GIVEAWAY: Win a Vegan Handbag From Matt & Nat (Worth $225!)

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Matt & Nat, Matt and Nat, vegan bags, eco-friendly bags, recycled bags, upcycled bags, eco-fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion, sustainable style, Modnique

We’ve got fssss… steam heat, so we figured we’d take the mercury down a couple of notches with a giveaway that’s so cool, it’s practically permafrost. We partnered with, a members-only sample-sale site, to hook one lucky reader up with a bright teal Tundra satchel from Matt & Nat. Crafted from buttery soft vegan leather and lined with a faux suede lining (it’s made from recycled water bottles!), the capacious Tundra comes with antique brass hardware, zipper detailing, and pockets aplenty for stashing cell phones and PDAs. Are you chilling yet?


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winner there.)


3. LEAVE A COMMENT below describing how you’re beating the heat sans AC this summer. We’ll pick the response we like the best, so be as detailed and creative as possible!

Matt & Nat, Matt and Nat, vegan bags, eco-friendly bags, recycled bags, upcycled bags, eco-fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion, sustainable style, Modnique

We’ll pick our favorite comment and announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, August 11. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Friday, August 6, so ENTER NOW for a chance to win!


Matt & Nat is a collection of design-centric, eco friendly and vegan accessories. All linings are made from recycled plastic bottles.

ABOUT MODNIQUE (“modern” meets “unique”) offers its members exclusive access to 48-hour sale events of authentic, brand new, and hand-picked designer merchandise. Modnique’s prices are lower than those found at regular stores because we buy inventory directly from designers and manufacturers.

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128 Responses to “GIVEAWAY: Win a Vegan Handbag From Matt & Nat (Worth $225!)”

  1. podc-aster says:

    I’ beating the heat with my cats. We lie perfectly still in the shadow (although I don’t lick myself) and don’t move between 11 and 3. Sometimes we read, sometimes we sleep. Most of the time, I work, typing away on the laptop, while petting the cats or drinking tons of water (go Klean Kanteen!). As long as we don’t move too often, this is the best season of the year: warmth, relaxation, work and lots of love! PS. the homemade popsicles from fruit-juice work wonders too.

  2. karlye says:

    Beat the heat by swimming in the neighbor’s pool. They open it up to the neighborhood so everyone can enjoy.

  3. emmakat says:

    We have concrete floors which help keep us very cool.

  4. NikiBuffalo says:

    I have been beating the heat by cycling. The cool breeze from moving makes it seem less hot and I feel good about using a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation. I stay on tree lined roads and enjoy the shade! And take advantage of the lawn sprinklers whenever possible.

  5. volderette says:

    As im writing my diploma thesis right now, I really had to find ways to get around that heat. I shifted my complete work schedule to night times when the heat is going down to a reasonable level and instead enjoy the sun all day while relaxing at the beach. Life’s good!

  6. lscalzo says:

    going to the dog beach! playing wih my “nephew” in the cool waters of lake michigan is the best part of summer!

  7. pauperera says:

    I’m beating the heat by having all windows open, going to the playground with my toddler and munching on crushed ice.

  8. avogel75 says:

    Popsicles and ice cream, vinho verde and cold beer, sprinkler-hopping and wading-pool-playing with my 4-year-old, stormwatching on the deck on contemplative summer nights…ahhhh!

  9. Ladygrey says:

    Oh I love that bag!
    I’m beating the heat the old fashioned way…. with plenty of water and wide open windows.

  10. asarabia says:

    When you’re doing an organic chemistry course for the summer (which I am), all thoughts and mental energy tend to be solely occupied on passing the class and not on anyone or anything around you – including turning on the AC :)

  11. KarenBoo says:

    I’ve been closing the blinds and wearing very little. ;)

  12. discomedusa says:

    working & living in the middle of the woods keeps me at least 10 degrees cooler than in town…add in homemade smoothies & juice pops & skimpy maternity clothes and i’ve had few complaints!
    (except that my old matt & nat bag is almost worn through!)

  13. greengoddess says:

    Well, I make most use of all available resources…given that the fridge-freezer is on all the time anyway, I take out of it at regular intervals those cold-hot flex packs and put them either directly on my body (whether I’m sitting or laying) like on the neck, knee, inner thighs, ankles etc and/or I hang them from the floor-standing fan so that it blows… colder air (a much cheaper, home-made and greener version of an AC!!).

    PS: that vegan bag is absolutely delicious!

  14. feltingfrenzy says:

    I don’t have to beat the heat (unfortunately) I just have to dodge the rain…lol Living in Beautiful, but very wet, Wales (UK) the Sun and Heat seems to have been and gone. During the brief spell of nice weather, one could say hot for here, I could just sit in my kitchen and feel almost chilly !!! Being an old stone cottage it would take a little more than ‘June’ to warm up !!!!

  15. wppeach says:

    We beat the heat by installing thermal/blackout curtains in addition to our blinds. Keeping the sun from warming the kitchen and sunroom. Ceiling fans run all day, and help keep us cool while we sleep. Compact florescent lighting eliminates the heat offput by incandescent bulbs. Don’t forget the houseplants seem to keep it cooler inside.

  16. jcaneal says:

    No other way to beat the heat than ice cold iced-tea. I make fruited iced tea with fruit grown in the backyard or picked up at the farmer’s market, which lets me support local growers and eat what is in season to stay naturally cool. Mother nature knows best when it comes to surviving extreme temperatures!

  17. asaywhat says:

    What a fantastic bag! During the day, I love to float down the Madison River, in Montana, and in the evening a glass of Pinot Grigio with fresh organic berries. I love summer!

  18. Lori says:

    In the car, sunscreen, run AC for 10 minutes to get the heat out if there is any, then open windows and patience the rest of the way. At home, closed blinds skimpy clothes, a vortex fan with a tray of freezer packs nearby.

  19. KristinL says:

    I beat this summer’s hot, hot heat by downing tubs of Coconut Bliss and Turtle Mountain ice creams. I also try to attend a crazy number of veggie festivals throughout the country. There’s nothing cooler than meeting veg peeps that I admire – and learning about new eco products! :)

  20. melanie says:

    I keep cool without AC by spending time outdoors in the shade with lots of water in my “Klean Kanteen bottle, natural sunscreen, freshly bought organic fruits and veggies from our local farmer’s market and sometimes taking a dip in some sort of water…pool, lake, etc., and I do this all with my Matt & Nat purse which contains everything I need to get me through even the hottest day on the west coast, everyday…along with my 8 month old, who by the way, loves my Matt & Nat! My son loves to hold onto it, look at it and explore it. He’s mesmerized by it! It’s quite cute! I’m sure he would just absolutely love the beautifully designed, eco-friendly Tundra satchel to gaze and hold just like his mommy would!! =) Thank you for this one of a kind satchel! =) It’s gorgeous and the best part, it’s made from recycled materials!! Awesome, Thanks Matt & Nat! Love from a mother and son! =)

  21. mpchristoffels says:

    I close my blinds and windows during the day so my apartment stays cool. If I’m out, I’ll go to a place that has air conditioning (library, campus, etc.) If it’s a really hot day, I’ll take a short, cold shower… very refreshing.

  22. kittkkat says:

    Thanks to REDUCE water bottles (an eco-friendly, reusable water bottle), I have been staying cool and beating the heat around town. I carry one of these bottles with me everywhere I go and refill them at water fountains in stores, restaurants or wherever my destination may be! They are small enough to fit in your purse and BPA free.

    I’ve also begun swimming at my gym’s pool for exercise. Talk about a great way to get in shape while beating the heat! Nothing beats dipping your toes into a chilled pool during the summertime, so imagine dipping your entire body! And it’s a great way to squeeze in a workout without getting overheated running or cycling outdoors when temperatures are dangerously hot.

  23. girl2008 says:

    I’ve been known to get the water spritzer, nailing a shirt and tossing the shirt (bra) in the freezer for a few. ….IT IS A GLORIOUS FEELING!

  24. eTTa designs says:

    I live near at a marina, near the beach in Marina del Rey/Los Angeles, so I’m fortunate to be in a cooler climate. But it still gets hot in my home, without A/C, that was built in the 70s with a design that doesn’t maximize ocean breeze and doesn’t allow for cross breeze. So I close most of the shades for the afternoon sun, open more windows and use a fan when I sleep. But my favorite solution is that as an Interior Designer with a flex schedule, I get to to cool off with a dip in the nearby ocean! And my cat finds coolness by lounging on a glass table.

  25. hhenninger says:

    Hiding out in my finished basement, which has been transformed into an awesome family room complete with a stack of board games, indoor swing, painted chalkboard on the wall, and icy cool kegged homebrew for Dad!

  26. fanntabulous says:

    ooh I love Matt & Nat!

    I beat the heat without the AC with the natural tropical breeze from the islands (Kauai). At home, If it’s still too warm with the windows open, nothing feels better than cooling off outside or at the beach. In the car, simply roll down the windows for some fresh air. Super money maker and healthy alternative, too. :)

  27. girl2008 says:

    Oh! I also buy a pound of cherries and freeze them. All windows open (and or sit in tub full of water), eat slowly. :D

  28. vanessa lee says:

    swinging in a hammock under the trees with the view of the Mountains and feeling the forest breeze on my face.

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  30. Melt86 says:

    Keeping cool with hydrating foods – vegan cucumber salads, lots of fresh summer fruit and a chilled gin and tonic after a long day (with organic lime of course!)

  31. Melt86 says:

    Escaping the heat
    Feeling breeze at my feet.
    Barefoot, cold tiles,
    Ditch the ac dials.

    Summer fruits
    Cucmbers to boot
    Staying in the shade
    Or watching the parade

    Outdoors, at the beach
    There’s no ac to cheat,
    Just blue skies and summer times
    Look forward to the wind chimes

  32. miktree says:

    I declared at the start of the summer that teal was to be my power color of the season (hence this bag being destined for my shoulder). I’ve also declared, since obtaining a residence of my own, that I’m completely against AC. Seasons should be experienced, right?? Why waste energy in an effort to deny ourselves of the pleasure of pure experience?? I mean, lying in my bed after a cold shower with only the breeze on my skin and the sound of birds chirping outside the window, that is SUMMER. The buzzing of an AC in the window and goosebumps on my bare legs — not summer — at least not the summer I want. And then there’s feeling justified in wearing the least clothes possible, even with the windows wide open and the shades up because dammit it’s hot. And heat conquers all rationality. But there is beauty in irrationality, no? And I embrace the sticking surfaces of my skin for the beauty of an excuse for summer idleness. And if one absolutely MUST wrench themselves away from idleness, find a damp towel, freeze it, and then wrap it around your neck. Trust. You’re welcome.

  33. angelaartsstudent says:

    I live in Australia – it’s winter. ;-)

  34. aijia says:

    I’ve been opening the windows at night to let in the cool night air, then shutting them in the morning to keep it in all day. I’ve also been eating raw foods and frozen berries.

    Thanks so much for this giveaway, Matt & Nat are the BEST.

  35. Mandi says:

    Oh hello Modnique… with the Cherry Berry sale and the Matt and Nat giveaway. Did I mention I love you?

    So anyways, I am fortunate enough to live in Portland, Oregon, home of peak 75 degree summer days. So naturally, I don’t need AC… but I do keep cool by randomly playing in one of the city’s 567 fountains with dozens of toddlers. Juvenile? yes. Fun? superbly.

  36. grignotine says:

    We keep cool by doing a number of things. One, because the front of my house faces south, we planted large bushes (small trees?) in front of the front windows, which blocks out much of the sun in the summer, and lets it through in the winter. Our only source of cold air is our trusty box fan, which we carry from room to room. On any given day, you can chart our comings and goings just by tracking our box fan’s whereabouts. I also dyed our bedroom curtains blue so that when the sun filters through them, an aura of ocean-like coolness and calm overcomes the room. All in all, living a.c.-free in the south isn’t hard at all! In fact, I think air conditioning makes it seem hotter out when you finally do go outside!

  37. beersurf says:

    Raw soups and smoothies in my body
    Ice packs and very little clothing on my body
    Light tickles on eachother to give eachother the chills before bed
    …oh, and a lot of scotch on the rocks!

  38. Jules79 says:

    I sleep during the day and do all my chores/errands at night! It works really well!!

  39. silverange says:

    With no central AC in my brownstone apartment, we have no choice but to stay cool in inventive ways. The kitten has taken to lying only on the floor (as a born scientist, she knows heat rises, and motion creates heat). I, on the other hand, have ceased to cook, am subsisting on a diet of Philly water-ice and raw produce, and have created an elaborate system of open windows and precisely-placed fans for airflow. That, and getting out into the city’s summer world of shared AC in book shops and cafes.

  40. Dorothee says:

    It all starts in morning, when the hot sun travels the length of my bed and I wake up sweaty but smiling. I jump up and run to the fridge, down a glass of cold aloe vera juice and place my undies in the freezer. I step onto the porch to water my tomatoes and herbs (at least somebody won’t be scorched today!) While I’m out there, I pick a few leaves of mint and mix them into a drink I’ll enjoy all day: cucumber water with mint & lemon. Then I dress (undies first with a squeal!) and place my fan at the perfect angle to my desk. I work as long as I can until I hear the ice-cream truck. Then, coconut paleta in hand, I take a long walk around the neighborhood and take comfort in seeing other people outside, hot but friendly in the sizzling Chicago heat.

  41. Dot says:

    The singing Walnut tree of Concord
    shades our home
    keeps us cool, grateful

  42. amberatwell says:

    i’ve been beating the heat, with the wind blowing through my hair on my vintage bicycle. going for runs.. sometimes just stopping my journey to sit in the shade and read a book. then cooling off in my basement where it’s just the right temp with a smoothie made of so good vanilla ice cream, some scrumptious oj and an assortment of organic fruits and veggies from my local health food store. life is beautiful.

  43. reVegetate says:

    What if I’ve barely felt heat yet this summer? Although I’m on the beautiful central coast of California, it has hardly felt like summer so far with temps rarely getting above 70. Instead of finding ways to keep cool, I’ve been looking for ways to get warm! My soon to be husband and I (and our dog, of course) head out on the weekends in search of blue sky and hot earth so we can connect to the scorching Los Angeles summers we grew up with. This has always been my favorite time of the year, in large part because of the heat. I strip down my layers, pull up my hair, fill a bag with essentials and spend long days with those I love most. Within the sounds of laughter and splashing, I welcome the warm night air on my skin and am always thankful for the opportunities it brings.

  44. ravenwing999 says:

    Changing my attitude about the heat makes all the difference! Even walking to work in 100 plus is easier if I don’t grumble about it. I spend time outside gardening too, and enjoy even the very hot days. Beyond that lots of water, suncreen, and fans indoors make those days enjoyable.

  45. Pookalakachicka says:

    I love using a misting bottle and fan. I think that the evaporating water keeps me cooler than even a/c could, and as a bonus, if you recycle a body spray bottle, the water you use will smell just faintly of the fragrance that used to be in the bottle and make it even more refreshing!

  46. pduthoy says:

    To stay cool I go swimming a lot. It seems to really lower my core temperature.

  47. Hatlady53 says:

    We have a vertical fan and have it on oscillate and just relax in the afternoon, reading, napping, or typing on a laptop.

  48. Happi Shopr says:

    I keep cool by running in the sprinklers with the kiddos and having water gun fights. Mama ALWAYS wins. ;D

  49. SheilaBee says:

    We are staying cool by staying in the water as much as possible,cooking outside on the grill or eating home grown tomato sandwiches and lots of drinks with crushed ice.

  50. kjholt says:

    I’m beating the heat this summer by sipping on my favorite pink lemonade and doing some guilty pleasure reading- Sookie Stackhouse novels, anyone?

  51. marvah says:

    We’ve had average of 30C/86F and up this summer and for a northern person it is like sitting in the oven. What i did is bought myself a swimsuit and everyday i jump on my bicycle and drive to the beach. I learned to swim this summer(i’m 23 lol), my friendship with water has never been good or even OK but this summer it’s like we are besties. i can swim like a dog or a frog, so i’m getting there and i also finally got some color to my skin, last five years i have been pale like Snow White so my fiancee is loving this heat. And also instead of drinking cool drinks or eating ice cream, i’m drinking hot green tea, even in the beach to raise my body heat and voila it feels cooler outside already.

  52. allisonvroom says:

    I don’t need to beat any heat; I live on the coast and we’ve got pretty moderate temps here! But that doesn’t stop me from sipping on a nice cold beer, just to get in the summer spirit!

  53. bethanne616 says:

    I close all the blinds during the day, sit in the pool/dangle feet in the pool to cool down, and the tile floors (instead of carpet) keep feet cool. Also, keeping ice cold mint infused water in the refrigerator doesn’t hurt.

  54. recyclingzychal says:

    Its been very hot and dry in Philadelphia, I stay cool by exercising. I know that sounds nuts, but you don’t really appreciate air conditioning until you feel the burn inside and out!

  55. velorutionista says:

    I’m beating the heat by riding my bike! I’ve been exploring Minneapolis, finding all sorts of spiffy shady spots to chill in (and when it’s just too hot and there’s no breath of wind, nothing beats a screaming downhill ride to create a breeze and cool off!) I find the more I’m out in the heat, the less it bothers me!

  56. jcbeltran says:

    Im beating the heat by enjoying the nice weather while its still here. I dont like AC its too cold, I love sunny hot weather so I dont mind feeling warm and when I do I just go out my balcony and get some fresh air. Yay for summer!

  57. veggie says:

    What a great looking vegan handbag! Being a vegetarian, I
    appreciate and purchase as many vegan products as possible.
    Our family tries to use the air conditioning very little.
    We have an attic fan upstairs that helps cool us during the
    night when we are asleep. Also, since I am menopausal and
    tend to get night sweats, I wear Cooljamaz that help keep
    me cool and dry during the night and I wear them in the
    morning for quite some time. My sister has a swimming pool
    in her rather private backyard and we can walk there whenever
    we need cooling down!!!!! For extra fun, we patronize the
    ice-cream whenever possible. Wearing cool clothing indoors,
    helps a lot and we have ceiling fans everywhere in our home.
    Many thanks for the opportunity to win this gorgeous handbag…
    Having the Username of Veggie may help me land this vegan bag!

  58. BettyBoop says:

    My daughter and I have been keeping cool sans a/c by keeping windows open at night to allow in the cool air and shutting them early in the morning whereby we also close the blinds to shut out the hot sun. We drink copious amounts of water, lutsch on homemade yogurt popsicles and bring out the squirt guns!

  59. z says:

    Stay in the shade and keep house closed up tight during the day.

  60. Amanda says:

    We eat homemade popsicles, munch on cool and crunchy carrot and celery sticks and drink lots of ice water and lemonade and chilled wine. We try to partake of as many of NYC’s great free outdoor cultural events with friends as we can. Several evenings a week we walk our dogs to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park where we head to Dog Beach. Watching them splash around with their dog pals makes us laugh and chill out. Summer in the city is fabulous.

  61. maple_65 says:

    i beat the heat with out air by, closing the windows and blinds during the heat of the day. I open them at night when it is cooler to sleep

  62. Mrock says:

    MMmmmm…. so Delicious coconut ice cream products!

    However, I’m also taking advantage of the sunny days and make sun tea :)

  63. maple_65 says:

    i beat the heat without air, by closing my windows and blinds during the hottest part of the day and opening latter in the day to sleep.

  64. greengeek says:

    I beat the heat by guzzling down so much ice that when I breathe time is literally frozen.
    Yes, I’ll admit it, I’m an ice chewer, I’m addicted to chewing ice. I was kicked out of ICA (ice chewer’s anonymous) because there was no hope for me.

  65. veeeee says:

    listen people, this bag is mine! not only am I a long time progressive vegetarian and environmentalist but my absolute favorite color is turquoise! don’t deny me chance to keep the attention of sceptics while trying to convince them of the benefits of being a conscientious consumer…one of which would be this attractive bag! pretty please :))))

  66. intensev5 says:

    How I plan to beat the heat — camping at the Lake. When I am hot I plan to go for a nice cool swim, also it helps to have some nice cold drinks in a cooler at the beach full of ice!!! and I nice way to sty cool in the evening is to go for a ice cream cone. Mmmm … I can’t wait:

  67. Bethamphatamine says:

    I get my booty out of the house! Either under an umbrella at the beach or a big tree at the park, just leaving the house does it for me.

  68. mrs.deane says:

    For me, beating the heat is all about tuning in to the AC built in by nature. Strange though it may sound, ever since I started eating vegan and low-carb, I can stand the heat much better. Lowering the impact of my foodprint not only helps curb global warming, it also cools me down! That’s what I call a double edged sword.

  69. zaali says:

    Maxis are my friends for beating the heat sans AC in an ecofriendly way-

  70. rose154223 says:

    Lots and lots of water. Salt and potassium tablets.sweatproof makeup. Good deodorant and plenty of bitching about waiting for the winter ;-)

  71. KMP50 says:

    Well, I have loaded my freezer with Flavor-Ices and that cools me down beofre bed. Then- no covers, little clothing. What heat?

  72. LV says:

    I beat the heat without A/C by sitting in the shade in front of my “adult sprinkler” better known as a Misting Fan!

  73. fafa says:

    I beat the heat this summer by swimming in the sea!Every morning i see it just in front of me!So blue and beatuful!

  74. jtam says:

    Beat the heat by staying calm, and not wasting energy on anger, negative thoughts or mean people. Drink lots of cool liquids and relax every chance you get.

  75. hofken says:

    We use a lot of ceiling fans to try to beat the heat sans AC this summer. It gets tougher when the temperature goes over 100 – then it’s lots of cold showers and “air drying”. When I start hot-flashing, the only resort is to stick my head in the freezer – seriously!

  76. kammi says:


  77. kammi says:

    Since I was born and raised in Hawaii, I go to the beach everyday and it really beats AC during the hot summer. I am a subscriber of Ecouterre and Modnique newsletter via email at

  78. kammi says:

    I am a fan of Ecouterre and Modnique on Facebook. I shared the contest with over 400 friends. I am also a subscriber via RSS.

  79. mross says:

    We haven’t had much heat in Calgary this summer, but one of the best ways to beat it is to jump in a raft and float down the Bow or Elbow Rivers. Glacier fed water makes for a really refreshing dip!

  80. hilaryaudrey says:

    Since I’m stuck in the city for the summer it’s difficult to get fresh air. The dynamics of a city make some funky air and weather so I try to steer clear of it by hanging out on my roof a lot. In the day I take up a towel or yoga mat to catch up on reading and sunbathe. In the evening I like to lie down up there, enjoy the cool breeze and take in the night sky. It’s very lovely and relaxing.

  81. DLori27 says:

    This summer has been one of the worst in terms of high temperature that I can remember. I beat the heat by doing a number of thins. First, I put pans filled with ice cubes in front of the fans I have in my apartment. They do a great job of cooling off the apartment with the air blowing on the ice. I also arrange the fans in a way that they create a wind tunnel so the air continues to circulate around my apartment and not remain stagnent. I also keep spritz bottles filled with ice water by my bed so I can spray my face every few minutes with water, which really cools me down when the fans are blowing on me. And I keep all the lights off, wear loose, comfortable clothing and dream about skiing in colorado in the winter

  82. brynnamandah says:

    I’ve been going to the local lake to read and enjoy the beautiful weather!

  83. meowsk says:

    I live in the desert so beating the heat sans A/C involves spending time poolside, seeking out shade and wearing cute sundresses. I have also been known to run through the sprinklers on occasion. And heading up to the mountains makes things much cooler as well.

  84. The Clothes Horse says:

    My family doesn’t have A/C or even fans in our current home (military housing…). We beat the heat by bunking down in the unfinished basement. We drag our mattresses down and lay on the concrete ground. It’s like a slumber party; we’ll watch movies on someone’s laptop in the dark, letting our feet rest on the cool ground and only venturing upstairs when we need provisions (snacks).

  85. Choctaw says:

    It is not to difficult keeping cool here i live near a pond under the trees.I keep the windows shut and curtains closed.I can’t be out side to much i have a history of lupus.We are lucky in so much as the summer does not last to long in this area.Takeing a ride to the beach and sit by the ocean helps a lot.The Matt and Nat handbag is gorgeous.I enjoy reading the Ecouterre newsletters they are so informative.

  86. melny says:

    I’m beating the heat heat with Smooze Fruit Ice. My favorite is coconut + mango! It’s a creamy, sweet treat that’s to die for and only 70 calories!

  87. shanon says:

    Iced yerba mate! It works wonders!

  88. mvwyant21 says:

    I live in the heart of Florida where it’s not just hot, but humid. To beat the heat and the boist of the moist, my friends and I get away from home and the outdoors. Shopping is our favorite activity, so we head to the nearby mall. By checking out the latest sales, we save money by not using the a/c in our homes, and most importantly, escaping the humid Florida weather!

  89. mabelstone says:

    I moved to San Francisco a couple years ago to beat the heat. It’s currently about 60 to 70 degrees without humidity. Lovely.

  90. BellaBelle says:

    how do i beat thE
    insane summer heat? of course i turn off the aC
    most readily. yes, i’ve been called ecO
    -savvy, it’s true, and also a veritable green gurU
    . without air cooling it does get very hoT
    but other solutions are wroth a shot. thE
    fridge is a friend on steamy days, my sustainable cotton underweaR
    stored there cuts through the haze. when the indoor aiR
    gets too steamy, a nearby park feels very dreamy. thE

    temperature on grass averages 10 degrees lower than concrete, A
    little-known fact that helps me beat the heat. aN
    awesome trick to remember, is the neeD

    to think ‘cold’ thoughts – I

    always recall how i felt in december! another way to stay cooL
    is to -you guessed it- jump in a public pool. consider another duO
    -the ocean or lake- they require nothing man-made or fake! A luV
    of mine you seE

    is keeping all things environmentally friendly! a calM
    , cool summer is what i’ve enjoyed, A
    direct result of these tricks i’ve employed. aT
    the very least it’s been an greaT

    pleasure to tell you all what i managed to learn, A
    word of advice- it’s now your turN
    ! think of conserving as you stay chilly, anD

    last but not least, thanks for the contest- i sure did have fuN
    . i feel feel so sad now that it’s all done. A
    word of gratitude on top of the rest- you guys truly are the besT!

    (p.s. in case you didn’t figure it out, the secret code in the poem- the uppercase letters- spells out “ECOUTERRE AND I LOVE MATT AND NAT!”)

    thanks so much..this bag is gorgeous! i’ve signed up for your newsletter and for modinque!

  91. annaclaire says:

    I’m beating the heat this summer in as many ways I can find! Living on the ocean in Charleston, SC, where humidity is at a maximum, leaves me no choice :-) I stay cool by practicing restorative yoga, sipping filtered water with fresh cucumber slices, and hydrating with passionfruit coconut water- my favorite! It never hurts to walk out the front door and into the Atlantic waters that grace my doorstep ;-)

  92. amiller says:

    I actually hate using the AC (and artificial light, but that’s beside the point). So, if it’s hot during the day I’ll blow up my kiddie pool (I have a pump that I plug into my car, and it only takes about 5 minutes!). I’ll fill the pool up about half way, just enough to cover the legs while sitting, and invite some friends over to hang out in my back yard. It fits four adults more or less comfortably, and when we’re done I empty the water into the flower beds. At night, we get a pretty decent breeze so we’ll sit on the front porch with a nice cold cocktail and play board games. We only get about 3 months of summer weather in Mass, so I take every opportunity I get to be outside!

  93. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    I subscribe to Ecouterre and Modnique.
    My daughter and I go ice skating at the Rec Center (I live in MN where it’s cold all year round!!) where it’s nice and cool on a 100 degree day. I actually don’t mind falling down, because I just lay there for awhile and enjoy the frosty ice.

  94. lilla says:

    Making a short but very intense workout for like 12-15 mins and sweating like crazy during it lol so that when I’m done and showered the temp outside seems way too cooler than before :)

  95. We’re trying to keep cooler by planting more trees at The Stone House. Keep the cool air of night flowing in the house and only using the fan during the heat of the day. Lots of cool drinks to stay hydrated.

  96. henley0715 says:

    I am beating the heat by having water ballon fights w/ my kids & taking the kids to the park to play under the water heads. What’s better to beat the heat by playing w/ my kids?!I have also gone to the beach & dipped in the ocean in the hot sun ( remember SPF! ) Other than that, I stay inside w/ the AC on to keep myself cool. We’re planning to go to a water park before the summer hits so thats another thing to keep us cool. Can’t wait!

  97. says:

    To keep cool in the summer I like to ride my bike along the river after dark.

  98. ellie says:

    I am in the midst of monsoon Bombay,and the best way to beat the heat after the down pours is observe and respect the beautifully elegant sari clad working ladies of this country effortlessly serenely walk at a mediative pace, rest under Banyan trees, sway babes in home made hammocks, wipe brows with silk, cotton and khadi,my lessons of pace beat the heat in a city of 20 million racing for the rupee, just to stop and watch calmness and acceptance.

  99. greenfish says:

    My spouse, 4-1/2 year old daughter, and I are beating the summer heat without AC by going “primitive”. We wear as little clothing as possible; are camping in a tent in the backyard; eating lots of cool soups and raw veggies picked fresh from our garden and drinking cool juice and smoothies made with berries picked from a local farmer’s fields; using only the outside grill when we do need to cook; splashing in the kiddie pool or sprinkler while we water the garden; and of course spending quality time just lounging together in the shade reading and talking. Enjoy the summer, it will be snowing before you know it!

  100. jeslaineh says:

    Ah! Got to love sleeping on the couch- no seriously. My bedroom’s up the stairs and whew! its hot up there! So to keep cool, I’ve been crashing in the living room. Works like a charm.

    And lately, there’s been quick downpours almost always at 2 in the afternoon every day. I love running out into the cool summer rain! Refreshing

  101. katygmorris says:

    I’m an ecouterre and Modnique subscriber.

    The funniest (and actually most effective) way my hubby and I stay cool in the summer in Souther Cali (where we don’t have air conditioning) is to lie on the bed under the ceiling fan and pour Sea Breeze all over our skin! It sounds totally crazy but as the alcohol in the toner evaporates it gives you the most amazing tingling and cooling sensation. You feel like you’re laying in ice!

    We call it the “poor man’s” air conditioning. Maybe we should start calling it the “green man’s” air conditioning!

  102. bix999 says:

    It’s been a record cold July in SF, but I’ve spent time in both NYC and Seattle this summer, where it was really hot! I beat the heat by eating ice cream, staying on the shady side of the street, and wearing cool clothes… as in both lightweight and fashionable. And I feel cooler just looking at this bag; the deep turquoise reminds me of the water in the Caribbean… Ah! I’m lying on a beach sipping on a tropical drink with a tiny umbrella. I can hear the waves kissing the shore and the seagulls crying. The breeze is playing with my hair…

  103. dchilvere says:

    I am LOVING the heat. I am spending my summer reading in bed with the windows open and a lightweight cotton blanket. When the heat gets overwhelming I find respite in the wooded area behind my house. The oxygen invigorates while the shade cools. Love it!

  104. Beegrl77 says:

    The baby pool in the backyard with my kiddies is the perfect way to beat the heat this summer!

  105. raye says:

    Beating the heat in South Texas? I arise before daybreak to enjoy
    the warm earth moisture gathered low during the nights.
    This is my gardening hour/s, my meditation on nature.
    There’s such joy in inspecting the thriving plants and insects,
    the fresh zinnia buds awaiting sunlight to blossom.
    By mid-morning, my frozen cotton scarf or hand-towel
    wraps about my neck. When my neck-wrap is warm,
    I repair to a fresh salad knowing siesta is close.
    The long afternoons melt away in my shaded studio, a fan
    and likely as not, another frozen neck wrap.
    It’s lovely to join the season rather than fight.

  106. SimbaIsMad says:

    I already try to cope with the Mediterranean Summer Heat by working the ceiling fans and spraying water on the clothes I am wearing as well as the plants, the tent and the ceiling of my balcony. Suffice it to say, that bag will ultra – cool my look!

  107. kellybelly2010 says:

    whEn your hot with no aC allowed… yOU need to do is Take your clothEs off…… go caveman !!

    all youR be weaRing is the bEautiful blue bag !!

  108. Tameeky says:

    I beat the steamy heat and stay cool by keeping my blender buzzing and making Icy, Cool Drinks all day long.

  109. oohmybento says:

    What heat? I’m at the beach eating shave ice ^_^

  110. monellelewis says:

    Beat the heat… why? I love it. I did unplug the AC unit in the house, covered it up with a painting and told the kids we do not have one. If it is unbearably hot, we get on BART and go to Berkeley. GO BEARS!

  111. valkyrei says:

    To keep cool on hot Philly days I like to enjoy a homemade lime-strawberry daiquiri popsicle, hop my feet in an ice bath and watch “Terra Antarctica – Rediscovering the Seventh Continent”

  112. esoteric says:

    I keep my cool carbon-less by eating locally grown fruits and veggies. Nothing beats getting your hydration from completely delicious yet guilt-free food;)

  113. moozoo says:

    I keep surviving through the heat without AC by visiting the local community gardens and by taking walks through the green and colorful shades of plants and flowers. I also often pass by my goddaughter’s house to pick her up and go play in the town’s community kids’ fountains. There is nothing better than a smiling and mischievious 5 years old to keep you in shape, as well as to splash you with fresh water every time you’ve got your eyes away from the water. There is also nothing like taking a nap alongside your cats, eating your garden’s veggies and fruits, while they enjoy their freshly caught fish (brought home by bf who happened to keep HIS cool by going fishing!). And when everything stated above is not enough, I simpy think about all the CO2 and other stuff I don’t send in the athmosphere because I happen to have chosen NOT to have an AC. And then I’m happy, and then I treat myself with ice cream ;).

  114. greenearthbazar says:

    We beat the heat at our house with lots of cold organic green tea, cold showers, little cooking with the oven (lots of raw fruits and veggies), keeping the shades drawn, and lots of Threes Company reruns on DVD – after all, laughter is the best medicine!

    Peace. ;)

  115. Ananda_Glick says:

    The heat has always been my arch nemesis. I have extremely low blood pressure and I become very lethargic in the heat…I would make a terrible iguana.

    I used to live in Florida and was a fire fighter there… talk about HOT and miserable! I couldn’t stand it….so against my chihuahua’s wishes I moved my family high in the mountains of Colorado – living 9,000 feet above sea level is relatively cool! The lovely mountain breezes and the shade from direct sun help to beat the heat quite alot!

    I love living in an arrid state as well because I can mist myself with rose water – smell refreshing and feel the mist evaporate off of my skin cooling me in a much better way than frion powered energy sucking AC could do. I would shave my head in the summer but since my husband protests I pull it up into one of those foofy bun things and just spritz it as well.

    We have curtains in the home that are designed to keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter… yet another thing my chihuahua detests – I think I can even see her snarling at me as she slinks behind them to sunbathe.

    Meditation is a very nice way to escape the heat as well. Focus on breathing, connection and peace and you find no room to focus on sweat or melting….

    Thank you for the amazing giveaway opportunity! This piece is gorgeous and kind and I really desire it! I have zero purses and would love to win such a stylish way to organize my life… I usually toss it all in a grocery bag when I’m running around. It would be nice to ditch the ‘mountain hippie woman with a jute tote’ look and be ever so stylish with this BEAUTIFUL bag! /dream

    (please don’t tell my jute tote that I don’t think its stylish)

  116. wholebodyspa says:

    My hubby and I beat the heat by touring our local swimming holes in and around Austin, TX. Most of them are spring-fed and deliciously cold even when temps soar above 100 degrees. Krause Springs is our favorite and a MUST-DO if you ever visit Austin.

    We have a high-performance “green” AC unit that we have serviced regularly and we turn the temp up to 85 when we are not home and never turn it below 80 when we are. We keep the fans running and the cold drinks coming!

  117. elisse says:

    Work up a sweat in the garden (or fly-fishing in the creek in neoprene chest waders, or ATVing through our maountains picking wild berris in the 91-degree heat); then drink a cup of hot tea… and MAN does that cool you off! Really!

  118. isanower says:

    No comment…

  119. birdgherl says:

    Air conditioning and raw food!

  120. xprincex says:

    We moved from the main floor into the basement where the temperature is on average 10 degrees cooler. We keep the shades drawn during the day and windows open during the night. We try not to cook as much and eat fresh salads and drink cool drinks and smoothies. We have abandoned clothing – as soon as we enter the house, the clothes go off! No need for blankets at night and all doors stay open to promote cross ventilation. We also take cool and refreshing showers to cool down. Life is good even in the heat of the summer and even without AC as long as you find things to do and keep the mind occupied. The ability to learn how the other people around the world are doing and the dreams of the magnificent bags also keep us going :) Thank you!

  121. txtransplant says:

    Well, I do it the old school way. When we were younger, my mom said to strip down, get a wet towel (place wherever you like), turn on the fan, and lay there. I can say it’s like analog A/C and works 100% of the time, every time.

  122. mokee says:

    Blinds are closed all day, open all night
    Every window open 24/7
    All raw food all the time, no using that stove
    T-shirts and shorts worn every day
    Having fun in the water park
    Enjoying spending time out in a breeze
    Applying for cool contest rather then working, at Inhabitat
    Tending the garden, to grow lots of local food and shade

  123. bking says:

    I’m beating the heat by living in the north of Canada! I run and sweat, so hot is relative.

  124. DLori27 says:

    I’m beating the heat by drinking lots of water, sipping on ice cubes all day long, only eating very light food with a lot of water in it such as watermelon. Heavy fodd, particularly large portions of protein make your body work extra hard to break the food doen thus causing you to eel warmer and more uncomfortable. Keep all the windows in your house open pplus the doors to each room to allow for cross ventilation.Keep all lights off and any electrical appliances unless absolutely necessay. Take a few cool, short showers several times a day just to cool down, keep blinds and drapes closed, keeping the sun out of your home which should lower the temperature inside the home, wear loose and as little clothing as possible, rub ice cubes all over your body every so often, take a few frozen packs that you normally would put in a picnic basket and stays frozen for hours keeping the food safe,wrap them in a very light cloth and place them on different parts of your body to stay cool. If you must, tie them to your body using an ace bandage, keep exercise and overexertion down to a minimum

  125. alinaionescu says:

    I cool myself by staying in my aluminium wrapped home and cyber travelling on wikimapia to exotic islands..Maldive..Tenerife..Hawaii…ohhhh Maaaldivee..:))

  126. glorygloryglory says:

    I’ve been making fresh mint sugar free lemonade. Squeeze two lemons, rip up some mint, put in a little stevia or xylitol or agave and muddle then add water and fill with ice. So refreshing!
    I’m also living in LA where we’ve had a pretty mild summer but in my old apartment when I had no A/C in my bedroom on hot nights I would put a chair in front of my standing fan and put a bowl of ice on the chair so cool air would blow on my bed. A quick 30 second cold shower always does the trick too. Ice cubes on the wrist are another trick I love!

  127. Rosade says:

    I am beating the heat by shopping at the malls :)
    What better way to cool you body,mind and soul?

  128. RumiSakurai says:

    I’m beating the heat sipping a nice mokka milkshake (brain freeze!!) on my favourite terrace, waveing my japanese fan.
    Once for myself, once for my boyfriend, then he takes over ;-)

    Cheers Everyone!
    Enjoy the Summer while it lasts!!