Gallery: GIVEAWAY: Win $150 Worth of Organic Cotton Undies From PACT!

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Underpants can do more than keep your nethers tethered and chafe-free. PACT’s caused-related organic skivvies also conserve forests (ForestEthics), protect oceans (Oceana), support literacy (826 National), and promote renewable energy (EarthSpark) through local and national nonprofits. And, with the launch of a new range of V-necks and tanks, PACT has even more ways to pay it forward. Clean up your top and bottom lines with a $150 gift certificate, good for anything on the site, including PACT’s latest prints by artists from Creative Growth, the world’s oldest and largest art center to serve artists with developmental, mental, and physical disabilities. Hey, it’s what you wear on the inside that counts, right?


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2. LEAVE A COMMENT and tell us a small, world-changing act you make every day. Although it doesn’t hurt to get fancy, we’ll be picking a winner at random.

PACT, organic cotton, eco-friendly T-shirts, organic T-shirts, eco-friendly underwear, organic underwear, sustainable underwear, eco-friendly undies, sustainable undies, organic undies, eco-friendly boxers, sustainable boxers, eco-fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion, ethical fashion, sustainable style, fashion philanthropy, eco-fashion giveaways

We’ll announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, October 26. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Tuesday, October 25, so ENTER NOW for a chance to win!


PACT is an apparel company offering design-driven, responsibly manufactured, premium organic cotton underwear connected to powerful social and environmental causes. PACT’s motto is “Change starts with your underwear” because the purchase of PACT underwear is more than a transaction; it turns commerce into a social movement with the belief that everyday essentials communicate personal values. PACT sets up strategic licensing and revenue-sharing partnerships with nonprofits such as 826 National, ForestEthics, Oceana, The Green Belt Movement, Creative Growth, EarthSpark, and Citizen Effect. The mission of each partner organization inspires prints created by internationally recognized designers led by Yves Béhar of Fuseproject.

PACT underwear is made of responsibly grown and manufactured organic cotton, transported in zero-waste packaging, and delivered with a minimized carbon footprint, demonstrating the company’s ongoing commitment to style, sustainability, and social consciousness.


Originally published on Oct. 13, 2011

248 Responses to “GIVEAWAY: Win $150 Worth of Organic Cotton Undies From PACT!”

  1. SpencerPLane says:

    I inform people on the advantages of renewable solar energy – PV and hot water.

  2. heatherspeaks493 (@queenofgarlands) says:

    i do small acts of kindness: opening doors for people, allowing someone with less items at checkout line to go ahead of me, sometimes i even leave coupons on shelves for others to use.

  3. fountainsabbey (@fountains_abbey) says:

    I refuse to use bottled water. If you have safe tap water to drink, it’s ridiculous to pay more money for water that isn’t any better than that coming out of your sink. On top of that, the use of entirely disposable plastic just adds to the waste in landfills that will never decompose, and the production of bottled water often exploits human labor. All around, it’s a bad choice.

    I also work for an urban planning organization. Some of the biggest environmental issues that we will face in the future are in our rapidly expanding cities. Figuring out how to safely and healthily accommodate growing populations in a way that will impact the environment the least is the only way we’re going to live good lives in the future. :)

  4. hansi says:

    easy thing to do: GO VEGAN!

  5. ibika says:

    good on you heatherspeaks.. please keep it up..little things like that are significant..
    as for this person..well I try and make sure that I live a life that causes no more suffering on this being aware of my actions..words, deeds, purchases.

  6. mlp490 says:

    Every day, I try to learn something new about how I can make my life greener and more efficient.

  7. YBGreen says:

    I believe that you attract what you have inside of you. I’ve shifted my internal energy to be more gracious, appreciative, and loving. As a result, I meet a new person almost everyday with the same sort of energy. Instead of tuning people out with my Zune (yes I have one), I’m listening and open to my surroundings– smiling, giving the time, giving directions…interaction that I used to be closed to.

  8. ame525 says:

    I quit drinking bottled anything. If I want a soda (rare) I take my reusable mug up to the store. Water comes from the tap at home and the filter at work. At first it seemed like a big hassle, but now there is no excuse.

  9. L0rax says:

    I try to lead by example. Using a reusable water bottle, recycling everything I can, not buying stuff I don’t need (usually), and being accepting of all people. I also share environmental information with friends on Facebook so they can be informed (if they want to be).

  10. lcm530 says:

    Reuse, recycle, renew. I rehab old furniture, repurpose anything I can, take my reusable mug everywhere, shop at farmer’s markets and advocate for sustainable eating and agriculture.

  11. gretchenm47 says:

    I eat organic and vegan!

  12. Quercus 4.0 says:

    I write a blog about natural sustainable life so people can learn new things every week!

  13. krispy1298 says:

    bike to work

  14. quercus 4.0 says:

    I write a blog about natural sustainable life- so people can learn new things every week!

  15. jmoses says:

    While I’m sleeping, I’m a vegetarian.

  16. ama12 says:

    I stopped using straws and carry my own fork. It’s a tiny, quirky contribution, but single use plastic is crazy!

  17. mensing1 says:

    I save the cardboard toilet paper tubes and create lamps and other art from them.

  18. bookshift says:

    I help neighbors and friends to fix up their bikes for use in local trips.

  19. DrD says:

    Eat at least one meat free meal per week. :-)

  20. erin649 says:

    I use a metal water bottle instead of buying plastic bottles!

  21. ST_Lawson says:

    Drink tap water, use rain barrels for watering the garden (where we grow veggies for our dinners), and bike to work whenever the weather allows.

  22. mjs1076 says:

    I try very hard, every day, to spend my money locally and responsibly

  23. ceduchess says:

    I gave up my car to use public transportation or walk everywhere.

  24. Jalbarella (@Hiphippo) says:

    Always carry a canteen and refill throughout the day. Eat organically, and bike and walk whenever I can.

  25. Smallftprints says:

    I don’t use the heater or A/C unit … I bundle up in the winter and use ceiling fans in the summer.

  26. mgb_123 says:

    Reduce, reduce, reduce!!! When I do buy I buy local.

  27. Loves_electrabikes says:

    I don’t buy things I don’t need and I don’t consume packaging that can’t be recycled (if it has to have packaging). I turn the water off when brushing my teeth. Keep jugs of water in my fridge when it isn’t full. Buy local and avoid home deliveries.

  28. ILoveEgypt says:

    This is easy, I volunteer many hours a week at our local senior center, which I love to do.
    Also, at home, we hang up our clothes because it saves using gas in the dryer, and we live in an area that has sunshine year round. Thanks!

  29. spegelow says:

    I use my Lifefactory (Glass, silicon sleeve and BPA free top) water bottle everyday! It saves plastic waste and is a healthy choice for a water container!

  30. nitinpost says:

    In my erstwhile housing society in Mumbai, India, I have initiated a program to grow trees of Papaya, Banana & Guava, which give fruits throughout the year & donate these fruits to poor people, so that they get access to nourishing food, which does not even need to be cooked.

    In my day to day things, I make sure that I drop all paper, plastic & metal in respective recycle bins. I also use bicycle for running errands instead of my car, whenever possible.

  31. gr8tfuldayz says:

    I smile at everyone I pass! ☺ ☺

  32. stud says:

    i pick out recyclable materials from the trash bin daily to recycle them.

  33. Greg Hall says:

    I wake up

  34. ajychau (@AndrewjyChau) says:

    I’m a landscape architect. I try my best…

  35. ramidio says:

    I design sustainable landscapes.

  36. Jessie84 says:

    I share information about green living! Smile and be kind to everyone.

  37. jcord90 says:

    I work towards designing a 25-30 year plan for a small city in Missouri that includes self sustaining neighborhoods utilizing sustainable strategies and techniques.

  38. collifornia says:

    I recycle.

  39. toniojeda says:

    I use my bike as my main mode of transportation :) sept. 22nd was the most recent day I had to use my small pickup to move some very heavy things around and along with some friends we started a group to promote cycling as a transportation alternative, press the government to think of urban mobility as more than more roads for cars, Little by little we’re getting there :D

  40. scubagr says:

    I TRASH PICK other people’s curbside GARBAGE and started a small non for profit REUSE center and give GOOD GARBAGE away to local residents for FREE while educating them too.

  41. Duncan (@Discostep) says:

    We use cloth diapers for our baby girl.

  42. Uli says:

    I volunteer (not everyday) at a food pantry that endorses reusable bags. Not only do we give out food, but small tips about being green. I also reuse milk cartons, cutting them open and using them as a cutting board before washing them and taking them in for recycling.

  43. duffbert (@duffbert) says:

    I work from home, so I leave less of a carbon footprint with no commute.

  44. springlemongrass says:

    No more detergents for me. Also, I clear out parties by telling people about personal health reasons they should be more ecologically sound in their consumption choices. ;p

  45. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I use reusable bags to pack my lunch and reusable bottles for my water.

  46. raincloverleaf says:

    I’ve been a vegetarian since 8th grade, I have my own vegetable garden, I buy only organic food. I shop only at fair-trade or used clothing stores, and I even extend my environmentalism to my cofeeshop workplace, making sure the three R’s are more than a slogan.

  47. Nicoletta236 says:

    A long time ago my grandmother told me if someone gives you a useful piece of knowledge or a bit of advice keep an open mind and you could learn something. Several years ago I decided to quit my stressful non “rewarding” job and begin my journey to commit myself to help others and change my life. I have listened and taken advice to live a healthier and more conscious living. Everyday I try to look at my life and see what I can cut back on or change, weather it is changing out my plastic containers to glass or composting my waste to enhancing my alternative health practice, I know everyday I’m one step closer…

  48. icronographer says:

    I advocate education, action, and compassion. Learn, do, and be kind.

  49. lorelei says:

    I recycle discarded fabric into beautiful things. I don’t drive, ever. I am nice to old people and small animals. I make an effort to use proper grammer, spelling and punctuation, even though I am heaps dyslexic. Oh and I smile , a lot!

  50. tjcrandley says:

    I teach my three kids the difference between right and wrong, tolerance and intolerance, kindness and hatred, compassion and callousness; and challenge them to live life on the left.

  51. josy says:

    I live in a very tiny apartment right beside my job so I don’t have to own a car, I’m a vegan locavore still learning better recipes, I don’t use plastic bags, in fact, I made my own reusable bags with old fabric, I shop at thrift stores and enjoy buying things from very talented artisans when needed, I use baking soda, Castille soap and vinegar to clean basically everything (clothes, house, cat etc.), I don’t use a dryer, take as less water as possible, wish to have a garden one day and so on… I’m happy to live a very fulfilling and creative life!

  52. gomeggo says:

    I play with my kids outside everyday. It makes us happy and hopefully that happiness spreads. Thanks!

  53. Skin says:

    Make photos every day

  54. Deanna G. says:

    I do not eat meat.

  55. Magzee says:

    I don’t own a car and cycle everywhere instead. Not only does it save me lots of money, it also means fewer cars on the street, less congestion and less noise pollution.

  56. de.light says:

    Little things that matter: everyday & everytime – i turn off water inbetween, while i’m washing dishes or e.g. teeth, turn off every unneccessary energy soure (light/electricity) and try to produce as little garbage as i can in every day life.
    Also, i try to raise my child up so that she is eco-friendly and has ecological awareness. We respect nature and wildlife, energy and use as much organic & recyclabe materials as we can. Cloth is better than plastic! :D Stay ECO people – it’s not as hard as you might think!!!

  57. Madeleine says:

    I try and live as simply and as happily as possible. Reducing, reusing, recycling. I hope that leading by example and demonstrating success for simple living with a smile encourages others to follow suit. :)

  58. Oksianka says:

    I make sure that I don’t waste any food, support fair-trade, organic, conscious living by enjoying as much resources as needed for a healthy just-enough lifestyle. To top it off, I’m enrolled in the Master’s degree in Environment and Sustainability in order to make right choices now and afterwards. Small step at a time!

  59. zephyr says:

    I use a water bottle to cut down on plastic waste!

  60. Catherine says:

    I use cloth diapers on my baby!

  61. alliciac says:

    I show off my cool reusable water bottle and tell people where they can get nice cheap ones to use instead of regular bottles.

  62. ccaruana says:

    Took a leaf collection bin with a leaf bag and pour my recyclables in. One bag equals one weeks worth and one less bag in the trash.

  63. shel says:

    I recycle and I have cut my electric consumption by unplugging all unnecessary appliances when not in use. I also try to use a clothesline outside to dry clothes instead of the dryer.

  64. cesia says:

    I cut down on plastic by bringing my own reusable bag when shopping.

  65. Kristen says:

    Every day I eat vegan, local, + sustainable :)

  66. AngelSATX says:

    Everyday I use reusable containers for everything to reduce waste.I pack my organic lunch in snap top glass containers,
    and luckily work at a place where I can recycle whatever little paper I use or glass juice jars. And of course I wear my pact underwear!

  67. LaTonya Watkins says:

    I reuse all sorts of materials for my eco friendly accessory line LaTrice and I’ve started a green commercial janitorial company so that workers are not exposed to harsh toxic chemicals.

  68. Terri Crum says:

    We don’t use bottled water at home anymore! We bought filter bottles & use those instead!

  69. isabellag says:

    I reduce my consumption of plastics, I commute by bike, and I eat vegetarian.

  70. dew says:

    I believe in the common-unity of living, conscious choices made with every purchase. From farm to table, recycled/upcycled clothing, local natural skin care products, as well as putting love back into the land for which we all live and love on.

  71. emberkat (@Nature2Nurture) says:

    I upcycle all kinds of ‘garbage’ into interesting and creative things….empty 6-pack holders into beautiful privacy screens, plastic clam shell containers into desk organizers, yellow pages and used paper into paper maché bowls and so on.

  72. Maricela L says:

    I was consciously aware of our environments downward spiral at the age of 12 and decided I was going to become a vegetarian and help mother earth get back on her feet by recycling everything from plastic, cans and bottles to the toilet and paper towel tubes. For the past 19 yrs I have sold my car and got me a scooter (54mpg), I Bring my reusable bags when I go shopping anywhere. I don’t own a microwave. I don’t drink tap (bottle) water because I’m fully aware of the fluoridation of our water supply. I buy containers that are BPA free, support farmers markets and shop locally in Echo Park, Ca. All I need left is Organic Cotton Undies! :D

  73. dmoyer says:

    We use family cloth!

  74. aecoblentz says:

    I use reusable shopping bags, recycle just about everything including plastic food containers and utensils (washing them first of course), try to eat locally but for sure eating all naturally and trying to use cleaning products that are better for the environment. :)

  75. meemoza says:

    I’m an eco-friendly fashion designer. I use eco-friendly materials such as modal and tencel. And I get around by bike, using this mean of transportation throughout the production process and for deliveries to shops.

  76. esztersophie says:

    I recently took up the challenge of not eating meat for a month. And I really enjoy eating of meat. The interesting thing is that it wasn’t even that difficult to not eat meat. Now, that the month is over, I eat meat again, but only about once a week. My goal is simply just to eat less meat, to be more mindful. I also don’t use plastic bottles, and I’ve been trying to get rid of toxic cosmetics and cleaning chemicals in my life. It’s going well, it doesn’t happen right away, but I feel better and happier that I’m not only doing something good for myself, but for the environment and other people around me as well.

  77. louly says:

    I rarely buy water bottles, use my stainless steel one, bring my own bags everywhere I shop.

  78. klh says:

    I eat veggie, use public transportation and work for an organization promoting sustainable textiles!

  79. sareg0 says:

    i ride a bicycle to work!

  80. littleMRSm says:

    We do so many things! From make many foods from scratch, with natural ingredients, unplugging everything but the refrigerator every night to using compact fluorescent lights, low flow fixtures and a tankless water heater!

  81. Carolyn G says:

    I try to make sure I am kind to everyone and always try to remember to treat people like I want to be treated.

  82. aiuoline says:

    I like the doctrine of luxury and sustainability coexisting – whether that means buying vintage furniture that’s built to last or investing in the best quality local food to keep me functioning as happily and healthily as I can!

  83. hgugino says:

    i compost, request paperless statements and to be taken off mailing lists, use shaving soap instead of cream/gel in a can/bottle, mend my thrift store clothes to make them last, and give a big smile and a “thanks anyways” when the cashier gives me a strange look as I juggle 10 items in my hands because I forgot my shopping bag

  84. psychonaut says:

    I subscribed to the newsletter

    I don’t by bottled water anymore: filtered tap water and a reusable container do the same job

  85. fngrpntr says:

    Reduce, Re-use, Recycle!

  86. Yoli says:

    I’m a teacher, and everyday I go to work I make a conscious effort to say “please” and “thank you”. Sounds simple, but think about it–if the kids of tomorrow don’t know how to show basic concern for the people they see everyday, how could we expect them to care about people half way around the world when they get older?

  87. coriwestphal says:

    I use all reusable containers when sending school lunch with my kids every day! (school lunches are horrible!)

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  88. intensev5 says:

    a small, world-changing act you make every day – I am a teacher and I teach kids the importance for caring for their world. Thanks for the chance to win.

  89. kristen (@@amovore) says:

    Small, world-changing acts are amazing. It’s good to hear that everyone that’s leaving comments here is doing something to help. It’s really inspiring!

    I try to learn something new everyday. Learning more about ourselves, our environment and how both affect each other is the best way to make better choices everyday.

  90. Anette Hansen says:

    Instead of letting the water from my dehumidifier go out the drain, I use it to wash my clothes : )
    Also rinse my veggies in a bucket, afterwards reusing the water to water my vegetable garden.
    My daughter and I reuse old T-shirts to make skirts or shopping bags, etc.

  91. rien89 says:

    I buy all of my clothes either from eco and ethically conscious companies or second hand! And sell/give to charity/upcycle anything I don’t want. :)

  92. CurlyGirl73 says:

    I eat a vegetarian diet, and I also use reusable shopping bags.

  93. everydayface says:

    I refrain from eating meat and dairy – being kind to animals, the environment, and my body!

  94. gr8tfuldayz says:

    I smile at everyone I pass ☺

  95. white_rabbit7 (@white_rabbit7) says:

    I have a snazzy re-usable & totally eco-friendly teacup I take on the road with me everywhere! I even keep a stash of teabags in my purse :)

  96. Ana Goga says:

    i remind people to smile,each day ..for them and for others!

  97. jumpinbean says:

    I reduce, reuse and recycle!

  98. supayana says:

    I work as a fashion designer and I focus on using recycled and sustainable fabrics for my collection. I try to be eco-friendly in my personal life as well. I use earth- and animal-friendly cleaning, kitchen, and beauty products. I try to buy local as much as possible.

  99. soulrole says:

    ok…I SOOO have to win this!October 26th is my BIRTHDAY!
    AND I live off the grid using sun & wind to power my home,farm,and work studio where I design and craft sustainable fiber apparel and more.

  100. The Urban Island says:

    I keep myself open to what people have to say, I try to listen, even if I want to jump in and talk over them, I try to be conscious of the other person’s presence and try to be ready to be helpful if the need arises. I try to put value to the serendipitous connections that I may make each day :)

  101. sweepy32 says:

    I smile and say some version of hello to everyone I see. Living in the city, we get so wrapped up in our own lives and forget to say hi to our neighbours.

  102. pinpi says:

    Minimalism: LIving in the heart and valuing the things that really matter :)

  103. flutterzby says:

    I am conscientious of every day actions and recycle, reuse and eat very little commercially produced food products.

  104. Michael Murdoch says:

    I am a vegetarian who rides his bike to work and manage an environmentally sensitive park.

  105. goKgirl says:

    I only buy/use healthier, more chemical free personal care products. I only buy/use natural cleaners and home-related items. I did a radio show about environmental health for five years. I write educational materials about the same subject. I “green-consult” friends for free. I try to use biodegradable disposables when possible. I buy beeswax candles, even for birthday cakes. I only buy clean, organic foods. I recycle. I re-use a lot and try not to waste. I don’t constantly replace new technology. I had my last car for nineteen years and my last cell phone for eight. I let people know when they are doing toxic things. I don’t throw my used “curly” (compact fluorescent) bulbs in the trash (mercury). I do not spend money at fast food joints or most other “normal,” mainstream establishments. I use natural bug repellent or none at all. I am not perfect or off the grid, but if everyone did just one of these things, the world would be a better place. Please, more awareness and action. Please.

  106. ChristyLovesYou says:

    I’m vegan and I only use all natural ingredient and bio-degradable products! Also I go grocery shopping with reusable tote bags and only drink from glass water bottles :-)

  107. SaraF says:

    I am a vegetarian on my way to being vegan!

  108. bjesquire says:

    Emphasise creativity in approach to sustainability

  109. Shellyiam3 says:

    I don’t eat meat, I filter tap water instead of buying bottled water. I telecommute to work now so I only use my car once or twice a month. I share what I learn with others.

  110. betsyb says:

    I compost or recycle nearly of of my household waste

  111. silverange says:

    I follow a vegan diet and lifestyle!

  112. fOREaCES says:


  113. tropezstarr says:

    Organic is the only way to go! I wear only organic cotton tees and my wife and daughter wear only organic panties so let’s win this, eh?

  114. Melanie Mervin says:

    I bring along reusable shopping bags when I shop. If I have too many items and end up with plastic bags, I use them as trash bags around my house.

  115. mhds54 says:

    I’m a vegetarian, I grow my own veggies, use heaps of cloth in our home and blog about it all on

  116. cherokeesita says:

    i unplug electronics whenver i’m not using them, recycle, and i make sure that the tub and sink faucets are turned completely off so they dont drip.

  117. Mayasl says:

    I help organize the fight against fracking in NYC

  118. Mosh says:

    I home school my daughter with my wife. :)

  119. dp says:

    I no longer own a car. I carry a reusable water bottle. I recycle at home and at work. I buy organic food when I can.

  120. verdevida says:

    Teach college students sustainable design!

  121. kielts says:

    Ride my bike to work every day.

  122. moondays says:

    I take my son to preschool every day on my bicycle. He has a seat behind mine, and a little blue helmet! He is 3, and we’ve ridden around all over like that, and doing errands too since he was 1- he even gets in a nap back there when it’s nap time and we’re on the go!

  123. RZVN says:

    I promote nice music every day.

  124. Andrei says:

    I produce less waste:)

  125. missmoppetkitty says:

    I take care of unwanted kitties, help people get their cats spayed and neutered (Google “spay neuter assistance” to find help where you live) and provide gardening services using only hand tools and no herbicides or inorganic fertilizers. Please spay and neuter, everyone, and replace your lawn with a nice garden!

  126. jp117 says:

    I walk whenever I can to conserve gas, and I recycle absolutely every scrap of household refuse.

  127. bresbaubles says:

    I don’t waste a lot of paper

  128. Fleetside58 says:

    Every day I help my boys get in the habit of putting recyclables in the right bin, and I make a game out of seeing how little water we can use and making sure we don’t leave things like lights and the entertainment center on. It’s fun, and I’d like to think I’m informing them on how help save our planet, even if what they’re doing isn’t making a huge dent in anything.

  129. Whitney says:

    I smile.

  130. tamarap says:

    I don’t buy bottled water.

  131. cjstephens says:

    I power down all the peripherals at work (printer, speakers) at the end of the day.

  132. Sunnymay says:

    I recycle whenever possible and wear thrift or garage sale clothes.

  133. kendralilybell (@kendrabell) says:

    I constantly educate my peers on composting, recycling, and the importance of tri-centers instead of just letting everything go to the landfill.

  134. Petradakia (@Petradakia) says:

    I’m eat vegetarian and recycle!

  135. mamalu says:

    I walk my five year old son a mile to school every day.

  136. dancingqueen says:

    I wear vintage. Shopping in my grandmother’s closet is more fun, less wasteful, and free!

  137. tt (@tippytippens) says:

    Making Ceramic Birdies for BirdProject! I started this to help fund oil spill clean up! 50% profits go to GRN & International Bird Rescue, Fingers crossed! : )

  138. larissa says:

    I am tireless about recycling and try to “pay it forward” with small (and big) kindnesses.

  139. masimba says:

    I walk to work, reuse the water collected from the dehumidifer in our basement. We grow a few veggies, and we tolerate a colder house in favor of keeping our energy usage down.

  140. kc5292 says:

    I smile all day every day.. I love seeing someone unhappy smile back because I know I’ve brightened someone’s day!

  141. snidervx says:

    I bike to work everyday :]

  142. jkyw says:

    save on water consumption!

  143. greenie999 says:

    I’m a volunteer at an environment organisation. We are trying to prevent Coal Seam Gas polluting our local food growing regions, and stopping the world’s biggest coalmine going ahead. We’ve also started a community support agriculture project and a business that resells useful waste for art and crafts.I do some of the organisational arm of this work, it’s not as glamourous as protesting, but it keeps us going :)

  144. Xeniasews says:

    As I cook throughout the day, I put all my veggie cuttings into the blender. At the end of the day I blend up the veggies and my coffee grounds and loose leaf tea leaves. I call it my Garden Smoothie. I pour it at the base of one of my plants in my front yard which is a flower/rose garden. Its great during times when there are water restrictions and there is no compost pile to manage. It also reduces how much stuff the town has to haul away. I wrote the town council to suggest it as a town wide practice. It would save the town a lot of money over the course of a year. Think about how many pounds of vegetable matter would not have to be hauled using fossil fuels. My mayor forwarded the email to the Environmental commissioner. There is hope.

  145. kellyhutch says:

    I home school my son which is good for the world and all who live in it :-)

  146. krazykillaz says:

    Recycling I guess.

  147. Brianna says:

    For every writing assignment, were I get to choose a topic, I write about one of the many problems, environmental, humane, etc., in the world. I also write an environmentally friendly fashion + beauty blog. (

  148. fuz_catt says:

    Smile at everyone I make eye contact with.

  149. ninjabug says:

    I don’t eat meat, to reduce my ecological impact, and I try to re-use everything that I can.

  150. violahawks says:

    We stroll! Instead of taking the minivan to the post office, market, and coffee shop, my babies crawl up into their stroller and we walk into town. It’s great for the hear, neighbor relations, and carbon footprint!

  151. saracelia says:

    I eat weeds.

  152. bugze (@@hugatreewithme) says:

    I blog at about Eco awareness and gives tips on how to be green

  153. davidlaws says:

    I’m an organic farmer, a manager at an organic raw vegan cafe in South Florida, and an environmental studies/agroecology major at Florida International University. My goal is to help create an equitable distribution of healthy organic food. Everyone deserves to eat (and dress) well! I’m also slowly transitioning my closet to all organics, so keep up the good work!

  154. marie.elements says:

    I run a small eco-friendly lifestyle shop in Montreal. Daily, I support eco-designers and ethical companies that share my sense of ability to change the world :)

  155. jimjim421 (@jimjim421) says:

    More and more, I’m buying local and seasonal foods. I also support local small business over national chains. This lowers my carbon footprint and serves as an example (especially when I tell friends) for others to follow suit. It’s one of the easiest impacts anyone can make because it doesn’t really depend on changing habits.

  156. shellthebell says:

    I daily adjust my thermostat according to the temperature outside to help the heat or a.c. work a little less.

  157. melissa mc says:

    I compost as much as I can of my kitchen waste and recycle all that accumulates each and every day — ty for the chance!

  158. Soleil says:

    Our household only uses re-usable lunch bags and containers. I pack my own lunch to reduce waste from fast foods, we only use filtered water from home (no plastic bottles!). In addition to raising my son to be eco-concious in everything he does, at age 14 he automatically holds doors open for others, smiles, and greets other with sense of hospitality and service :) I think that is my proudest contribution to our enviroment, definitely my proudest :)

  159. greenarrow says:

    I switched my home heating to a pellet stove. Works great and is super efficient.

  160. MariaHalyna says:

    I buy organic as often as possible. I also support global fair trade producers over chains and drive a hybrid. I’m starting to commute more by train.

  161. Geoff K says:

    One small act I do every day is to go through the trash bin at work and pick out items that should go to recycling or to the composter – it’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it!

    I subscribed to the Ecouterre newsletter: gkaufmanss at yahoo dot com


  162. greenmomali says:

    i try to pass on my love of nature to my son so he can develop his own connection with nature. i think this is vital so the next generation will care enough about the environment to find it worth saving. thanks for the chance!

  163. aegorbokon says:

    I tell fellow Americans about the joys of global travel and offer to help them with their own plans. I think world travel provides people perspective they may not get otherwise…afterall, everyone says we’re heading into a more globalized world.

  164. joeyv says:

    I clean my house with lemon juice, baking soda and vinegar, to keep from putting risky chemicals into the water system.

  165. t.chameleon says:

    I recycle…at home AND work, even though my job doesn’t have a recycling program, I just take it home. I’m in the process of moving…to a much smaller home. I’ve made sure every appliance I bought was energy star qualified. And I’m currently looking into a hybrid water heater and plan on eventually installing wind turbines. I could go on………….

  166. butterflittle says:

    I am teaching my kids to be kind to our earth.

  167. nida says:

    i wake up everyday and plan to fix 1 person emotionaly and encourage him.her to give back to the world

  168. dreafox says:

    I am a vegan, and I try to spread awareness of the health,environmental and ethical benefits of a vegan lifestyle. I volunteer to teach children’s art classes since all of the school districts in the area have lost their art programs, and I rescue cats. :)

  169. erinhoney says:

    I buy locally grown food and support the local farms. This reduces my carbon footprint to practically a non existent size.

  170. nomie j. says:


  171. KristenBrophy says:

    I’m doing research on the use of algae in biophotovoltaic panels to create electric energy. The process utilizes the energy created during the process of photosynthesis. I am looking into how the production of algae for these type of solar panels could create jobs for the unemployed victims of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, as well as in the future be used for alternative energy sources to nuclear power. The research is somewhat hypothetical but has increased my consideration of looking towards a green sustainable future.

  172. hjpye says:

    We leave our car home as much as possible. We even walk to school in the rain, much to the chagrin of my 4 year old daughter.

  173. leahdbcartercarter says:

    I promote cloth diapers and other reusables.

  174. kristaswan (@@kristalswan) says:

    I’m teaching my young children to be aware of energy and water consumption, like turning off lights and not leaving the water running.

  175. nlong1418 says:

    I work for a non profit where i focus on designing living systems for those in the worst living conditions in the world. Our last project was a community building system designed for haiti which allowed members have a say in what they needed and didnt and where theyre energy came from.

  176. emattis says:

    I make just as little money as I need, which minimizes unnecessary consumption.

  177. Elizabeth says:

    I turn off the water when I brush my teeth and tell my kids to do the same! Such a simple little thing and if everyone would do it, it could make a big impact. :)

  178. mmmunkhi says:

    I just thought of a way to stop using cotton buds – by buying a pack of eyeshadow applicators and washing and reusing them! A tiny thing, but plastic cotton bud sticks are a big waste – and often people flush them down the loo contributing to massive problems at sewage works and resulting pollution as they are overloaded. Small things add up!

  179. toyah (@victoriagemmill) says:

    I boy from independent retailers with local produce. I buy products with minimum packaging, I reuse and recycle. I use canvas bags. I don’t drive. I make strict food timetables to reduce food waste. I encourage other people to recycle by helping them request their recycling boxes from the council!

  180. siouxsie says:

    I use real napkins and plates and utensils and hardly ever buy paper towels, maybe once or twice a year and when I do they are from recycled paper. I also compost and reuse plastic bags, use canvas bags shopping and buy most clothes and shoes at thrift stores. I ask myself every-time I want something if I truly need it to limit over buying. I even pick up trash on the hiking trails and recycle everything I can!

  181. dawnb says:

    I design one of a kind clothing, often using vintage materials and hardware. I use local stitchers to keep the money and work in the local economy. I create beautiful clothing that my collectors will be able to wear season after season. I believe I am setting a perfect example of slow fashion.

  182. alex_monte says:

    I work daily in projects to develop solar photovoltaic market in Brazil. Now I work in a project for a solar photovoltaic system to be installed in a Soccer Stadium Complex in Manaus (Amazonas) that will be used in 2014 FIFA World Cup.

    ps: And I refuse to have a car. Biking is my way of transportation.

  183. rlklein0234 says:

    I use a stainless bottle for water, a large container for coffee which I purchase local and organic. We recycle at home, even Noah who is 3 yrs old gets the difference between garbage and recycling. We will be composting by the end of the month. WE love the Farmers Market and the fresh local produce.

  184. zoeticism says:

    I think my biggest one is I don’t use the clothes dryer. I buy used whenever I can, eat mostly vegan, no bottled water or soda, i keep a plastic container in my car in case i need to pack up leftovers when out to eat, no scary chemical cleaning or personal products. So I guess … I try!! :)

  185. kimma22 says:

    I teach yoga to inner city kids and adults who wouldn’t normally be exposed to the benefits of the practice in Newark NJ. They are learning that it is about more than just a good stretch and learning that it is about community and personal growth.

  186. netka says:

    I recycle old clothes into new cushions covers and fillers; I always reuse old newspapers for crafty purposes and for my hamster bedding :)

  187. Patricia C says:

    I recycle daily and use a clothesline when possible

  188. beyondthepicketfence (@btpf) says:

    I try to buy local and handmade. I attempt to know who made my clothes, and who grew my food. Doesn’t alway work out, but I try :)

  189. meilstrup says:

    When I brush my teeth, I never let the water run! yeaahhh, I never let the water run!

    Also, I am a vegeta-tarian; super vegan 2

  190. dee says:

    I try to always be kind, compassionate, & aware of my impact in the world… so, in practical terms, I do things like reuse, repurpose, or do without when I can, shop conscientiously when I can’t, and currently spend my days studying how to use design to tackle social problems.

  191. hipemome2010 says:

    We use cloth for everything..cloth diapers for our son, cloth napkins, “mama cloth” for me (female), cloth toilet paper, and we don’t have a dryer so we hang everything. It is something I look forward to each week…relaxing and able to take a break from the house to go hang up clothes outside in our beautiful backyard.

  192. nickbuz (@nickbuz) says:

    be positive!

  193. Zoe says:

    I teach kids in South Africa’s townships. They learn English, I learn Xhosa, and together we build cross-racial relationships that will guide this beautiful country towards a brighter tomorrow.

  194. annierojo says:

    I am doing research on the politics and practice of garbage management in coastal regions of US and Mexico. I am involved with groups committed to various garbage activities: recycling, seaweed and food-waste composting, environmental education, and beach and wetland clean-up. There are a lot of great projects and dedicated people out there doing the dirty work!

  195. maru says:

    I work as an environmental cooridnator for a regional government in texas. I aslo use reusalbe containers and am an avid recycler!

  196. raysaunders says:

    I make regular use of our electricity-free clothesline!

  197. eco rico says:

    I’ve set up many green initiatives at work and everyone comes to me for sustainability questions. I’ve been a tree-huggin dirt worshiper for quite some time. I’ve been dubbed “Eco Rico”. This win would be awesome and gives me one more reason to run around with my pants down. Ha Ha. Thank you

  198. kyleandersen says:

    xeroscaping. no turf – only native drought tolerant landscaping. divert stormwater from city system. low-flow. dual flush. CFL. design better buildings and cities.

  199. Aperfectpixel says:

    Hello! First off I am vegetarian. Also at both of my places of work in the past ten years I have implemented recycling programs which before they had none. One was at an office where they were shredding and throwing away tons of paper everyday. My boyfriend and I live in the country where there is no recycling pick up so we make sure to save all the recyclables and haul them into town to the recycle center. Thanks!

  200. gaye m says:

    Smiling at people and saying something nice may not change the world, but I know it can make a difference for individuals. I do that wherever I am. My environmental changes are small too, but I recycle, use energy efficient lightbulbs, cloth bags for shopping and grow some of our own vegetables.

  201. greenspan (@thegreenspan) says: and :)

  202. abbiebear911 says:

    Try to walk more instead of drive

  203. berbwa says:

    As a member of a community supported agriculture, I eat organic, local & seasonal fruits & vegetables.

  204. butterflycl says:

    Helping people to be healthier and happier (and to heal physically and emotionally) through yoga practices. Healthy people make happy people and happy people help others and spread joy and love. :)

  205. serenavocado says:

    I pick out my friends’ recyclable trash, rinse them, and place them in the recycle bin. :)

  206. scjorda says:

    I try to use reusable shopping bags, and I use refillable coffee mugs and cups!

  207. debasker says:

    Grow a garden and eat locally!

  208. imbibingeye says:

    volunteer in my community!

  209. Happi Shopr says:

    we recycle, reuse and use reusable shopping bags

  210. tessajonson says:

    I eat less meat and cycle everywhere :)

  211. UnderTheRoot says:

    I design and utilize sustainable, reclaimed and vintage materials in every area of my small, intimate business… although it has become a bit easier to do this, in the day and age of now, every effort is made to help continue our planet’s kindness. Sometimes, the only power we have is where to place our monies. xo

  212. skalobster11 says:

    I’m a subscriber :) It’s nothing fancy, but my dog and I pick up trash during our walks.

  213. JenniferPaige says:

    I always ask my neighbors if they want my old magazines, if not I recycle them.

  214. ben.vela says:

    Studying green design I’m going to make the world a greener place one building at at time :)

  215. valpasta says:

    try to minimize my driving and carpool whenever i can

  216. Sulis says:

    I promote sustainable approaches to all things to do with spa and aquatic therapy through my work in these two arenas.

  217. RM says:

    I always try to be aware of opportunities/events for my friends. If I see anything that might be related to their interests or projects (I’m an artist) I pass it along to them. Hopefully it will be something to better them as a person and artist!

  218. Jasminew812 says:

    I turn on the lights and computer monitor everyday when I go out for lunch.

  219. britbeetle says:

    put a smile on your face!

  220. lauratejedor says:

    I eat vegan and I only wear organic/fair trade/second hand clothing!

  221. OneInfiniteLove says:

    My children and I pick up litter along our normal walks. We collect reward points from certain product giveaways and donate the points to local schools or to have trees planted in our community. We also donate clothing and blankets to the local homeless shelter.

  222. Adela says:

    I recycle and let others know about it and make them feel ashamed if they don’t.
    And I use public transport instead of the car, more socializing :D

  223. siri says:

    I recycle, I buy many second hand things and clothes (underpants I prefer not, so I buy organic), and I teach my children to take care the earth.

  224. aprilgdesign says:

    My small world-changing act is to smile at at least one person each day. :-)

  225. gretchenh says:

    I smile to my fellow humans. So many people keep their eyes downcast and hide from the world around them that I make sure anyone who is willing or wanting to engage by eye contact gets a big, bright smile. It’s a simple act of kindness that can make a world of difference for some.

  226. deanna says:

    I shut off the lights in the office coffee room when no one is using it…small steps! I also lobby my local/state/federal politicians to make positive changes. Oh, and I went vegan three years ago to lessen my impact on the world and on animals.

  227. callieizzle says:

    I make art about sustainability

  228. seyda says:

    i ride my bike to everywhere. i recycle carefully. i try not to waste anything.

  229. magnolia says:

    Everyday I try to help people and environment breath

  230. imargarita says:

    I cut down on plastic by bringing my own reusable bag when shopping and I usea only one bottle for water wich I refill. At home we don´t use air conditioner.

  231. Dustytexas says:

    We have replaced all our old windows with energy efficient types, put in xeriscaping. Compost, recycle and reuse.

  232. bdl71 says:

    I am a LEED AP and I recycle, reuse and reduce. Examples include recycling as much as possible, using reusable tote bags, turning off lights and unplugging appliances when not in use (Standby power is wasted energy), donating old newspapers to the local animal shelter and I help design buildings to be more sustainable and use less energy!

  233. lizrose says:

    I’m vegetarian & try to do small things each day to make someone’s day brighter or better. I am striving every day right now to start my own sustainably minded & socially-oriented business.

  234. kjwike says:

    I like to take my water bottle to places that I know use plastic or throw away cups.

  235. Shaunaanne says:

    Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. I’ve made a cautious effort to cut out unwanted chemicals out of my household cleaners and skin care products. Being mindful to what I consume and sharing that awareness with the children that I am blessed to have in my social sphere. Education to elimination of unwanted chemicals and waste!

  236. eigenmotion (@eigenmotion) says:

    Don’t eat wheat or soy or corn, and make snacks for sharing that way!

  237. lilshugaq2001 says:

    Subscriber :)

  238. little_red44 says:

    I recycle all the paper in my office, including the shreds

  239. dayadevi says:

    I volunteer full-time at a yoga center, educating people on non-violent ways to coexist. OM Namo Narayanaya!

  240. heidi says:

    I use all-natural (or homemade) cosmetics, personal care products, detergents and household cleaners.

  241. Boskoe says:


  242. jasmine (@achliebling) says:

    I bring consciousness to most of my buying decisions. Most waste is just from over buying of food that goes bad, drinks in disposable containers, and to-go food (plastic), etc. I buy — less.

  243. carla16 says:

    Almost a year ago I became a vegetarian and currently I’m writing a blog where I aim to learn about and showcase brands that are sustainable for the environment and socially. :)

  244. weyrcat says:

    I carpool twice a week then take the train home. Most of my actions are small things; handtowels over napkins, free and clear eco-friendly detergent and dishsoap, etc.

  245. kapumaka (@kapumaka) says:

    When I walk the dogs I pick up litter along the way.

  246. lilly says:

    I use a eco-friendly washing liquid and line dry all my washing – avoid using the dryer at all cost…

  247. Funslower says:

    We have been growing our own organic vegetables for the past 7 years, this year we bought a bigger field to be able to grow more and sell veggie-baskets to our friends. We have our electricity provided by a wind-farm operated by a small local company, and I make my own preserves and chutneys, herbal mixes for teas, and salves and balms from wild herbs. Could do with some funky eco-friendly new undies, our lifestyle means we rarely have the cash to spend on cool new stuff !

  248. brianpiero says:

    Thanks for the giveaway…subscribed.

    I bicycle to work 3-4 days each week.

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

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