CHIC TEE in grey is gorgeous!

  97. red66060 (@@red66060) says:

    Love the one button hoodie and the coat is amazing!

  98. LibbyDickerson (@libbydickerson) says:

    Must Have = Winter Coat
    Can’t wait to Have = Double-faced Cardigan

  99. Naz2301 says:

    I love the Military Jacket in Mink; Luxury dress; portrait coat in Merlot;Novelty Beret; and of course Tassell Scarf.

  100. gillzie says:

    It is beautiful and it goes with everything. It will also keep me warm. Amazing! Please pick me.

  101. maeonaize says:

    The winter coat is absolutely gorgeous. My aunt has it and every time she wears it I’m green with envy.

  102. moshimochi says:

    The Winter Coat is amazing!!

  103. dk says:

    Love love love the scarf. Also the winter coat, pjs are great and the cocoon is inspired.

  104. intime says:

    newsletter subscriber, liked on fb jen twark gersch and I love theASYMMETRICAL COAT

  105. Mary DeBorde says:

    First I just have to say that those scarves are simply GORGEOUS!
    And Kudos to the company for having set & maintained such wonderful ethics – I hope someday to see the eco-trend be embraced by the entire world. <3

    Anyway, I browsed around and fell in love with half the items in the Alpaca section lol …. The Geo Wrap is a definite stunner, and I also really like Reversible Cardigan. Very classy styles!

  106. jck1 says:

    Not surprisingly, the tassel scarf! Also, love the luxury cowl and “turning leaf”.

  107. jenco326 says:

    I love the relaxed pullover, and the loop scarves.

  108. chrriisstty says:

    I love eco fashion and Indigenous clothing! I’m a fashion design student focusing in sustainability! :)
    My 3 favorite pieces are the EZ skirt, the Alpaca Geo Pullover, and the Modern Pullover…YUM!

  109. avanslyke says:


  110. Khikkup says:

    I love the green KomOno and think its fairytastic.

  111. Claudialapel (@@ClaudiaLapel) says:

    My favorite Indigenous’s pieces are:
    -the gorgeous super soft & luxuious Alpaca WINTER COAT
    -the super practical & cozy peruvian GEO WRAP

    & obviously
    -the chic Organic-Cotton Tassel Scarf from Indigenous because it
    upgrades any outfit

  112. SCP says:

    The Indie Zip Hoodie, the white Double Layer Skirt and the white Modern Pullover. All these pieces are gorgeous. It’s hard to find organic modern and functional clothing! Cheers!

  113. Sunnymay says:

    I like the Long Sheer Cargo in the color Charcoal. It looks sleek and would dress up any pair of pants.

  114. Bazeltoff says:

    You cant go wrong with a savvy Zip…. But I just fell in love with the Alpaca reversible cardigan. Great designs.

  115. cbushcott says:

    the tassel scarf looks super warm, men’s shawl collar sweater too! Black rancher shirt is cool.

  116. bellasgranny01 says:

    Live the tees and the scarves. Just beautiful!

  117. saungtree says:

    Love the Aerial Tee and the Geo Wrap!

  118. bacaz (@gizembacaz) says:

    Geo Wrap, gotta love the hoody!
    Indi Zipper Hood would look great with tights.
    I could wear the drawstring dress to an art exhibition.
    With my Fiesta Pancho!

  119. Koyotemoon says:

    I love the Winter PUllover and it’s on sale. Yay! I’m ordering it right now!

  120. hofken (@@hofken) says:

    My favorite piece is the Women’s Airpane Wrap

  121. BeWell says:

    I love all of the styles! But if I had to choose some favorites, they would be the Geo Wrap, Modern Pullover, and EZ Skirt.

  122. GeorgeBergman says:

    I love the earthy look of the MEN’S SHAWL COLLAR.