Win a Weekender Cardigan, Purse From Indigenous Designs (Worth $139)!

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Now that spring is in the air, it’s time to shed that heavy coat in favor of something a little more breezy. We’ve got the perfect transitional piece in mind—and we’re giving it away! (It’s Crazy Eddie time, people.) One lucky reader will get to add this 100 percent organic-cotton cardigan by fair-trade clothier Indigenous Designs to their spring wardrobe. Plus, we’re throwing in a gorgeous alpaca cable-knit bag to create a matching ensemble worth $139! Enter now for your chance to win!


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winner there.)

2. LEAVE A COMMENT below sharing your favorite piece from the whole Indigenous Designs collection and why. We’ll pick the response we like the best, so be as detailed and creative as possible!

weekender cardigan, indigenous designs, giveaway, free stuff, green fashion, eco fashion, sustainable fashion, fair trade, alpaca, organic cotton, contests, eco contest, win free stuff, sustainable style

We’ll pick our favorite comment and announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, March 24. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Tuesday, March 23, so ENTER NOW for a chance to add these pretty pieces to your green wardrobe!


Scott Leonard and Matt Reynolds founded Indigenous Designs as a scalable artisan network with a commitment to sustainability and socially responsible actions. The global collaboration that they’ve built weaves together artisans and customers from all around the world, and the company strives to support and preserve fair trade wages and investment in natural and organic fibers, environmentally friendly dyes, and a appreciation of the beauty of handmade eco-fashion.

+ Indigenous Designs

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42 Responses to “Win a Weekender Cardigan, Purse From Indigenous Designs (Worth $139)!”

  1. karin.zylsaw says:

    Indigenous Design’s Yoke Tank is gorgeous!

    The design creates a flattering silhouette and the neckline is classic and feminine. I love how the detail accents the natural beauty of the neck and collarbone. Certainly an example of understated elegance!

    This design shows the skill of the artisan, and reminds me of the hands that carefully wove and created the garment.

    The organic materials and fair wages solidify the value – Imagine, wearing social and environmental justice!

    (A close second is the Hooded Serape in Mint.)

  2. KMaeCastle says:

    I love the Weekender Cardigan!!! I love the neckline and the material! What makes it so great though is that it is fair trade!

  3. Mitzi says:

    I am in love with the Asymmetrical Zip in black. It has a very versatile look! It would work well as a daily sweater or active wear paired with leggings or yoga pants. The off centered zipper and ribbing along the front make it a great evening jacket for casual evenings out.

  4. rochelle says:

    weekender cardigan absolutely – It could slip that on over a my ACTUAL weekend wear (a grubby t-shirt and worn out jeans) and walk out the door pulling off like I always have it together.

  5. shellthebell says:

    Now I’m not a poet, but I thought I would try
    to win a cute poem, so I wouldn’t have to buy

    This weekender cardigan that I just adore
    with this in my wardrobe I’d never be a bore.

    I don’t own a black bag, with this purse I’d be ocmplete
    and always in fashion from my head to my feet.

    Although I like the prizes, I have to admit
    This red apple wrap hoodie would be a perfect fit.

    Twice you’ve picked a poet, so I’m calling you out
    and writing a poem, to see what this is about.

    I tried for the boots, I tried for the spree,
    I even politely asked, “please pick me”.

    So I’ve written a poem, and I hope you can tell
    that I enjoy fashion and I wear it well.

  6. hofken says:

    My favorite piece from the Indigenous Designs collection is the Women’s cropped cowl in sesame and white – so cute over a tee!

  7. laurelm says:

    The Asymetrical zip is a modern classic and also my favorite. I think I’ll order one in the redwood color.

  8. melissa mc says:

    I’d really like to have the black Variegated Turning Leaf top for it is the perfect choice during the cooler spring days that we are still having this time of year as well as in the autumn season when it rolls around again — thank you for the chance!

  9. Mikelynn says:

    I love the women’s cropped cowl :) They are perfect for work….warm and comfortable and yet they are professional looking.

  10. jules says:

    I just love the red apple wrap hoody, I’ve got to have it! The bright red color is outstanding, without using synthetic dyes?! Awesome! I love the sleek lines, but mostly the production values of fair trade. What an honor it’s going to be to wear your clothes! Thank you, Ecouterre!

  11. wildbug says:

    Oh wow, hard call because there are so many great pieces in this collection. I absolutely love the red apple wrap hoody! It’s got a relaxed, but sophisticated design that says comfort and style. Made with organic cotton and low impact dyes for health, yet makes a statement with the fresh red apple palette. Who said organic cotton has to be dull?! I also adore the Weekender Cardigan. It’s so Audrey Hepburn – with an elegant cut, high neckline and proportions that will lengthen any torso. Deep front pockets add comfort and convenience. Fair trade, 100% organic cotton and low impact dyes seal the deal. I’ll take one!

  12. carli says:

    These clothes are gorgeous. The hooded sarape is the sexiest sweater I have ever seen.

    I <3 Ecouterre

  13. eboneangel says:

    The designs are fabulous, I was really delighted to run into the Indi Zip Hoody. I would love to purchase this! The hoody is perfect for the Spring Weather, light and comfortable. I could see myself wearing it around the house or surfing around the local farmers market with a pair of casual jeans or yoga pants. If I were to buy the black hoody, I could transform it and where it with a pair of light cotton slacks and a pair of heels to meet the girls for lunch on a saturday afternoon. I can imangine many ways to wear this hoody. I feel it is a must have!

  14. oddtree says:

    Great selection. I think the Ruched Scoop look super comfortable and would be cute for work or a night out but still comfortable enough to wear all day.

  15. gaiawisdom says:

    My favorite piece out of the whole Indigenous Design collection would have to be the Crochet Cardigan. I love clothing that is crocheted. A lot of time and effort goes into making crocheted items. It’s a true artisan piece! This piece in particular has a very intricate and detailed design yet it is simple too. It is very feminine and very flattering on the body. And, it comes in the 3 basic colors that go with everything, what could be better! I would love to own one of these!

  16. sasskitty says:

    I love the asymmetrical zip in the redwood. I was tempted to say black, but judging by the monocromacity of my black/grey/chocolate wardrobe, I feel it is time to move to redwood. Not that I would say no to the black. I love the versatility and uniqueness of the piece and I think it would be a great core piece for any wardrobe. I see myself throwing it on over a white tshirt and jeans and boots for a great weekend look, or with fab little skirt for work. SOLD!

  17. kittykatc says:

    A beautiful cardigan and bag knit from alpaca!
    Fair trade, low impact, and indigenous materials?
    I love these almost as much as yoga!

    A quintessential broke college student,
    Late nights, ramen noodles, final exams;
    I could do it all with this garment!

    The Essential V is the subject of this haiku,
    Bright coral, comfy cotton, a wardrobe staple!!
    Supporting local farmland all the way in Peru!

    Indigenous designs : retail therapy thats environmentally conscious!
    Good karma, no chemicals, and high quality!
    A clothing line that is as eco-friendly as it is gorgeous!

  18. teei says:

    The bohemian blouse in cocoa is a great example of how far organic apparel has come – both in mainstream style and affordability.

    While I love to broadcast to anyone who’ll listen when the clothes I’m wearing (and they’re admiring) are organic, I’m thinking nobody will have seen that coming with this blouse, especially if I tell them it was only $45, first ;)

  19. gemmaodw says:

    Great collection it has a modron style and looks to the collection well incoraparating the issues today with Fair trade and being 100% Organic. It is over all great design, it is what all design should be.

  20. tgreenaway says:

    The Urban fingerless gloves have panache! They are just the right combination of eco + glamor + incredibly useful in spring weather. They offer a whole new approach the layering; they’re lighter and easier to carry than a jacket but really look like they’d warm you up if you were, say waiting for the train or biking home! And they’re all the better for keeping one’s (gloveless) fingers crossed.

  21. erbaterra says:

    I love this line! Great materials and design, plus it is sustainable… what can be better than that?

  22. redheadweaver says:

    i don’t know if i can beat shellthebell’s lovely poem but the new Legends Dress is marvelous! I especially like that it is made with organic cotton and tencel. How I love tencel! Such a wonderful material to work with (especially in weaving :D). This dress has such a cute look – cozy and couture :) Plus the fact that it is made as ecologically sound as it is, gives it the A++ in my books :) Indigenous – ingenious – Designs –> high five to your masterful effort at improving one of the most wasteful and toxic industries out there: Fashion/Clothing Design.
    The weekender sweater would add a bolt of fresh fire to my dull attire :D haha. Thanks for giving me a chance to win a lovely piece of eco clothing!

  23. Ashlili says:

    Weekender Cardigan is the winner. I loved it right away-the chic structure and comfortable fabric combo, plus it’s versatile and timeless and what’s more eco-conscious than keeping a piece forever? I knew that people on the street would stop and ask “Where did you get that?!” and I would be thrilled to tell them how you can be environmentally responsible while having great style.

  24. robnin says:

    I love the bag Inca Tote. It’s a perfect bag that you can carry to the library or cafe. I think its simple design and bright colors are really like a natural delight signal you can share with everyone you meet.

  25. cathiet says:

    The Asymetrical Zip sweater in Redwood has two things I love: asymmetry and a warm fall color. It looks utterly sophisticated and perfectly cozy.

  26. My Green Australia says:

    I don’t buy many pieces of clothing, I have terrible guilt associated with shopping (my mother was a miser!!) but the Essential Crew in ECO GREEN, now that is something I would buy! It would work well with so many other things – jeans, pencil skirts, cute beige short shorts!

    Currently I am assembling a “New York Outfit” for the first time I visit New York City next month.

    I think I would go with the Essential Crew underneath a black puffy vest, knee high boots with a slight heel and dark denim jeans. What do you think? I am I last season (gosh hope it isn’t 2 seasons ago!!)

    I am Australian a desperately want to have “New York Day”. Wearing the perfect outfit, listening to some great music on my headphones and walking the streets being super cool. I think might even eat a bagel too!


  27. char74 says:

    This is a lovely collection, with a comfortable, but sophistocated look. The Turning Leaf in Breeze is my favorite so far, but the urban Fingerless Gloves were a close second.

    The skirts both looked lovely as well.

  28. DolphinV27 says:

    Fuzzy Wuzzy is this sweater,
    Fuzzy Wuzzy, the bag’s even better,
    Fuzzy Wuzzy my favorite ‘Yoke Tank’ is not,
    Because who needs Fuzzy Wuzzy now that it’s hot?


  29. JL Grillo says:

    I really like the Eco Wool Blanket with the black and white pattern. I would be perfect on cold winter nights.

  30. jodyleepj says:

    Oooh – the Indi Zip Hoody… j’adore! I just want to slip it on, hop on my bicycle and explore the city on a sunny Spring day.

  31. KateLynn says:

    Before Indigenous Designs I had never of known,
    An asymmetrical neck line – Turning leaf – I would have to own,
    Whether I win the cardi and purse, we shall see,
    Either way, I will have my Turning Leaf to comfort me.
    Turning Leaf in Breeze, what a name for a color,
    It makes me think of eternity, or endless summer.
    As for the cardigan and purse, this autumn I’ll look stellar –
    Sophisticated & classic for me, an urban dweller.

  32. persephone123 says:

    There is a simplicity in the design of the asymetrical zip, the central ribbing that draws the eye up to the tall wide neck, structurally sound to hold up on its own when fully zipped but can become a thing of casual comfort when unzipped just enough. The zip in redwood is soft and provides subtlety to the lines of this sweater, which could be potentially hard in the brighter colors, but in the redwood color is an unusual neutral that melds perfectly with any attire or environment and would be a wonderful addition to my wardrobe as I do not often have many browns. The asymmetry of the zipper seems to favor the left hand to unzip it, but I think it would be a clever way to encourage the one you love to stand on your left side and unzip the sweater for you.

  33. veggie says:

    The “Legends Dress” appeals to me very much! The orchid color
    says Spring and I like the zipper front for layering different
    looks. One time could be casual, another lacy and feminine and
    strapless for the evening. The fact that it is made in Peru
    under Fair Trade conditions is a big plus to me!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  34. apathygetsyounowhere says:

    The best thing about companies like Indigenous is their ability to bring a level of sophistication to environmentally/socially sensitive design. Much of the mainstream, despite all of the publicity the sustainability tenet has received over the last decade, still associates a ‘green’ way of life with left radicalism and a rejection of everything that is luxurious and good about our way of life. It is wonderful that brands like Indigenous are creating eco-friendly products that have a classy aesthetic and brand narrative. Because of them, people are finally discovering that being ‘eco-friendly’ can also be ‘wardrobe friendly’, too. My favorite piece? The Inca Tote – it’s so versatile! You could wear it with a black peacoat and make your outfit pop in the winter-time, or in the summer you can pair it with a light white sundress and look perfectly beachy…

  35. lauralots says:

    I love the alpaca cable knit bag because of the memories it brings back to me. Firstly it reminds me of a recent visit to a sustainable farm in Bolivia last summer, when an alpaca spat it’s chewed food in my face and we all fell about laughing and I smelled terrible for the rest of the day! And secondly, more happily, it reminds me of my Nana. She used to own a bag just like this in which she kept her knitting. I used to visit her in work in Oxfam and she’d be knitting babies booties when the shop was quiet. I would like to make more memories with this bag on my arm and my knitting needles inside!

  36. GinnySkal says:

    The Legends dress is sure to be a legend in any gal’s wardrobe. The orchid hue will leave any woman feeling like a gorgeous flower, and she’s not far from one since it’s made with organic cotton.

  37. ourdesignedlife says:

    Totally loving the wrap hoodie! It would be absolutely perfect to throw on when I take the dog for a walk down at the beach. And that red would look all kinds of good over at the beach!

  38. jaclynfett says:

    I really like the Essential Crew in both available colors. I love long sleeved basic tops and it looks really flattering and could be worn year round.

  39. moflat says:

    The featured cardigan is amazing. It’s the perfect weekend jacket and will tie in virtually every article of clothing I own but which is currently disconnected and disorganized. I could wear it every week for twenty years and always feel chic and pulled together! I am loving this collection!

  40. reva skie says:

    I love the plated wrap, so elegant

  41. Sandra T says:

    My favorite piece are the Flower Pins, they are so colorful and beautiful I think I could use it as a hair piece or maybe put it with a ribbon to tie around my head or waist as a belt, or as an accent to a clutch purse, the imagination is the limit. Thanks for letting me participate in the giveaway.

  42. Sandra T says:

    My favorite piece are the Flower Pins,they are so colorful, I would use it as a hair piece, or attached it to a ribbon to use it around my head or waist as a belt. Maybe use it as an applique to a clutch purse, well the imagination is the limit. Thanks for letting me participate in the giveaway.