Gallery: LAST CHANCE: Win $200 Worth of Eco-Friendly Knitwear From Indigen...

Keep your neck coddled with Indigenous's "Loop" scarf, handmade by Peruvian artisans from 100 percent organic cotton.

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TODAY IS THE LAST DAY! You only have until midnight tonight to enter!

We believe in second chances. If you didn’t win a $200 eco-shopping spree at Indigenous the first time around, here’s another opportunity to snag some of the company’s fair-trade and organic knitwear, gratis. Handmade by women artisans who are guaranteed a living wage, each piece comprises natural and organic fibers, environmentally friendly dyes, and finely honed attention to detail. Plus, everything is super-snuggly, whether they’re cowl-neck pullovers made from 100 percent organic cotton or intarsia-knit hoodies derived from free-range alpaca wool. Don’t think twice—enter now to win!


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER. (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winner there.)


3. LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW BY TONIGHT telling us which pieces on Indigenous’s website are your favorites. Although it doesn’t hurt to get fancy, we’ll be picking a winner at random.

Note: This contest is open only to residents of the United States.

Indigenous Designs, eco-friendly knits, sustainable knits, eco-friendly knitwear, sustainable knitwear, fair trade, fair-trade clothing, fair-trade fashion, eco-fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion, ethical fashion, sustainable style, eco-fashion giveaways, eco-friendly accessories, sustainable accessories, eco-friendly sweaters, sustainable sweaters, eco-friendly coats, sustainable coats, eco-friendly scarves, sustainable scarves, eco-friendly jackets, sustainable jackets

We’ll announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, December 26. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET TODAY Friday, December 21, so ENTER NOW for a chance to win!


Founded over 13 years ago, Scott Leonard and Matt Reynolds have turned Indigenous into a pioneer for fair-trade and organic clothing in the eco-fashion industry. Indigenous is rooted in the belief that clothing can be fashionable, yet kind to the environment by using low-impact dyes and supportive of the the people who make the clothes by preserving fair-trade wages and artisan cooperatives.

+ Indigenous

Originally published on Dec. 10, 2012.

178 Responses to “LAST CHANCE: Win $200 Worth of Eco-Friendly Knitwear From Indigenous!”

  1. bethstewie says:

    I am desperately in need of some new sweaters and am Strategic Director of an eco-fashion company so I love what Indigenous is doing and would love to win the contest! I would say my favorites are the Long Shawl Cardigan and the Turning Leaf. Would love to have either of those!!

  2. Sara Rose Polen says:

    I like the coat!

  3. aplatte says:

    I love the Drape Neck Dress and the Savvy Tie Cardigan…they’d be a cute outfit together!

  4. jessiemcg says:

    Ack! I LOVE thae grey alpaca wool winter coat. Really. love.

  5. wolffpac says:

    I love the Angle V!

  6. kmdubow82 says:

    I LOVE the romantic pullover… the color, look, everything!

  7. sorelle says:

    I especially love the use of organic cotton and alpaca. I adore knits but am frequently allergic to natural fibers. There is nothing like the softness and comfort of organic cotton or the warmth of alpaca and both are no-itch for me. Also, I love the styling of the Indigenous pieces. Smart, wearable design. Thanks!

  8. christina1is says:

    I LOVE the fingerless gloves…I wear the pair I have a ton inside, but I covet the wonderful color of yours! I also like the airplane wrap…I’m all about layers to keep me warm.

  9. Sarah Austin says:

    I like the Lakeshore hoodie, and the luxory tank. Love the colors available too.

  10. sarah austin says:

    I love the Seashore Hoodie and the luxory tank. I like how alot of the clothing is worn as layers. Need that in Mi right now.

  11. says:

    I love the airplane wraps!

  12. lynngleason says:

    I LOVE the long coat with the white & silvery scarf and hat set. I’d be the best looking mom outside at recess with that ensemble, for sure! <3

  13. mindylbk says:

    Love the military jacket and portrait coat.

  14. mizlizb says:

    Mix Knit Zip and Mix Knit Coat. A girl can dream, can’t she?

  15. Kass Ortiz says:

    I love the airplane wraps a lot !

  16. DDapson says:

    I love all of the tunics!

  17. peacepie says:

    love the romantic pullover

  18. emsatspi says:

    I adore the cut of the Asymmetrical Coat and would pair it with a warm fluffy Tassel Scarf. Beautiful garments from start to finish. Clothes you can be proud to wear.

  19. cmw10711 says:

    love the yoga hoodie (gorgeous green) and the gray alpaca jacket! the asymmetrical buttons, curved hem, and puff sleeves are feminine but not too girly. someone in MA could be rockin’ that all winter!

  20. mifis says:

    I love the mixed knit coat and the indie zip hoody, but i could go on…..

  21. Rayna says:

    I’m loving the Indie Zip Hoodie and the Color Block cardigan! I know you said you’re picking at random but I could really use this! I’m trying to only purchase fair trade clothing, but on my budget it’s REALLY difficult. Mostly, I resort to used clothing, but sometimes I just want something NEW! Anyways, thanks for making fair trade possible!

  22. gomeggo says:

    The military coat is super cute!

  23. Elissaloop says:

    The Geo Wrap is beautifully detailed, is the Studio Wrap. Sumptuous colors and livable luxury throughout.

  24. Emy says:

    The winter coat is so cute, simple and yet chic!
    So sad, I have no chance to win because living outside of US. I wish this brand could be sent overseas!

  25. Lmstclaire says:

    Oooh LaLa! Although the winters in Napa aren’t as brutal as many other places in Anerica I could still cozy up in the winter pullover!! Love it. Love your site and its really impossible to pick one item!

  26. elementalmisshap says:

    (don’t know if comment went through) I love the Turning Leaf and Cable Pullovers very much. Cotton <3 I would love to own the Angle Tunics! The Luxury Tee looks amazing as well. The Autumn Wrap and Weekender Cardigan look super cozy! Thank You for this opportunity <3 ! :)

  27. Nightrain says:

    This coat is Sweetly Beautiful!!!

  28. tylerevelyn says:

    I love the aerial cardigan!

  29. janelle632000 says:

    i’m all about the urban fingerless gloves and the novelty poncho. so cute! also love the way that they pair the scarves with the sweaters.

  30. CarrielynnV says:

    The winder pullover sweater is beautiful! And I love how all these products look like they would last for years to come!

  31. lilyuni says:

    The coat is just beautiful! I imagine I would get a LOT of use out of the fingerless gloves, too :)

  32. Lucky13 says:

    The winter coat is beautiful!

  33. jrozzi says:

    The Seashore Hoodie in Thorn… well maybe steel, or the seed color too- all gorgeous and looks so comfy.

  34. Blacey says:

    I love the alpaca coat!!

  35. kharvilak says:

    Personally, I’m not much for sweaters, so for me it’s the 100% Organic Cotton Solid Woven Shirt.

  36. kaki.comer says:

    I’m in love with the cable pull over and the diamond scarf. What a cute outfit they would make for this cold mountain weather.

  37. kellyr78 says:

    I subscribed to the newsletter, liked on FB
    My favorite pieces are the Drape Neck Tee and the Urban Tunic.

  38. celeckenby says:

    CABLE CARDIGAN! 100 percent organic-jersey V-neck tee! Weeeee! Gorgeousness.

  39. mjs1076 says:

    I like the men’s sweaters.

  40. Taylor says:

    I can not afford any Christmas this year- but I would dearly love to share this wonderful gift with my family and some people cold on the streets this holiday season~ I love all your beautiful items and your awesome mission!

  41. erinmalland (@erinmalland) says:

    I love big Eco-groovy loose neck sweaters and oh, those red gloves!

  42. spagano says:

    All of your coats kick ass!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. charity says:

    Novelty beret, so classy!!!

  44. jeynne says:

    I love the Weekender Cardigan.

  45. shawn woolard says:

    Wow! This post is so cool! I love these alpaca clothes so much! So perfect!

  46. zenimue (@haute_paiute) says:

    The Turning leaf top could plant itself in my wardrobe any day. So many fabulous colors to choose from too. It’s a versatile piece that could help me look professional but it’s playful enough for me to wear on date-night.

  47. tatzgrrly says:

    I subscribed,confirmed and already was a FB fan.I am in LOVE with the VARIEGATED V TUNIC!Thanks for the chance :)

  48. speedy21 says:

    I love the Urban Fingerless Gloves!

  49. xo.birdsong says:

    i’m loving the Ruched Scoop shirt and can see it paired with the Flouncy Skirt.. hello new romantic! <3

  50. bingham37 says:

    I love just about everything of course, but I especially like that you’re also offering men’s clothing like the MEN’S SHAWL COLLAR sweater. It would be so nice as a gift!

  51. DevvyR says:

    I’d adore the black luxury tee. It looks so comfortable and would make the workday more bearable.

  52. chopsoi says:

    i love the urban pull over, luxury tee, turning leaf… hard to choose realy :)

  53. MauiMama says:

    The mixed knit coat is sooo beautiful…love it, love it!! The type of coat that can make any outfit look fashionable. Also love the winter pullover and the fingerless gloves!

  54. brendasioux says:

    The Indie zip hoodie. Love that jade green!

  55. caddythor1 says:

    the sweaters

  56. Mazzone11 says:

    Hoping to win this for my fiance – lots of cute clothes she would love

  57. SolarBizzi says:

    I am totally hooked on the winter coat, the alpaca reversible cardigan, the essential scoop, the angle tunic, and the relaxed pullover. These pieces all work well with leggins. The Indigenous Clothing are perfect for the ‘go natural’ mindset of our valley.

  58. canoo says:

    i love the mix knit coat!! and the portrait coat too. beautiful stuff.

  59. aobonne says:

    the winter coat is adorable and it looks incredibly warm! I also love the fingerless gloves- organic cotton, a lovely color and a nice design.

  60. slboucher85 says:

    I LOVE the winter pullover! It looks sooo warm and cozy! But there are so many beautiful options its really hard to choose… :)

  61. PamChie says:

    I love the free-range alpaca wool coat. I actually like everything that I see.

  62. mmorse9911 says:

    I love the ASYMMETRICAL COAT. If I had $150 to spend it would be on this coat!

  63. mtskub (@mtskub) says:

    The luxury pullover & the weekender cardigan.

  64. triciadp says:

    This coat is dope!

  65. suzilevoguer says:

    I love them all! Esp. the loop scarf and Military style jacket

  66. MirandaS30 says:

    The novelty beret is super stylish. Love it!

  67. aubs38 says:

    The military jacket has wonderful, simple details that make a big impact!

  68. bananaslug says:

    I love the portrait coat. It would be just the right layer for fall and winter here in the Pacific Northwest!

  69. annamh says:

    I’m a little chilly this morning, so the Chunky Cowl looks perfect! Although the Weekender Cardigan would be good too–love those deep jewel tone colors.

  70. nlisa1984 says:

    love the sweaters!

  71. Preshus says:

    I like the drape neck dress in watermelon. So cute!

  72. stallamavis says:

    I really like a lot of the sweaters; tunics, twist back dress, yoga socks, slippers, toggle jacket. Thanks for contest; I could not afford any of this stuff.

  73. says:

    Men’s Shawl Collar

  74. zohra says:

    Both coats are beautiful, but my preference is for the multicolored one. The diamond loop scarf is stunning too!

  75. Lori Mansell says:

    I like the airplane wrap!

  76. says:

    The MILITARY JACKET is pretty cute!

  77. spirit_kim says:

    I love the Tassel scarves, and the Savvy skirt to start!

  78. austepha says:

    I’ve had my eye on the cable pullover for a while!

  79. paymentdue says:

    I like the Long Shawl Cardigan.

  80. Surrender says:

    Overall my favorite part of INDIGENOUS is that I can feel good about wearing it. Me and and my baby bump! =) They’re cardigans like the the studio would go perfectly for me with the watermelon drape dress, dresses are key for me in pregnancy! The ponchos are must haves like the fiesta and sporty, they would lift me up on my feeling kinda round days. I can imagine wearing the finger gloves while cuddling up with baby. All of these would be perfect for me now with growing belly and post baby. But i cant forget the mens shawl collar! It looks like a perfect place for babys head to rest on. Great stuff INDIGENOUS!

  81. sonoransage says:

    LOVE the winter pullover, the winter coat and the luxury tee.

  82. rocks1976 says:

    I adore the Urban fingerless gloves in denim or black they are both too cute to pick, and the luxury tunic, it is soo casually sexy the way it slightly drapes over the shoulders a little but not too much!

  83. designisparamount says:

    Turning Leaf!

  84. kacewhy (@KacewhyDesigns) says:

    I have a fascination with anything gray and this coat just makes me so so happy!

  85. elainesimin says:

    Liked and subscribed,my favorite one is MIXED KNIT COAT!what a lovely piece

  86. Amyj says:

    Love the Portrait Coat and Loop scarf!

  87. dlhunicorn says:

    I absolutely adore the alpaca wool winter coat. I have never had a coat from alpaca wool *hint hint*

  88. dianamo says:

    I’m so happy to learn about this company! I love the Indie Zip Hoodie, V-neck Button Tee, Flirt Skirt and Flounce Skirt!

  89. Misslw says:

    Airplane wrap!

  90. noteasy2begreen says:

    I love the indie zip hoodie.

  91. ecostar says:

    alright! submitted email address, liked fb page…
    now which pieces would I like? Hard to choose… I do need sweaters, so I’ll go with:
    Turning Leaf Syrah Sweater
    Asymmetrical Coat in Merlot

  92. says:

    The fingerless gloves and the V-neck top with the buttons all the way up the sleeves. And everything else!

  93. jcmiles says:

    I would love to give that winter coat to my wife.

  94. lifesabeech (@lifesabeech) says:

    I love the fiesta poncho and the military jacket!

  95. genevievegamlin (@@genevievegamlin) says:

    My favorites are the summer tee and the portrait coat.

  96. kendall says:

    I love the Namaste pullover and the beach hoodie!!!

  97. Sascha (@@coffeeandsascha) says:

    What a great contest – I hope this is not US only as I live in the UK! I love the Winter Pullover (the white one), the Weekender cardigan and the Namaste pullover!

  98. dmc000 says:

    I like the Portrait Coat, the Modern Pullover, The Fiesta Poncho and so much more!

  99. lefitzgerald says:

    luxury tunic!

  100. Clif333 says:

    I love the ecologically friendly way that you make your garments and the simplicity of your beautiful designs.

  101. MonicaS says:

    The “flirt skirt” in merlot is amazing! And those “airport wraps” are incredible. Oh, and the “military jacket”… so cute! I love their stuff. I have had a pair of Indigenous pants for over 5 years now that I wear every week. I love the clothes and the cause.

  102. wl4710 says:

    Absolutely in love with that poncho!!!!

  103. AliNicola says:

    The romantic pullover and the loop scarf. Beuatiful!

  104. lafem says:

    I love the GEO WRAP and the GEO pullover… I love textures you see….

  105. heatherswifty says:

    Smart? NO! Dean’s List? YES! This coat is stunning! Simple and elegant with clean lines yet it still retains a softness and feminity. I am picturing my red curls flowing over the collar…! As a two time cancer-survivor,it can be difficult for me to stay warm, but alpaca does the job and with this coat, does it beautifully! Kudos to the designer!

  106. schmidty says:

    I love the Portrait Coat and the Eco Wrap, among many others!

    I am a subscriber and a FB follower.

  107. cbrown1012 says:

    I love the clover Kimono, poncho, loop scarf, the winter coat… there’s so much great stuff!

  108. saifai (@saifai) says:

    Love the flounce skirt in mulberry with maybe the luxury tunic. Tons of adorable skirts!

  109. amhackett says:

    Absolutely the Alpaca long shawl cardigan in charcoal! I love alpaca fiber and this cardigan is so stylish and versatile I could wear it often throughout the year. The other item I like is the organic cotton military jacket in cypress. What a beautiful color.

  110. zjsmom (@zjsmom) says:

    Love the clothes, especially the Eco Wrap. I suscribed and liked them on FB.

  111. DLori27 says:

    I never thought eco clothing could be so beautiful. It was very hard to pick just one thing because there were so many things were so beautiful. However, I was struck by one particular sweater, the GEO WRAP, FREE RANGE ALPACA, INTRICATE GEOMETRIC PATTERN, COZY WRAP FIT AND HOOD, STYLE #38122CHAR_MIX_S. It’s gorgeous plus it’s the perfect sweater for any time of year. I particularly love the fact that it has a hoodie, something I’ve never seen before in a sweater. Since I’m cold all the time, this is the perfect sweater to always have on hand and still look neat and fashionable as compared to wearing the typical sweatshirt hoodie, which is for the gym or working out.

    Thank you for another wonderful giveaway and Happy Holidays. Good luck to all.

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  112. dhoguet says:

    The mix knit zip is really nice

  113. urthymama says:

    I love the flirt skirt and the flower skirt.

  114. mj says:

    I need the long-sleeved Luxury Tunic! In every color!

  115. emceeA says:

    I love the Savvy skirt, the Flower skirt, and that Mixed Knit Coat!

  116. pdvorets says:

    definitely the winter pullover! :)

  117. jenni104 (@jenni104) says:

    The Chunky Cowl, Airplane Wrap, Alpaca Reversible Cardigan, Mix knit Coat, Namaste Pullover, and I could go on and on with what I love at their site!!!! But those are some of my fav’s.

  118. pdvorets says:

    Definitely the winter pullover! :) it just looks so cozy and wintery yay!

  119. ferriz says:

    fb fan xferriza2 dani marie email sub: ferriza2(at)yahoo(dot)com

    i absolutely love the indie zip hoodie and the weekender cardigan

  120. jaded_octopus says:

    I love the diamond skirt and the savvy skirt! So adorable, functional and cozy looking!

  121. amanda alvarado says:

    Am already subscribed to your newsletter. Liked their page on FB (Amanda Alvarado). I love the Estate Cardigan and the Flirt Skirt.

  122. justingrid says:

    luxury tunic and the diamond skirt

  123. dawna (@dawnadowntown) says:

    So hard to pick just a few things…I love about 95%!!! But I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Melange luxe! And same with the airplane wrap. Oh, but the Angle V & the the Urban pullover…..

  124. princezz1252 says:

    So many cute and unique things. I like the black Asymmetrical Coat. LOVE IT!

  125. shel (@auntiethesis) says:

    I like Indigenous on Facebook (Michelle Hudak) and I’m a newsletter subscriber.

    The Turning Leaf sweater is stunning, the hard part is picking one of the myriad of colors! Then the Melange Box Top in Raw Sugar made me swoon.

  126. jpicucci says:

    the zip hoody and cardigan are my favorites!

  127. sugarpaws says:

    I love the Mix Knit Zip!(…and about 100 other things too!)

  128. susangreene says:

    Can’t wait to snuggle up with one of these comfy knits!

  129. nagilmer says:

    Diamond Loop Scarf!

  130. melissa mc says:

    i’m liking the Seashore Hoodie and Military Jacket — ty for the chance!

  131. ybgreen says:

    The V-neck tee has this rich cranberry color that would go well with my recycled green glass buttons. Would love to swap them out.

  132. krazykillaz says:

    Would like to win this.

  133. jocelynabruzzese says:

    I really like the button tee – what a cute use of buttons! Also, the fingerless long knit gloves look super comfy and warm – without too much bulk.

  134. brenda says:

    I would love to win!!!! I like mix knit zip, long shawl cardigan, military jacket and the URBAN SKI ZIP for men

  135. mahbeth says:

    Drape Neck Dress, Premier Wrap, Wonderful items simple yet elegant!

  136. ShandaJ says:

    I love the Angle V top and Namaste Pullover

  137. SaraS says:

    Love love love that coat and the periwinkle sweater!

  138. coenfam says:

    I love the mixed-knit coat, but your sweaters are gorgeous. Am not picky! I live in South Louisiana and have so few sweaters….always thinking I don’t need them but of course I do. Winter rolls around — and I love winter — and I have nothing to wear.

  139. violet75 says:

    I love the Geo wrap, luxury pullover and indie hoodie :)

  140. arh518 says:

    Love the essential scoop… totally my style!! I’m so glad I found this company.

  141. mhshannon says:

    Love the winter pullover and the cable pullover :-)

  142. makingadreamhome says:

    I like the Mélange Box Top and the Cable pullover.

  143. tralala128 says:

    It’s a toss-up between the gorgeous alpaca winter coat and the cotton cable pullover. I love the loose fit!

  144. kittyklitzke says:

    The Winter Coat is the cutest coat I have ever seen.

  145. Sunnymay says:

    I like the Indigenous Diamond Loop Scarf, which is an infinity scarf, in Black and Espresso.

  146. OKcowgirl says:

    I love the grey “winter coat” but I’m a sucker for coats ;)

  147. Vertonia says:

    I am really impressed by the Geo Wrap and would say it is my most favorite. It reminds me of a coat my mother passed along to me from the 70’s. The Novelty Loop Scarf comes in close second for it’s versatility. I love loop scarves because you can use them also as a impromptu hood in inclement weather. The Melange Cocoon is so stunning I would find it hard to ever take off. It is the perfect design to pull over the knees when sitting in a squat. It could truly be a cocoon. I love the Mixed Knit Zip as well. There really isn’t anything on this site that is not beautiful. Being that is is fair trade, organic and supports indigenous economies makes it one of the best clothing companies I have ever encountered. I am truly impressed. Thank you for writing about it, I might have never found it otherwise.

  148. teawithtori says:

    I’ll be boring and say the Men’s Essential V. But seriously, that sweater looks amazing. And my husband needs one pretty bad.

  149. celeckenby says:

    Love those gloves! And the button t-shirt!

  150. Valya says:

    I love the Winter and Cable pullovers — both look so comfortable and would go with probably almost everything I own!

  151. LadyAmelia says:

    Indie zip hoodie!!! Thank you for your generosity!

  152. D_Col says:

    I love the Alpaca Geo Wrap and the Fiesta Poncho. I’m going to N.Y. next week and I realized I haven’t much winter clothes (I’m in Florida). I could use these great pieces. Good luck to everyone!

  153. leannmichelle06 says:

    I love the Premier Wrap! The colors are lovely and it looks oh so soft. The open knit detailing on the Aerial Cardigan is also very beautiful. I love love love the simplistic beauty and design of everything I see on the website.

  154. says:

    Would love to be snuggled up in the Indie Zip Hoodie right now, and then tomorrow during our winter storm I’d venture out in the Military Coat.

  155. nix1906 says:

    My favorite pieces are the indie zip hoodie, v-neck tee and mixed knit coat.

    Thank you for having this giveaway!

  156. LaurieBarreca says:

    I liked a lot of what I saw but I really liked the tassel scarf

  157. renee3d says:

    I love the Sweaters

  158. cezovski says:

    I like the Diamond Skirt and Savvy Zip — so pretty!

  159. missmocha says:

    Some of my favorites are the Drawstring Dress in Emerald; the Weekender Cardigan in Black, the Vineyard Serape; and the Tassel Scarves! A long time fan of Indigenous – I love all their pieces and hope to collect them all soon!

  160. rachael brooke says:

    I like the portrait jacket and winter pullover – keeping my fingers crossed!

  161. rachael brooke says:

    I like the portrait coat and winter pullover – keeping my fingers crossed!

  162. maryannd says:

    Thank You for making such beautiful pieces and eco friendly to boot. I love all of them it was difficult to decide. I finally picked the diamond skirt and the luxurious tunic, plus the turning leaf sweater looks like a comfortable and versatile piece. :)

  163. manicme says:

    airplane wrap in hazelnut, winter coat in charcoal (because grey is the new black) and aerial pullover in purple, and for my lower half, savvy skirt in steel then urban fingerless gloves in citrine.

  164. gelikka91 says:

    the grey winter coat is amazing!!! I also like the top with buttons, cute detail, and the multi-grey knit sweater looks sooo comfy

  165. celestialanglz says:

    The Geo Wrap (for the cliched chilly nights by the fireplace) and the Novelty Beret for outside walks!

  166. tiffie555 (@SVollowitz) says:

    geo wrap and airplane wrap

  167. korona77 says:

    Gorgeous design, guilt-free knitwear…..

  168. Wildflower says:

    Where do you start, I love everything, but okay if I must, the Portrait cost is beautiful, I love the neckline that hugs the shoulders and the closure wraps the body, beautiful lines. The cable pullover adds a twist to the classic, looks very comfortable. I love the Premier cardigan, I think I might look nice over the Drape neck dress on a chilly day. The one button hoodie looks fun, casual but takes away the sweat shirt look, so I would wear this as a bit dresser occasions item… The weekend cardigan looks nice for those hikes on the trails on a beautiful Autumn day…and the one combination that catches my eye is the Diamond skirt/ black and the Luxury Tunic in Berry…. I would wear it as you have modeled…. I am not a big shopper, I don’t believe in wasting money on clothes where people are not paid for their work. I too design and make my own clothes for myself, family and friends so I do appreciated the handwork involved in each item, truly crafted people… And I have enjoyed looking at the beautiful pieces of clothing “artwork”

  169. sandradavis07 says:

    i love the indie zip hoodie and the luxury tunic

  170. gertrude pelletier says:

    This is absolutely great! These jackets are so beuatiful and so perfect for winter!

  171. Sammywho says:

    I love their Relaxed Pullover and their Alpaca Reversible Cardigan.

  172. MRezin says:

    I for one love the Weekender Cardigan. It looks sleek, comfortable, and chic. Its design seems as though it would flatter all kinds of body types, which is great. Along with being fair trade and made with organic jersey – this item seems like an absolute must have!

  173. luxiii says:

    Ooh. I like the urban tunic and flirt skirt. What a great giveaway!

  174. erin paprika says:

    I totally love the portrait coat, the flower scarf, and the airplane wrap!

  175. laurita says:

    Loveeeee winter coat and the mixed-knit-coat-charcoal. Awesome items and great business ethics

  176. AShadeOfYou says:

    This is so great!!

    I’m on disability and can’t afford to by cloths, it’s been so cold here as of late. I would love to win anything Im not picky anything would be much needed and appreciated greatly.
    Thank you so much and it all looks beautiful.

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