GIVEAWAY: Win a Canopy Verde Freesia Portfolio Bag (Worth $169!)

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Your spring outfits will look simply smashing when you pair them with this breezy Freesia Portfolio (worth $169) from Canopy Verde. Made from an organic cotton/bamboo blend and ecologically tanned leather, this sharp-looking bag has a subtle faux-bois pattern that is perfect for the warmer months. We’re giving one away for free to one very lucky reader, so enter now for your chance to win!


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winner there.)

2. LEAVE A COMMENT below telling us why you absolutely NEED this bag. We’ll pick the response we like the best, so be as detailed and creative as possible!

canopy verde, freesia portfolio, sustainable design, green design, sustainable fashion, eco fashion, green fashion, green handbag, green purse, eco bag, organic cotton, organic purse, ecouterre giveaway, free stuff

We’ll pick our favorite comment and announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, March 31. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Tuesday, March 30, so ENTER NOW for a chance to snag this pretty bag perfect for spring!


Canopy Verde was founded in Fall 2008 by designer Linda Wong. The line uses organic cotton and bamboo fabrics, chrome-free leather, Oeko Tex-certified dyes, and chemical-free embroidery to make stylish, practical bags for women who want to look good without harming the earth.

“In creating Canopy Verde, I wanted to be very thoughtful about any component that was put into the bag as well as the construction methods,” explains Wong. “Special attention was paid to everything down to the lining and the dyeing process.”

+ Canopy Verde

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97 Responses to “GIVEAWAY: Win a Canopy Verde Freesia Portfolio Bag (Worth $169!)”

  1. vilte says:

    I absolutely need this bag as it looks like it was designed for me – my favorite style, natural colors, minimal, elegant, with attention to detail. A perfect bag. My kids grew up a little and I want to say bye bye to my nursery bags and want to feel feminine again with this gorgeous bag!

  2. maHustle says:

    I absolutely need this beautiful bag. Reasons why this bag would be essential in my wardrobe:

    1) I don’t have any white or cream bags.. I always seem to be greatly attracted to vivid colors & although they are fun, they aren’t really what you would call business attire.

    2) I am a single mother of 3, so every extra penny is invested in my children & their activities… Mama doesn’t have any kinda REAL shopping budget for the pretty things she adores.

    3) My eldest child is 14 and she “steals” all my stuff. Socks, shoes, clothing & bags. She has “borrowed” my messenger and portfolio bags to use as backpacks for school. Mama would just love something nice to call her own.

    4) If I don’t win… The closest I will ever come to this bag is on your website. Sniff-Sniff

  3. Greenphilosophy says:

    I would love love to have this bag, as I am graduating at the moment and this bag would suit my ‘soon-to-be-fashion-professional’ image perfectly. My thesis will be about how we can make people consume less: by offering them the best options. I think this bag would be the perfect option to me, I won’t need a new one in the coming years! :-)

  4. annalise says:

    I absolutely NEED this bag because it would be the perfect way to accessorize the adventure I’m about to embark on. I’m moving to Austin TX to work with an eco-obsessed retail company!!

  5. shannonbuckley says:

    This bag would be a terrific addition to my wardrobe! There is plenty of room for my patches made from recycled clothing that I sell. I always like to have a way to make money while I am out on my adventures in the city and otherwise. It’s a beautiful design, eco-friendly like I am, and the color is so hot for this spring!

    It would be great to have this bag for this beautiful spring and season change that is upon us. The freshness of spring is so inspiring. So many changes this winter and a beautiful bag to mark it with. What a thought!

    Thank you
    Shannon Buckley

  6. Feorin says:

    I need this bag because I need to fill out my style with eco-conscious items. I am a current graduate student in Environmental science and I not only need to look more put together and professional for future job hunting, but I need to do it while staying true to the cause. Taking my look from hippy to trendy does not have to sacrifice my beliefs and I can show everyone that smart doesn’t have to mean potato sacks and thrift stores.

  7. michellesilva says:

    ooooohhh so pulchritudinous….designer mama would fill it up with hot wheels and legos when she’s on the go with her boys…

  8. zildjian says:

    This bag will be a gift for my sister who is I shall say, is a shopaholic. It’s a perfect gift for her in a way that I’m imparting to her myself as an environmentalist, and as my ‘thank you’ gift for her for all that she’s done for me to graduate this year.

  9. nicole says:

    7 Reasons Why I Need This Bag

    1. Gotta love white cotton! It’s so fresh and in-season. (Well I live in Phoenix now so every season will be “in-season”.) Hey I’ll never have to put it down!
    2. I can dress it up with a flowing floral skirt and heels or dress it down with a denim mini, crisp white tee, and flats.
    3. Fits my aesthetic with it’s 80s vintage appeal. It so reminds me of my mom’s bags from back then. I now search the earth collecting vintages bags, but am always on the look-out for new with old looks.
    4. Wow, and it is a perfect fit for my bicycle basket.
    5. Needless to say, Lisa’s eco-consciousness gives me a great message to share to all those who will covet my new bag. (I love to spread the message!)
    6. It’s a good-looking big bag, without being over-the-top in-fashion big!
    7. This bag screams, ELEGANCE!

  10. avantARL says:

    I’m an artist.. at heart. I appreciate good design, and if there’s an element of eco-friendliness, all the better! I spend my days saving the world – OK, maybe not the world, but as a social worker for my developmentally disabled clients, I’m their voice and their advocate. Stereotypically, Social Workers are viewed as worn down, frumpy, do-gooders. I pride myself on my do-goodness, as well as my appreciation for all things beautiful/sustainable/useful/versatile. I would love – and be honored – to tote this portfolio bag around with me whilst feeding my altruistic appetite!

  11. veggie says:

    The Canape Verde tag line Modern meets earth-friendly mean a lot to me! I am going on my first overseas business trip and this
    classy satchel with leather handles would not only look great, but very professional! The bag has the small front pocket, with the zippered and two open pockets inside for my needed accessories. Not only do I like the organic cotton/bamboo fabric and lining, but the faux-bois pattern on the exterior of the satchel adds a very nice textural look. This bag would truly
    be a blessing for my very first (and nerve wrecking) business
    trip. All is very much appreciated, Cindi

  12. cathiet says:

    I appreciate good form and function but I don’t have a lot of it in my wardrobe or in my accessories. I’m always on the other side of the glass admiring the style and fashion of others. This lovely bag will give me my own personal piece of luxury that I can carry with me wherever I go. It could very well be the starter piece to a whole new look.

  13. shellthebell says:

    Wow, this is a lovely bag. Thanks for introducing me to so many eco-friendly products. I especially love the intricate wavy stitching and the lonely button. It’s such a tailored piece it would speak so well against the classic styles in my mostly neutral wardrobe. As an interior designer I am always throwing samples and plans into totes from vendors. This looks much more professional. Plus, it’s the perfect size to keep my LEED GA study materials in so I can study in any downtime for my exam in May!

  14. mklanders says:

    I am a girl from Wyoming living in the Big Apple trying to display my style with little knowledge and a small bank account. I just finished my Masters and landed a new job focused on developing community focused buildings and I need this bag to make me look like the new professional I am.

    This bag is me: natural, minimal but well thought out detail, dependable, and unique.

    I would love to have this bag help me take my next step of showing who I am through how I present myself.

  15. hofken says:

    I absolutely need this bag because I can envision it as a briefcase for spring/summer – stunning way to take files to court!

    Cynthia dot Richardson at azbar dot org

  16. DLori27 says:

    I’m not really sure that anyone can legitimately say they NEED something as beautiful and luxurious as this bag. However, I’d love to win because not only is it beautiful, this would be the first eco friendly product I would own. Whenever I think of ecofriendly products, I have an image of them being ugly and uncomfortable. However, I’m a new subscriber to your blog and the more I read, the more I realize that these products are just as, if not more beautiful than non ecofriendly products. I have a lot of friends who share my previous views and I’d love to win this bag to prove to them that something can be ecofriendly and gorgeous at the same time. I’m hoping to convince them to change their ways and to behave in a more environmentally friendly manner.

  17. chasingdawn5683 says:

    I LOVE this bag! I need it because I am a substitute teacher (read: put up with kids behaving badly for very little money) and I want to be sure that I don’t end up looking like the typical teacher! I am interviewing for full-time positions and am certified in Family and Consumer Sciences (i.e. Home Ec, read: Fashion and sewing, among other things!) I don’t have a cream colored bag and I just LOVE the wooden handle… such a reminder of a handbag I had growing up in the ’80’s!

    I would love to set an example for the students I interact with every day, showing them that you can be stylish AND ECO friendly! Thank you so much for making such beautiful pieces!

  18. mamashay says:

    i WANT this bag because i am constantly trying to reconcile my love of fashion with my love for the planet. what a perfect way to do so.

  19. gomihouse says:

    I would love a portfolio like this. The design is stellar. Unfortunately, I try to steer away from leather, particularly in the pursuit of fashion.

  20. mamashay says:

    i want this bag because i i am constantly trying to reconcile my love of fashion with my love for the planet. this bag does just that.

  21. hollyholbrook says:

    NEED may be a bit strong of a statement; but my life would be greatly improved through this bag in the following ways
    1- if I win it it’s free, therefore would not break into my grocery budget for the week; all too often fashion comes before food.
    2- my gorgeous vintage white sandals would go perfectly with this bag. I JUST had these re-soled and re-dyed, they have lasted me ten summers. The best way to be friendly to the environment and your wallet is to make use of what you already have.
    3- I would tell every friend and stranger about this amazing eco-friendly line and designer; as many “green” accessorie lines are unfashionable at best. This bag is impeccable and will be well cared for.

  22. hybrid says:

    I think this bag will bring me closer to appreciating the natural beauty in the world. These days the thing I am trying to appreciate is the ink in all the textbooks for my university studies. I read these books so much I barely have the opportunity to look up at the sky. The photo with the model in the field and the sky takes my breath away. This bag will probably be the closest thing I can get to taking that feeling with me everywhere I go. Anyone would be supremely fortunate to win that bag. Thanks for the opportunity:)

  23. robin says:

    I absolutely NEED the Canopy Verde Portfolio so that I no longer have to carry my files to work in supermarket shopping bag!
    I want to say goodbye to free advertising and hello to eco-style.

  24. aiiyaaaah says:

    Instead of a designer bag, I need this bag because I believe what we accessorize with tells a lot about who we are. With this purse, I will be telling the world that I am confident, chic, detail-oriented and cares about the environment. I don’t need a brand name purse to hold my essentials, but I do need this bag to hold my hopes for a green eco-friendly future.

  25. heydu says:

    i like this bag because of the relation between its brown-white color and round shape which will make me feel comfortable and elegant.

  26. Alice in Wonderland says:

    I love this bag! My children will love this bag! My grandchildren will love this bag! Because it is sustainable and eco friendly my grandchildren and theirs will enjoy living in this planet just as much as I do, and these little details just make all the difference. Just hope the bag is resistant enough to survive the generations. :)

  27. expattx says:

    I would love this bag as it would make a fantastic gift for my wife, and suit her style wonderfully. The bag positively reeks of style and fashion and yet would leave her plenty of space to carry around all the accessories of her busy live as an editor and homeschool mum to our three kids. She will love the fact that it has been designed to have minimum impact on our environment,and being that it also contains bamboo will match her wardrobe!

  28. I’ll be graduating in May with my degree in Interior Architecture, this bag would look great to carry my portfolio around in. It would be a great reflection of the type of designer I aspire to be, an eco-friendly socially conscious type. It will also reflect my main project which is a recycling art center! I would love to rock this bag, it would look good on my arm, and I’d appreciate it!

  29. merylsan says:

    Lovely bag. I would need it to carry my files to my new grad program I start in a few months! I’m excited to start the Special Ed. program at Southern Oregon University. I need to work on my professional appearance and this bag would do the trick : )

  30. merylsan says:

    I would love to use this bag in my new career as a Special Ed. teacher. I start the grad program in a couple of months and need help with getting a new professional look.

  31. mmalavec says:

    Oh beautiful Canopy Verde Freesia Portfolio.
    You would be the perfect bag in any scenario….
    Ecologically tanned leather, makes you tre magnifique.
    Clutching you I will look elegant & unique.
    So Ecouterre it’s up to you, will you make my Canopy Verde Freesia Portfolio bag dream come true?

  32. melanieparlette says:

    I need this bag because I’m a poor grad student who needs to start applying for jobs!
    This would be the perfect interview bag! Modern, chic, and neutral!
    Love it!

  33. bgreen says:

    I am committed to supporting companies that produce green products and operate sustainably. I especially think we need to be talking about good design when we’re talking green. What better way to start the conversation than having someone admire my bag! It’s classic, contemporary and sized to handle all the important take-alongs without weighing me down. I’m clearing the clutter, and this is the perfect way to start every day organized and green!

  34. echartrand says:

    As a designer, I realize I do not need this bag. As a consumer, my desire for it makes it an undeniable want. I have however purchased what I once considered to be the most beautiful lightly tanned bag, to watch my mother accidentally drop a beet down the side of it during lunch after only being newly acquainted with my lovely leather friend. This moment for me was one that tested my patience. I did win the battle, but vowed at that moment to never spend my money on something so delicately colored again. I have followed this rule for years now but not without temptation. Seeing this bag was my calling; to win one would be the perfect exception!

  35. bona says:

    I would not say: I desperately need the “Freesia portfolio”, I would rather say: I love “Freesia portfolio”! I loved it the moment I saw it on the screen. I loved it even more the moment I read about the material, it’s construction, as well as the diversity of colors and their beautiful combination.
    If I would be ever wearing this bag, I would talk about it, talk about the creative designer, and definitely about the “event” of how I was introduced to the bag :)
    I look forward to holding the bag in my hand!
    Thank you (in advance)!

  36. andreline says:

    An Ode to Ecouterre

    My wife is a beautifu woman
    Her talent is beyond compare
    But a poem to win her a bag
    Do I even dare…?

    The stylish Canopy Verde
    From the mind of Linda Wong
    Could make my better half
    Break into a joyous song

    The sustainable materials
    The embroidery and dyes
    They all come together
    To be easy on the eyes

    Alas I must confess
    There IS another reason
    My wife carries our first child
    And her purses are of long lost seasons

    I can only imagine
    The smile on her face
    As she opens the plain brown package
    Her heart increasing in pace

    I am sure the women out there
    Can appreciate this heartfelt Ode
    She’s a retired shop-a-holic
    Let her relive the rush of old

    So help me make her day
    Her week & her year
    Before the day of labor
    The Canopy Verde may even bring a single tear…

  37. ccook says:

    Reasons I need this bag:

    a) Its an awesome design

    b) I’m an awesome designer

    c) I am an awesome designer, looking for a new awesome job and need an awesome bag to carry my awesome resumes and materials in. Awesome!

  38. Ladygrey says:

    well to be honest I do not ABSOLUTELY NEED this bag. No one absolutely needs any bag, right?
    But I do love it, and would certainly cherish it!
    Thanks for considering me…
    ; )

  39. crankyashley says:

    Well, no one *needs* it, but I’m graduating this semester and will be moving to Seattle with my fiance to start a new life there. A shiny new bag would go perfect with a shiny new life.

  40. sinanyuzakli says:

    Why do I need this bag? Because my wife loved it :) Do I have a choice/chance!? LOL

  41. AllisonRockey says:

    I am a fierce advocate of eco-fashion, and this bag is so sleek even Tyra would call it fierce!

    I am an eco-advocate and social media expert and will spread the word about your products with or without this bag, but sure would love to enhance with some twitpics.

  42. emdydesign says:

    Within the last year, I have started an interior decoration and organization business that focuses on small spaces, reducing energy consumption and re-using items for different purposes. Having an organic, green handbag would make a strong statement about the importance of including green design in all aspects of life. Owning this handbag would allow me to present myself in a more complete package.

  43. jssk6 says:

    I’ve been searching for a bag like this one… and I need it now.

    I’m a senior at college and I’ve been using an old black plastic north face messenger bag that i got on my freshman year. I’m very frugal (and I’m a student without spare income) so I haven’t bought any new bag since, instead I’ve been using this bag for everything. It is embarrassing now that I have to take my old school bag to interviews and to my internship too!

    I’ve been searching for an eco-bag to replace my old school bag with, but the prices are ridiculous & i refuse to buy a non-eco-friendly bag. I just care too much about the environment & green fashion, buying regular products would be taking a step back away from progress.

  44. windycitycat says:

    I absolutely need this bag! I am a sustainably-minded Chicago architect presently working in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Abu Dhabi is working hard to push sustainability at many levels. This bag would be an excellent ecouterre statement to ‘see and be seen’ here that would mark sustainability in the name of fashion – one sustainable level that is in its infancy here….

  45. SCRinBham says:

    This bag will help create Green Jobs for the economy. I’m an architect specializing in sustainable design, and when I show up for client meetings with all my files and samples in a tie-dyed grocery tote, I’m just not projecting the right image. I’m sure I would attract many new clients and be able to hire many starving young architects with this bag.

  46. Elianneke says:

    I have always wanted to pull off what only French women seem to be able to pull off; to carry around a shopping bag while looking elegant enough to go to a party. This bag will enable me to do that!

  47. ashlee33 says:

    I need this bag, ’cause seriously, it’s just so me.

  48. ecofrugal says:

    No one NEEDS a purse, right? But if you give it to me you can be sure it will go to good use–both as a functional item and to spread a little eco love. I have been changing our family’s consuming habits so we buy fewer clothes and reuse things, and have gotten nearly ALL my baby daughter’s clothes gently used via Freecycle so we don’t consume more resources buying clothes she will quickly outgrow. What keeps me motivated, besides the satisfaction of giving the Earth a breather? I’m putting every penny I save into a college fund for my daughter, so she can make a difference for her generation. Mama has a small clothes budget and an eco-frugal reputation, so people will be asking where (and how) she got this bag. That makes giving me this bag a win-win-win-win situation! :)

  49. littletree says:

    I NEED this bag, as I am a bag addict and I am all about the eco friendliness.

    I actually make bags right now, because I can’t afford all the bags I would like to buy and I can reuse fabrics that had a past life. My friends and family give me their old fabric, curtains are the best, no need for facing. It’s been mostly totes and clutches.

    Also, this bag is the perfect size and looks sleek and professional and I love it!!!

    I’m glad I discovered this website. I think it will become one of my favorites to hunt down eco friendly/recycled fashions and fabrics. What’s hard to find is eco friendly thread.

  50. Szjudytt says:

    Instant Get ;)

  51. sly says:

    This bag goes with everything in my closet. Therefore I wouldn’t even need to use other purses. I’d just need this one. The colors I wear on a daily basis are browns, beiges, greens…basically earth tone colors and when I saw this bag, I fell in love. My journal will fit inside. My book of the week. My phones. All my stuff will fit inside and when people ask where did I get such a beautiful bag, I get to say that its a sustainable bag too!! I really want this bag!

  52. KatHummel says:

    I need this bag because I’m due for a new purse and this one is perfect. I’ll be graduating in about 4 weeks with a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and this would be the perfect accessory for me! So cute!

  53. vanina says:

    I absolutely need this purse because I’m addicted to bags and I’ll get abstinent if i don’t have it.

  54. vshoe says:

    Awarding the bag to me is just the right thing to do and will be really good for your karma. That way, we are both winners.

  55. LindseyK says:

    Is there a mirror in this fantastic Canopy Verde handbag?
    Because I can sure see myself into it! Love

  56. CatherineAdele says:

    I need this bag because I need something way cooler than the diaper bag & old book bag I’ve been hauling around!

  57. teamLEOnardo says:

    SiMPLY put, this WONDERFUL representation for eco-friendly designed (role model) bag, will become the basket that teamLEOnardo will draw tickets from, for civilians & cyclists alike, as we tour the country in 2010, to give people the ‘take a stand & hover above poverty’ chance to change their habits which put climate change into effect in the first place, as they try to make LEO hover.
    And moreover WiTHiN the realm of simplicity, with the chance to win the bag aGAIN before year END, the journey of this fabulous bag will not END, with us (this competition) yet will have the added travel experience/visibility that NO OTHER BAG [or some other bag/company if we are not chosen] WILL EVER HAVE or HAS EVER HAD, when we become the first “earthlings” to make Leonardo da Vinci’s [& teamLEOnardo’s] hover dream come true!
    TWICE the PASSION, TWICE THE PROMOTION OF GREEN LIVING & production of NEEDED accesories…AND i hope Ecouterre & Inhabitat will be there when we auction it off, for FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR MORE than its weight/worth in…GREEN living!


  58. niunine says:

    i don’t know about fashion that much, but this bag looks oddly special and separate from other bags i’ve seen. so as long as most girls and boyz are brand addict these days; this bag would open a new topic of discussion between me and others in university. as they would come and ask : ” where did u get it? ” !
    i ‘m trying to spread the words of Go Green in my university . (Canadian University of Dubai ) but most teenagers by the recycling, reusing and going green ideas think as if they have to be dirty, get less showers, be hippy, wear torn jeans, etc. so they back off.
    this bag will help to open the topic how i got it and promote others that being green can you also be classy and fashionable.
    it will help me to get my path through inviting people for thinking green.

  59. tarabrackett says:

    I am sure there is no perfect answer as to why anyone one person should win this bag but, I would love to win this bag because I am pregnant and feel like I am loosing my style during this pregnancy. I would love to still look stylish and be happy as well. I have been making a lot of changes in my household to be more Eco-friendly as well as eating healthier and this bag will go along way to helping me make my wardrobe that way.

  60. michynn says:

    Eco-chic, that’s my style and this bag would be the foundation of my Spring/Summer esthetic. A symbol on my arm that Earth-Friendly does not sacrifice style.

    Earth-Friendly: conscious of sustainability, origin, packaging, reused/reusable, recycled/recyclable, production practice, quality/durability…

  61. atlantagal says:

    This purse is lovely! I need it because I don’t have a white bag yet and this would be perfect for summer!

  62. susan5781 says:

    Honestly, I haven’t seen that many eco friendly bag designs that I like and are professional for me to carry about as I meet with my clients, who are looking to me for sustainability advice for their businesses (being sustainable is my passion, I run a small start-up consulting firm focussed on helping our clients operate sustainably – — What better way to present myself and the company than have a chic professional bag :)

  63. bubble_mania says:

    I absolutely need this bag so I can put my new energy efficient netbook in it! I’m carrying it in the original mesh slip at the moment.

  64. Petris Razvan says:

    This would be the perfect present for my girlfriend.She loves fashion,she loves nature and she loves me.Its very simple.It would be an ecofantastic present.Thanks

  65. seeker says:

    I need this bag because it is exactly what I was looking for all my life – a perfect present for my girlfriend…

  66. elena says:

    Long time ago, in a God forgotten corner of a world, a little girl was watching through a square magic window to the beauty bending in front of her eyes. Shining bright, white as a lily in a glittering garden of marvels, that little thing was glowing in her eyes, touching her dreams and making her feel like a butterfly in a weald of poppy, making time spin away soaked by only a thought – “Could it be mine? Can I ever dream?” She than bend her hands to reach the little white wonder, but suddenly she stopped.
    The little girl was dashed… a shiny glass was in front of her finger tip, a screen away, setting her off from her dream. How hard can it be? She thought, whispering for herself, while writing down a magic spell that would bring that white little puffy dream with beautiful brown handles and stylish button into her arms…”so, all that I need is a piece of my heart, mixed with a dream or two, and a little hope… ok, said the little girl, now let’s write the magic spell down: …long time ago, in a God forgotten corner…”
    she than pressed a button she found beneath the magic window and sent her words to the little white puffy thing’s home place… all that she had to do now, was to believe the magic will soon be tangible…

  67. little red says:

    16 reasons why!…



  68. germanyjess says:

    Whenever my sister and I pick out things for each other, we have worked out a polite way of turning something down in a way that doesn’t hurt the other’s feelings. If the color, size, pattern, fabric, or style doesn’t suit us, we don’t have to give a reason; we just say, hey, that’s not my kind of fabulous.

    Canopy Verde’s new freesia portfolio is my kind of fabulous. I’m already dreaming about the fair-trade skirts, organic cotton tees and earth-friendly shoes I can match with this. My clothes are green and fabulous like me; my newest accessory should be, too!

  69. ileanapita says:










  70. […] Canopy Verde Freesia Portfolio Bag – (I love this bag. I hate the price. My clothes really want it to be their friend.) […]

  71. RADIOANN says:

    I would love to have this bag because it will give me the opportunity to ‘school’ some folks in my city that environmentally conscious fashion can be uber chic! I live in Oklahoma City where issues of environmental change are finally taking serious precedence. It would be great to go to all the local functions with this fabulous converstation piece at art shows, charity events, festivals and business related (i work at an architecture firm) soirees. This bag is a piece of art with a big statement and I want to spread the word!

  72. JL Grillo says:

    Because my wife is celebrating her birthday in April and I know that she’d love to be surprised with a new bag and a bouquet of roses!

  73. marvah says:

    Once upon a time there was a little girl who grew up with boys, she didn’t wear skirts nor dresses, no girl shoes or make up, she was one of the boys. When she turned 17 she fell in love and she bought her first skirt so the Boy would notice her and he did, she was over the moon. When they were both 18 they finished high school together because she never let him stay behind and give up. They were so perfect for each other. When they were 19 they took off and traveled for a while. When she was 20 she was a guest for a store opening where she got a girlie beach bag as a gift, she started using it a year later because she didn’t know what to do with it for a long time, all her life she had worn messenger bags and backpacks, it was confusing for her because one of the guys doesn’t wear girlie bags. Age 21 she bought her first(and only) high heels because for the first time she found women shoes beautiful so her Dr.Martens went into the closet. When she was 22 and the year turned from 2009 to 2010 and the blue moon was shining upon her and the Boy she fell love 5 years ago it just was magical. The Boy who was love of her life took her away from the crowd, got down on his knee and asked her to merry him on their 5th anniversary. It was beautiful, it made her cry and for the very first time she felt like she was a woman, not one of the guys anymore and now she even cries like a girl and is proud of it.
    This has been one weird ride for me from one of the guys to a womanhood and the ending was like a fairytale to me and a could not be happier to have someone beside me like i do and we do look so cute holding hands and cuddling everywhere but i hold only one had and the other one is so alone and would really like some company and i would really love to have a stylish bag next to my floral beach bag that is on it’s last breath but i still love it so as long it has handles I’ll keep it. Thank You

  74. mawan says:

    If I get this bag, I promise I will take good care of it, take it out for walks, read it goodnight stories, make sure it is always clean and shiny and I will never leave it alone, stuck in a wardrobe full of abandoned bags…

  75. fawnhammons says:

    I could give you my hard luck story of why I need this bag, but the truth is I need this bag because it is BEAUTIFUL, COOL, SEXY, FABULOUS and ECO FRIENDLY! I would just really love to have it!

  76. sparkilysituations says:

    I love this bag!!! I love that its eco friendly! I love that is so neutral and perfect for spring! It’s a gorgeous bag and looks well made!

  77. 1337girl says:

    As a recent college graduate and upcoming professional, I want to be able to epress myself in the most appropriate way possible! Having this bag would complete me as a potential new hire and would help to represent who I am. I am a bright, fun individual, and I love to make my presence and ideals known. I would love to show this bag off as a part of me!

  78. greegree says:

    I consider myself a “verde” girl, truly trying to live a green, earth friendly lifestyle. Therefore this conscientiously made bag should be an essential part of my wardrobe and help demonstrate my outlook on life. <3

  79. kate13t says:

    First, the bag is a gorgeous example eco-friendliness. I write for a green thinking blog and I am always looking for more ways to promote why what we carry with us/wear on us is important to keep sustainability and organic materials in our conscious mind. If I won this bag, I would not only promote its fashionability, but its functionality to sustaining the planet we live on.

  80. mensa63 says:

    Not sure if need is the appropriate word for my feelings about this Freesia Portfolio Handbag but want, covet, desire et al certainly is. I grew up in the 40’s at the height of the great designers, Chanel, Dior et al and have always loved haute couture but having to raise 4 children as a single parent after their father left mostly all I did was look and drool. Once I found a Dooney & Bourke brown leather handbag for $5 at a hospital auxillary sale but those occasions were few and far between. Now those children are all successful adults with children of their own and I had been able to afford a few top names until I retired. I suppose some would say what does a 74 year old grannie want with haute couture but one never loses the love of beautiful things. I have paid my dues and an hoping lady luck will smile on me.

  81. Despoina S. says:

    I firstly introduced to Canopy Verde when i visit one of my friends in London. Here in Greece is not a known brand. I felt in love immediately!
    I love the feeling and plus it’s eye catching.
    I am employed in the film industry and i like to look fashionable.
    Also i am an environmental activist and really like brands which promote environmental awareness

    Despoina :)

  82. twirlingsky says:

    OMG! It’s goregous!!!

  83. mariajose77 says:

    I want to have the canopy because it serves wonders to bring my notebook to work and everyone can notice my attitude of respect for the environment, since I’m an architect who build sustainable housing.

  84. chelsera25 says:

    I absolutely need this bag because I’m a poor graduate student working materials science engineering to make solar cells more efficient and less costly. I want to show everyone that scientists can be fashionable too! Everyone always assumes scientists, and environmentalists for that matter, are geeky and un-stylish and I’ve been working in my own, low-budget, sewing machine chic way to prove both those stereotypes wrong. It’s hard being girly in a lab coat and blue nitrile gloves and big thick chemical splash goggles. It’s tough being girly when closed toed shoes and jeans are required lest chemicals spill. It would be wonderful to be able to wear a little summer dress and carry this lovely bag this summer to the library to read journal articles and maybe out on the town if I can get away from the lab. And I can tell everyone about how wonderful Ecouterre is to environmentally conscious fashion lovers.

  85. Toniad says:

    Wow – how can I compete with all the other great comments!!??

    Well, here’s my deal; although I’m a great interior designer (at least I think so) I have a really wonky sense of fashion style and I’d love to finally match inside and out. This bag would be the kick I need to show I’m just an all around cool chick.


  86. applector says:

    Elegante y moderno diseño con color y materiales muy atractivos.

    Simplemente a mi esposa le luciría perfectamente!!

  87. bonnieann says:
    I sure do need a new summer bag since my dog ate the one I had!

  88. Lee says:

    I NEED this bag, because I don’t have a bag. And I believe this is THE ONE for me. I believe very strongly in being eco-friendly. I very much appreciate this opportunity. Thanks to all involved and good luck everyone!!!

  89. Lee says:

    I NEED this bag, because I don’t have a bag. And I think this is THE ONE for me. I believe very strongly in being eco-friendly. I very much appreciate this opportunity. Thanks to all involved and good luck everyone.

  90. staceydeshazo says:

    Single Mom sans job still needs to look good.

  91. KraizyKates says:

    To Verse for a Purse: A Limerick

    I am in such need of a bag for the summer
    (when I’m moving to California, land of enchantment and wonder).
    I will tell the whole world of your great eco-blog,
    as the bag shines brightly through the San Francisco fog.
    Not winning would be a huge bummer.

    My friends and I talked of what was needed to win.
    “Let’s give them a limerick,” we said with a grin.
    “Their blog is green, like the emerald isle,
    so a limerick is sure to make them all smile!
    And soon we’ll take that great bag for a spin.”

    So here I am now with my heart on my sleeve,
    telling you things you already believe:
    That bag is quite great and would look rad with my skirts.
    I’m sure with it I’ll attract all manner of flirts.
    To think otherwise would be just naive.

  92. berverse says:

    Holy cheese and rice. That bag just incited a mix of old lady cackles and snorts all in one horrible awkward and embarrassing mix in the office.

    I love purses. Love them.

    I used to collect Matt and Nat but I can see these being my new love. I am a total urban gypsy. I love to travel and this would make the perfect travel companion. It looks hot – I would trade my husband for it and he is pretty great. It is the perfect size and it tells the world how much I love to save it – and look good. Please please please pick me and I promise to take it far and wide with style and compassion.

  93. camper223 says:

    You wanted to know you really wanted to know ok here is why I truly truly want this Canopy Verde Freesia Portfolio Bag.
    I’m a low maintenance woman but dream of having nice things.
    I don’t get my hair or nails, not even toe nails.
    All the perfume I own was gifts from family members or what I was lucky enough to win.
    I know I sound boring.
    I’m embarrassed when I go places carrying a Walmart purse, I would love just once in my life to be able to look like a million without spending a million.
    I have been in a slump lately unemployed, rocky marriage, all my family living 1200 miles away and my daughter graduating from high school and really no family here to share our joy.
    I want to be able to go to graduation with a awesome bag and it will brighten my day, week, month

    Thank you for the chance

  94. weblynx says:

    I love this because it is stylish and friendly

  95. TheWishPlace says:

    I am a legislative advocate for women in business. This bag will enable me to take everything I need in one convenient and eco-friendly portfolio. I travel a lot and encounter a lot of people from all walks of life. If I won, I would love the opportunity to share where I got the fabulous portfolio bag! As I travel fighting for moms and women in business, this sure would make life easier, and eco-friendlier. Thanks for the opportunity!

  96. DolphinV27 says:

    I am a student, overworked and poor,
    Shopping is something I can’t do anymore!

    In days gone past, I loved to shop
    But it’s been months since I’ve bought a new shoe or top.

    And worst of all, my closet has taken a hit,
    I did something I’m shamed to admit.

    A drastic measure is what I took:
    I sold my most pricey bag to pay for book after book.

    Selling the purse earned me some money,
    But how depressed I became after was not at all funny.

    Fashionable is now what I am not,
    But let me tell you, this bag is HOT!

    Its color would match anything at all,
    And it would be perfect winter through fall.

    I’d love to use this bag to tote my supplies for school,
    Wearing it every day would be so very cool!

    But in the end, when push comes to shove,
    What I like most is that it shows the earth love.

    The cotton is organic and the leather is made without chrome,
    All its eco-friendly facts could fill a tome!

    Plus my motto is just like Ms. Wong’s “power of three:”
    Heritage, family, and the environment also mean everything to me.

    So thanks for reading, this giveaway is tops,
    Keep the contests coming, Ecouterre rocks!

  97. sintee_n says:

    beatifullll bag….
    i suggest some interesting bags in ebay…if interested