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Looking for some polished new winter boots to put some fox (not literally—these are 100 percent vegan) in your trot? Well you’re in luck, because we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite online eco-boutiques, Fashion Conscience, to give away these sexy and sleek equestrian-inspired riding boots to one very fortunate reader! Classically styled with posh touches like buckles at the ankle and calf, these chocolate and black two-tone boots from Neuaura are worth over $250, so don’t miss your chance to walk away with them for free!

And it gets even better because Fashion Conscience has very generously offered to carbon offset the shipping of these gorgeous boots to the winner’s house through Carbonfund.

Note: These boots are available in sizes US 6, 8, 9, and 10, so please make sure one of those will fit you before you enter our contest.


1. SIGN UP FOR ECOUTERRE + FASHION CONSCIENCE’S NEWSLETTERS (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winner there.)

2. LEAVE A COMMENT below telling us about the eco outfit you would put together with these classy riding boots. Would you wear them with a vintage pencil skirt and herringbone tights? Or rock them with skinny organic cotton leggings and your favorite oversize sweater? We’ll pick our favorite response, so be as detailed and creative as possible!

Neuaura Riding Boots, neuaura, vegan style, vegan boots, non leather, animal friendly, eco boots, fashion conscience, winter boots, green boots

We’ll pick our favorite comment and announce the winner on Thursday, January 21. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Tuesday, January 19, so ENTER NOW for a chance to add these amazing boots to your sustainable style collection!


These fetching Neuaura riding boots are 100 percent animal-free and made in a factory which complies to eco-standards in recycling, along with a restriction of toxic chemicals.

And don’t forget to check out Fashion Conscience’s huge 70 percent off sale that is going on right now!

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307 Responses to “GIVEAWAY: Win Vegan Riding Boots From Fashion Conscience (Worth $250)!”

  1. Curtis Darr says:

    I would hope to win these for my girlfriend. These would match well with a great vintage East German Military dress that she acquired. It’s 50 years old; but wears like new!

  2. mhmerrick says:

    A pair cute black boots is essential for my walks to work everyday, especially flat ones. Eastern Tennessee has had nothing but cold/wet weather and I need boots that will protect my feet as well as fit over layers of wool socks. With these boots I can continue to use 10 minutes of my day in the fresh air centering myself for the day instead of defrosting my car. I also buy locally on food, clothes, furniture, etc. These VEGAN boots truly fit what I want to share with the drivers who pass me everyday and my style of living.

  3. fishisland says:

    I needed these boots yesterday on a damp cold day, walking from the train the quarter mile to my job at an energy-efficiency firm. I put on one of my better thrift store outfits–violet above-knee pencil skirt and beigey cream fitted wool sweater–with my expensive-but-built-to-last-forever wool peacoat. Wore light taupe nylons and black ballet flats. But a pair of weather-mostly-proof English riding-style boots would have been more suited to the occasional puddle and the constant chill. Usually I buy a pair of boots like these without looking at the price tag and wear them for a decade or until the cobbler shakes his head sadly when I go in to repair heels or worn spots. I’m due for a pair and will consider these, especially knowing I won’t be supporting factory farms!

  4. vhubler says:

    I would wear the boots with my gray skinny organic cotton leggings and my favorite purple sweater.

  5. Roseinglis says:

    Oh, OH, OH! What wouldn’t I put together with these boots? My recycled cotton Batallion dress with the brass buttons? Loomstate skinny jeans and a fitted organic cotton turtleneck? What about my Eco Lix military inspired, jewel blue double breasted sweater and leggings? The possibilities go on and on…. Suffice it to say, these boots would become a staple in my wardrobe! Yum!

  6. yes says:

    i know i would just wear these all the time. I only have hiking boots right now and now dress boots. I would most likely pair these with a plaid dress and green cordouroy jacket.

  7. fashionlovespeople says:

    I would wear these with skinny jeans and EVERYTHING, all fall and winter long, for the next 5+ years. I try to thoughtfully consider everything in my closet and only make a few key purchases a year, and flat formal boots are not something I have right now. Not only would these go to magical use in my closet for years to come, but you can know that they will be my only pair like it for just as long.

    Plus, I love Fashion Conscience and am glad to learn of Neuaura, which looks like a fabulous green shoe brand. And carbon offset shipping — I love it! Thanks, Ecouterre!

  8. kimayni says:

    I would probably wear these with my Lalesso cherry-print high-waist skirt over a pair of organic leggings with a People Tree Bora Aksu Organic Cotton T-Shirt. It would all go together quite nicely I think…. I would need to find a jacket then mind you! A great giveaway whoever gets them Ecouterre!

  9. sarahnyc says:

    From Texas! This woman has great/organic clothes. The boots are going to one of these outfits

  10. ahefnawy says:

    I think the key to pairing these boots with an outfit is to downplay the outfit aspect and play up the simplicity and elegance of the boots. I’d easily pair these with my black skinny jeans, and a crew-neck beige sweater (cynced at the from the waist to hip and also at the sleeves from mid arm to wrist). The key is that the outfit has to be simple so that all the attention is on the boots…needless to say, they could go with anything, but I’d find particular use for them in the winter and fall months where deeper and darker colors are more of use.

  11. teensy says:

    simple wrap dress in dark olive, with or without tights depending on the weather, safari style jewelry (wooden/animal print bangles, wooden/onyx necklace, earrings with wood, onyx or gold).

  12. ilovejeri says:

    I am in LOVE with these Neuaura Vegan Riding Boots!! They are gorgeous eco-standard/animal free made boots that are very practical, they match with MANY outfits, and are appropriate for all ages. I would rock these Vegans like it’s the best thing since re-useable fruit and vegetable bags!

    I would personally wear my Neuaura Vegan Riding Boots with a 100% Organic Cotton twill fitted Jacket Dress. A Light Grey Organic Wool winter pea coat is very cute for a city gal, OR a 100% Merino Wool Cloak is absolutely stunning for a weekend get-away piece. With these outerwear pieces, I would wear a long 100% Organic Cotton long sleeve tunic (dark grey or smokey blue hue) with a colorful beaded long necklace, OR even a 100% Hand Knit Cowl Neck cashmere sweater would be gorgeous!

    I’d wear this with any dark blue or black skinny jean that is made sweatshop free and fairly traded (Try Levi’s Eco, or Levi’s Capital E). My skinny jeans would have recycled zippers and buttons, and use natural indigo dye.

    If I feel like wearing 80%-100% Organic Cotton thick tights or stockings (long or knee highs), they’d match very well with these Neuaura Vegan Riding Boots.

    TOP these outfits off with my beautiful and exclusive hand knit Black beret hat my cousin made me for Christmas!

    I can go on and on of all the eco-friendly outfits I, or any lovely chic can wear. These Vegan Boots are so lovely and they’re guilt-free! I would LOVE to ROCK these awesome boots everywhere I go! Everyone would compliment my boots and ask me where I got them. I’d eagerly tell them with a big smile, ECOUTERRE! These 100% Vegan boots are “100 percent animal-free and made in a factory which complies to Eco-standards in recycling, along with a restriction of toxic chemicals!” Who would NOT be impressed with that?

    I’m a very broke college student at Stony Brook University, and winning these Eco-friendly, trendy winter boots would brighten up my wardrobe and my bamboo shoe rack! I would be so thankful and appreciative if I win!

    Any female would look GREAT in these Vegan Riding Boots! Congratulations in advance to the winner! :)

  13. oddtree says:

    They would be perfect with the outfit I’m wearing today – a plaid pencil skirt from my local consignment store and an HT Naturals sweater. The boots would look so much cuter than my worn out consignment store flats. I almost never let myself buy new unless its from a company I know is doing good green stuff.

  14. CelloGirl says:

    I would wear these with organic cotton leggings and a big sweater or a flowy organic cotton top. It would be amazing to have these boots!

  15. Bridgetbart says:

    I have a cute silky gray dress from that I picked up at a vintage market in Chicago. That and my long thin blue hooded sweater, and my black tights… I am working on a scarf that is put together from old scarfs from the past and need a face lift.. and of course the necklace I wear everyday. That necklace was found in an old store filled with gently used items… it is chain and blue crystal and long and I have attached to that a glass square locket my daughter gave me years ago.

  16. CathyRust says:

    Gorgeous boots! Perfect with a pair of skinny jeans (100% organic cotton), with a 100% wool sweater coat and a 100% organic cotton cream turtle neck.

  17. fastpanda says:

    i would wear these with
    – a vintage flowy butterfly sleeve dress
    – thick sweatery tights
    – a cute long charm necklace
    – for a walk along the river in a dream

  18. genloz says:

    I am just about to purchase my first pair of boots as I finally earnt legs good enough to show off at, fittingly, boot camp! I would wear these with some op-shopped stockings, my mum’s plaid mini from the 60s with matching scarf, and a plain long sleeved organic cotton top in a chocolatey brown that I bought from moodle. I would top it all off with my favourite fashion accessory – a hat (op shopped of course)! I would then feel obligated to ride my bicycle to the ‘nature lovers cafe’ near my place and sip fairtrade tea and munch on organic cookies.

  19. CathyRust says:

    These boots are gorgeous and would go with just about anything! But they’d be perfect with a pair of 100% organic cotton skinny jeans, a 100% wool navy or black sweatercoat and a cream 100% organic cotton short-sleeved turtleneck.

  20. melstergirl says:

    I have a deep cranberry-colored vintage knit scoopneck dress that hits just above the knee; cream knit tights underneath the dress and the boots, in addition to a little thrifted medium brown jacket (a lighter color than the boots) would keep me warm in the winter! These boots have plenty of room to be super classy on some days and very casual on others. And, in all honesty, they would be my very first pair of boots (besides hiking boots) since I was a child!

  21. jssk6 says:

    with these eco-boots..

    – light colored tights (so the boots can be a nice contrast)
    – a dark teal lace shift dress with ruffles at the bottom
    – hair loose, maybe with an eco-chic accessory that does not stop the flow of the hair
    – and a vintage strawberry unbuttoned Maryanne Coat, which is made from recycled fiber and has a hoodie (so it could be used in case it rains)
    – recycled glass golden color earrings would complete the outfit

    i love the neuaura boots :)

  22. Ghislaine says:

    The beauty of these boots is that they go with just about anything, giving anything you adorn to your body that extra bit of chic-ness and oomph. But if we’re talking DREAM eco-outfit, I may as well shop the Ecouterre/Inhabitat store and and build a cute head-to-toe Earth lovin’ outfit!!

    So! First I’d pick up the Organic Cotton White Lace Dress and pair it with these adorable snap wool leggings over black tights for that extra bit of extra warmth. While I’m not huge on throwing on tons of jewelry, I think a white lacey dress like this in the winter needs some edge, and this awesome and simple Re-purposed Zipper Pull Bracelet and Recycled Zipper Necklace would do the trick. And nothing beats a flash of color and a little bit of love in the frigid winter, so I’d stuff my wallet and other goodies into this adorable eco-inked LOVE tote bag But of course, it’s cold, and instead of going with a bulky jacket or boring peacoat, I’m going to stick with this brown wool coat with the interesting cut for a more 60/70’s vibe Now, all I have to do is slip on those gorgeous vegan boots to complete the look, and I’m ready to go!

  23. vegansarecute says:

    These boots would go perfect with my black cable knit tights!
    They would be utterly gorgeous with any dress, but I have an organic dark brown H&M dress that’s waiting impatiently in my closet! To top it off, a bright scarf from Oilily! This outfit be cuter than cute, but more importantly, it would send a meaningful message to the world: Be Vegan!

  24. jeneile1 says:

    i neeeeeed these!!! living in the northeast, i am always trying to find warm, eco-friendly footwear, and these just might be the best i’ve seen!! i promise to wear them always and to show them off and to take good care of them and to brag about them to anyone who asks!

  25. jyh says:

    I would wear it with Eco Trench Coat made out of recycled fiber.

  26. nikkidynamo says:

    These are the perfect boots to go with my brand new home made dress, upcycled from a gorgeous vintage cotton dress that my late grandmother left to me.. I turned it from oh so drab to oh so fab! It’s a bone color dress, above the knee, cinched waist, boat neck. I’d love to dress it up with some cute tights and these perfect boots!

  27. diana.b says:

    Last summer I got invited to a craft party outside of Los Angeles. My friend, who threw the party is the ultimate DYI designer, crafter, gardener, and home brewer. In her outdoor area she prepared pots of hot water, fabric dye in the primary colors and other necessities to dye clothes and yarn.

    Al together I must have dyed 10 pieces which are now a multicolor pillow case, a colorful orange muslin scarf, a deep green hooded thermal, a cotton A line skirt with several hues of blue just to name a few.

    Whenever I wear these recycled or re-newed clothes i am complimented by strangers and It feels so good to be able to wear something unique that resulted out of my own creativity.

    So with that, I would wear these vegan boots with some newly recycled/ home dyed clothes. My color scheme this winter is mostly neutrals like black, grey, navy blue, and Khaki green. I like to throw in a stone or jem color that pops like amber, turquoise, or garnet – just one to draw attention.

    First I would dye my grey v-neck thermal a rust or copper tone, then I would re-dye my muslin scarf a dark brown with tiger’s eye like swirls to match the brown of the boots. Next I would reconstruct a denim skirt I got at a thrift store so that the zipper works and it it form fitting and flattering on my petite frame and curvy hips, then dye it black.

    Just to finish the outfit I would trim a mid legged length double breasted coat so that it sits just above my hips, sew on some black stone buttons, and maybe cut odd the neckline to the thermal once the shirt is washed and dried. Add some dangling gold earrings and I am ready to rock the town with my new outfit made from my old favorites.


  28. blacksilk says:

    These boots were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do, and one of these days these boots are gonna march into Whole Foods-and I’ll be wearing my killer black thriftstore jeans and the black wool and satin tux jacket that I designed and we made in our atelier, and I’ll order my infamous double stout coffee (in a reusable mug). These handsome boots could walk all over the irresponsibly produced competition and I would be honored to wear them everywhere.

  29. srbrs says:

    I would wear these boots almost every thing I own. Most of my clothing is simply organic cotton. It is easy, and ethical, and of course comfortable.

    These boots would go especially well with my light brown or black cotton riding breeches. On top I’d wear one of my favorite loose-fitting v-neck tee shirts, either white or purple. They are long, so I’d wear one of my brown, textured faux-leather belts to cinch my waist. To accessorize, I’d wear a long necklace with a feather charm on the end.

  30. Leonor says:

    A great outfit has to have a great story.
    I recently got this gorgeous vintage green cape used by the Austrian Olympic Sky team of 1968, and I cannot think of anything that goes best with this great pair of vegan boots!
    I would complete the outfit with a black mini that I got in a clothing exchange party with my friend Kotryna, a pair of thick cotton gray tights, and an over-sized artisan gray long sleeved shirt naturally dyed.
    A terrific outfit build to last!

  31. Sandy says:

    They’d go along nicely with my vegan rubber pants. Ha, ha! But seriously they are very cute and stylish. I don’t own any boots, so I could definitely use a pair of these for the wet cold north that I live in. Please, please, pick me, me, me….!!!

  32. mishiko says:

    WOw these boots are so fantastic. Such a sophisticated design.
    They are the perfect boots…brown and black so they’ll match any outfit, no high heels and vegan!!

  33. Claudia says:

    These boots would go perfectly with any outfit made up entirely of thrif store finds and clothes made from sustainable materials in fair trade factories. Wearing them would inspire me to complete the outfit with other vegan, sustainable pieces.

  34. dancingqueen says:

    Walking a mile in the snow to get to dance class everyday has made me truly appreciate a good pair of boots – my old sneakers just don’t cut it. The winter weather in Ithaca, NY is just horrid. To fight the stinging wind, I usually wear my grandma’s old sweaters (preferably the one with white and grey horizontal stripes, it feels like a sweatshirt on the inside but looks like a button down sweater on the outside)and my thick organic dance leggings from Entropy by Trienawear (I can wear them out as well as to dance – I love when I can reduce the amount of clothing I need). Then, I make sure to bundle up in my homemade organic knit black scarf along with its matching hat and gloves. Both the hat and gloves are detailed with old buttons found in my mothers sewing kit (sorry, mom). Finally, I throw on my white pea coat, fill my thermos with fair trade hot coffee, and venture out into the grey abyss of Cornell’s campus. The vegan boots would complete my usual outfit by adding contrast: the chocolate color along with the buckles would turn my dull, black-and-white getup into a chic, weather-proof ensemble. Not only can I wear this outfit to class and to the library, but I can also go straight to dance class without changing at all! Except for the shoes, of course.

  35. bunnyb says:

    Those boots are gorgeous! What wouldn’t I wear it with?! But I guess my favorite outfit that I wear the boots with would be with my long fitted knit cable light gray sweater with a bright colored belt and a pair of purple organic leggings!

  36. natalieeeee says:

    a sage kelly lane rider coat,
    on top of a
    eggplant prairie underground
    organic cotton orbit top
    with cream devil may wear
    bamboo tights underneath.

    i sail recycled paper boat,
    and stop by the
    river’s edge to collect flowers
    that have fallen a drop
    so i can halo my head
    with a woven wreath.

  37. Van says:

    These boots look great. I cannot wear high heels, they’re classy and most of all, they’re animal free.
    Thanks a lot for this sweepstakes

  38. dc says:

    This would go relly well with my knee high bamboo socks, and the skirt I made from scrap material and the nice knits that are being given away on the other page….

  39. KyraTe says:

    these vegan boots would be hot with a pair of high-waisted, natural dark gray wool, woven, english style riding pants that stop at the knee and buckles tarnished with age. light gray wool tights underneath. (these pants could easily be replaced with small black cotton sock, or bamboo fiber tights, and high rolled black jean cutoffs i have from a pair of jeans that i have worn the knees beyond recognition on the warmer days). a simple white cotton tee tucked in exposing the high waist done up with large black reclaimed buttons. a black cotton blazer with three buttons on each cuff, and medium collar. A low centered button holds the jacket in place. the addition of a pair of earrings inherited from my grandmother’s costume jewelry collection would bring a different texture and color- something large and bright. At the risk of sounding like a total hipster/dork i have to add in my bicycle. Being a commuting cyclist ( i don’t own a vehicle, and live in a city with a poor public transit system) i am almost always accompanied by my bicycle ( a geared bianchi volpe 2008, with cork colored handlebars and a dulled sea green frame. I love this bicycle) but for the sake of this contest i am going to pretend like i have my dream fixed geared, hand made bamboo framed bike.
    on the colder days the outfit would be topped off with a large alpaca scarf i knitted from a three plied wool of gray, brown, and white. The scarf wraps around the neck and buttons on the side. It can be folded down or sit straight like a collar to protect the chin and nose. elbow length gloves knitted from the same yarn to match.

  40. Autumn says:

    I am thinking that these boots would be a perfect compliment to any organic, local, or reused outfit. I would wear them everyday!!! But, Ideally I would love to wear these with my mother’s wedding dress from the 70’s that I have inherited. It is perfect, with the hem just above the knee and pleats, and keyhole lace. I am not sure were she got it originally but I would love to put two special pieces together for the perfect sustainable outfit!!

  41. FashionKitten says:

    I have many outfits that these boots would be the star of! Joe’s denim leggings, a long corderoy skirt, knee-length skirts, a shirtdress. I’m a visual kind of gal, so I created a Polyvore to show you one of my outfits, everything represents something I have in my closet.

    (I am a subscriber!) Peace and good luck to everyone!

  42. claudia.arzeno says:

    I would wear these every day in this cold Wisconsin winter. I would wear them with my red cotton shirtdress with funky military inspired buttons, black organic cotton leggins, vintage hoops and a big vintage square black stone ring.

  43. its fashion week every week on the muni says:

    I choose the MUNI (public transit) for my daily transports to work. Although driving is faster and more convenient I love the community and fashion show that occurs on public transit. I would love to add this AWESOME boots to my repertoire of MUNI-approved fashion items in my closet. And since I am currently “under-employed” that list of items is the shortest it has ever been. So short it is almost shaming my back into my car…SAVE ME FROM THIS TERRIBLE ACT AND PLEASE LET ME WIN THESE AMAZING BOOTS SO I CAN FACE MY FASHIONABLE FELLOW MUNI-RIDERS IN STYLE!

  44. Christine says:

    These boots are so gorgeous, why detract from their beauty by wearing something? Well, okay, maybe some organic cotton underwear. But then again, I suppose there is that whole “indecent exposure” issue, so I guess I could put on something…like the lovely EcoSkin Moonvine dress, and maybe a pair of leggings for those 10 degrees below zero days. (And organic cotton underwear underneath, of course!)

  45. KMaeCastle says:

    I wouldn’t wear anything at all with these! The boots are so great that they say it all! Why mar perfection with silly clothes!

  46. rebeccaduffy says:

    I would wear these boots with pretty much everything in my closet. I would not buy anything new to go with, as that would be the best eco choice i could make right, not to ‘consume’ more… I would first wear these with my brown, slightly above the knee shift dress, complemented by black leggings, cozy socks, my earthy scarf and tissue sweater for a complete ‘tone on tone’ look, then the piece to set it off would be my mothers’ handmade chunk turquoise necklace from back in the 70’s…can you see it! :)

  47. TopWinger says:

    I’m trying to get this for my girlfriend because I know how much she is into saving the environment and making the world a better place so what better way to tell her thank you for all that she does for me then for me to be able to surprise her with these lovely boots. I know that she would wear them with anything especially something simple like her black leggings and a skirt with a nice organic sweater to go with it.

  48. remarker says:

    I would pair them with an off-white cotton flare skirt and a very loose bamboo a-line top. And then I would pair them with straight leg jeans and a brushed cotton cardigan. And then I would pair them with a black party dress. After that I would pair them with a hemp pants and jacket combo. I think I could pair these with just about everything I own or wished I owned.

  49. ashleygv says:

    I would wear these with my dark skinny jeans, bright pea-coat and scarf. These would be nice with the short heel so I could walk in them all day- and still be a little taller!

  50. hockiemack says:

    I’d pair these boots with organic cotton sweater dress and tights!

  51. ecogrrl says:

    i would open the door for my man on valentine’s day wearing these boots and a smile :)

  52. veganadventurer says:

    I would wear these delicious boots with dark blue skinny jeans, an over-sized rust-colored sweater with cowl neck, and a wide brown braided belt. With my 10th anniversary as a vegan just around the corner, these would be the perfect accent for the celebration I’m planning to host!

  53. MsCristi says:

    I really like these boots. I would wear them with a nice wrap sweater black/brown and a cream turtle neck and some relaxed (comfy) jeans. Oh, and the size 8!!!!

  54. akpyron says:

    These boots would make me feel oh so stylish as I parent my eco friendly five month old son! His whole wardrobe is organic! What new mom doesn’t need to feel stylish and eco friendly!

  55. lambchop1965 says:

    I would wear them with a long sweater and black leggings. That sounds so comfy. Thanks for the giveaway. Size 9

  56. niin says:

    Nothing against the people who would wear them with jeans (a good look most certainly!) but to me these boots just scream DRESS. Furthermore, the lines are so clean that I would keep it tailored; I would pair them with a black shirt dress (thrifted, or else I’d tell you the designer) and bamboo sweater tights in maroon. Finally, some true red lipstick (Nvey 369 would work) and some finger waves in the hair (just learned how to do them!). Sexy, severe, and classy with a vintage edge.

  57. veggie says:

    What great looking vegan boots! I would enjoy wearing them with
    a Boyfriend Jacket and Organic Leggings. Also, I have a lovely
    colored Bamboo Baggy Sweater that would look great with them and pencil jeans. Many thanks…..Cindi

  58. lolly says:

    With the perfect plaid wool skirt + a luscious black cashmere sweater + chocolate brown, patterned Smartwool tights, oh, what boots shall this poor girl wear, to all tomorrow’s parties???

  59. krennafirth says:

    These boots are so classic, I could pair them with just about anything in my fall and winter wardrobes. If I have to describe just one outfit though, it would be my black SmartWool tights, my vintage destroyed denim mini-skirt, and my vintage black v-neck acrylic sweater that just will not wear out (it still looks new even though it’s ancient!), my brown vintage leather motorcycle jacket, and my beautiful citrine chunk necklace I got from silentlotus on Etsy. I would wear my long hair down with big loose curls. So fun!

  60. DanikaC says:

    Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I might wear them with a beautiful necklace…and nothing else :)

    Seriously, I’d wear them with a long sweater jacket and skinny jeans or leggings.

  61. bomdana says:

    I would wear these with my organic cotton black leggings and my Rogan organic bamboo tunic, they are amazing looking and would add the perfect finishing touch to my outfit. Size 9

  62. architect.g says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!! As a sustainable architecture designer these boots would be perfect on networking and environmental event nights for me! There is no dearth of these events in DC, and what better sustainable statement to make! With several precursor events lined up to Earth day …I would love to have them.

  63. motherearthcrusader says:

    hmmm…. what would I wear with these fabulous boots? Thats easy, my classic levi jeans that are 10 years olds and fits better than ever, black organic turtleneck and my vintage motorcycle jacket of course! Love Love these boots, hope it becomes a classic in my closet *;)

  64. shamdoogle says:

    I’d wear these great boots with a pair of black organic cotton tights, a skirt I made from an old plaid table cloth (, a black organic cotton top and cover up with a vintage wool coat for NYC’s deep freeze. Or pair them with some recycled cotton skinny jeans, an organic tee and a hand knit necklace or cowl.

    Size 9

  65. Ali says:

    I live in a yurt
    would love to wear skirts

    The snow is so deep
    the coldness it seeps

    When I walk the dog
    I need more than just clogs

    What would be the best?
    Better than the rest?

    Vegan riding boots for sure
    their style would lure

    My leggings just past the knee
    for all to finally see

    With my form fitting gray skirt
    paired with a green organic cotton shirt

    And I’ll be sure not to shiver
    with my puff coat of recycled polyester

    Oh these boots would be a dream
    function, fashion and a touch of green

    I could finally wear skirts
    while I live in my yurt.

  66. Ali says:

    I live in a yurt and
    would love to wear skirts

    The snow is so deep
    the coldness it seeps

    When I walk the dog
    I need more than just clogs

    What would be the best?
    Better than the rest?

    Vegan riding boots for sure
    their style would lure

    My leggings just past the knee
    for all to finally see

    With my form fitting gray skirt
    paired with my green organic shirt

    And I’ll be sure not to shiver
    with my puff coat of recycled polyester

    oh these boots would be a dream
    function, fashion and a touch of green

    I could finally wear skirts
    while I live in my yurt.

  67. rhayden says:

    These boots would be perfect for the ‘frocks on bikes’ event we have every year. I would team the boots with one of my favourite vintage dresses, a turquoise box pleat number. I fact these boots could save my life if I wore them everyday cycling to work and univesity!

    The city I live in is really a city of cars and mototists are extrememely un-friendly to cyclists. To give you an example of what I mean, recently a driver failed to stop and a stop sign and plowed into a group of cyclists. One ended up in a coma for a long time. The on-slaught of letters to the editor and media commentary etc blamed the cyclists and said they were a menace on the roads etc. Can you believe that!?

    But there is some good news. Women have noticed that drivers are much more curtious when the rider is wearing a dress or a spunky outfit rather than traditional lycra cycle gear. These fab boots would help me look great while I cycle and they could actually save my life!

  68. kaityyt13 says:

    I’d wear these boots at a club dancing to Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” ft. Beyonce. I wouldn’t have time to deal w/ stupid boys and pick up their calls in these babies!

  69. SueBean says:

    I would wear them with a coat;
    I would wear them on a boat.
    I would wear them in something red;
    I would wear them into bed.
    I would wear them with black or brown;
    I would wear them to go downtown.
    I would wear them out to eat;
    I would wear them on both feet.
    I would wear them to be seen;
    I would wear them to be green.
    I would wear them here and there,
    I would wear them everywhere. : )

  70. dimplesdee83 says:

    These boots are awesome! They look totally versatile and would wear well with so much. For a specific look, I think this would look great with a dark colored boyfriend style blazer with the sleeves rolled to three-quarters and a creme colored loose light-weight, almost sheer, flowing vintage blouse/tunic. Some dark washed organic super skinny jeans or denim leggings, with a long chunky vintage gold charm necklace, and a multi earth-tone and turquiose plaid organic wool slouch beret tam cap or recycled silk flower headband in pink tone like fuchsia for one bold splash of color. Wow, I really want to wear this outfit now!

  71. […] Ecouterre has teamed up with the online eco-boutique, Fashion Conscience, and they are giving away one pair of these equestrian-inspired 100% Neu Aura vegan boots to one of their readers. (a $250 value). […]

  72. shedata says:

    Cotton turtleneck, skirt and leggings! I’d also design-spin-knit upa full length sweater / cardigan coat! From my own eco-minded sheep too, I can use their natural colored wool to match the chocolate and black color of the boots. The outfit will be my signature item for sure.

  73. grigsby8 says:

    Who wouldn’t love a pair of these slick, classically inspired, 100% vegan riding boots by Neuaura. Ecouterre has teamed up with Fasion Conscience, an eco-boutique to offer eco responsible people an opportunity to combine fashion conscience with commitment to a better planet.

  74. Georgie says:

    I would wear these darlings with everything (and nothing : P ). I’d most love to wear them with tight black leggings and a well tailored white shirt dress. I could then saunter the main street of my country town with vegan pride and all the local cowboys would think is how stylish this young lass looks in her boots!

  75. Janifer says:

    These riding boots would look great with practically everything in my wardrobe! Tucked over my skinny jeans and a riding jacket, or go classic with a pleated skirt. There are just too many options!

  76. vchan says:

    As a personal trainer I get kidded quite often about the garb I should be wearing while “torturing” clients… so maybe I’d wear them with my Yogo short soy shorts and an HT bamboo halter… and a riding crop…

  77. ccontill says:

    I would use these boots as the eco-conscious foundation in my quest to be constantly clad in outfits that Meryl Streep wore in Out of Africa. Last year I did a year-round recreation of her Silkwood wardrobe, and I think I’ll wait a few decades before I hit the Devil Wears Prada mark, both in terms of finances and fashion. In any event, these boots would look absolutely perfect with some baggy olive khaki pantaloons tucked into them with a flowing linen button down shirt.

  78. sarahwoods says:

    Love the boots, so classic and great andyet no animals products.

  79. meirad says:

    TThese boots with some deep blue jeans and my tailored jean jacket would break hearts.

  80. emilygrandstaff says:


  81. jbrito says:

    I’s wear these with swingy skirts … being pregnant, the heal is perfect!

  82. rayreiko says:

    After nine months of outgrowing every single piece of clothing and shoes in my closet, it would be amazing to be able to slip on a new pair of these gorgeous vegan riding boots on my not-quite-svelte gams over a pair of consignment store-bought maternity jeans (because you still can’t wear your normal jeans after you deliver). I’d pull on a nursing-friendly top and sweater, throw on my moby wrap and coat, and wear the most beautiful “accessory” of all, my 10 day old baby, to go take a stroll around the farmer’s market.

  83. meganrascal says:

    With skinny jeans and a corduroy blazer! Then I would pretend that I have my own horse! And tell everyone that I saved poor Dasher from a Texan rodeo and I still can’t return to that state for fear of imprisonment! But it was well worth it to know that Dasher can now eat dandelions all day and bask in the glow of freedom.

  84. Amber says:

    These are the perfect shoes for a Sunday afternoon date at National Gallery! I’ll feel like a vegan Audrey Hepburn when I pair these Neuaura ridiing boots with ribbed grey tights, a black A-line skirt, a white button down shirt, a blue cotton cardigan, and a faux fox wrap.

  85. shaeleen says:

    I would wear these with old jeans, a soft shirt, and my hand-knit cream cowl. I’d walk through my muddy field to go chop firewood, then ride bareback off into the sunset. I’d come home right at dusk, kick off my new boots, and curl up near my fire with a well-loved book.

  86. dhorton says:

    oooh – what swashbuckling boots they are!
    Like Puss ‘n boots
    me ‘n boots
    me in my new vegan boots = the cat’s meow

  87. witi96 says:

    Love them. Love the boots!!
    They look perfect and I can’t even believe they are made out of vegan. Details of the boots and accessaries on them look great together. I would love to try them on and tell everyone how great they are to friends in NY and possibly all the to Korea. :)
    Pick me! Choose me, please!

  88. grubbysoles says:

    OK, a few ‘I would wear these and nothing else’ posts, of which this is another one, but here’s why:

    – I would wear these and nothing else, firstly as it doesn’t get any more eco-friendly than a birthday suit.
    – I would be sure to moisturise all over with my vegan hemp body lotion to make me lusciously soft.
    – I would get to show off my new figure and new-found naked confidence from losing baby weight (and then some!) since turning vegan 4 months ago.
    – My boyfriend would finally start to appreciate veganism a whole lot more if I were wearing these boots and nothing else.
    – He would then warm me up so that we could be really green and not switch the heating on…. ;-)
    – Then I could get around to wearing them out somewhere and surprising people when they ask about my boots and I tell them they are vegan, possibly winning some new recruits along the way.

  89. possumqueen says:

    Need you ask what I would do with these gorgeous riding boots? I would finally be able to get rid of my leather riding boots (for real horseback riding!) and I’ll be able to show up to dressage events in wonderful vegan style! It’s very difficult to find usable vegan equestrian gear. The standard in the field is always leather, so it’s very hard to keep everything vegan. With these boots, I could make my non-vegan equestrian friends jealous! Dressage attire includes beige breeches and a black sports coat (but I also might pair them with jeans when not at the barn!!!).

  90. Michael says:

    For my wife is not able to find right winter shoes. For ecology is a MUST which we would like to teach our 6 years daughter. SO hope this shoes will help us.

  91. ihop says:

    Oooh… pretty.

    I think I’d wear them with skinny jeans, a white button-down, and an oversized navy v-neck sweater (all thrift store apparel). Over all of that I’d throw on a coat that I made out of a fabric store remnant swatch: the fabric is a medium heathered forest green, and it’s embroidered in gold paisley. The cut of the coat is very tailored and vintage and it’s clasped with pieces from an old vintage bracelet of my mom’s that was falling apart, and it has this great old-English vibe that would pair beautifully with the boots and contrast nicely with the casual, contemporary jeans-and-sweater combo underneath.

    I’d also wear the boots with a shirtdress. And a pencil skirt. And… well, pretty much everything else in my closet, because those boots are RAD.

  92. filmchick says:

    These boots would be fabulous with any outfit, but I would probably wear them with a wool skirt or wrap dress.

  93. OboistKat04 says:

    This would sport well around downtown and campus in the heart of the Bluegrass horse country, in Kentucky where I live. And ohhhhhhhh sooooooooo great cause the design prevents animals from being killed!

  94. JennieLaree says:

    I would were this fashionable boots with my hemp kakies and my lovely hemp sage colored sweater. I would be such a hipster on the subway on my way to work!

  95. photographyelf says:

    I’m a Para-Equestrian who trains on a weekly basis & aiming for the 2016 Paralympics in Rio and I’d put these boots to good use! I’d pair them up with creme jodphurs, a fitted long sleeved riding shirt with a matching riding vest, my black velvet riding helmet and my dressage whip!

  96. Midori Tajiri says:

    Definitely black leggings and either a comfy sweater or a button up cotton shirt and a vintage tailored wool blazer.

  97. joseppe says:

    Like several of the above commenters, I’d make use of these in conjunction with a (vegan) riding crop but in a more intimate setting.

  98. michellef says:

    I think these would go perfectly with my re-made (vintage) constructivist piranha dress, with red vegetable-ivory necklace. It definitely requires a hat though, maybe a straw fedora?

  99. pattkira says:

    Ummm I’m not going to tell you what I will wear them with but I have a pretty good reason why I need them. Ok we should be in the middle of summer in Down Under, I live in Wellington, New Zealand. Two days ago it was down to single digit and it rained for almost two days. At this rate even though it’s summer, I think I will be wearing them right throught to the next summer.

  100. mmlvt says:

    I would wear these boots with leggings, a tank top, and a long sweater, so comfy!

  101. whatanutt says:

    what outfit wouldn’t I wear with these?! I have wool skirt and white shirts, leggings and sweaters, jeans and tops, give me these boots and I’ve got the outfit!

  102. Mag says:

    I’d wear them with my favorite grey dress.

  103. witi96 says:

    They look great. Two toned color with cute accessaries go well together. Just looking them, I can’t believe they are made out of Vegan. I’d like to wear them and tell friends that we don’t need to kill animals anymore for a beautiful pair of boots. Please let me have that chance.

  104. says:

    These handsome Neuaura riding boots exude high-country charm, so I would celebrate that by pairing them with butter soft, organic cotton twill jodhpurs in a warm caramel tone and a cream color, chunky fisherman’s sweater, hand-knit from gloriously soft wool of my girlfriend’s lovable llamas, Michelangelo and Raphael. I would top the outfit off with a wool jockey’s cap in a small herringbone pattern and silky hemp scarf in vivid emerald to match my eyes and bring out the natural red highlights in my hair.

  105. genny315 says:

    I’d wear them with a pair of chocolate embossed tights and my black and beige Marc Jacobs prairie dress.

  106. AinHD says:

    These are lovely. I’d keep it simple. I’d most likely pair these with a Goodwill-shopped men’s button-up that my friend has sewed for me to create a dress that hugs the waist just right. To top it off, a bangle or two perhaps.

  107. vibrantfun says:

    I would wear them with leggings and a big hand knit sweater.

  108. SheilaBee says:

    I would pair these boots with a mini grey sweater dress and patterned black tights.

  109. retsbar2go says:

    I just love all the poet comments!!

    I would wear these Awesome Boots with Black tights and a Black&White Cotten print top.Top is worn loose and comes down mid-thigh high. And when its cold, top it off with black shiney black coat.

  110. Fireproofsoul25 says:

    This would totally be a fantastic gift for a good friend of mine. She loves horse back riding and would just die to have a pair of these for her thoroughbred.

  111. kitzilla says:

    I think these would look great actually riding on a horse. I’d be wearing my riding jeans and, hopefully in summer, a tank-top.

  112. wawalass says:

    I would were these with super cute knee high socks and carpis!

  113. Yolanda says:

    leggings and a longish tunic fo me!

  114. Zenny says:

    I would give these boots to my girlfriend, and she would stop traffic with an outfit of charcoal and silver. The boots would meet her mid-gray tights just below her knees, which shimmer e’er so slightly. Her crocheted black skirt sways gently in the Montreal winter afternoon and is neighbored by her black leather purse with steel buckles. With the sun shining, she leaves her charcoal suede jacket open, revealing her sterling silver lotus necklace and her silvery blue blouse. She is stunning enough, but her black and white striped short-brim hat tops off her charm with an irresistible cuteness.

  115. victoria says:

    I get the impression

  116. victoria says:

    For me, these gorgeous vegan riding boots would go especially best with the attitude I wear, with my 35 years of vegetarian, then vegan lifestyle, with my compassion for animals and my sincere commitment to living my life with the awareness of where our products come from and the cruelty that often exists in the world of fashion! Then when I step down off my soapbox (gently as to not scuff up my beautiful vegan boots),
    I would tuck them carefully into my closet.
    When I am not shlepping around in snow and mud feeding my chickens, or hauling wood…I would then lovingly take them back out of my closet, along with my fleece top made from recycled water bottles, pull on my old levis and then the next time my neighbors invite me to our local VFW hall for the “all you can eat, non vegan pancake buffet dinner”, which I watch everyone else eat, I will then swing my leg over my levi jeans that are tucked neatly into my vegan boots, and proudly display them to the country folks… then let them know a little bit about non leather boots when they ask where I git my great ridin’ boots!
    This is always the opportunity to educate others about the vegan life!
    Of course the boots won’t always be in the country,I will also take my boots into visit my very fashionable daughter in Manhattan who is vegetarian, but cannot bring herself to give up her love of leather knee high boots! I will show her just how gorgeous and sexy, even her Mom can look with her totally vegan boots! Perhaps she will want a pair for herself!

  117. singermagic1 says:

    This would be for my daughter for her upcoming 20th birthday, she has been a vegaterian since she was 13 and it is had to find good looking vegan footwear with a stylish look. She loves vintage clothing and often goes up to the Jet Rag in West Hollywood to pick up some new to her piece of clothing. She loves the full skirts of the 40’s and 50’s and would most likely pair these up with one of her thrift store finds, or else with a pair of jeans and a vintage T-shirt and knitted scarf for riding her moped around town

  118. Aero Lantern says:

    I have a pair of these great forest green over the knee socks (mahair) that would really contrast well with these boots. On top, I’d wear my dragon colored (royal purple, forest green, lime) scarf knit by my mom! This scarf is very soft with voluminous yarn threads. Under that, I would wear layer a simple long sleeved thermal shirt in dark green made over another thermal shirt in light purple. For bottoms, I would wear black corduroy ribbed long shorts. I was thinking maybe I would use a skirt instead of the shorts but skirts are so…predictable in this combo. For true warmth, corduroy shorts (and maybe thin knit shorts underneath) would be better, as well as more creative.

  119. karen says:

    I would wear them with a vintage black dress and my vegan shiny black trenchcoat.

  120. wwe11 says:

    I’d wear these with some jeans and a western shirt.

  121. theflyingacc says:

    I would wear them with jeans or jodhpurs, mud and manure…

  122. Konstructible says:

    These would be given to my wife and probable go well with a eco-friendly outfit of her choosing (she has many) I would pick one out to match these boots but have been there before . . . let’s just say she’ll be matching the outfit to these awesome boots ;)

  123. Nanette says:

    I have a black skir ant jacket that I would wear these boots with.

  124. lynn. says:

    I would wear these while riding my 1960 R/60 motorcycle (along with other gear) & send you a pic on a Kansas two laner!

  125. kfischler says:

    I would wear the boots with organic cotton leggings with a long, oversize sweater over the leggings. Sexy!

  126. mogrill says:

    I would wear em with leggings and a big oversized sweater. Thanks for the chance.

  127. TheStink says:

    I would give these fab boots to my boyfriend’s mom – she bought me a super cute pair of black eco riding boots for the holidays this year and look very similar to these! i would love to be matchy matchy with the mom-in-law rockin’ out at dinner or to an art opening with the rest of the fam.

  128. mensa63 says:

    I would pair these with black organic leotards, my Campbell tartan skirt (my Mom was a Campbell)from Glasgow, Scotland and my natural aran knit sweater from Dublin, Ireland reflecting my Irish heritage from my Dad. Top the outfit off with a gender/country neutral charcoal gray fedora, black pigskin gloves and my black Louis Vitton soft bag.

  129. mensa63 says:

    Forgot to mention I signed up for newsletter.

  130. says:

    These boots are so sweet I’m going completely organic. I plan to wear them with nothing….

  131. DURAK71 says:

    I have been dying to get my hands on a pair of riding boots. I have recently had my hours cut at work and I barely have enough money to get groceries some weeks. My black boots are starting to talk to me and I would rock the hell out of these boots!!

  132. alexandra says:

    those would look and probably feel great while crossing the ever-slippery streets of Turin and jumping over the puddles we have here in winter :)
    i’d be probably wearing them with everything, starting from the corduroy skirt I found in my mum’s trunk and the hand-made floral sweater the lady across the street used to wear back in the ’60s, paired with yellow cotton leggins; a felted flower in my hair and there you have it: feels a bit more like spring!

  133. mommaviv says:

    I would wear them with EVERYTHING! Can’t wait for the newsletter…my closet is looking pretty bare since I’ve become a more evolved consumer.

  134. Tzipporah says:

    I think these would look adorable with some dark herringbone tights and a steel gray wrap dress that I have. I would also wear them with my dark skinny jeans and a sweater–especially a burnt orange colored sweater. Due to my scrawny legs, they might look best over skinny jeans on me.

  135. mmentor says:

    SIGN ME UP, these look like quality boots

  136. JulieV says:

    I love love love these boots!

    I would wear them with a pair of my skinny jeans, a cute top, vegan purse slung over my back/shoulder and ride my cream colored Surly Steamroller bicycle to one of my favorite Chicago veggie restaurants!!

    If I win I would definitely be willing to send you a pic of me sporting the boots!

  137. nadir80 says:

    I’d wear these boots on days when it’s too rainy to bike to work (the advantage of living in a dense city where proximity makes this possible). To be honest I’d probably be pairing it with versatile yet repetitive pieces since I try to limit my consumption of clothing in addition to everything else–to apply the mantra of “reduce, reuse, recycle” to the wardrobe as well as other aspects of life.

  138. eekostudio says:

    Hello! I would rock these boots with a racerback tank under a cream button-up hoodie and a mini skirt with leggings. Then I would hop on my red scooter for a ride around town to show off my new eco-boots. I’ve been looking for a long time for a good pair of scooter boots, and these would be perfect!

    Pick me! Pick me!

  139. somekindaliz says:

    Oh, these riding boots are the jam! I really wanted a pair of vegan-friendly riding boots for Christmas, but my family isn’t really veg-conscious (they’re getting there!), and I knew if I asked for a pair I’d receive some ghastly, leather Steve Maddens.

    So, since I’ve been planning this for awhile, here’s how I would wear them:

    Day-to-day: Paired with my darkest wash skinnies, slate grey American Apparel leg-warmers (showing only an inch or so above the boot), a basic, baggy tee paired with a black boyfriend cardigan belted at the waist. The cardigan could be replaced with a casual, fitted blazer as well, as long as the equestrian theme doesn’t diverge into overkill. I’m kind of a necklace fanatic, so either way I’m sure I’d throw on a long locket and match it with a long string of pearls.

    Occasionally; They would look great with grey or black textured tights, a basic navy-blue or deep-purple short skirt, a ruffled blouse, and a fitted blazer or baggy boyfriend cardigan (my most favorite outerwear, it would seem.) Or, I have a few American Apparel dresses (wrap, shift, mini) that these would also look lovely with.

    I live in San Francisco where the weather is so unpredictable that piling on layers and owning a great pair of boots is essential. Basically, I’d probably wear these every other day. : )



  140. swmickelson says:

    Well, my husband might love it if I put on the boots and a scarf and left it at that. I better not leave the house if that’s the outfit I choose, though.

    Thanks for the fabulous giveaway~ These are gorgeous!

  141. Natalia Renee says:

    Hi! I love these boots and I would definitely wear them with some cotton leggings and an oversized top by Carla Fernandez. She is a Mexican designer who mixes old and new textiles, and traditional and new ideas in clothes. I strongly believe that rich traditions can be found in any country and that you don’t need a lot to create forward-thinking fashion
    Thanks, and I appreciate the fashion conscience that Ecouterre has brought to us readers!

  142. ssheilah says:

    I live in Wyoming, and in Wyoming one wears leather cowboy boots to ride — and all of the rest of the time, too! Unless of course one is veg, in which case one wears…THESE BOOTS! I will wear them with my skinniest jeans and my black bamboo hoodie, and I will be the hottest veg in the west!

  143. regan342 says:

    i need these b/c it’s next to impossible to find beautiful vegan clothing. ever since i went vegan 2 years ago, i feel like i’ve had to sacrifice my style for my morals. non-vegans have NO IDEA how hard it is to find something like this, and i would treasure these boots!

  144. forgetfulmare says:

    These stylish eco-free boots are just made for my (also my initials)walking.

  145. michellem says:

    Hi, I signed up for your newsletter! I love these boots, and could see putting together many outfits with these. I’m so excited that they are 100% vegan! My most eco-friendly outfit that I would wear would be a few pieces that I happened to get from a very generous Freecycler a few months ago. They are not fancy designers, but I would wear my dark skinny jeans and an off-the-should eggplant colored top which is made from organic cotton. Thank you for the chance!

  146. ecogoddess says:

    These boots are so beautifully simple and classic. If I could create any outfit I would give the boots a 60s vibe by teaming them with a short smock dress such as Annie Greenabelle’s panelled pinafore dress, thick graphite-grey tights and a crisp white collared shirt underneath. I would finish the outfit off with my vintage mock-crock handbag, a little woolly hat, red vintage leather driving gloves and my vintage hooded faux-fur jacket. Stylish, cute and eco to-boot! xxx

  147. sweetsnyggs says:

    I would wear these boots with my favorite skinny jeans (had them for five years so I think they can be considered eco-friendly) and the sweater I’m knitting in an eco-wool/cotton blend.

  148. acongdon says:

    I have turned my life around to eat local, organic foods with little packaging and to buy clothing made of natural materials and often processed organically.
    I would wear these boots with my slate grey organic cotton shorts, fitted light blue striped short-sleeve ruffle-front button-up from The Buffalo Exchange, and a cream-colored organic cotton scarf that I crocheted recently.

  149. cynwill says:

    I would wear them with a herringbone sweater dress that comes to the mid-thigh. Off white.

  150. ptjen says:

    long, lean, dark jeans and an “ecouterre” shirt so i can tell people where the boots came from

  151. CacophonyArtHouse says:

    Dear Ecouterre/Inhabitat,

    I decided to SHOW you how I would wear these vegan boots…

    I would wear them with a gorgeous cream vintage lace dress and this black 70% organic cotton hooded coat. The outfit would be accented with stunning bohemian styled aqua earrings and a bold ring.

  152. drea says:

    ode to awesomeness:

    these boots are made for walkin.
    on my feet, they can’t be beat
    your praises i’d be talkin.

  153. elishao says:

    I am a completely confident 40 year old hipster bringing sexy back and I would rock these gorgeous vegan boots with organic deep plum leggings and a kimono top made of organic recycled fabrics and fabric pieces with a hot matching clutch, dark shades, and hair pulled back into a sleek ponytail…..worn to work and to play…….mwah!!!!

  154. dhunt says:


  155. gijeanie says:

    I love these boots. They would look cute in my DKNY jeans and tommy shirt.

  156. fig15 says:

    I would wear these boots with grey sweater tights, a short black cotton pencil skirt, an aqua-green tank top, and a looser grey sweater. I would also wear my really great “cruelty-free” bunny necklace. I think that they would be really perfect.

  157. shahara says:

    I’m a Caretaker in an offgrid nature sanctuary. I can wear these awesome boots to feed the animals, water thr organic garden then go to town, wearing an old Gunny Sax sundress (can still be found cheap at thrift shops on occasion). Lovely design guys, you rock!

  158. dementeddoll says:

    love these boots! i would wear them with classy blue jeans!

  159. gracewong1 says:

    I can already imagine what I’d wear with these boots!
    A cute brown and white puff sleeved empire dress, polka dot tights, and a pretty ivory flower headband would go great with these!
    What’s great about them is that I won’t feel guilty spoiling myself with such fashionable boots, and who doesn’t love that?

  160. ag1414 says:

    I would wear these with my organic black leggings and my gray oversized cowl neck sweater!

  161. fancyfeet48 says:

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway
    Id wear them riding out with the horses

  162. cwong says:

    I would wear the boots with a camel colored, v-neck cashmere sweater that my dad brought over from China. He passed away 20 years ago and I’ve kept it for sentimental, and practical reasons as well. I would match it with a scarf of his that has a delicate checkered pattern of mostly browns, a bit of light blue and burgundy that goes with everything. Then a short black wool mini skirt and cream color tights to finish the look.

    The boots would be a great replacement for a pair that I’ve had for years and that I’ve just replaced the heels for the second time. Those are the boots that I wear when I want to be both fashion conscious (I live in Manhattan) and be able to walk 10 blocks without a second thought.

  163. soluckyducky says:

    What would go better with riding boots than my knee length black, brown, with touches of eggplant and cream tie dye dress, and warm organic cream-colored leggings?

    Add in a gorgeous scarf cowl necklace from babyette – – and a fabulous tam – – with a stunning beaded copper wire cuff bracelet – and the result is simple, fun, and classy.

  164. getpalmd says:

    I think those would go well with a pair of suede pants and a fitted lace shirt/bodysuit tucked into the pants. Both feminine and riding style, the perfect combo for those boots :-) In my ideal world the suede pants would be a bright color and not the basic beige or black. Green, yellow or electric blue pants would look superb!

    (I subcribe to newsletter)

  165. vivian says:

    black skirt ty

  166. crystal says:

    I design a line of Hemp/peace silk wedding gowns, and always need to look nice when I am in my atelier. It never fails that on a day when I am just working, all comfortable, in my organic cotton sweats, a client drops by! If I won these boots, I would never wear my sweats to work again….. I would pair these in the winter with thick organic cotton tights, my black hemp silk mini, and my off white, cable knit organic cotton sweater. With my dreadlocks pulled back in to 2 ponytails!
    Summer time, they would be perfect with my hemp/satin shirt dress, and multiple strands of wooden beads.

  167. joannaonthelake says:

    There is nothing more exciting than learning about a pair of ultra chic and very classy boots that are not only going to be totally versatile in all that I enjoy wearing, but are also eco-friendly?! Now that is something to celebrate! I began my journey to green up my act well over a year ago. In the past year I have made so many change to the way I live my life, the products that I use to clean our home as well as the health and beauty products I use on myself and on my family. I am slowly, but ever so surely finding fabulous designers, companies and websites that offer really stylish, eco-friendly clothing and accessories and I am so thrilled whenever I learn about new ones, like I am today about these boots. I live everyday striving to look and feel the best that I can. I thoroughly enjoy creating new looks for myself, but piecing together separates of clothing that are going to make me look and feel amazing and hopefully turn a few heads when I walk by. The eco outfit I would put together with these amazing Neuaura Riding Boots together with the first chance I got is with my Black Bamboo Cotton Leggings (that fit me really tight and look super HOT, my grey and burgandy fringe boucle riding jacket and my winter white bamboo scarf. I would wear my classic white bamboo cotton teeshirt under my riding jacket. I also have a stunning black wrap dress that is also made of bamboo cotton that I would also love to pair with these boots. I have a pair of really sleek SPANX chain patterned black tights that would look awesome with them too! I love to wear a few layers of simple but noticeable chain necklaces with all my outfits to give them that complete polished look.

    Can you tell my imagination is running wild with ideas! These boots clearly would become my favorite “go to” shoes that I would find ways of wearing to create all kinds of ultra hip looks for myself with!

    I am also a new email subscriber and I can’t wait to see receive them!

    Thanks so much for the wonderful chance to enter. You rock for hosting such a fine giveaway!

  168. sageg says:

    I’d be naked, because boots this good should be seen.

  169. Buffaloe says:

    They’re good on their own!

  170. laurelm says:

    I haven’t bought boots in over three years! I’m overdue for a new pair. I would wear them with a pair of dark skinny jeans and an oversize oatmeal bamboo sweater.

  171. smor619 says:

    so stylish! they dont even look vegan!
    ive been looking for a pair of riding boots. i hope i win these!
    thanks inhabitat and Neuaura!

  172. nthanlon says:

    I would wear these with knit sweater tights, and a simple black dress. Then I would layer a colored (solid or patterned) cardigan over the dress and belt it at the waist with a simple black or brown belt. With this outfit I would wear my favorite ring, which is silver (more of a matte finish) with an intricate carved design mold, and a polished flat black stone in the center!

  173. mgonyeo says:

    I would wear them with organic skinny jeans and an oversized vintage sweater!

  174. tamarapetrosino says:

    id wear these boots w leggings and my favorite handed-down sweater from my cousin. shes got great taste and sometimes i get “reused” clothing from her, and it looks great! id have to show them off to my equestrian friends and fav equine, astro.

  175. Judithanne says:

    I’d wear them with blue jeans, a button up white shirt and classy blazer so the boots could be the main focal point of the outfit.

  176. Carola says:

    Blue jeans, because anything else would be too much.
    I was born in Chile and some of my family own horse farms near Argentina. They eat meat, mostly lamb and produce sheep wool, but I am an vegetarian and expatriate, trying to influence the importance of being a South America.
    I think the boots might help convince them that the capitalist world thinks this is an important endeavor.

  177. Blackspot says:

    I would love to have these, because I am a good little consumer, and spending my money on things that I dont need make my life seem so much more complete. Thank you for your efforts, and marketing to those of us who care about the enviroment, and furry little woodland creatures

  178. mthomann says:

    i would sit down–to a dinner of greens and smokey scotch–and watch my wife put on a delightful fashion show. i imagine she would mix and match a fair trade faux fur vest over a simple organic cotton white v-neck t-shirt with organic wool leggings in eco-hot pink.

    then we would go hunting for fun in the city and more scotch.

  179. loretta62 says:

    I would definitely wear these with dark gray/black leggings and my favorite long oversized striped sweater. It’d be a great outfit to be wearing as I patiently & diplomatically try to explain to my new rural West Virginia neighbors that I’d really rather they didn’t continue hunting on the land I just bought out there…!

  180. Shadija says:

    Beloved, immortal pair of jeans, precisely 31 shirts – one per each day, my long hair flirting with wind, a very delicate make-up, charming smile, sparks in my eyes, peach-colored cheeks, probably some nice song on my pink lips and optimistic energy curled up me like a nice scarf. That’s my best outfit. That’s almost 100% eco design I would wear with those boots. Cause eco’s what you are :)

  181. gingerpye says:

    Love the vegan boots. All clothing should be vegan.

  182. gingerpye says:

    Love vegan boots. All boots should be vegan.

  183. TMCooler says:

    I’d pair these with a vintage coat dress that has amazing buttons in brown and black. A classic trench and shades would complete the outfit. But the amazing thing is how many outfits I could wear this with, whether walking around New York, working at home in North Carolina or traveling to new countries.

    A truly versatile boot allows you to pair it with more outfits in more situations – dressed up and casual – so you can reduce the number of shoes you need to own!

  184. cleancartechie says:

    Oh my god, these are the vegan boots of my dreams! I have literally been looking for some stylish vegan winter shoes for the last three months and I can’t find anything worth giving a second glance. These boots are amazing. They would go perfectly with my pencil skirt grey suit for work or skinny jeans for the casual days.

  185. hopecurran says:

    i would pair these with the swan dress bjork wore. not sure if the material is organic or made of fake angel tears but, its recycled clothing, so i should get a point for that and 300 points for awesome style. hehe thanks, you will make my day if you pick me :)

  186. josie says:

    These are cute! Often times vegan stuff is dowdy, and right down ugly, which is probably the reason why more people don’t consider vegan in the first place. Not these boots. Cute and contemporary, I’m in.

  187. Tigerlily0605 says:

    These boots rock!!! I would pair them with black/brown pinstripe leggings, a black silk pencil skirt, an organic cotton chocolate t-shirt, and a vintage linen tan safari jacket with a vegan envelope/courier type shoulder bag in camel color with lots of brushed pewter hardware. Brushed silver and smoky quartz chunky long necklace and earrings for a striking finish.

  188. BK says:

    Ahhh these gorgeous boots! I would wear them with cotton tights and my favorite piece in my closet, a french plaid skirt with handkerchief hem. Then I’d top it, and tie in the color, with a tight cotton turtleneck sweater. The following day I’d pull them on over (tucked-in) jeans–fabulous style and eco-conscious find!

  189. JamieLeeBee says:

    These boots are so beautiful and preppy, yet so punk rock! The shape, color and texture is absolutely perfect to go with a pair of sheer, shimmery tights with my favorite high waisted skirt, as to show off the buckle detail, and multi-pocket leather jacket. My favorite look for almost any occasion, going to a show, a night out with the girls, or dinner with the love of my life!

  190. Stripedog79 says:

    Interesting set of boots.

  191. Ludmilochka says:

    Subscription Confirmed
    I want to wear them with sweater and slacks in the work and street

  192. Ludmilochka says:

    I want to wear them with a sweater and slacks to work or to the street

  193. jwalkinc says:

    fantastic to hear everyone’s attire ideas. too bad we can’t all win a pair and post our outfits for all to see!

  194. larktales says:

    If I won these boots, I would give them to my daughter. I am size 11, but she is size 8. She is working and going to school and juggling eating mostly vegan at the same time. Many of her favorite organic clothes were stolen when her luggage went missing on a trip, so if I won the boots for her, then we would shop together on this website for the perfect outfit to go with them. Thanks Inhabitat for letting me know about this site!

  195. whirlygig12 says:

    I live in the Midwest and these boots would be perfect with many outfits, especially in the winter. Because of living in the midwest I’m sure to stick out wearing these cute boots (which I love doing). Whenever someone comments on them, I would take the opportunity to let them know why vegan, organic, and repurposed clothing is so important for the environment. There is a lot of work to be done in the midwest in terms of sustainability so every opportunity I have to educate someone is golden!

    I would definitely wear them with my vintage green tapestry coat; green, brown, orange, and pink striped tights; a chocolate brown hemp a-line skirt; and loose fitting organic cotton peasant shirt in burnt orange. I’d complete the look with my gingko leaf necklace that I bought from a local artist. It’s made from recycled metals.

  196. amy says:

    I would wear these with everything. Jeans and a t-shirt or one of my dozens of sweater dresses. I’d even wear them with nothing but a t-shirt…to distract my husband from playing XBox. :)

  197. sahill says:

    I would wear those boots with my bamboo leggings, with my recycled fabric mini-dress (vertical burgundy stripes, cute ruffles along the hem) over top of a dark purple organic cotton long-sleeve. Top it off with a reclaimed steel necklace by the Raven Iron, and my comfy green corduroy Nomads Hempwear coat, and I am all set for an East Coast fall day.

  198. myna lee johnstone says:

    I would wear them with my shorts
    I would wear them with my pants
    I would wear them to my aunt’s
    wedding day.
    I would wear them to my church
    I would wear them to my prom
    I would wear them when I ain’t
    got nothing else on.

  199. Jerah says:

    I would wear these boots with our new ecovogue butterfli collection tube. Site to launch 2-1-10

  200. kruegerrunner says:

    I’ve been looking for a pair of these for my sister’s 30th birthday! Perfect! I’d love to win these for her :)

    Gorgeous and Vegan? No way. Yes ma’am! ;)

  201. Athena says:

    I am making my own clothes from organic cotton, peace silk, hemp and other sustainable fabrics.
    For almost a year now, i only wear the clothes i produce from organic and sustainable fabrics and i try to buy only vegan shoes.
    I am really missing a pair of boots.
    I am planning to wear these stunning boots with some of the organic cotton dresses i designed and made myself.

    I think they would look especially great with my black organic cotton knit knee length dress.

  202. djarlin says:

    I would love to design an outfit for these boots from scratch. I would first sew a short-sleeved cotton blouse tied at the neck made with found fabric (pale pink with small bunnies on it). Then I would work on a low waist pleated denim thick-strapped jumper with upcycled brass buttons at the ends of the straps (kind of like short suspenders connecting to the straight-necked denim front). Then I would add thick grey cotton knee-highs. Oh and my mother’s old brass earrings to finish it up and a brass locket I always wear that contains a locket of my father’s hair.

  203. kw-inhab says:

    would love thes with my jean during the bay area rainy season.

  204. DolphinV27 says:

    I have a drawer full of my mom’s old panty hose…the elastic is completely stretched out but with a few stitches they stay up around my waist (the nylon is still intact so until the legs rip I’m still wearing them)! I’d pick a pair of black tights from the pile and pair it with my grandmother’s velour black skirt (she bought it back in 1964 and it fits me!). I’d top it off with a brown sweater my sister has outgrown and handed down to me (perfect condition, just too small for her). I’d accessorize with my some of my mother’s old silver jewelry…it would match the hardware of these boots which would definitely be the star of the entire eco look!

    I always remember, green is the new black :)

  205. fineweinberg says:

    These boots would complete a look so I could finally wear my favorite street find item! Near the Gowanus area of Brooklyn I found a super cute 60’s vintage sea-foam green wool mini-skirt on someone’s stoop, and still haven’t worn it, as I don’t have the right boots yet… these would be perfect- I’d wear these boots, black tights, the skirt, a fitted, long-sleeved black shirt, and then I’d be on the lookout at thrift shops for a brown long spring bohemian jacket- I’m picturing a 70’s knee-length brown trench coat with a belt & wide collar. And some kind of fun hat- maybe a black fedora with green & brown feathers to pick up other colors in the outfit.

  206. erinhattaway says:

    Keeping it very real: I have no fashion sense whatsoever. Also, I know very little about eco-friently clothing. I’m just diving in. So far I’ve made my way through cloth diapers and baby and planet-friendly home cleaners, we’ve switched some of our soaps and ways that we wash dishes…and just now with all of that sort of figured out I am starting to think about what I put on MY body. (Isn’t Momma always last?) But if I got these boats, I think the most I could do would be to pair them with some wool tights, a denim skirt and a cozy cotton shirt. Not original by a long shot, but better than PJ’s, eh? ;)

  207. themaskedfrog says:

    I’d have to say these would look best a la naturel. Maybe on a nude bike ride, promoting not only sustainable transport and non leather footwear but also the beauty of nature! Simple!

  208. Roland says:

    I would like to give these boots to my wife who really loves vegan shoes and organic clothing.
    She is producing her own clothes from organic fabrics and she has been looking for vegan boots to buy.

  209. vanwiedo says:

    These boots would be a triumphant exclamation point to my consistant diatribes about compassion and fashion being interlinked. I could easily pull together a half vintage (hand me down) outfit of brown jumper and black bamboo leggings with the vegan boots and then watch people’s eyes widen when they hear of the non-animal, sustainable origins.

  210. shrano says:

    i’d replace the pair of black kenneth cole boots i’ve had for years with this killer pair. i’d wear them w a cute dress for a day of shopping, a more sophisticated skirt for work meetings, jeans for comfort on the weekend going to see a movie, or a sexy skirt & tights for going out to dinner w the hubby.

  211. natters says:

    I would wear these with some organic cotton knee-highs and a vintage knit dress salvaged from the depths of my grandmother’s closet. Since, I walk to work to cut down on driving, these boots would be the perfect comfy, conscious accessory for my commute. I would coordinate with a Matt & Nat vegan lap top bag and some thrifted 50s costume jewelry to make it pop!

  212. teganaubrie says:

    Honestly, I almost clicked away when I read that I was required to come up with an outfit to wear these boots with. I have zero fashion sense and am completely intimidated by the gorgeousness of those riding boots! Left to my own devices I would pair them with a flirty summer dress and leggings with a denim jacket. (And I’m sure my fashionista friends are gagging right now.) Now I’m going to submit this comment and go read all the comments that are already posted to find out what I’m *supposed* to wear those with. Thank you!

  213. BTStars says:

    A while back I bought some beautiful, soft fabric from a flea market and have been thinking about making it into an A-Line skirt. The fabric is cream colored with beautiful black ine drawings of birds and a couple dusty rose colored flowers. I think these boots would be the perfect look for this skirt! I LOVE these boots!!!

  214. veganyoga143 says:

    These boots would look amazing with thick black tights, a tight black denim mini skirt with belt (of course vegan) and buckle similar to match the boots. Soft cotton fitted black vintage band t-shirt with black denim vest. Bandana style scarf around the neck, gold hoops earings + couple of chunky rings, black frame glasses and VOILA!!! Awesome vegan outfit to rock out the hottest spots in NYC…
    I would love to win these boots Ecouterre, pick me pick me! xxx

  215. soycat says:

    I would wear these gorgeous boots with nothing but my fantastic dragon tattoo, a white string bikini, some big black shades and a headscarf ala Jackie O!

  216. dmstewart78 says:

    My girl would dem boots. And she’d love me for gettin ’em!

  217. peggyenglish says:

    These are fabulous! Would they work on a 56 year old vegan from horse country (Kentucky)?

  218. bsg says:

    These boots would be the star of my wardrobe – no need to pair them with anything! I could wear them alone and they’d be fabulous… : ) But if I must, I’d pair them with bright colored leggings, sweater dress and vintage (read: secondhand) accessories and high-collared peacoat.

  219. iannone says:

    I need these boots.

  220. tp says:

    I’d recommend pairing ’em with concrete ’cause boots are made for walking… as opposed to, say, driving.

  221. iannone says:

    I need these boots. This is what I have been looking for. I would wear these daily. They look warm.
    karen Iannone

  222. loveonamixtape says:

    I love the look of chunky boots and girly dresses, so I would wear these with a pair of soft, organic cotton over-the-knee socks, with a flirty black vintage 70’s babydoll dress, and chunky oversized ecoSkin cardigan. And a big bow in my hair. Just ‘cuz.

  223. amamjam says:

    I’d wear them in the nud!
    and possibily do that nudie run across the backyard my boyfriend is always trying to do.

  224. morgan5 says:

    A designer by trade and profession, I like to focus my energy in environmentally conscientious ways. I have made a lot of furniture and jewelry from repurposed woods and have finally managed to build myself a little home furniture collection – that I live in – from salvaged wood and other salvage items. Many things I own are either second hand, hand made and recycled or cruelty free/sustainable. These fabulous boots would be an excellent accent to an already obsessively eco-conscious lady like myself! When paired with cream bamboo fiber leggings, a hand made and recycled 100% wool shift dress in a slate grey, wooden bangles made from salvaged lumber and a bright vintage silk scarf, I think my mission statement as a design entrepreneur might be almost complete!

  225. bigboy says:

    My wife would look even hotter !!!

  226. maddylina says:

    I love walking to work and getting complimented by strangers on the street about leather this or wool that. HA! they are VEGAN i tell them! So not only would these boots compliment my style as I walk to work, they inform the general public that we don’t need to rely on animals for cute shoes, belts or food. I am pretty effing fabulous with these new vegan boots! Now hand ’em over :)

  227. amoration says:

    Gorgeous boots! I haven’t seen any this nice (and I’ve been looking for something just like this) in my travels. I’m a size 9 living in rainy Los Angeles where we’re getting 5 inch puddles outside right now….do they work well in tons of rain and clean up well when the dust and fires come back? I do a lot of crisis/disaster work and it’s great to be able to share my vegan boots with all types of people.

    For winter would pair this with my herringbone tights to continue the color flow along with my bamboo dress and an equestrian-style jacket to keep the weather away. In summer lose the tights, keep the dress and the boots! I’d love to see what these would look like with knee socks….since my last tall black boots bit the dust I’ve been hoping to find something this stylish to replace the big hole in my wardrobe.

  228. eljackson says:

    1. slide these boots on over nude fishnets
    2. add black wool shorts
    3. shimmy into a cotton peasant blouse over lacy bra — shirt can be tucked into shorts or left out
    4. toss on a trilby fedora — recycled grey felt with a pinstrip
    4. slip on big glamor shades
    5. add Loretta(pet parrot)onto right shoulder

  229. onechance says:

    I would put these on my fiancee… JUST the boots.

  230. sandyd says:

    ahhh…they will be perfect with my cotton brown leggings,above the knee daark deep green skirt, long skinny rust tee, multi colored earth toned winter vest and long black scarf…..and almost everything else I wear.

  231. Marjan Gholamalipour says:

    I would love to win this so I can wear it with my dark brown trouser which is made from recycled bottles. So my clothing and boot is free from any plant/animal. How exciting would that be!!!

  232. Eleni says:

    I would wear them with a knit tube dress in organic cotton in ecru color with length until just below the knee.
    And a black coat over it.

  233. amber.varie says:

    These boots would look fabulous with a embroidered dress that I re-fasioned out of larger vintage house dress, belted obi-style with a wide silk scarf, and topped off with a chunky nature-made necklace of strung shells, seeds, and carved wooded beads! Super classy and totally eco-friendly!

  234. Georgia says:

    i have a beautiful short organic cotton knit skirt and i would definately wear these boots with this skirt.
    It would really look great.
    I hope i can win them.

  235. MarinaLuz says:

    I love these boots, since they are so elegant and classy and easy to wear that you can dress up or down and wear them from day to night without any problem.
    If I have to choose a perfect outfit to go with this incredible pair of boots, I will go for the riding style, not only because I just found this style adorable, but also because I grew up in Argentina, a beautiful country where horses are very popular as well as the renovated equestrian look so strong yet delicate for the feminine Argentinian woman.
    I will wear them with a pair of khaki jodhpurs ( I saw a pair from Ralph Lauren Blue Label so yummy!, or you could check also at Topshop website too), I will add a top or a sweater in a strong color, maybe orange (you could look at Lily Pulitzer web boutiques), a delicate necklace (I personally love the jewelry line from Gorjana) and a navy blazer as the finishing touch (J.Crew, Banana Republic).
    You are ready to “rock” the riding style!
    I hope I can win these pair of lovely riding boots, since I’ve already pictured myself wearing my dreaming outfit and I absolutely love them!!!!

  236. jennylferg says:

    Sleek, sexy, sultry, snug. This footwear is the beginning, not the end of my outfit. Simply stupendous because they are sustainable. I am my footwear, my home, the way I live. We are what we wear. This is so much more than footwear. Its about becoming more than we are with everything that we do. Its about new beginnings. Its about moving stylishly towards a brighter future…

  237. sebortz says:

    I would wear these boots with an organic cotton, little black dress that falls just above the knee, and a simple silver necklace that my grandfather made for me….simple, yet elegant :).

  238. sbogdanich says:

    Have you ever met someone who you just wish that you could do a movie montage style make-over on. Where if you just took the hair out of the ponytail and plucked their eyebrows you would suddenly have a gorgeous girl. That girl is me and if I had these boots my life would probably change forever. True story: once when I was 20 my grandfather saw the condition of my pants and gave me 40 dollars to by new ones. He said I looked like a bump (English was not his first language or really second).

    After consulting the internet and fashion forward friends. I would finally have to courage to go to the all the cute vintage shops in my town and buy adorable outfits to go with these boots.

    Just imagine how my sister’s life would change. I am 29 years old and I would finally get to walk with her instead of behind her at the store (yes I am serious) and my mom wouldn’t have to be ashamed of me at Christmas parties ever again.

    Please send me these boots.

  239. xNeyNounex says:

    I would wear these with my animal-friendly skinny jeans and cute t-shirt on my seafoam green Genuine Buddy Scooter. It would add some animal friendliness to my eco-friendly ride, and it would protect my feet from rocks and such. It is hard to find vegan boots to do with a cycle, and these would add some style to it as well. I would actually wear these boots with anything, because they are so adorable!

  240. amy j says:

    What wouldn’t I wear with those boots? I am currently pregnant, so I would try a slim silhouette on the bottom with black leggings. I would pair this with a jewel-toned mini dress and a chunky wooden necklace.

  241. Jacquelyn says:

    I would wear these with my brand new cashmere dress from Nau with a vegan ‘leather’ belt from, and organic black tights to go out to eat in a rare break from medical school… And I would wear them with my black skinny jeans and my gray ‘I’m a vegan and I love you’ t-shirt to class… Size 6 for a poor vegan osteopathic med student! :-)

  242. rbailey1958 says:

    I would wear these boots with jeans and a white button down cotton shirt

  243. sassygibb says:

    I’m currently reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s new book Eating Animals, a book so honest and inspiring that I can’t NOT become a Vegan (a must read for anyone curious about the treatment of animals in factory farms today). These Riding Boots are just what I need to get started on my journey toward Veganism. I will pair these boots with a new found respect for all living things…that and a black organic cotton mini slip dress, turquoise tights, a thick black belt and a purple cotton cable knit beanie that I made!

  244. sunchicka says:

    These boots would be paired with dark denim leggings and comfy, cozy wool sweaters. These boots would show that one’s wardrobe can incorporate eco-friendly options with everyday staples.
    I’m all about the mix and match, when I shop I love versatile pieces and these boots would show, hey I too can mix and match and make my wardrobe eco-consious with a few key pieces.

  245. dw says:

    These would be excellent with the cotton-knit sweater I stole from my dad’s closet and the patterned leggings that somehow still fit me from middle school (they were clearly way too big for me then)…topped off with a selection from my mom’s fantastic now-vintage dangley earring collection. everything i need is at home — i’m just missing these boots!

  246. These are some fabulous outfits, so let me add mine to the mix. I live in Nairobi, Kenya and do all my shopping now at the local used clothing market that sells clothes that started as charity donations in the U.S. and Europe. It’s a thrifter’s wonderland, with amazing finds for very little money. Shopping at what is called “Gikomba” here is helping me to shift my perspective as a buyer and break my dependence on the big box stores I grew up with once and for all (the alternative is mostly cheap imports from China that cost a fortune and are poorly made). My favorite purchase thus far is a soft grey cashmere-like v-neck sweater that would look great with an old jean skirt I plan to dye steel-grey and shorten. Paired with purple or emerald tights for some color and my locally-made peacock earrings and I’d be good to go and ready for Kenya’s cold months (they exist, really)!

    That said, I would love these boots most of all because of what they represent for the fashion industry as a whole – a new way of producing quality, lasting goods that won’t be so quickly thrown away for the next new, cheap trend. While I love the treats and steals I can get at Gikomba (and am thankful for the option to buy used), such markets have actually kept countries like Kenya from developing their own manufacturing and fashion industries. I’m about to start my M.A. Thesis research to look at how fashion labels can help spur economic development by working with local artisans, and I feel like an awesome pair of designer-worthy boots would help me walk into this study with confidence in all the industry has to offer people around the world as an alternative to sweatshops and mass produced, throw away pieces. Today, Gikomba is the best option for Kenyans and many other Africans (and ex pats like me). Tomorrow, I envision a locally built fashion and manufacturing industry providing alternatives like Neuaura for all.

  247. paosanma says:

    I would wear these boots everyday with jeans, skirts, dresses. They are flat so perfect to walk all around New York City. They are gorgeous!!! And the extra point for being vegan, that’s pretty amazing. There is a huge need for sustainable products and these boots are a perfect example. Keep up the good work and the wonderful design process and resulting products. Congratulations to the designer and Ecouterre for spreading the word!!!

  248. toastergirl says:

    Wow, these boots look awesome and comfortable too. Hope I win!

  249. MELISSA FALCON says:

    I love the ECo-style so I love these Neuaura Vegan Boots. They will look awesome with many outfits!! (eco-friendly clothing of course)

    I will personally wear them with 100% Organic cotton tights (no matter the color) and a organic linen dress in blue or grey with asymmetrical cuts.

    For a weekend outfit the Neuaura Vegan Riding Boots will look gorgeous with some vintage fabric clothes, like some riding pants or leggings in black or smoked blue with a blue velvet Napoleon jacket.

    Everyone will rock with a pair of Neuaura Vegan Riding Boots!!!…so Good luck everyone!

  250. amber.222 says:

    I would compliment these boots with a pair of Nikki skinny leg pants!! It wouldn’t matter what I wear on top because I doubt anyone would care!! I really think that the black boots and the pants would be the definition of ‘ecofabulous’!!

  251. Michael Intrator says:

    When, I met my wife 43 years ago she was the Amazona of the year for 7 years in a row, in Buenos Aires Argentina. I think she was the best Jumper in the whole damn country, riding against all the Military, and young Polo players she beat them all. I think she would love to get on them and ride. Her Husband, who was supposed to be the manager of a Polo team in Argentina. I am not in love with riding horses myself, but I can hardly wait to tell her that I entered her in another equestrian competition, she is only 64, it is time she became a Vegan, and rode off on your boots. I know that you will never get another entry like this one, because I am certified nuts. That is why she married me so that she would never be bored. Adios!

  252. Sharks Junkie says:

    The boiler (heater) is broken at work and they don’t think that that’s a good enough reason to excuse us home so my feet can be cold there instead of here.

    If the boots come home with me, my rabbit will most likely take a nibble at it since she has tasted all my other boots before I come running over yelling “CUDDLE-BUG, quit it!” She does it so I will scoop her up and give her a noogie.

  253. tracy w. says:

    I picked up this really cute skirt made from recycled sweaters from a local artist. I would pair my new boots with that skirt, my black organic turtleneck, some patterned tights (organic of course) and this terribly cute vest that I picked up at the GoodWill for $3.

  254. csue says:

    I’d wear them with my pink organic cotton jeans. I would have worn them with my skinny black jeans, if my dog hadn’t eaten them!

  255. Sharks Junkie says:

    The broiler at work is broken and that hasn’t convinced anyone to let us go home so we can be cold there instead of here.

    If the boots come home with me, my bunny will most likely take a nibble from it, since she has tasted all my other boots. Cuddle-bug gets a noogie for bad behavior.

  256. christa marteny says:

    i wold wear them with many of my skirts they would look cool

  257. Ecopaz says:

    These boots would make me the envy of the Hipster Express.

  258. daveclarke says:

    For my lover to wear with my hemp sweater that serendipitously shrunk in a hot wash to her exact size and frankly looks far better on her than it ever did on me, black leggings, and her organic cotton wrap-around skirt.

  259. jille says:

    vegan boots + smile = best outfit ever

  260. elisse says:

    My hubby thinks of me as the eBay and Thrift Shop Queen of the Universe! I’m definitely into “recycling” and “repurposing” clothes- especially really GOOD clothes and designer duds I couldn’t afford to pay retail for… (As a NYC-born-and-bred gal, paying retail always made me feel like an eejit anyway- esp,. when the city is chock-full of GREAT high-end thrift shops!) So I’d say I’d wear these great boots with an eBay or Thrift Shop-found black cashmere sweater, leggings or skinny jeans, a fabulous designer bag also snagged on eBay, and a great big piece of “statement” jewelry- probably the chunky necklace of bright red coral beads my husband got me on our honeymoon in Vietnam- for $20! And bright red nail polish & lipstick to match!

  261. elderflower says:

    I am a vegan who is currently studying apparel design (while working full-time) with the sole purpose of starting a completely cruelty-free and eco-friendly line of luxury clothing and footwear. It’s a niche that has yet to be filled in the couture world (footwear and apparel are often separate, and there isn’t any real luxury line of apparel that is completely animal free). It’s my way of changing the world for animals, with the hopes that my line would save even one life in this insensitive world and shed light on the fact that you can be stylish and ethical at the same time (just like NEUAURA does). I would love these super-cute boots as inspiration for my work (and to keep my feeties warm in our cold cold refurbed warehouse drafting room at school). But honestly, I’m happy with anyone getting a chance to wear these, because it’s one less animal being killed, and one more chance for the wearer to educate others on the cruelty and needlessness of animal-derived materials in clothing.

  262. Amanda Blog and Kiss says:

    Those are some great boots!

    I would wear them with dark tights and an oversized men’s white button-up shirt, cuffs open, and hanging off of one shoulder.

    The shirt would be belted with a wide black satin ribbon.

    Hair up, loose and messy.

    :) Good luck everyone!

  263. chicha says:

    These are very fashionable and trendy — and yet oh so classic!

    So I see them in an Art Deco ensemble for moi, as my singing/music jazz partner and I, the Moonglow Duo, perform
    for a Valentines Day revue in Seattle, at the Madison House, in a few weekends’ time, on Valentines weekend.

    These riding boots could come in handy singing La Vie en Rose ala Lili Marlene, (reminiscent of the Baroness von Semering in Just a Gigolo, perhaps?)with blond hair in waves and pin curls, paired with fitted black leggings and a red or wine
    colored cut a way….If I win them I’ll either try them or give them to my singing partner Michael-Ellyn….and maybe we’ll even put on top hats.

    Our gig, to do Rhapsody in Blue, Satin Doll, Lullaby of Birdland, Moonglow, and more….piano and vocals.

  264. Diane says:

    Ahhhhh riding boots… I love that they are black AND brown – so versatile and sassy! I already have the outfit in my head. (Hopefully someday I can put it all on my body). I’d start with my oldest & favorite irish sweater from the 80’s. It was made with love by my (late) wonderful neighbor Mrs. Imburgia, for my dad, and handed down to me. (Dad just knew how much I loved it!) Next I’d have to pair up my beloved corduroy patchwork skirt I picked up at the Dead show in Buffalo. Many many garments were recycled to produce this one of a kind work of art!! And its the kind of skirt that you’d stress over wearing brown OR black boots with – which would look better?? Who has that answer? Thankfully these well-designed Neuaura boots would solve my daily fashion problems. I would never wake up again stressed over what color boot to wear – one pair solves all!!!!!!! Wear them and go forth in style!

  265. essabeth says:

    Cute boots!

  266. kngmckellar says:

    I wear these cuties with an organic pair of jeans, a big bulky organic black sweater, a fresh haircut, with some organic makeup.

    I would wear them every day and go to town (population 2,000) just so some people would see me in my new vegan boots! In the summer I’d wear them when I go to my garden to grow vegetables, when I go shopping for my organic foods.

    Nothing would stop me from wearing these beautiful boots!

  267. cfeld says:

    I was going to say I’d wear these awesome Vegan Riding boots around my apartment in my wedding dress but this poses a few issues. #1, I was married in 2008 and running around my apartment in my wedding dress I probably no longer fit in is kind of pathetic and #2 you wouldn’t be able to see how amazing these boots are under my dress (nevermind I’d only be in my apartment).

    Instead I think I’ll wear them on the weekend, pulled over my leggings with a huge cozy sweater to run a grab a quick coffee in my Williamsburg Brooklyn neighborhood. That way I’m sure all the hipsters will see them and be uber jealous. But in an ironic way.

  268. kellypreece says:

    These boots are classic. I have to ask, what wouldn’t I wear with them? They could see me through winter and spring and the beautiful hues of fall in middle Michigan, as well as my long-planned Summer trip to Ireland. I’d pair them with deep purple woolen tights (thrifted), a handmade skirt (made from quilting fabric scraps of browns, blacks, greys, deep purples, olives, and golds), a fisherman’s cable knit sweater (hand-me-down from my aunt!).

  269. vklips says:

    This boots would be worn with either of my two mini skirt kilts that were my Mom’s, my organic cotton denim jeans, my redyed cotton Oilly skirt, purple on grape shift dress and ….. most everything in my closet. I have not bought leather since 1998. Self employed as an artist, painter, construction laborer, interior designer and such, the economy had hit hard. Therefor there is no way I can afford this boots or see that I will be able to afford such beautiful footwear for years to come. My legs from the knees down are screaming for them!!!

  270. Caterina says:

    I would wear these lovely vegan riding boots with organic cotton ribbed leggings, a recycled/reclaimed sweater dress with cap sleeves and a cowl neck made from old sweaters… all these pieces were made locally in Toronto, with love! I’d top off this outfit with a hat that belonged to my grandmother and a totebag made from rice bags!

  271. acook227 says:

    I could easily see myself wearing these boots any and every day with a variety of clothes for school and work. I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl so my favorite outfit I would wear would be my favorite jeans from a vintage store and my ex-boyfriend’s recycled shirt. What a great way to be stylish and environmentally friendly!

  272. brandi says:

    (fingers crossed…pick me, pick me!)

    I would wear these boots with…pride! And show how cruetly-free and eco-friendly fashion can be trendy!

    Along with pride, I’d pair them with my sixties-inspired grey military style jacket. I would wear either skinny jeans or leggings. If skinny jeans, then I have a few tops to pair with that. If leggings, I would wear either my black or grey mod-style dress. (all animal-friendly)

    I would probably wear my black knit hat and scar and, for no reason at all, maybe carry around a long french-style cigarette holder (even though I don’t smoke) and wear absurdly bright red lipstick.

    Regardless, these boots are lovely and hope whoever wins enjoys them!!

    (I couldn’t get my user name and pw to work for some reason — so I am registering w/ a different email — and did NOT register twice. I tried to have my password sent to me but haven’t received an email — my original account was w/ Thanks.)

  273. nlambrou says:

    I would definitely wear these with – what else? – jeans and a t-shirt.

  274. hopecurran says:

    I would wear this with the swan dress bjork wore. also any seqsequence dress if the swan dress proves difficult to borrow.

  275. gabapple says:

    I love these boots! They go with everything I wear, actually. I design and create eco-friendly clothing and jewelry, but I cannot make my own boots! To be specific, I would wear these boots with a shirt, a skirt, and tights. My shirt, which I made from vintage fabrics, is a bird-print tank top with flannel shoulders. The skirt would most likely just be a black jersey circle skirt. The tights would be lace, and the hue of a portobello. And my hair is wavy, long, and brown. So, imagine that. In addition, I live in Los Angeles, and the moderate weather allows for a very fulfilling boot lifespan.

  276. gina says:

    Lovely boots…Since they are so versatile, I would wear them with everything from skinny jeans to leggings to dresses & skirts with tights.

  277. karyanc says:

    I like the planet.
    I like shoes.
    Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

  278. mariafrommadrid says:

    I want to win these boots, because I would wear with an old dress from my grandma, which she mades from an old men dress of my granpa!

  279. KGryniewicz says:

    Wow. These boots are impossibly perfect. Why? Well, as a recent college grad who absolutely loves fashion, I am often at a loss. As I try to follow the motto, “Live like a college student now, so you don’t have to live like one later,” I am left hopelessly window shopping instead of feverishly buying. At first, I was discouraged, but realized, if I followed one simple rule, my shopping recession could be solved: Buy Staple Pieces. Now, for someone who often impulse buys, this is very difficult to start, but very rewarding in the end. That is why I LOVE these boots, they are a staple piece! Not only can they pump up any outfit with their sleek and chic appeal, but they are vegan (which is very important for us veggies). Like I said before, I live on staple pieces. So, if I had to pair these delicious boots with any outfit I would pair them with the following staples:

    A fitted vintage black blazer (adds just the right amount of sexiness and professionalism to any outfit) over an organic white cotton tee. The blazer and tee would be paired with skinny jeans. I especially love the “tint” jeans in teal from Free People. Although regular denim jeans may seem like a staple (and are), these colorful jeans are as well because they add just the right amount of pop to an outfit and the teal tint compliments most colors. Added bonus: the teal color will really make the boots pop, since they are after all, the star of the outfit. Finally, I would top of the outfit off with a fantastic eco-friendly wrap. I am a scarf/wrap fanatic and believe they are a staple because they are an easy way to add style to any ensemble. With a minimal budget, I especially love versatile scarves that serve as shawls, wraps, and scarves like Azuri’s eco-friendly linen wrap in Saffron.

    I absolutely love these boots and am so excited for whoever is lucky enough to win them!

  280. indigoblack says:

    These boots are great for fall, winter, or spring. I would wear these boots with a pretty, high waited dress or skirt, leggings, a soft comfortable sweater and a cute pea coat or 3/4-length jacket. I would pair this outfit with accessories; a nice handmade wool scarf, toque, mittens/or stylish gloves and an attractive hand bag/ duffel or tote. Then I would grab my best friend and her dog Wilbur and go for a quiet stroll through the park.

  281. chouf says:

    hi, these lovely boots would actually be for my wife. She’s a daily train commuter (and I’m on the bike) and they would prevent her little feet to get cold and wet during winter time. On top of that they look awesome and I would find her even more beautiful than before ;-)

  282. Emma says:

    These vegan riding boots
    No one would dare dispute
    Are really the most beautiful
    To own them would be blissful

    But let’s not digress
    I’d wear these with my dress
    Of vintage printed cotton
    No, not misbegotten

    And if the wind were to excite
    I’d add some organic cotton tights
    Best not forget my faithful shawl
    It’ll complete my outfit all-in-all

    But to choose just one outfit
    Would do these boots no justice
    I’d wear them with what most befits
    It really depends on my caprice

    I love how green they truly are
    I love how they will take me far
    These lovelies I promise I’ll adore
    So please send them to my door

  283. Michal Sparks says:

    The woman in those Vegan boots? She was a mystery to many, where she was from no one knew but the crisp white cotton blouse and faded violet sprigged skirt spoke of another time. I caught a glimps of her in autumn, leaves ablaze with color, she wore a man’s belted glen plaid jacket, slightly worn jeans that gave off an air of carelessness. The last time I saw her she was dashing onto a NYC subway, uptown bound, unmistakable, I would know those boots anywhere, Damn her devil may care attitude! She searched the crowded platform glancing back over her vintage boucle Chanel suit, a timeless Hermes scarf haphazardly tied around her waist. I lost sight of her as the train left the station but I never lost the memory of those dangerous vegan boots. Ah, that I might have those adventures with such a pair of boots!

  284. memck says:

    These would be so much fun to wear with my faux zebra fur mini! Would the faux leopard jacket be over the top?

  285. ecochicmommy says:

    An oversized flannel and a belt with leggings(all from the second store)

  286. jason says:

    my wife would wear these boots with white cotton knee high socks……

  287. WhitSF says:

    My original thought was that I’d wear these boots and nothing else. They’d give the perfect ankle/foot support for making a Saturday morning brunch of vegan coffee cake with warmed apples from the back yard and mixing an almond milk hot cocoa… But nakedness has already been mentioned! Twice, in fact. Ho hum. With this in mind, my second choice would be to pair them with my favorite winter dress and cotton knit tights, and wear them to my upcoming big work meeting, where, when complimented upon, I could tell tons of corporate bigwigs and CEOs all about my amazingly stylish and eco-friendly footwear!

  288. R Hicks says:

    These would look good with tight white organic tee and organic cotton blue jeans.

  289. zaigs says:

    These boots were made for walking,
    And that’s just what they’ll do.
    One of these days I’m going to get these sexy boots to me from you…

  290. Heben says:

    These boots are beautiful!!!!!
    i would wear them with my grandmothers vintage black knitted cardigan sweater and my nirvana tshirt that i cut up from my friend’s dad’s guilty pleasure tshirt collection :]
    plus a cute jean mini skirt i found in the same friends attic
    plus the tshirt tote that i made from several tshirts

  291. megs says:

    O my deity, where to start with these. They are so gorgeous.

    I love the idea of pairing them with cozy, chunky knits over skinny jeans–basically my uniform in the chilly land of Ireland I call home most of the year. I could literally wear these every day; I’ve basically done so with my current pair of vegan boots that I picked up from MooShoes a while back and have been restitched and repaired countless times. (There’s eco for you!)

    But the arrival of these new gorgeous creations would require a special outfit with which I could debut them to the world. I’m thinking of mixing them with both vintage and contemporary pieces for a timeless look: vintage cream boat-neck (slightly cowl-necked too) dress that hits mid-thigh, accessorized with a beautifully fabulous brooch (think Joan Holloway on Mad Men), simply and elegantly patterned tights, a light scarf tied around my neck, and covered up when in transit by Vaute Couture’s El Coat.

    If I’m going to dream of these boots, I’m going to dream big.

  292. Alexxx says:

    I’d wear them nude. In a “Fur is Murder” advertisement. Sexual and deviant…rawr.

  293. BulletToBinary says:

    My name is Natasha, and these boots are stupendous. They are so stupendous, in fact, that i was inspired to write a (slightly cheesy, but heartfelt) poem about them. Ahem:

    Ode To These Boots
    by, Natasha a.k.a BulletToBinary

    Brown and black-
    In buckles, they do not lack.

    Fair to the eyes,
    they are quite the prize.

    No animals were harmed,
    and for this reason, I am charmed.

    These shoes are like me-
    they’re leather free!

    I’d wear them with some skinny jeans,
    they’d look really good with browns and greens.

    If i could buy these these boots, my heart would soar.
    Alas, I can only win them,
    because I’m so poor.

    It wouldn’t be the end,
    if i didn’t win

    I wouldn’t be sad,
    I’d still be glad.

    Black boots or not-
    I’m still vegan and proud,
    never will I follow the crowd.

  294. nic says:

    I could go into any store with a blindfold on and most likely pick out the same pieces that I would choose if I could see. It’s all about feel. If it’s soft or feels like nothing at all – I’ll wear it. The boots could be paired with well-lived in slim fitted dark jeans, a super soft creamy T, and an even softer 3/4 length sleeve black blazer that’s a little oversized with 2 large metallic buttons…oh and socks. Thin, totally soft smart-wool socks.

  295. NR says:

    Candy apple red vegan toe nail polish that doesn’t give me a headache when I breath it in,

    My feet are feelin’ the love inside these super fly boots,

    Mama’s retro-recycled tall, 60’s black socks with the bright blue flecks of an unknown fiber,

    Sure there worn, but better to see my red toes!

    Thrifted jeans with the tear in the rear that I patched up with a scrap of leather from a furniture swatch sample,

    Favorite orangish pinkish stylish 100% linen top that I paid a lot for but it supported a local shop,

    Dr. Bronners Magic organic lip balm in flavor: naked,

    Smilin’ as I walk to work in these new shiny boots, the earth beneath my feet, thinkin’ of all my eco-lovin’ brothers and sistas who live a sustainable life,

    Dancin’ to “I choose” by India Arie ’cause it’s all about makin’ those good decisions for ourselves, and our planet,

    Only me knowin’ my toes are red, I’m lovin’ these beautiful boots from the inside out,

    The beauty inside I don’t hide, but I shine!

  296. didi says:

    I’m thinking black/brown fine herringbone thighs, a black A-line skirt in some heavier but somewhat flowing fabric, a fitted white shirt with a bit of a pattern and a fitted faux-suede blazer in a dark tan/light brown. Finish with a scarf with some brown and yellow on it.

  297. emilyjace says:

    These boots are fabulous! I would wear them with Cecilia Felli’s umbrella skirt–the black and pink roses–because that’s the kind of sexy girl that I am. But that would just be the first night out. I’d rock those boots with Recession Denim’s skinny jeans in the blue wash (they are amazing) and the fantasy owl dress by orion london with leggings. My imagination is on fire!

  298. renchic says:

    I had a dream last night! I finally got my chance to travel to New York, to see the sights, the top of the Empire State building, the MOMA, to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge… and best of all I had just the right boots to wear! A warm pair of tights with a cute plaid skirt, a soft turtleneck sweater, and my mom’s vintage pea coat. The one she wore the last time I was there… in 1980. And just like my mom’s pea coat, these boots will never go out of style.

  299. Jennifer says:

    I love these boots so much that I went ecstatic when I saw them. I even told my boyfriend those boots are mine. I also love the fact they are Vegan because I am a vegan and have been since I was 10 years old. These are not mere shoes, they are what I want to see more around the planet; a lifestyle, a philosophy. They look like they are Steam-punk style boots. I would wear them with a Victorian style outfit. skinny black jeans and a black long sleeved top underneath a grey vest. With a very cute Victorian coachman hat and a pretty dainty victorian style necklace. :)

  300. hickcrazy1 says:

    Living in the Florida Everglades means these boots are paired with faded blue jeans, a long-sleeved lightweight denim shirt, a straw Panama Jack wide brimmed hat, leather riding mitts and a hand-tooled belt. These boots look built for wear and that’s good cause the ‘Glades is a rugged place.

  301. gkran says:

    I’d wear them with my all cotton little black dress :)

  302. Swtlilchick says:

    I signed up for the newsletter
    I would wear the boots with black stretch velvet leggings,plaid ruffle tunic top and biker jacket with a tan cross-body handbag
    I would add some good filigree jewelry to top if off

  303. ilovelarch says:

    249 days since graduation
    8 months since I moved back into my parent’s house
    5 months waitressing
    1000+ revisions to my resume & portfolio

    You get the picture.

    After months of unemployment, I finally got the call from the city of New York last week to offer me an entry-level job as a landscape architect. I was ecstatic, until I realized…I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!! All these months I’ve spent my pennies on continuing education classes, books about the environment and design, and materials for the LEED exam- in an effort to keep myself marketable. Now I feel like a five year old getting ready for day one of kindergarten without any new outfits or cool accessories!

    It would be wonderful to win those super sweet vegan riding boots. I would match them up with some brown and black fabric from old clothes and string together a fitted, high-waist pencil skirt. Then I would top off with a cream-colored, lightweight, organic cotton sweater-wrap I got for the holidays.

    I would strut into my brand new job confident that my passion for design and the environment is evident not only in my heart but on my feet and ensemble as well!

  304. petal says:

    Ooh! In our recent cold, wet weather (tornadoes in CA? sure!) these would be wonderful for keeping my feet dry and my look sharp. I would wear them with my vintage i Magnin coat, with three-quarter sleeves and black and white mod dots. Under that, I would wear my favorite new plum sateen asymmetrical tank, my black A-line skirt and some textured black tights. Topped off with a cute little vintage fox brooch, I’d be prepared for rain, sleet, snow…or cubicle, which is probably more likely!

  305. teatags says:

    Call me a cotton crazy lady, every day is a Jeans and Sweater day and come summer Jeans and T-shirt everyday. They would be a delightful change to my crocs.

  306. baudouin42 says:

    In the wake of the Haitian’s tragic earthquake I will wear these as i work side-by-side to help them rebuild with beauty, dignity and substantial green buildings. I’ll wear them with comfortable work clothes that flutter in the tropical breeze, shield the sun, and let the air filter through. They’ll get scuffed and worn in all the right places.

    And they will know love, and blood, and sweat, and tears.

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