Gallery: GIVEAWAY: Win A $200 Eco-Friendly Shopping Spree at Indigenous!

"Urban" fingerless gloves ($36), made from a blend of Tencel and organic cotton, keeps your hands warm but digits free.

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Ready to do a little holiday shopping? No need to brave the Black Friday crowds to get your hands on a new wardrobe. We’ve teamed up with eco-fashion pioneer Indigenous to give one lucky Ecouterre reader a $200 gift certificate, redeemable for any of the label’s fair-trade and organic clothing. Handmade by women artisans who are guaranteed a living wage, each piece comprises natural and organic fibers, environmentally friendly dyes, and finely honed attention to detail. Choose from a bevy of fresh, bold looks for fall, from cloud-like cowl pullovers made from 100 percent organic cotton to buttoned-up coats derived from free-range alpaca wool. Whether you decide to splurge on yourself or your loved ones, enter now to win!


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER. (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winner there.)


3. LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW BY NOVEMBER 30 telling us which pieces on Indigenous’s website are your favorites. Although it doesn’t hurt to get fancy, we’ll be picking a winner at random.

Note: This contest is open only to residents of the United States.

Indigenous Designs, eco-friendly knits, sustainable knits, eco-friendly knitwear, sustainable knitwear, fair trade, fair-trade clothing, fair-trade fashion, eco-fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion, ethical fashion, sustainable style, eco-fashion giveaways, eco-friendly accessories, sustainable accessories, eco-friendly sweaters, sustainable sweaters, eco-friendly coats, sustainable coats, eco-friendly scarves, sustainable scarves, eco-friendly jackets, sustainable jackets

We’ll announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, December 5.The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Friday, November 30, so ENTER NOW for a chance to win!


Founded over 13 years ago, Scott Leonard and Matt Reynolds have turned Indigenous into a pioneer for fair-trade and organic clothing in the eco-fashion industry. Indigenous is rooted in the belief that clothing can be fashionable, yet kind to the environment by using low-impact dyes and supportive of the the people who make the clothes by preserving fair-trade wages and artisan cooperatives.

+ Indigenous

Originally published on Nov. 18, 2012.

159 Responses to “GIVEAWAY: Win A $200 Eco-Friendly Shopping Spree at Indigenous!”

  1. ohitsjustsar says:

    I’m seriously diggin’ the nod to the traditional Mexican Poncho found in the Sporty Poncho… I love the slvrmx best. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!!

  2. serendipnotized says:

    I love that Indigenous is fair trade and uses organic material! I’ll just pick 4 favorites, which is a challenge. Since I live in Hawaii, I’m going with the drape neck tee, flirt skirt, luxury pullover and military jacket for my winter collection ;)

  3. jbird789 says:

    I love EVERYTHING! However, I will only list a few of the things I fell in love with. The Portrait Coat, the Flirt Skirt, the Wrap Hoody, the Drawstring Dress and the Diamond Skirt are a few of my favorite things.

  4. Ferociousangelbug says:

    I really liked their “winter coat”! Gorgeous!

  5. buffalorach (@BuffaloRach) says:

    The Geo Wrap! GUSH!

  6. feathermaye (@@feathermaye) says:

    I’m drooling over the Geo Wrap, but I also love love love the Premier Wrap. Beautiful stuff!

  7. natalie152 (@@OceanScented) says:

    I’ve been looking everywhere for a sweater like the White Winter Pullover!!!! And it’s cotton! Bless you! No acrylic… finally.

  8. gretchenm47 says:

    I’m awfully fond of the flounce skirt and drawstring dress…

  9. tofucute says:

    I like the ponchos – especially the fiesta poncho.

  10. fairtradefashionistas (@@fairtradefab) says:

    I LOVE FAIR TRADE!! ESPECIALLY FAIR TRADE CLOTHING THAT’S ACTUALLY ON-TREND. I would love the mixed knit coat, geo-wrap, and the mix knit zip. Crossing my fingers!!

  11. tristaisshort says:

    I love the sheer tank tops, it’s perfect for a day at the beach followed my lunch with a girlfriend :)

  12. bgifford says:

    I love the Geo-wrap, my fav!!!

  13. Kimberly says:

    This is gorgeous: And perfect for winter!!

  14. aireyell says:

    My favorite item is the “Urban” fingerless gloves. Every single long sleeved shirt I have has stretched out sleeves because I constantly pull them over my hands. I have a shirt that’s similar to this one in that it pulls over the thumb, though not the other fingers. It’s my favorite that I own because of that. It’s just such a great idea. Thanks for hosting this give away! Good luck to all!

  15. MichaelSchinderling says:

    I love the charcoal-infused hangers. They are totally a brilliant idea and I need some!

  16. toilpress (@toilless) says:

    I would die for the Portrait Coat in black! so G or G eo u S !!!

  17. hippiegrl001 says:

    My favorite is the NOVELTY PONCHO made in Peru!! Loved this company since I made the homepage a listed FAVORITE months ago! One day I hope to purchase so much from this company because currently I am a young, poor college student. Being environmentally responsible is what I continue to sustain and learn and grow everyday! Thank you for this Ecoterre & INDIGENOUS.

  18. Laurajane says:

    i just found Indigenous today and i love it all. i LOVE that it’s fair trade and organic and that the sweaters look so warm and cozy but they’re made from cotton (which is great since i’m allergic to wool). i love all the scarves and the chunky cowl tunic.

  19. Ethel says:

    Geo wrap, Winter coat and Asymmetrical Zip – my favourites. Winter coat – good design!

  20. Cindy Aiton says:

    Thank you for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway. A few of my favorites are the Winter Coat in Charcoal, Alpaca Geo Pullover, Wrap Hoodie, and Winter Pullover in Emerald.

  21. Charity says:

    The mixed knit coat is too gorgeous!!

  22. Sunnymay says:

    The Flower Pins come in a range of vibrant colors. The Airplane Wrap and Urban Fingerless Gloves look great to snuggle up in this cold weather.

  23. kangajo says:

    The shoreline skirt would go great with the luxury tank. I love love love that skirt.

  24. naturemom says:

    I like the fingerless gloves.

  25. moregraceful says:

    I’m a big fan of anything that’s warm without being bulky, so the Alpaca Sheer Pullover and Shaped Cardigan from the Indigenous website look perfect for the winter months.

  26. lemongrey says:

    I love the military jacket! Super chic but still totally sporty.

  27. akimoggie says:

    I LOVE the slate mixed knit coat!!! It is gorgeous and looks so soft and nice…not just alpaca, but FREE RANGE alpaca!? That is a dream to me!

  28. nik says:

    Favorites: Men’s Essential V, Theory Polo, Organic Rancher Shirt. Great stuff!

  29. ksukeena says:

    very favorite: tassel scarves and flounce skirt (purple!)

  30. aubs38 says:

    LOVE the plum ‘flounce’ skirt.

  31. mmarks says:

    LOVE the luxury pullover and weekender cardigan!!

  32. Deborahjs says:

    I love the aerial pullover sweater and the flounce skirt!

  33. kmorris says:

    Dreaming of wearing a long soft alpaca Winter coat…. Although it doesn’t seem to come in my size. Failing that keeping warm and toasty in a Reversible Cardigan… mmmmmmm…. nice

  34. jeynne says:

    i love the Winter Pullover in black.

  35. elisabeth369 says:

    I adore what Indigenous is all about………..I would also love to own some items, but cannot currently afford to as we are helping our newly divorced daughter who has five adorable children and is going to school.
    I do love businesses that have high standards……..:).

  36. says:

    I realllly love the Geo Wrap and the Winter Coat! Certainly useful for Chicago winters!

  37. jacklebee says:

    The quality of all the clothes looks amazing. As far as cut, the Portrait Coat is my favorite!

  38. AnnaMH says:

    I just wrote an article about sustainable fashion for an environmental journalism class at my university and I’m feeling all revved up about organic cotton and low-impact dyes. Indigenous is way too expensive for me, but if I had $200, I’d spring for the Drape Neck Tee, Button Tee and the Flirt Skirt. :-)

  39. spirit_kim says:

    I love the Namaste pullover. The Savvy skirt in steel would also be a great piece to have.

  40. jenni_froedrick says:

    The Namaste pullover is beautiful. So nice to see fair trade in more than the food industry.

  41. rocketbetty (@rocketbetty) says:

    I love the winter coat in charcoal! So pretty & fashionable. xoxox

  42. Carissa says:

    Hello! I am very excited about this giveaway. My favorite pieces are: the Mixed Knit Coat (I’ve completely fallen in love with it!), the Geo Wrap (love the design), and the Men’s Essential V. Fingers crossed & happy holidays! :)

  43. strawberrykisses says:

    There’s too many cute things, it’s hard to pick!!!

    I’m really digging the ‘Double layer skirt,’ ‘the flirt skirt'(LOVE the emerald color!) and ‘flower scarf’ Very unique!

  44. roselyee says:

    I have several favorites. Two that I own but no longer sold are an alpaca charcoal sweater and a mixed red sweater. I am looking at the charcoal mixed knit coat which I will buy if I win this shopping spree!

  45. evy2 says:

    I favor the geo-wrap. It looks so warm and comfy.

  46. krazykillaz says:

    I like the coffee house hoodie.

  47. melissa mc says:

    I can see myself wearing their Portrait Coat and Romantic Pullover — ty for the chance!

  48. vickj45215 (@vickj45215) says:

    I like the hoodies and poncho.

  49. HisAurora says:

    This may take a while because they’re all so beautiful! My favorites are the Geo Wrap, Mixed Knit Coat, Variegated V Tunic, Winter Coat, Alpaca Reversible Cardigan, Asymmetrical Coat, Novelty Beret, Relaxed Pullover, Flower pins, Urban Fingerless Gloves, Premier Wrap, Sporty Poncho, and the Flower Scarf. I know its a lot, but those are my favorite out of the entire bunch. :)

  50. katrin says:

    i love, love, love the PORTRAIT COAT: GREAT STUFF!!!!!!!!

  51. pandoraxsage (@pandoraxsage) says:

    Button Tee, Flirt Skirt, Diamond Skirt, Drawstring Dress, Savvy Skirt, Military Jacket, Flounce Skirt, Ruched Scoop, Flower Pins, Urban Fingerless Gloves, Flower Skirt, Airplane Wrap

  52. sandyhills25 (@sandyhills25) says:

    I like the Zen Cardigan and the Savvy Skirt

  53. yivviepants (@yivviepants) says:

    A friend just told me about this; wow! I love what you are doing to help women and working fair trade! There is so much to like: the Asymetrical Zip, the Military Jacket, the Drape Neck Tee, the Flirt Skirt (especially the red). I could go on!

  54. goldennicole says:

    The asymmetrical coat…also love the flounce skirt. All very nice.

  55. Ginger G. says:

    Military jacket!

  56. Sarahkay says:

    I have to pic just one?! :) I could see my sister in the portrait coat. I love the Drape neck dress – classic and sexy. I am shopping here for holiday gifts regardless! I love what Indigenous supports and grows! Thank you for putting more based design into this world!

  57. Samantha S says:

    The “Winter Coat” is absolutely stunning. I really appreciate that all of their items are fair-trade and the proceeds actually support female artisans in their craft. A zillion thumbs up!

  58. KimiBTW says:

    Wonderful clothes! I’d put together a colorful and fun outfit with the “flounce” skirt, button tee, and mixed knit coat for day time…and then put on the drape neck dress for an evening out…and if it was cold bring along the geo wrap.

  59. neverfeltbetter says:

    love the cotton jackets, simple tees and wrap sweaters. it’s all hella cute!

  60. traymona says:

    I like the Variegated Turning Leaf Sweater.

  61. samie says:

    i like military jackets

  62. turnsleft says:

    The Indie zip hoodie!

  63. ssgml504 says:

    My 3 favorite pieces are the Cable Cardigan, the Winter Coat, & the V-neck tee. LOVE all 3 of them! They’re amazing pieces & very stylish. I would be Honored to wear them. :)

  64. gomeggo says:

    The mixed knit coat is gorgeous and on sale!

  65. blusugie says:

    Indie Zip Hoodie

  66. mj says:

    I love the Variegated V Neck sweater, so pretty!

    FB name: MJ Moore

  67. intime says:

    i love the winter pullover

  68. wccdavis says:

    I love the jacket! And the scarf! And the gloves

  69. adina39 says:

    love the premier wrap – so versatile

  70. erinscogin (@erinscogin) says:

    The Geo Wrap and Long Shawl Cardigan are my favorites. So many ways I could wear both of these pieces!

  71. My favorite part of this website is the reuse section. Ever since I found you guys I have enjoyed numerous of posts and ideas. I like the recent post of the un-knitting machine to reuse yarn. I know a lot of horrible Christmas sweaters that need that fate.

  72. maureenk (@@mdkennedy63) says:

    Would love that Double-Faced Cardigan in Pewter/Black!

  73. Amy Lynn says:

    I LOVE the Alpaca Cable cardi, the Diamond Skirt and the Eco Wool blanket!

  74. lysnekate says:

    I love the Luxury Tank and the Flounce Skirt

  75. pduthoy says:

    I love the Organic Rancher Shirt in black
    and the Coffee House Hoodie in twilight.

  76. says:

    Wow, what’s not to like? A few things that especially caught my eye, though, include the drape neck tee and asymmetrical zip because I am really into teal right now, and the airplane wrap to cozy up to while traveling.

  77. susani says:

    Wow, what’s not to like? However, a few of the pieces that especially caught my eye include the drape neck tee and the asymmetrical zip because I am way into the color teal at the moment. Also the airplane wrap to cozy into when I travel.

  78. says:

    I absolutely adore the “Aerial” pullover – the detailing is fantastic and alone is worth well over $160. Also, the colour is so rich!

    I’m also digging the v-neck tees with button detail- perfect layer for a saturday afternoon at the farmers’ market.

    Also, loving all of those baggy tunics – another comfy staple!

  79. kathleenes says:

    a lot of really cute pieces – love the lacey sweater

  80. LauraSpringsteen says:

    Love, love, love the winter pullover, the shoreline skirt, and the seashore hoodie (among many others)!

  81. SuS says:

    Portrait coat for the win.

  82. silverange says:

    I like the flirt skirt or diamond skirt for me, and the urban ski zip for the bf. I love that everything is fair trade/organic!

  83. roopa.s says:

    LOVE the sassy Savvy skirt!

  84. Roadtovegan (@Roadtovegan) says:

    The stripe poncho in hazelnut is amazing!! That is something I would totally throw on with jeans on a daily basis! LOVE!

  85. ybgreen says:

    Lovely site Indigenous Designs. I love “Turning Leaf”–it’s poetic and quite lovely.

  86. pinkpuppy25 says:

    I love the Asymmetrical Zip sweater and the Winter Coat. Everything is so pretty on this site!

  87. esti says:

    I like the winter coat, the flirt skirt, and the pink drape neck dress! :)

  88. naturalsuccess says:

    I love the Zen hoodie, Fiesta Poncho, & the Chunky Cowl!!!! All creative names for a creative fashion gal :)

  89. Shiv says:

    military style jacket …. for me!

  90. Infinitme (@@anayahrose) says:

    Thanks for exposing me to Indigenous! I especially love the Mixed Knit Coat, the Striped Poncho, Drape Neck Dress and Luxury Tank. A couple of items for before and after this baby is born!

  91. laurenp says:

    I’d get the relaxed pullover in cobalt.

  92. (@@dropastitch) says:



    3. LEAVE A COMMENT and tell us which pieces on Indigenous’s website are your favorites. OMG love this coat

  93. Peppermintstarlight says:

    The winter coat is my favorite. I’d have a hard time choosing between the black on black option and the light gray on charcoal option. The coat has a slick, elegant silhouette, and I love the knitting on the collar and sleeves.
    Wondering, though. The e-mail I use to sign in to Ecouterre is different from the one I use to sign into Facebook. Will you be able to tell that I’ve liked Indigenous’s Facebook page? Will that affect my chances of winning?

  94. superdumb (@superdumb) says:

    I love the portait coat and the shoreline skirt!

  95. devonts says:

    Men’s shawl collar & coffee house hoodie

  96. 4bo2mt0 says:

    in general alpaca clothes on indigenous are some of the greatest threads ive seen!

  97. luckygaltoday says:

    Nice Selection – Thank you! Indie zip hoodie, Chunky Cowl, Military Jacket, Portrait Coat, & Urban Tunic

  98. Dsucy says:

    I’m always cold so I like the wraps and scarfs!

  99. says:

    Love love love the INDIE ZIP HOODIE

  100. teawithtori says:

    The Savvy skirt, Double Layer skirt, Flounce skirt, Flower skirt, and the Flirt skirt. Basically all of their skirts, haha.

  101. chelsd says:

    Love love love the cozy looking INDIE ZIP HOODIE

  102. greenspan says:

    I like their facebook. this is for my new pregnant wife, thank God. Shalom, from Israel.

  103. Jackonez says:

    I love the white winter pullover!!

  104. LaLeizel says:

    The “100 percent organic-jersey V-neck tee ($70), features unique button details on its sleeves” is gorgeous. I could definitely see myself wearing this during the holiday season!

  105. MichelleNC (@AshevilleMama) says:

    The novelty poncho & alpaca cardigan look so warm & comfy!

  106. daedaldagny says:

    Great designs and utility in Alpaca material for these winter items! My first pick is the Winter Coat, with is contrasting knits to make the interior lining super soft. I feel like this would last many seasons and always be an eye-catching style with its’ asymmetrical collar. Totally worth the investment.

    My runner ups are the Alpaca Reversible Cardigan in berry- a hot trend color right now and bonus for double wear options! & the Alpaca Sheer Pullover for its’ light comfort, dramatic collar, and silvery softness!

    So good.

  107. mag says:

    I love the military jacket in cypress!

  108. avril says:

    Love the Geo Wrap! Looks so warm!

  109. noteasy2begreen says:

    I love the seashore hoodie. Perfect for beachcombing after a storm!

  110. tangledup says:

    Love the Drape Neck Dress and the Flirt Skirt.

  111. veggie says:

    “Happy Holidays!” Thank you for introducing me to Indigenous.
    Fair Trade has become such an amazing ideal and I love how they
    introduce their artisans. A few of my favorites from their shop are the Cable Pullover, Romantic Pullover, Alpaca Hand Loomed
    Scarf, Mixed Knit Coat, Drawstring Dress, Variegated Tunic and
    the Flower Pins to wear with all of these. Many thanks, Cindi

  112. shannon marie says:

    Oh! The Flirt Skirt!

  113. annielaurie40 says:

    I loved everything, but the seashore hoodie was my favorite.

  114. babbio says:

    I love the Airplane Wrap and Fiesta Poncho and Drape Neck Tee
    and Flirt Skirt and Urban Fingerless Gloves and Premier Wrap.

  115. Brandyafowler says:

    The alpaca pieces are beautiful. I love the geo wrap.

  116. cgillis says:

    The weekender cardigan!

  117. storybookapothecary (@sapothecary) says:

    These 3 are my favorite >> ASYMMETRICAL COAT, ROMANTIC PULLOVER & WEEKENDER CARDIGAN Thanks for hosting the giveaway! xx

  118. tsherard says:

    Im digging the Havana shirt, plus whatever the lady likes for Christmas

  119. rolene37 says:

    I would really like to have the Geo Wrap and the Alpaca Winter Coat!

  120. catanyna says:

    I love the portrait coat!

  121. bananaslug says:

    I love the angle tee!

  122. Hofken says:

    I love the Color Block Cardigan
    FB – Cynthia M Richardson

  123. ilovelarch says:

    Weekender cardigan and alpaca cable cardigan are on my Christmas list! It’s cold in the city…need some stylish and warm gear for winter. Love the clothes, love the philosophy…please make my Holiday wishes come true :)

  124. tavia says:

    I love the Luxury Tee because of the neckline and the elbow length sleeves. Another favorite is the Weekender Cardigan because of the length, the navy color, and the buttons.

  125. haleyburger228 says:

    I love the drape neck tee! Sexy, feminine, eco-conscience=that’s my style!

  126. stacey dempsey says:

    I really love the Winter Coat[charcoal] (that seemed to be what it was called?) It has sloping sides and is really cool

  127. stacey dempsey says:

    I love the WINTER COAT in CHARCOAL (that seemed to be what the name is?) It has sloping sides and is really cool
    (I hope this wasnt posted twice I had a little trouble logging lol )

  128. pippirose77 says:

    I love the mixed knit coat–gorgeous!! It looks so very cosy.

  129. AnnaPa says:

    All products look great, but the organic-jersey V-neck tee is my style, I love the colour and design!

  130. alexey lavrukhin says:

    Mix knit zip is very very nice.

  131. mh5r says:

    I am liking the Button Tee- very dramatic, and the color is great. Also liking the Aerial Cardigan- the long length in that style of cardigan is a nice touch. The Mixed Knit Coat has the “World” look, but it also looks just a little bit like something I might have worn and loved a long time ago.

  132. UnderTheRoot says:

    perfectly draped designs..
    Luxury Tunic with Savvy skirt, both in black..covered for warmth in the Mixer Knit Coat and never forget the Airplane Scarf used as a low waistline sash

  133. kammi says:

    I would want to get Mix Knit Zip so I could wear it on my trip next year

  134. rachelcarlson says:

    The simplicity of design, organic, eco-friendly and sustainability that ecouterre is what makes my heart go pitter-patter. If I was to choose one fav it would be the INDIE ZIP HOODIE. Huge thanks for the chance to win. Cheers!!

  135. Terri F says:

    I wish I could wear wool because I love the winter coat with the sweater neck.

  136. austepha says:

    My favorites are the Geo Wrap and the Cable Pullover- looking forward to being comfy and cozy this winter!

  137. Roy Connelly says:

    Oh my! The white and gray winter coat seems so perfect for my wife! So pretty and simple!

  138. swwnurse says:

    I love EVERYTHING!
    But these are by far my favorite:
    The Drape Neck Tee
    The Diamond Skirt
    The Urban Fingerless Gloves
    The Tassel Scarf

  139. SFm0m says:

    Love the relaxed pullover & reversible cardigan!

  140. Rachellynn says:

    I love the mixed knit coat!

  141. juliane32 says:

    The Winter Coat has so much style – form flattering fit and warmth wrapped up in one! I also like the Sand Dollar vest and fingerless gloves for a look that is casual with an urban edge.

  142. SiwashJeff says:

    The eco-conscious and fair trade posts.

  143. skincerelyholly says:

    As a coat/jacket addict, I am IN-LOVE with the winter coat and the mixed knit coat.

  144. zanna_leigh says:

    OBSessed with the military inspired jacket – it’s stylish, feminine and sexy.

  145. elh266 says:

    drawstring dress!

  146. peacepie says:

    geo wrap and drawstring dress:)

  147. says:

    Loving the winter coat and Fair Idle jacket. They are all so wonderful,

  148. Kristi says:

    I love the military style jacket and the fingerless gloves! I didn’t see anything I didn’t like.

  149. kelly mulloy says:

    love the poncho, diamond scarf and the fair isle jacket!

  150. mtngrl1955 says:

    The Winter Coat is sweet! I’d love to win any of these. Very, very nice. Warm looking, too.

  151. angela7ish says:

    love Fair Trade and anything by Indigenous! love the coats, winter and mixed knit!

  152. nightowl says:

    My favorites are the weekender cardigan in the teal, Bon Marche Tee in the mulberry, and the Drape Neck Tee in emerald.

  153. cedric.reuter says:

    The Rancher shirts are awesome! Thanks for the contest!

  154. randomgal says:

    Love the mix knit zip and coat, so beautifully well made and the colors are so cheerful

  155. lilibethtobon says:

    i like the grey winter coat its so beautiful

  156. sikidu says:

    Love the Aerial pullover!

  157. hollymarie says:

    I’m loving the Geo Wrap as well as the neat asymmetrical Winter Coat.

  158. crystallineumbra says:

    So many cozy, beautiful pieces. If I had to choose, I absolutely love the wrap hoodie and drapeneck dress!

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