GIVEAWAY: Win a Vegan Laptop-Diaper Bag From Matt & Nat (Worth $185!)

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How you use the “Raylan Sm” by Matt & Nat is entirely up to you. The cruelty-free carryall is designed for multiple purposes: A padded compartment, lined with 100 percent recycled nylon, is perfect for coddling a laptop, for instance, while elasticized compartments in the front pevent baby or water bottles from sliding around. Roomy enough for a boardroom show-and-tell or quick weekend getaway, the bag even includes a changing pad for diaper slingers on the go. Whether your precious cargo is a Macbook Pro, a stack of TPS reports, or a tiny human being, enter now to win one in “Stone”!


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER. (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winner there.)

2. LEAVE A COMMENT and tell us what you’ll use the Raylan Sm for. Although it doesn’t hurt to get fancy, we’ll be picking a winner at random.

Note: This contest is only open only to residents of the United States and Canada.

Matt & Nat, eco-friendly laptop bags, sustainable laptop bags, eco-friendly diaper bags, sustainable diaper bags, eco-friendly bags, sustainable bags, vegan bags, vegan fashion, vegan accessories, vegan style, eco-fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion, ethical fashion, sustainable style, recycled bags, upcycled bags, recycled plastic bottles, upcycled plastic bottles, Canada, eco-fashion giveaways

We’ll announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, October 24. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Tuesday, October 23, so ENTER NOW for a chance to win!


Matt & Nat is a vegan line designed in Montreal, Canada, since 1995. Inspired by Eastern philosophies, creative director and founder Inder Bedi felt compelled to create a brand that is completely cruelty-free. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and no formal fashion training, Bedi set about making bags with local craftsmen, learning early on about the importance of quality workmanship.

Inspired by everyday life, architecture, and graphics, Bedi gradually developed the vision behind Matt & Nat creating beautiful things that have a positive impact. Following this philosophy, the company puts a strong emphasis on environmental awareness. Linings inside Matt & Nat products are always made out of 100 percent recycled plastic bottles. Introduced in 2011, the use of cork, a renewable resource, for the labels inside the bags is another great sustainable feature of Matt & Nat designs. The company also uses high-quality synthetics and fabrics, and develops its own custom hardware.

+ Raylan Sm (in “Stone”) $185

+ Matt & Nat

Originally published on October 9, 2012.

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163 Responses to “GIVEAWAY: Win a Vegan Laptop-Diaper Bag From Matt & Nat (Worth $185!)”

  1. kc says:

    I think I’ll be using this bag for… everything! Picnics, travel, explorations, etc.

  2. kickje says:

    As a young professional entering the corporate world you can bet I’ll use this bag as my catch all for my laptop, paperwork, books, etc.!

  3. alexandra says:

    I’d definitely use this bag to get to my new job (yipeee!!); looks like I could even fit my lunch along all the boring stuff in it! :)

  4. Charalatte says:

    I’m in desperate need for a bag to help me carry my laptop and daily everything while on my bike, and this looks like the bag to take me there! Cruelty free, good lookin, and oh so versatile! Love it.

  5. cainsworth says:

    I practically live out of purse. This would be perfect!

  6. carrieahonen says:

    I will be starting a new job soon and I need to have a slick looking bag so it looks like I know what I’m doing!

  7. darthcorrie says:

    I would definitely use it for work. Finally, a good looking bag that can fit everything I need!

  8. RCDMB says:

    Looks like a great bag! I would use it to carry my laptop…and many other things!

  9. Everation says:

    I drive a school bus in the morning and at mid-day, but between the routes, I volunteer at the college. I carry three separate bags – one for my beverage bottles and food, one for my personal things like mobile phone and wallet, and one for my laptop – I’d LOVE to have an environmentally responsible one that can carry it all! Not to mention how many “style points” a bag like this will grant me from college students! :D

  10. mepwave says:

    I will use the Raylon Sm to promote awesome vegan designers like Matt & Nat. Every time someone compliments it (and oh how they will!) it will promote the awesomeness of cruelty-free designs!

  11. mizlacey says:

    This would be a long-lasting knitting bag. Classy looking and adaptable.

  12. justaudrey says:

    I will use it to carry my laptop, tote my textbooks, and who knows what else! I love the design, and especially the fact that it’s vegan.

  13. veganvs says:

    I’ve been looking for a nice vegan bag for ages! this one looks perfect for my laptop :)

  14. edosher says:

    I simply love the stylish look of this bag! I would use it to carry my laptop, iPad, notes and supplies to job sites. As an interior designer I’m constantly carrying tons of samples and notes and this is the perfect size!

  15. bryanizmir says:

    It looks cool enough to be a great manbag for our new bundle of joy coming soon :) This would be of great use!

  16. bbp30 says:

    I’ve been looking for a stylish laptop bag for years. This is definitely the one!

  17. tinagayletownsend says:

    I will use it for everything! That is the idea, right!?!

  18. Mownia says:

    It’s perfect for me as an artist to hold all my books and supplies while navigating the city, and look chic!

  19. Elina123 says:

    I would definitely use this large bag for my in-making research about textile flow and sustainable fashion in Estonia, to easily take it to one place to another and speak about the situation to the others. :)

  20. onitacristina says:

    The perfect bag to carry my laptop and all my stuff to school.

  21. sherriblank says:

    I’d carry my Matt & Natt wallet in this bag along with my laptop and ducuments to the office where I would share the love I have for this amazing cruelty-free product and spread the word of how fantastic Matt & Natt is!!
    Plus, this would be a FANTASTIC birthday gift as my bday is on the 20th :O)

  22. InvisiGyrl says:

    I just got my first laptop and need a way to tote it around! Thanks for the oppotunity.

  23. 25reasons says:

    I would use it as a travel bag

  24. jkbeitz says:

    Ooh, I covet this bag; love Matt & Nat! Am (knock wood) ending the delightful period of time where I need a diaper bag, but I would use this as my travel tote. It would fit all my varied and sundry flying needs, from e-tablets, to books, to earphones, to no-more-than-4-oz-sized tubes of lotion and antibacterial hand sanitizer.

  25. Atanasovski says:

    I’ll use it for everything! My whole life fits in it; work, play & fun :-).

  26. bitt says:

    I would love to use this for travel. Looks like it would fit everything I need.

  27. ecogirl1 says:

    To show off vegan design everywhere I go!

  28. Ager0625 says:

    Ahhh! Most computer bags are not durable or in any way appealing! This one is perfect and as a interior design major, I could really use a fashionable bag to transport my materials everyday!

  29. hankpop says:

    What won’t I use it for? As a working mom it will hold my iPad and a pack of wipes so I’ll be prepared no matter where I end up.

  30. veganchao says:

    I’d use it for toting my laptop around, a spare sweater, and my vegan lunch :)

  31. hills10 says:

    I would def use this for work, play, everything!

  32. belal says:

    ill use it to carry my laptop :D

  33. Sowgol says:

    Since I am a PhD student and research assistant , I spent my whole day ay work and school, therefore I need to carry many things with me everyday such as laptop which I carry separately in another bag, water bottle , books, homemade sandwich and of course my make up bag, in conclusion I would definitely love to have this gorgeous bag ;)

  34. Mariodk2 says:

    This is the perfect bag for me to hold my computer, my sketchbooks, my zillion pens and pencils and I think there might even be room for some yoga clothes and a bottle of water. Would be a lifesaver in the city life where I always travel by bike.

  35. Marejka says:

    Looks perfect to me, I’d use it to carry all my stuff in it from dusk to dawn… :-)

  36. chrys says:

    Would use it for baby items, personal items and work. Perfect timing since I was looking around for a bag and this one rocks :o)

  37. Arussell says:

    Great fall carryall!!

  38. Da-De says:

    I’ll use it to carry my heels, wallet and snacks on my way to work at a vegan nonprofit!

  39. zoeisenberg says:

    I will use this bag for commuting, where I stash my laptop, yoga clothes for post-work stretching, and snacks like avocados and mangoes.

  40. gr8tfuldayz says:

    Is everything an acceptable answer? ☺ I love Matt & Nat bags! Been dying to own one for the longest time…even before going vegan!

    You guys have the greatest giveaways, thank you so much!

  41. landisj says:

    To class up this mommy’s schlepping!

  42. ksukeena says:

    I will take it to town and show it off.

  43. tenmoku says:

    What a beautiful and practical vegan handbag! Love it! I’d use it for carrying my laptop. Perfect for so many uses.

  44. bbramlett says:

    Love the bag, I would use it for work , home and play, to carry most everything in. Love knowing it is vegan.

  45. Sabine says:

    I definitively know, that I’ll be using this bag for every reason and “vegan-laptop-diaper-bag”-stuff what just would fit in! AND because i am a student (so i could never buy it myself)and i really need my laptop for my studies which is i carry it all day with me… and so, not only my laptop would be good looking with this VEGAN-LAPTOP-DIAPER-BAG-FROM-MATT&NAT… ;)
    Another reason is, i am a girl ;) and all girls do need this bag!!

    …so … can’t wait to get it ;)

  46. sarahvandenberg says:

    I would use this bag for work!

  47. KK says:

    Would be great to have a cute handbag like this for everyday use <3

  48. denzildragon says:

    Hoping to adopt next year, and this would make the perfect diaper bag

  49. krazykillaz says:

    I’d give it to my mom. It looks like something she’d like.

  50. kemann99 says:

    Just started commuting to work via the train, would love to use this laptop bag for my commute.

  51. angegunn (@angegunn) says:

    As I sit on the bus, traveling to and from the city, I’ll reach into this bag to pull out a pad of paper and a pen. I’ll write down the little stories I see created around me as I appreciate the fact I can get a bus to work rather that walk the 5 miles. I’ll also be thankful to see my laptop inside or a book – all the things that keep me busy as I spend time waiting for the bus, or sitting on it. It’s not always the easiest or most convenient way of traveling, but it’s all I’ve got and I’m determined to make the most of my time using it.

  52. says:

    I’d use it to tote my knitting in style!

  53. kittyblack says:

    I would love to use this beautiful bag for diapers and other baby items!

  54. Karry17 says:

    Im due in december, it would make a great diaper bag for me

  55. NellieAbigail says:

    I’ll use this bag to tote around everything I need. As a writer-reporter in New York, it’s perfect for keeping me organized on the go. Also, love repping vegan design!

  56. pouchieteske says:

    What a great looking bag! There looks to be enough pockets for all the stuff i take to work or visit friends; glasses, cell phone, makeup, medicine, lotions, a few novels…I would find this bag very very handy <3

  57. gomeggo says:

    It would be my everyday bag used for everything! It is beautiful!!

  58. buffalorach (@BuffaloRach) says:

    Love this bag! I will definitely not be using it for diapers, but it looks like it will fit perfectly in my bike basket when I ride to and from work!

  59. birdforbeans says:

    I have put the pressure on myself to get to the gym/yoga in the morning before work, so I need something that will carry my work papers, and all my getting ready in the morning stuff, so I can make myself presentable after sweating. The benefit to this system, is that I get to work a lot earlier, and I feel like I’ve already accomplished something. This bag, is just the right size and look to be professional, and extend to after work events, without having to change bags. Score!

  60. buffalorach (@BuffaloRach) says:

    I definitely would not use the bag for diapers any time soon, but I think it would fit perfectly in my bike basket when I ride to and from work!

  61. Sunnymay says:

    I’d use it as a purse or satchel to carry my spiral bound notebooks for writing along with good pens that make the words flow onto the paper. It helps keep you organized to have all the different compartments in this Matt& Nat Diaper Bag. My grandson is almost 6 months old and loves going on walks, so this would look great on the jogging stroller for my daughter.

  62. Cassablanca says:

    My little sister is having her first baby (as well as first in our whole family!) and I want to throw her the best baby shower ever! She would absolutely LOVE this bag!!!

  63. makingadreamhome says:

    This looks like a great travel bag!

  64. sandro619 says:

    for baby #1 coming in february! thanks!

  65. Carley Kahn says:

    This would be my new Mary Poppins bag. It would be my work bag, my travel bag, my daily bag, my knitting bag, my yoga bag, my computer bag…my everything bag. I currently run my own business from a home office, and this would ensure I always step out in style!

  66. loubize says:

    My favorite purse is a Matt&Nat diaper bag because it has these huge elasticated pockets meant for diapers and bottles but also great for holding my odds and ends. The Raylan Sm would just be another great addition to the family but now with a space to hold my laptop therefore taking this beauty from casual to business friendly :)

  67. tadpolepeople says:

    HOLY CRAP! i was just looking at this exact bag on the matt & nat website… i fell in love! it is perfect for a working mom of two (me) who stumbles in to work each morning, late, juggling 800 different items + coffee! ahhhh i need one do-it-all type of bag cause i’m just one do-it-all type person!

  68. becabeeby says:

    well, i would hope that it would transform me into an organised, tidy, never-ever late & well turned out mummy but it may be a bit ask, even for this lovely bag!

  69. yelenahope says:

    For everything that Tara would be using it for.

  70. MVHC (@HypnosisMA) says:

    I will use this bag to carry my client binders and my i-pad. This will have a professional business and stylish business atache in this lovely vegan bag!

  71. blaqqstarr says:

    Because when i walk down the street with that bag im going to own. No one can stop me from looking beutiful with my new VEGAN bag.

  72. thara says:

    I’m an ND, and I do house calls on top of clinic visits. I need a bag that I can carry my medical equipment AND my laptop easily, and all the little extras that come with being out for the day. I’m looking for beautiful, tidy AND functional. Hard to come by. This bag is it. Small pockets for the little pieces and enough room to easily find everything & look good. And Stone, who doesn’t like stone? Fingers crossed.

  73. amanda alvarado says:

    I will be using it as a purse! This looks like it will be big enough to hold everything I need to carry in my purse! :-) I’d probably also be able to fit my Kindle Fire in it too – something I can’t do with my current purse!

  74. jessiemaetaz says:

    I love a big purse, I get teased about it all the time. Probably because I carry a big sink…lol Love this purse! I will use it for travel too. I like to carry many things with me where ever I go. This will be perfect for me!

  75. cloversocks says:

    To replace my old bag which is breaking!

  76. Jess says:

    I LOVE that the bag is vegan! I would basically use it for everything, but I’d look extremely professional at work!

  77. natalie152 (@OceanScented) says:

    I think I’ll give it to my pregnant sister!

  78. erika says:

    I would use this bag for my knitting, books, laptop, and Matt and Nat wallet…sunglasses, lip balm, and beading. Also, for my water bottle! It’d be perfect for my laptop since I’m trying to start a good blog about eco places to shop in Victoria, B.C. and I’m trying to write free e-books that are educational.

  79. ashleychase says:

    i CERTAINLY won’t be using it for diapers, but i WILL use it for my laptop, on which i will check/read/enjoy my ecouterre newsletters :)

  80. This would be such an upgrade from our current fugly Ikea Diaper bag lol. I’d use this as a place to hold my ever-expanding coupon collection, a stash spot for health snax, tote around all my son’s trains & a place 2 carry my laptop. If I don’t win I’m going to be temped to snag a Raylan Sm in Teal =)

  81. pouchieteske says:

    A good looking vegan bag for everyday & when i want to get away.

  82. MichelleNC (@AshevilleMama) says:

    I’d use the bag for carrying around my normal stash of baby-related and techno stuff.

  83. naturalsuccess says:

    This stylish girl’s dream would be used as a schoolbag/fashion piece/laptop holder & last but not least eye candy for the bag lovers out there :)

  84. belcher21 says:

    First, it would be used for as a diaper bag for baby #2 due in January. And more specifically…
    1. Padded compartment: used to store laptop to keep Baby #1 occupied in emergencies
    2. 100 percent recycled nylon: wiping down milk, organic fruit squeezes, cheerios & other crumbs, suntan lotion, etc.
    3. Elasticized compartments: sippy cup in one, bottle in another, mommy’s flask in the 3rd (I kid)
    4. Changing pad for diaper slingers on the go: For taking care of the 1’s and 2’s.

    Once I don’t need the diaper bag anymore I’d love to have this for a handbag!! Love it!

  85. intensev5 says:

    I would love to have this as my everyday purse — it would easily fit all my stuff!!!

  86. akto says:

    I’d use the “Raylan Sm” by Matt & Nat, for everything – a laptop bag, an everyday bag, an overnight bag. It’s so versatile for all the occasions in my life & the fact that it’s vegan, could this be the perfect bag?!?! Thanks for the introduction.

  87. Ana Turrubiates says:

    I’ll be using this bag to carry all my drawing pencils and notebooks with me .. and my laptop off course! :D

  88. Tavia says:

    Friends and co-workers always laugh at me and my bags because I carry so many at one time. I’m a teacher so I’m always toting books and materials between home and work, along with my lunch and personal belongings. The Raylan SM would help me consolidate to one bag and everyone would be asking about it which would lead to conversations about the philosophy of vegan design.

  89. pennyhowell says:

    I will use it for holding my purse items as well as my laptop and various other items.

  90. CPickard says:


  91. yella says:

    i would use it to lug my laptop, ipad, and papers to meetings all over the world!

  92. nicholasruiz (@nicholasruiz) says:

    i’d run around the streets of NYC with this bag comfortably by my side, reducing my use of plastic bags as this would be my carry all.

  93. caroline6185 says:

    I have been looking for a camera bag for my new dslr camera for weeks and this looks like it could definitely fit the bill!

  94. sikidu says:

    My daughter needs this when she graduates college in December

  95. stephaniec says:

    This bag would be great to bring with me on job interviews and weekend getaways–I could easily fit in my laptop, a change of clothes, and a vegan snack without compromising on style.

  96. kzyu says:

    I would give this to my girlfriend, who holds the world in her bag..

  97. anini73 says:

    Great weekend travel bag to hold my Nook or laptop!

  98. Thais says:

    Is there anything more enchanting and righteous than carrying my little dog Tiny in this “Raylan Sm” by Matt & Nat? For sure she’s gonna feel like an eco-friendly princess. I would garnish it with my summer book, water, my sunblock, Tiny and her biscuits. That’s it!

  99. syahida says:

    I’d use the bag to stash my laptop, notes, iPad, camera, everything under the sun that would fit into the bag.

  100. bhsueh says:

    Laptop carrying and general overnight packing!

  101. Infinitme says:

    New job requires carrying a laptop and a new baby requires carrying a wet/dry bag for (cloth) diapers. Perfect eco-friendly bag for both tasks!

  102. knsmith says:

    As a high school English teacher, I would use it to tote all my essentials to and from school (red pens, stacks of marking, lunch,etc.)!

  103. andersjc says:

    I have been looking for the perfect bag that looks great but could hold the baby stuff I still tote around. This is it!

  104. Mjonesaustin says:

    I would love to have a bag that I could use for baby stuff that didn’t look like a diaper bag. I’m always moving my things from bag to bag.

  105. sfinfgeld says:

    Seems like the ideal bag to drag my school books around in!

  106. trishycakes (@@trishycakez) says:

    I would use this for school! I have been looking for a good quality bad for some time now that doesn’t fall apart after one semester!

  107. J. King says:

    I am a design student so I need to lug around tons of supplies; this bag would be perfect for me!

  108. Lexie312 says:

    I will use the bag for books, notebooks & pens (since I don’t have a laptop). I need a stylish, roomy bag to carry these things with me, because I am constantly reading and/or writing when I have to wait at any appointment.

  109. greengirl430 says:

    I would use it to protect my iPad, plus the usual purse contents. I’m also a nanny, so it would be big enough to toss snacks, sippy cup and an extra diaper in!

  110. JessicaMcIlroy says:

    Perfect way to pack my business cards, notebook, diaper, wipes and snacks!

  111. amycath says:

    I would use it to bring my laptop, books, and snacks to the library!

  112. carebeargerr says:

    The Raylan Sm looks sophisticated and chic and like it can be used to carry all everyday essentials and that is what I would use it for. ~

  113. valleydee says:

    For my laptop now, and for diapers in a few years! =)

  114. Careey says:

    Perfect addition to my daily life as a new mother and business professional.

  115. says:

    Will work great as a laptop bag for now and a diaper bag when I have my next baby.

  116. Laura Thompson says:

    I’d use the Raylan Sm as a great carry-all when I’m traveling to visit family. I use a backpack right now and the Raylan seems much more mature.

  117. SaraMcKenna (@@smckennaSC) says:

    I’d love to use this bag just for everyday use! I’m a big believer in using eco conscious products and supporting companies that create them. It’s cute, it’s fashionable and it looks like it’s going to be big enough to fit my life it in!

  118. cjd.heide says:

    I saw this bag outside a store at Market Mall and thought “hey, wouldn’t that make an adorable diaper bag!”, so I walked in and low and behold, my favourite bag brand had an actual diaper bag. I am expecting a baby boy in March, and as a single mom can’t be spending the regular amount of money I usually can. Winning this bag would make me ridiculously happy. Can’t wait to hear the results! :)

  119. Nadia says:

    I’ll use it for work, it has the perfect size to carry everything I need, my laptop and some books.

  120. andreaschwartz says:

    Mat and Nat!!! My favorites! I would use this bag as my main purse, as everything I need to carry would fit just so. So, envision me hopping and skipping down the street, with this beautiful bag on my shoulder! :D

  121. shaniacharmer says:

    I would use as an everyday bag to carry essentials to work; water bottles and snacks to my son’s Marching Band competitions; small group study books to our weekly Bible studies!

  122. sportnyagin says:

    I am starting my own woman-run fashion business and need a “power purse” that says who I am! Dressing responsibly is important to me, and this Matt & Nat bag says it all!

  123. melissafreij says:

    I would love to be using this bag for all the baby stuff, diapers, bottles etc, plus my mommy things – it’d be my new stylish diaper bag!!! As a mom, you can’t carry around a purse and a diaper bag sometimes, so i try to combine the 2! Love Mat and Nat!!

  124. michellebethune says:

    Im an artist and am always needing a bag to carry my art and supplies. I also love collecting trinkits and fun stuff to use in my art so this bag would so come in handy. Hey…my dog Peanut would fit in it too. I could take her to junk shops so she could help me find fun stuff to use and re-use! Love it and I know she would love to come with me on my journeys!

  125. ellencanderson says:

    I desperately need a bag to lug my laptop back and forth from work!

  126. shanny6 says:

    Hello ! I would love to win this bag ! I am vegan, I love this idea. i would use it as my everyday purse. It is beautiful. A piece of art ! thx Shannon

  127. says:

    With baby number 3 on the way it’s time for a new diaper bag!

  128. SuS says:

    Wallet, makeup bag, keys, phone, hand lotion, pens, dental floss, coupons, business cards, calendar.

  129. julesadventures says:

    i need a sassy diaper bag..this is it

  130. counterpose says:

    Wow, this is a gorgeous bag! I love Matt and Nat! I would take this bag everywhere I go! Good luck to everyone!

  131. AEK says:

    This would be perfect for our new baby, due in April!

  132. cpmc says:

    This will be perfect for going to and fro from my new job. It will hold everything!

  133. akc0625 says:

    I would LOVE this bag – I graduate soon from my masters in architecture and sustainable design degree and would love to have a bag for work that would compliment my style as well as my values. Matt & Nat have it RIGHT!

  134. sveg says:

    my camera

  135. Purestone says:

    It will hold everything.

  136. veggie says:

    I adore companies, such as Matt-Nat! Vegan~Cruelty Free,
    recycling plastic and designing a bag that looks fabulous!
    What more could one ask for? Being a vegetarian, I try to
    support as many Vegan and Fair Trade Companies, as possible.
    I would this lovely purse on a daily basis; whether going
    out with friends, shopping, to the library, etc.!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  137. elisse says:

    Would wear it a lot when traveling- it’s a great, stylish, classic bag!

  138. bmgurru says:

    I just got a promotion,, it would be a nice treat for myself

  139. Hofken says:

    I would use this as my everyday bag so I could show it off

  140. AEPyle says:

    A girl onthe go in SF needs to have everything – laptop, flats, and many many layers to prepare for the fog! this bag would be perfect.

  141. cat says:

    School , wrk n possibly a diaper bag! Maybe preggo! Ah!

  142. mloth says:

    This awesome bag would become my new glorified lunchbox. Perfect for toting all of my sandwich/salad/chip needs to and from work.

  143. jerik says:

    beauty and practicality in non cruel format—what can’t i do with it

  144. sachabros says:

    If I win, I’ll put my favourite things in it.

  145. Jisgreen says:

    I would give this bag to my amazing mother, who is the most generous and selfless person who walks this earth, yet refuses to treat herself to nice things, instead lugs around multiple bags with all of her things.

  146. JenniferCo says:

    I’d use it as a laptop bag!

  147. jillian0 says:

    What WOULDN’T you use this for?????? I love their bags and I was seriously torn between this one I the one I ended up buying. Great colours this fall!!!!!!

  148. dreamer says:

    That bag looks so spacious and fancy. I would put my everything in it.

  149. theyearofslowfashion says:

    to work on my blog

  150. annettecancel (@annettecancel) says:

    It is perfect for me!!! I’m a mom, student and accountant, I can fir everything here and its vegan like me and my family :)

  151. parris says:

    Arghhhhh I NEED THIS BAGG!!! lol Ive beeen needing a new bag for school and this is just perfect!

  152. erinscogin (@erinscogin) says:

    I would use this as my everyday bag and take it everywhere. It is so cute and would be a great replacement for my not so friendly Alexander Wang bag.

  153. Dez says:

    I’m an interior designer so it would be perfect for my laptop, sketchbook, product brochures, the kitchen sink and everything else I tote around on a daily basis! And how wonderful that it’s Vegan!

  154. Pischen says:

    This would be perfect for university and for showing people how pretty vegan bags are! <3

  155. maryjcastel says:

    I have two preschoolers and ride them to daycare every day, then on to work. This bag would be fantastic for all our needs. I also love Matt & Nat are Canadian & super duper stylish, like me!

  156. Hdruktenis says:

    I am a nurse. I love to keep my stethoscope and other equipment organized and ready to use in case OD emergency. This bag sound like a dream for a woman who carries around a ton of stuff! WANT!

    xo ~h

  157. mvtshops says:

    I’d use it for just about everything – definitely as an every day bag since the neutral colors goes with anything.

  158. Belle79 says:

    I would love this bag!!! I could use it for either my laptop, nook or to carry my little doggy, Tristan around in it is the perfect size!!!

  159. ak29 (@@ecologiqfashion) says:

    I live in San Francisco and only use public transportation or walk, so this bag would help me out as a purse, a carrier of work things, a bag that will allow me to carry some yummy farmers market veggies, or the occasional purchase. Super functional, fashionable, and eco-friendly!

  160. Jeanine says:

    I could use this bag for everything! Diaper bag, school, laptop. I am so in love with this bag and I’ve had my eye on it for quite some time now! Fingers crossed!!!

  161. jlannar says:

    I’d use it for everything (diaper and non-diaper duties)

  162. ndbartlett says:

    Books, books. iPad, lunch school school school

  163. KenyaLoveJewelry says:

    I’ll be haulin’ this baby all over town ;)