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Eager to spring-green your closet for 2010 but kinda short of the other kind of green? We’re teaming up with one of our favorite sustainable lines and the world’s oldest and largest organic fashion company, Hessnatur, to give away our biggest prize yet: a $2,010 shopping spree from their website so you can start the year right in sustainable style. Take your pick of the eco-friendly label’s versatile cardigans, flowy dresses, lighweight trenchcoats, and chic separates. Enter now for your chance to win!


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winner there.)

2. VISIT THE HESSNATUR WEBSITE and LEAVE A COMMENT below telling us which Hessnatur piece is your absolute fave and why. We’ll pick the response we like the best, so be as detailed and creative as possible!

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We’ll pick our favorite comment and announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, March 17. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Tuesday, March 16, so ENTER NOW for a chance to win a whole new eco-wardrobe!


All Hessnatur clothing is pure, natural, and made with respect for planet and the people who produce and wear it. From cotton to linen to silk, wool, cashmere, alpaca and mohair, all Hessnatur garments are made from 100 percent natural fibers with no toxins from dyes, bleaches, or other chemicals used in the production process.

Hessnatur actively participates in the Clean Clothes Campaign, a coalition of trade unions, consumer organizations, human-rights groups, and women’s organizations that aims to improve working conditions in the global garment industry. Hessnatur is certified by the Fair Wear Foundation, which means it adheres to the highest social standards regarding working conditions and wages. (Farmers receive an organic fair-trade premium of up to 40 percent for their entire harvest.)

In addition to being sustainably made, the easy to wear, Hessnatur’s classic designs mean that you can make them staples in your closet for years to come—definitely what we’d call sustainable.

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177 Responses to “WIN IT: Green Your Closet in 2010 With a $2,010 Hessnatur Shopping Spree!”

  1. osbornena says:

    With so much to choose from it was slightly overwhelming!-But hands down, my pick is the olive green cashmere/cotton/silk multi-layer skirt. The complexity (but so unfussy) of the uneven layers edged with printed trim makes for a totally unique piece–sure to grab anyone’s attention. Plus, certified organic farming was used to produce the cotton. Beautiful + Sustainable. I would wear it with flat, black Grecian-style sandals in the summer and toughen it up with some thigh-high faux suede boots in the fall. Versatile and eco-chic, what more could a girl ask for?

  2. Jasmin Malik Chua says:

    Oohlala, I might have to snag this silk dress for myself, methinks!

  3. Yuka Yoneda says:

    I SO wish I could enter this myself but alas I cannot. Nevertheless, I just want to say that I really love the sheer navy blue georgette dress. It’s the perfect classic dress to have in your closet for weddings – just throw on a different cardi or wrap, accessorize and go!

  4. diana.b says:

    The Hessnatur silk dresses are all exquisite but there is just something about the men’s line that makes me shriek with excitement. Maybe it’s the hot models in the pictures or maybe it is just so awesome to see that there are eco alternatives for men to look fabulously fashionable as well.

    The suspenders are adorable but my gut tells me that I could make the perfect out fit out of the Pure Organic Linen Shirt in violet, with a 3″ elastic belt, black leggings, and the Pure Linen Scarf in savanna. This look would work well with some earth friendly shoes from Terra Plana. Since I would be saving money with the shopping spree I would splurge and go with the Maplow shoe in black vegan leather.

    To top it all off I would wear this style with a a vintage fedora. Hopefully I could also inspire my guy to wear these Hessnatur looks. I think he’d be impressed with the chic and simple elegance of the organic fibers and socially responsible methods of producing the clothing

  5. yoonbio410 says:

    The Mul-patterned jacquard summer organic cotton dress is my favorite. The summer pattern reminds me of a warmer season that is in stark contrast to NYC in the past few months.

    It is wonderful to see such original style in organic wear. I am excited for this line!

  6. melissad says:

    i would normally gravitate to the babies section and drool over all the onesies, but since my 21 month old daughter already has a closet (um a walk-in closet i might ad) full of organic clothes i am springing my mommy card and drooling over the dresses instead!

    i would be happy with any of the dresses since i have found dresses to be so figure forgiving. i’ve been steadily adding more of these to my closet and i LOVE love love the silk georgette dress. that is something i could pair with a jean jacket and sandals for a casual day or throw on a fancy shcmancy wrap for the all too infrequent date night with the hubby.

    in fact, now that i think of it, having that dress would practically guarantee a date night!

  7. hofken says:

    The Hessnatur piece that is my absolute fave is the Pure Cashmere Coat. OK – it’s about $1,000 but it’s still my fave.

  8. somekindaliz says:

    The bamboo/organic cotton tee dress is my favorite piece from Hessnatur. It’s a versatile cut that could be worn it many different ways, and it comes it neutral earth tones, making it a great basic item for any occasion. I’d dress this closet must-have down by pairing with leggings, knee high flat riding boots, and belting it at the waist, or dress it up by pairing it with tights, heels, and an oversized blazer.

  9. bethbot says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Linen Tank Dress, not only because it’s made in an eco-conscious way, but because I live in dresses and skirts in the arid summer weather of Northern Colorado. Since we’re still covered in snow, looking at this comfy dress gives me hope that Spring will come again!

  10. taulya says:

    Fell in love with the Organic Cotton Poncho Cardigan right off the bat. I love flowy stuff, it makes me feel all graceful and dancy.

  11. threeowls says:

    My favourite piece is the wide legged linen pants…great style and forgiving cut. I have a similar pair in cotton, that I have added a band around the hem to keep them going as I love the cut so much…they look sweet with button down shirts and under swinging tunics as well. The pin tuck down the front gives it a lean look, and perhaps even a bit of retro…sweetness.

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  13. ranksubjugation says:

    I tried to deny that the Pure Cashmere coat is my favorite. I didn’t want to fall in love with a $1000 coat but, well, there it is anyway: L-O-V-E. Beyond its eco-friendly construction, cuddle-tastic cashmere face and silk lining, this is the perfect sustainable garment because it can be worn everywhere — practically forever. I could just as easily wear this with ripped jeans as I could with a business suit, and it would never seem out of place. Plus, I could easily tuck the funnel collar around my neck for extra warmth or swap out the belt to update the look. High quality, versatile, and convertible!

  14. ktkatherine says:

    Can one ever have too many sweaters? I think not. My favorite item is the Alpaca and Wool Cardigan (item number 30873). I love it’s warm, comfy look – it reminds me of something my grandmother would have made for me. Sweaters like this are like the comfort foods of the culinary world – so warm and needed on a cold winter’s day! Plus, it’s a very classic look that will never go out of style – a closet staple, if you will!

  15. atlantagal says:

    “Organic Cotton Cardigan” does little to describe the beauty of this cardigan–it’s like a woven piece of artwork that you can wear. How many pieces of clothing in our closet can we say that about? That is why I pick this piece, with its burgeoning blossoms, as my favorite from the Hessnatur collection. I love how it speaks “green” so fully–not only showcasing nature in it’s beauty but also literally into every fiber of the cardigan with organic cotton from Turkey. This cardigan would be a mainstay in my closet, pairing it with jeans and a t-shirt for a Saturday shopping the farmer’s market or with a smart dress and colorful flats for work. Either way, it would bring sunshine to any outfit!

  16. WhitSF says:

    I’ve lost 15 lbs in the past 6 months and, in this cooler weather, would love to show off my trimmer figure in what may be my favorite piece on the Hessnatur site: the classic, sleek, and sexy A-line wool coat (item #27344). It hugs at the right places and would be perfect to accompany my new silk/cotton jersey dress (31738) out for a night on the town!

  17. laurelm says:

    It’s difficult to only choose one since there are so many lovely choices! I would have to say the Linen/New wool Bermudas. I commute to work on bicycle and it’s difficult to find stylish clothes that you can bike to work in and still wear in the office. Usually I have to change into a new outfit. These would solve that problem.

  18. thecatenelson says:

    I’m signed up.
    I *love* the cotton silk/cashmere skirt.
    It’s lovely and unique and it just exudes confidence. Whether with secondhand heels or with my old country boots, I would love to flounce around in that!

  19. Dorothee says:

    Spring is the time for light and flowing dresses! This May, I will be traveling to the Southwest to film videos throughout the region and Hessnatur’s Pure Silk Georgette Dress is the perfect item to keep me cool and feeling elegant even as I’m trekking through sandy desert towns! I love the flattering empire waist and the striking reptilian pattern, it says to me, “I’m confident yet romantic and I would love to watch the sunset from your pueblo.” I can totally see myself pairing this dress with cowboy boots for work during the day, and then dressing it up with a scarf and strappy heels for an evening out.

  20. AFbestb says:

    It’s difficult to choose. My top five are the silk/cotton jersey dress (perfect for work or a night out), the organic cotton dress (perfect for the day or even work in the summer, just all around practical), the silk/cotton jersey slip dress, the organic cotton trench coat, and the organic cotton warmup jacket.

    If I had to choose – the cotton dress. It just really is such a great item.

  21. mamaks says:

    wow. that georgette dress is all mine…

  22. melissa mc says:

    there are so many pieces to choose from, but my favorite item is the Pure Wool Plaid Jacket since I need a snazzy light-weight coat for both spring and fall — thank you for the chance!

  23. zebo says:

    i love the fuchsia and orange patterned wool sweater because it has such a striking and colorful design that reminds me of india or some other tropical place. it’s been so dreary here with snowfall and cold air that this would help me break out of the winter doldrums. the title says it’s wool but the description says it’s organic cotton…i’m hoping it’s cotton! i would wear this sweater with a white cotton gathered mini skirt and my tan hemp lace-up oxfords and skip around town!

  24. hockiemack says:

    i LOVE the sheer navy blue georgette dress. I hope I win, the clothes are amazing!

  25. fritter says:

    I love the Organic Cotton Dress 31758.

    It exudes summer. And I am so over winter!

  26. megquinn says:

    My favorite Hessnatur clothing item TODAY is the Spring Cardigan! It seems several years ago when natural clothing was getting big the only things you could find were pieces that looked like they could be for a man or woman, I was never sure. Today natural clothing that feels good on your body and makes you feel good inside can now help you feel girly and conscientious all at the same time! I LOVE this cardigan simply because it makes me feel pretty, so, so pretty!!!

  27. teganaubrie says:

    The Love Life Tee instantly caught my eye. Not only do I like the beautifully ornate yet simple design, I can picture my family wearing the tees while out spending a warm summer day at the lake. We do love life and do our best to teach our children do find joy in the little every-day moments. The Love Life Tee is a great reminder of that.

  28. veggie says:

    I have fallen in love with the Rose-Embroidered Lace Trim
    Organic Cotton Cami. The fact that the organic cotton comes
    from a pioneering community in Burkina Faso, Africa is very
    important to me. The Silk-Linen Short Sleeved Cropped
    Cardigan is what I would pair with this very feminine cami!
    The cardigan would keep the look feminine when the spring
    is still cool or for a walk by the ocean…..
    Many thanks, Cindi

  29. estypearl says:

    With so many beautiful items to choose from its hard to decide but the silk georgette dress with its gently wrapped styling would be oh so flattering and the gorgeous bohemian silk print knocked my stockings off! I would feel very feminine and sexy yet sophisticated wearing this eco-fab design.
    I can imagine myself sitting in a cafe in Roma fending off hot Italian suitors wearing this…
    Thanks for the opportunity and for the intro to Hessnatur! I will definitely be ordering!

  30. Jacquelyn says:

    I absolutely LOVE the organic cotton trench coat! I just moved to NYC from Atlanta, and I’m slowly trying to build up the wardrobe needed for a southerner to survive in the north. With a deep commitment to a vegan, organic lifestyle, and being a broke osteopathic medical student, you can imagine its a slow progression. This coat would be perfect for the spring in the city, and step up my wardrobe from perpetual student to a more professional look. I love all of the organic cotton, linen, and wool pants that would continue to spruce up my wardrobe. And for my rare day off from studying, I would LOVE to own the printed pure silk georgette dress. Its perfect for a mimosa at a sidewalk cafe in the city in the summer!

  31. blocks says:

    A girl can get away with owning multiple black dresses but who needs quantity when you have a versatile and high quality one like Hessnatur’s eco-Silk/Cotton Jersey Dress.

    Work, dress up or dress down:
    -For work: Black heels, a chunky turquoise necklace and a loose french-twist
    -Killer Red heels and lipstick provide you a stylish night out
    -Gold Flats, natural wavy hair and some bangles hit the mark for Saturday brunch with the girls

    Buy one for yourself here:

  32. AuroraPalesca says:

    Ohhhh so many favorites!!! I know what I’ll be asking for my birthday this year

    …but I can see myself wearing the Silk and Cotton Jersey Tunic over and over again! It looks so comfortable while still being ultra chic and stylish. I imagine it paired with the matching trousers, turning heads at a networking cocktail, or turning into a conversation piece at a small gathering of friends. On its own it would make a super sexy mini dress. I have some black stretchy pants that would be just perfect! Great for summer on its own, and for winter underneath the Pure Boiled Wool Coat. There are just so many possibilities.

    I guess it doesn’t hurt that the model has that big and fabulous hair, either. As a straight and thin-haired girl, I am green with envy!

  33. Rachel says:

    Definitely the Silk/Cotton Jersey Dress!
    A classic and feminine style that never outdates!
    It can be worn over and over again and updated with different necklaces and scarves found at my local flea market.

    I’m really impressed by the menswear range also!

  34. greenmomali says:

    i would have to choose the pure organic cashmere scarf. i love that it is oversized so it can also be worn as a wrap. i also think that our clothing should make us feel more connected to nature instead of separated from it, so i appreciate the free-range qualities of this scarf. i can picture myself wearing this scarf while dancing around in a field of flowers, whirling like a dervish, and feeling like a kid again. i wish all of my clothes made me feel so good! i would totally pair this with some hemp/organic cotton jeans, which would be perfect for bike commuting and running errands with my son. i’m all about functional fashion these days and i love that you don’t have to sacrifice either with this line of clothing.

    i tried to browse the hessnatur site without looking at the babies section, but i finally caved to fulfill the mommy urge i had been fighting. i just love dressing my baby in natural, organic clothing, and sleepwear is one of the hardest things to find. i love that the organic cotton pajamas for babies have no chemicals or flame retardants, and are made from super soft organic cotton. that’s all i want touching my baby’s skin. (and the tights with the bunnies on the bum look adorable too!)

  35. musicxisxlovex1 says:

    Oh wow, there are just so many things to choose from!

    I would have to say that I love the Organic Cotton Skirt with the “lime printed” pattern! I can see myself wearing it with everything, from colored opaque tights and pumps in the winter to sandals and flip flops in the summer. It hits right above the knee, so it is short and flirty enough for a day out with friends to the beach yet it covers up just enough for school! What a great and versatile piece!

  36. I love the Silk/Cotton Jersey Dress (item 28397), it looks beautiful and comfortable. This seems like a versatile piece that could be dressed up or down. I would love to wear it on warm Florida weekends when I don’t feel like putting on jeans, but I think it would also make a great bridesmaid dress for my wedding (I mean that in the best way, I swear).

  37. akpyron says:

    How great would my entire family look in Hessnatur?! There are so many great products for the whole family to go green in style! However, I can’t get over how cute my son would look in those organic cotton rompers!! Adorable! I love the green with blue stripes-would be perfect for his first birthday party!

  38. sterry says:

    As a college student who often finds herself rolling pennies for rice-milk, my first pick is the Silk/Cotton Jersey Dress (Item 28397). I recently came out of the closet as a “Dress-Girl” and I’m slowly replacing all of my baggy jeans and fades t-shirts with more feminine pieces. I think the cut of this dress would be very flattering on me and it’s simplistic design makes it a staple that can be dressed-up or -down. Since dresses are still far and few between in my closet, a staple piece like this is a must-have. My budget also loves the $65 price-tag. :D I would buy it in blue to suit my pale complexion and might pair it with charcoal winter tights, a pair of black ankle boots, a dark copper scarf, and a white knee-length wool coat.

    If price weren’t an obstacle (and if I wasn’t always so practical) I would say my hands down favorite piece that Hessnatur has is the Organic Cotton Poplin Coat (Item 31765). I love this coat. It’s feminine, flirty, and sophisticated. The asymmetrical lace details gives it a home-made feeling that I absolutely adore. And what about that peeping pleated lining? So unique and unexpected, just like me!

  39. Jerri says:

    What shall I choose from all the designs,
    Plain colored shirts or tank-tops with lines?

    Leggings and jeans and cropped pants alike
    dresses for casual, worktime, and night.

    Polos for men and jeans for the kids
    onesies and socks for the littlest squid.

    All so comfy, natural, and pure,
    leaving you healthy, safe, and secure.

    Good for the earth and those working the farms
    So nice to contribute to reduce the harm.

    With all of that said Hessnaturs got it wired
    My favorite of all has made me inspired.

    Between Lavender and rouge I would have to decide
    it’s no easy choice; trust me, I’ve tried.

    One hundred percent cotton with adjustable straps,
    can be worn with a sweater, a cardigan, or wrap.

    Lithuania made with love, heart, and soul
    You guessed my fave…the organic cotton camisole!

  40. iheart13point1 says:

    While I am absolutely in love with nearly every dress in the shop, I have to say my favorite piece is the Organic Cotton Corduroy Jacket from the Men’s Department (item # 31088). Why? Well, I have long been a fan of sustainable, organic, clothing made in decent working conditions. However, my husband has been a hard sell because this often translates to a higher price tag, and a style that’s just “not for him”. BUT – your men’s line IS him! He has been wanting a corduroy jacket just like one on your site for years (yes, years, he truly is frugal). I would love to get this jacket for him, and then after he of course loves it, tell him it’s organic and consciously-made, and then to further bowl him over I would tell him the price. I am willing to bet this jacket (and your site) would win him over! He would be happy and stylish, I would be happy that we would both now understand the value of organic and consciously-made clothing, and the whole family would be happy and healthier because we’d be able to sport a few more of your pieces!

  41. Graeme says:

    One of my favourite things from Hessnatur would probably be the mens Boiled Wool Jacket, however as my ultimate favourite item, I will choose something for my girlfriend since I will spoil and surprise her with most of this prize if I win. So for her, I definitely choose the Organic Wool Fleece Jacket and definitely in the cherry colour. The reasons I pick this item, is that she is forever cold (she always carries a sweatshirt with her, even in midsummer), and her favourite colour is pink, plus it would suit her marvelously! That would be a great beginning to a most awesome of surprises for her :)


  42. samsstuff says:

    I’ll have to say that my favorite is the Organic Cotton Cardigan. The unusual colors catch the eye, the lace trim adds a touch of femininity & the style is classics, great for many different figure types. All together, it’s a beautiful & unique combination that would make any woman feel special. That it’s also green is the icing on top of the cake!

  43. thebluegirl says:

    Looking though Hessnatur was new for me,
    and the experience had its pleasant surprises.
    It was great to see all these clothes for
    available without damaging the plant. But
    I have a horrible preference for purple and
    dresses. The Silk dress (I wish it had a
    better name) or item 30854 is a dress I could
    wear anytime of the day, regardless if I was
    to go to important meeting or go clean the house.
    I wish there was more dresses in the world like
    that. A little free, peaceful, and comfortable
    for the women who wear them.

  44. mhmerrick says:

    My favorite is the semi-sheer floral print silk dress. It’s such a versatile piece that shows the fun I like to have with clothes. It easily goes from day to night, work to play, and summer all the way around to the next summer. Now I could wear it with the pure cashmere coat and scarf, organic leggings, and vegan boots. Spring: colorful tights and pumps, the silk scarf and trench coat. Summer: just a pair of vintage espadrilles. Fall: wool cardigan, organic cotton leggings, and ballet flats.
    And can I just say that not much electricity would be used for me to spend all of this shopping spree because I LOVE so much on this site!! Please pick me (asking never hurts, right)!

  45. ahaloed says:

    I love all the dresses, but I think I’d have to peg favorites on most of the pants. I am really happy to see that there are good options for clothes that fit with my work wardrobe, especially since my office keeps looking at me for all their eco advice.

  46. styleezta says:

    I love the
    Pure Silk Georgette Dress! The modern woman needs clothes that are CLASSY, ELEGANT and COMFORTABLE and this dress does it all. Also I think that the colors on the dress would match most skin tones. I could see the MODERN ECO FRIENDLY woman wearing this on a beach vacation or at a Sunday Brunch with her girlfriends. Fun and easy! I also like that you can dress it up or down with flat sandals or some cute brown wedges :)

  47. dmb says:

    Umm…I will have two of everything, thank you! I am so happy to see green-friendly clothes that do not look frumpy and uncomfortable. A very pleasant surprise.

  48. soundhunter says:

    My favorite from what I saw is the “Pure New Wool Pea Coat”. I’m a frazzled mom of three kids, running two small businesses, and sometimes, I get lost in the frumpadelic, meaning, I’m so busy taking care of everyone and everything else I barely put care into myself. This jacket could be worn in an edgy mod style, responsible mom style, and conservative businesses style, so I could wear this kind of coat and feel stylish and appropriate under any number of guises that I need to put on for the wide range of roles I currently play in my life. My favorite way to wear it though, would be on the rare delicious moment when I remember my former edgy, rock n’ roll pre-mamma days, I’d wear it with fishnets and sexy boots, my hair up in a messy bunch with big hoop earings, and perhaps some dark blue lipstick *grin*

  49. Tameeky says:

    My favorite Hessnatur item is the Organic Baby Starty Pack…so cute and adorable and looks nice and cozy for Baby!!!

  50. ashleyadamsenglish says:

    wow. so many gorgeous options! if pressed, though, i’d probably choose the organic cotton pants in gem. love the pleats and the waist, and the bottom cuffs give it a bit of sophistication along with whimsy. the color invokes spring and summer activities to come. i love that it’s made in a sustainable manner in india with natural dyes. the perfect garment!

  51. kimberlyjt says:

    I found a few dresses to consider for a wedding I will be attending this summer. But I adore the cotton poplin coat. It is so interesting, and looks versatile. The coat will look good dressing up basics, and will add creative style to any dressy engagement.

  52. calvinballer says:

    The Pure Organic Linen Vest is it. It was love at first click. It would go perfectly with my distressed ecofriendly boots and cord purse. I’m not sure what sparked it, but that whole “I regularly go on safaris and ride a giraffe like your average horse” look is absolutely irresistable to me. I’m addicted. Not to mention the fact that it’s purely sustainable, which is a must for me to even consider purchasing it.

    In any case, thanks for introducing me to the brand, and I can’t wait to see if I can eco-up my wardrobe (more than it already is) with a shopping spree at Hessnatur! I’ll have to snag that vest either way…

  53. j.coup says:

    My absolute favorite piece of the collection is the organic spring cardigan. Besides the fact that it’s organic (which is a great selling point in itself) it reminds me that spring is (still definitely) coming through the beautifully airy portrayal of lush flowers and herbs dancing in a warm breeze!

  54. hannahrose says:

    When it comes to fashion, one of the most eco-friendly things a person can do is choose classic, high-quality, versatile pieces to build a wardrobe instead of having a closet full of “throwaway” clothes that change with each season. I envision my own wardrobe as a select amount of classic pieces, where everything matches with everything else and each piece is valued because it is of the highest quality. I am still in the process of building this wardrobe because I am a broke college student, but I am about to graduate and the clock is ticking on building a wardrobe fit for the professional world. I don’t want to just go out and buy clothing that was made with questionable business practices and countless pesticides. If my food is organic, my clothes should be organic, too. There is a serious problem right now with the lack of accessibility of attractive, affordable, eco-friendly clothing…but I am very pleased to see that Hessnatur is turning this around.

    Hessnatur offers a fantastic clothing selection that is ripe with the kinds of classic pieces I have mentioned above. One in particular jumps out at me: The organic cotton trench coat. A tan trench coat is the epitome of “classic” clothing that will never go out of style. Trench coats are everywhere, but how often have you seen an organic cotton version? With chlorine-free bleach? This is the first one I have seen, and I would like to thank Hessnatur for re-thinking how clothes are made and setting an incredible example for other designers and retailers.

    As an architecture student about to graduate, design is part of my everyday life…and it will be for a long time. I love fashion, but I cannot afford the organic clothes I wish to buy. It is extremely unfortunate that the clothes most people are able to afford are not responsibly made and are probably full of pesticides and chemicals. I wish to see a world in which organic clothes are just as accessible, affordable and prevalent as organic food.

    I am committed to helping our environment and making responsible choices, and it is so fantastic to see designers like Hessnatur creating clothing that respects the people who make it and the environment that it comes from.

  55. organic says:

    I love the hemp tunic in “prussian blue” I have always wanted one of these items but never splurged to buy one. They look so comfy and ready to be slipped over anything from a swimsuit to a comfy tee or on bare skin. I am always looking for new brands that develop the concept of organic clothing wear and the use of natural fabrics and dyes. P.S. It was hard to narrow down to one favorite :P

  56. phxbne says:

    I am cardigan obsessed and love this one – Organic Cotton Cardigan

    Light cotton knit cardigan with flower print that grows from the hem. So springy and would add polish to any outfit.

  57. Christine says:

    While I love the Wide Organic Linen Pants, my absolute favorite was something simpler: the Love Life tee. As soon as I saw it on the website, I knew it would be my choice. Those two simple words impart so much meaning. As someone living with a chronic illness, lupus, I first thought about the need to love your own life, every day, despite all the struggles and aggravations. Then I realized that those two words mean much more. Love all the life that is around you. Love your neighbor. Love the sky and the earth. Love the trees, the plants, the animals, and even the bugs. Love the whales, the fish, and the kelp. Love even the simple amoeba. We all have been given a great gift: not only our own lives and the lives of the people, and pets, we care about, but a life on this beautiful planet full of so many wonders. We all must nurture this gift, share it, respect it, protect it, and preserve it, so that it will thrive for generations. That’s what this “simple” shirt says to me.

  58. Bowmanh23 says:

    The Pure Silk Georgett Dress is my favorite. Thanks! Heather

  59. katie3787 says:

    I love the blue, striped, blouse! It makes a sophisticated statement!

  60. gracey says:

    I absolutely love the Pure Cashmere Coat. It’s pure luxury combined with practicality, and it would be perfect for my work wardrobe as I return to theatre later this year! Thank you.

  61. ck says:

    Organic cotton is about as sexy as it gets, add bamboo (like the organic cotton bamboo dress) and extreme softness is yours! I love this Organic Cotton Poplin Coat (I’d wear it over the cotton/bamboo dress) – beautiful and stylish! Wear it over my yoga clothes or out on a date. Can’t wait to put it on and take it off!

    Cotton is heavy on the environment – so anytime you can buy Organic cotton.


  62. papergirlvt says:

    I really like the Organic Cotton Layered Dress. It is beautiful and it would be great to be able to wear both warm and eco friendly clothes. It’s also a great way to help me convince the people at work that you can be both eco friendly and stylish, hopefully inspiring my company to develop a green and fashionable pajama line.

  63. kristi says:

    Having scoured the internet for the perfect wedding party attire (I am getting married this June) on a budget, Hessnatur may have answered all of my dreams! I first went to the dresses and found the Organic Cotton Crocheted Dress that would be PERFECT as my wedding gown, with the Silk/Cotton Jersey Dress in Copper Blue for my bridesmaids. I then (skeptically) ventured to the men’s collection. I LOVE it all! There is so much to choose from! Men’s clothing can be so boring and repetitious, but everything here is attractive, unique and functional! The Pure Hemp Shirt (long sleeved) in Hemp with the Hemp/Organic Cotton Jeans would be ideal for the groom! I am visualizing the groomsmen in the Organic Cotton Shirt in Chocolate with the Hemp/Organic Cotton Jeans.

    The best part is, that this clothing line fits with our sustainable, zero waste wedding on an organic farm!

    The Organic Cotton Crocheted Dress is indeed my favorite. It’s elegant enough to be my wedding gown, yet simple and comfortable enough for me to wear again and again to special occasions! Not to mention the organically farmed cotton! I truly feel good about my purchases going towards supporting a sustainable way of life.

  64. bluefinch604 says:

    Ooh ooh! I absolutely LOVE the Hessnatur Navy Dress. The blue color is stunning! I love the flow and frills and the fact that there is zero waste. Sustainable fashion = fabulous! There’s nothing better than looking good while saving the environment. Plus blue is my signature color (aka @bluefinch604). I am always seen in some form of the color. I’m already dreaming of where I’ll wear this dress…

  65. Auddy says:

    This clothing line is absolutely stunning!
    I am new to the green movement. I would have to say that the switch came for me when I found out I was pregnant. I really just wanted to do what was best for this new life growing inside of me. Now I am working hard to make sure that I leave her with the best planet possible, so that her children and next generations will have a safe, healthy place to live.
    I am amazed at the many different choices that we have, whether in the field of cleaning products, personal hygiene, and now even clothing! The Hessnatur line of clothing is definitely worth the higher prices. Although it was very difficult to select just ONE piece as my favorite, I would have to say that the tomato multicolored pure silk georgette dress is it.
    I would love to win a shopping spree from this company, to share not just clothes with my little girl, but also the message that green can be gorgeous, too!

  66. alif says:

    I love the cotton dress! It looks so stylish and functional!

  67. katygmorris says:

    I’m loving their Organic Cotton Jacket in dune. It’s the perfect jacket for spring and summer. I love the military influence that is so on-trend right now, but it’s practical when you need something to take the chill off. I can see wearing this on colder nights at the beach and as a bathing suit coverup during the day! :)

  68. veggie says:

    I am so happy to have found this oldest and largest sustainable
    clothing company. Hessnatur has fabulous and great looking
    clothing, works with Fair Trade among other worthwhile causes!
    What more could one ask for? Their Linen Tank Dress is a favorite
    look of mine. I especially like the shorter version layered
    over the longer version of the dress. The stone and savanna
    colors remind me of the Southwest area and look lovely together!
    The shorter linen dress for day and then layered with the
    longer dress for evening!
    Many thanks, Cindi
    Easy summer dressing, a pure linen tank dress with empire waist seam, scoop neck and beautiful detailing. Creates a unique look layered over the shorter version

  69. ariel says:

    My vote is for the Pure Silk Tunic Blouse. As a New Yorker, I am keen on black: slimming, chic, and edgy. The tunic cut and silk draping of this elegant blouse are perfect for any shape, size or season!

    I would be so honored to receive this shopping spree. I hope to give some Eco gifts to friends and family, and maybe even a treat for myself. Thanks for the inspiring use of materials and classic attire for the whole family.


  70. oddtree says:

    Too many choices!

    I really like the look of the Boiled Wool Skirt. It is a modest length and heavier fabric so it is completely work-appropriate, but the little flare gives it a cute look for apres work cocktails as well!

  71. paosanma says:

    I love the Cotton/Silk/Cashmere Skirt made in Peru from Organic Cotton from Peru, Silk from China, and Cashmere from Mongolia. It’d definitely become my favorite piece in my closet and would wear it all the time. It’s an all season piece of clothing. The colors are very neutral and could be dressed up with a pair of boots or dress down with a pair of sandals. Perfect for cold winters or cool summer nights. I SO SO SO want this piece!!! The way it falls down and floats in the air is beautiful. I also love the design on the trim of the skirt. Gorgeous piece!!!

  72. TerriblyGreen says:

    Fashionista? Not me.
    Some days it’s as if I can’t even see.

    Before going green I’d find one store
    With clothes that I liked and that’s what I wore.

    But it’s hard to find earth-friendly rags
    That look good with my post-baby sags.

    After today’s Ecouterre, of one thing I’m sure
    I found my saving grace with Hessnatur!

    I’ve perused their site, and I have to confess
    I think I’d look fab in their Cotton Layered Dress.

  73. Lina Gingold says:

    The Organic Linen Pant, Made in Lithuania by Lina Gingold
    The way they felt cool on a warm summer’s day….
    The way they looked in the breeze on the beach…
    The way they swooshed while walking the street…
    The way they blended in the forest…
    The way they…

  74. starrfire says:

    Over the past few years I have been hands-on with more than a few alpacas, and I have to say, after working with them I have grown extremely curious about the products made from their fabulous fiber! And there it was, a gorgeous purple,(my favorite color) knit alpaca scarf. How beautiful! I live in a climate that isn’;t as cold as many others, but for a few months every year I need some warm accessories, and this scarf would be perfect: slightly glamorous, and yet, simple. (alpaca scarf: 30779)

  75. Chapette says:

    There was once a smart young chap,
    As British as can be,
    Who always decried ‘this organic lark:
    ‘The old ways are best for me!’

    He liked his linens crisp
    He liked his tweeds so much
    ‘None of this hippy malarkey,
    With beads, patchouli, and such!’

    But one day as he perused the internet
    In search of some new wax for his cricket bat
    He came across Hessnatur
    And said – ‘I want some of that!’

    ‘It’s not wrinkly, or hippy, or daggy,
    These clothes are so stylish and smart
    So I can continue to be a well-dressed chap
    But also dress as a gent with a heart!’

    (I think a stylish eco-chap would like a Pure Wool/Linen Sport Coat)

  76. ecofrugal says:

    I like the New Jersey Wool Dress because it personifies my life change from corporate worker to freelance writer and free spirit. After many years, I am recapturing what it means to be myself and live life on my own terms, and wearing this dress would be a great way to celebrate my new freedom to live, work, and dress in a way that reflects who I really am. Thanks for the giveaway!

  77. karen says:

    I like the Silk/Cashmere Dress because it looks super comfy. Thanks.

  78. cyberkittylitter says:

    Definitely the organic cotton suit from the Design Adrover collection for my Man!!! De-lish!

  79. sweetdfan says:

    There are certain pieces that every woman should have in her wardrobe…a great fitting pair of jeans, a little black dress, a sparkly pair of flip flops (a must here in So. California!), and a fabulous trench coat, to name a few. They’re the pieces that make up your list of go-to outfits, always ready to make you look timelessly great at a moment’s notice. Enter the Hessnatur Organic Cotton Trench Coat. One of those perfect pieces that every girl needs, while treading lightly on the earth as well! The fact that this gorgeous little number is organic is proof that you don’t have to give up your eco-sense in order to look fabulous!

  80. JRampersad says:

    I love the organic cotton print dress. The 3/4 length sleeves are versatile for warmer or cooler temps and the “waistline” is high so it’s great for anyone. It’s a comfy dress perfect for work or casual wear!

  81. VedrusBeauty says:

    A refreshing spring breeze carries the sweet scent of pink spring blossoms while a street musician plays a fun-loving, flirty melody on his shiny brass sax. Jasmine, a young eco-artist, has chosen her favorite Hessnatur Silk Dress to wear to the opening of her first ever solo art show, and walks past laughing and feeling care-free. The dress wonderfully compliments her bright smile, artistic flair, and feminine sensibilities. Delicate silk folds, an enchanting floral pattern, and classic fine details make the dress picture perfect, from the studio to the street to the gallery opening, and Jasmine loves how the Silk Dress makes her feel. What a fortunate girl!

    Hessanatur’s Silk Dress is my fave, because it is so well-designed and fits my style, like it fits Jasmine’s style in the story I made up inspired by the dress. I can imagine many fun days in the spring and summer wearing this dress to the farmers market, to music festivals, and hanging out in my backyard garden.

  82. channynn says:

    The kids Organic Cotton Jumper because although I like wearing organic clothing for the environmental impact it makes, I choose organic for my kids because it’s better for their health. There’s not much more important!

  83. Julie says:

    I LOVE the Alpaca Poncho! I’m always attracted to leaf and tree patterns, and this one is just gorgeous. I can see about a dozen ways to accessorize it with things I already have, and I’m a sucker for a dramatic look. It’s a ‘fun, comfy, chic’ piece that I can probably wear until my old age.

  84. hjpye says:

    Thank you for introducing me to Hessnatur, their clothing line is huge and reasonable priced! Next time I can afford new cloths I know where I’m shopping.

    Now to your question, do I really have to pick? I’m a part-time stay at home Mom, part time work from home fishery biologist, so my daily wardrobe is casual. However, I travel quite a bit for work, so I have a portion of my closet devoted to easy to care for, business attire. With that in mind, I pick the “Organic Cotton Tunic”. I love the bold design and feminine colors. I’m sure I would feel pretty and confident sporting this top at a business meeting or equally comfortable wearing it dressed down with a pair of leggings while chasing around my two year old.

  85. allicapps says:

    I have to pick an all-around fave for this one, although there is so much to choose from! The organic cotton trench coat is my pick. I really need one of these! It would go with anything from dresses to jeans, this MUST be the most versatile piece yet!

  86. ashleygv says:

    I am graduating for college this term and heading out into the workforce. Winning a shopping spree of stylish, work appropriate clothes would help boost my confidence as I look for a job and might even help me get a job by looking professional. This is the perfect time in my life to upgrade my wardrobe and find my own style to show the world. It would be amazing to have such quality clothes, that look beautiful and perfect for me, for the first time in my life.

    Thanks, Ashley

  87. DolphinV27 says:

    My absolute favorite is the Silk/Cotton Dress in the “Berry” Color! It’s classy and sexy at the same time. I would wear it to all my upcoming parties. What a good way to start conversations…Guests would compliment my outfit and then with that excuse I could explain to everyone the benefits of eco-friendly clothing!

    ¡Mi favorito es la seda/el vestido del algodón en el color de la “baya”! Lo usaría a todos mis partidos próximos. ¡Una qué buena manera de comenzar a huéspedes de las conversaciones… felicitaría mi equipo y entonces con esa excusa podría explicar a cada uno las ventajas de la ropa respetuosa del medio ambiente!

    我的喜爱是在“莓果”颜色的丝绸或棉花礼服! 我会佩带它对所有我即将来临的党。 好方式开始交谈…客人将恭维我的成套装备与那个借口我可能然后解释到大家环境友好的衣物的好处! 我的喜爱是在“莓果”颜色的丝绸或棉花礼服! 我会佩带它对所有我即将来临的党。 好方式开始交谈…客人将恭维我的成套装备与那个借口我可能然后解释到大家环境友好的衣物的好处!

    Mein Liebling ist die Seide/das Baumwollkleid in der „Beeren-“ Farbe! Ich würde sie zu allen meinen bevorstehenden Parteien tragen. Einer was für guten Weise, Gespräche… Gäste zu beginnen meine Ausstattung beglückwünschen würde und dann mit dieser Entschuldigung könnte ich jeder den Nutzen der umweltfreundlichen Kleidung erklären!

    Η συμπάθειά μου είναι το φόρεμα μεταξιού/βαμβακιού στο χρώμα «μούρων»! Θα το φορούσα σε όλα τα επερχόμενα συμβαλλόμενα μέρη μου. Τι ένας καλός τρόπος να αρχιστούν οι φιλοξενούμενοι συνομιλιών… θα επαινούσε την εξάρτησή μου και έπειτα με εκείνη την δικαιολογία εγώ θα μπορούσε να εξηγήσει σε η καθεμία τα οφέλη του φιλικού προς το περιβάλλον ιματισμού!

    Mon favori est la soie/robe de coton dans la couleur de « baie » ! Je la porterais à toutes mes parties prochaines. Quelle bonne manière de commencer des invités de conversations… complimenterait mon équipement et alors avec cette excuse je pourrais expliquer à chacun les avantages de l’habillement respectueux de l’environnement !

    Il mio favorito è lil vestito dal sete/cotone nel colore della “bacca”! Lo porterei a tutti i miei festi imminenti. Ché buon senso iniziare gli ospiti di conversazioni… complimenterebbe la mia attrezzatura ed allora con quella giustificazione potrei spiegare a tutto i benefici di vestiti ecologici!

    Forgive me for being so international, but being


    is all about loving the Earth, right?

    thanks for the giveaway! i’m subscribed your newsletter!

  88. seesbeauty says:

    The Organic Linen Jacket is spectacular – simple, engaging in it’s texture, and elegantly functional. It has the visually clean lines I look for in clothing and solidly clean ethics behind it – what more could one ask for?

  89. Molly says:

    My favorite is the linen shirt. A crisp white shirt is a classy staple in any woman’s closet, and I’ve been looking for one for a while. I also love that this looks classic, tailored, and sophisticated – proof that you don’t have to wear tye-dye to care about the environment. <3

  90. Gena says:

    When I look at the organic skirt I feel connected to my inner artist, imagine if I could wear it!

  91. KMaeCastle says:

    I LOVE the Linen/Organic Cotton Dress in Golden Olive!! I am getting married in the desert in August and it is my color! I think it would be PERFECT for the rehearsal dinner and fit right in with our green DIY wedding that will show all our family and friends why our decisions today will be rewarded in our children’s future!

  92. reeebeka says:

    Love the Organic Cotton LAyer Dress

  93. squint says:

    Hessnatur Spring Cardigan is my favorite. It just expresses spring perfectly.

  94. mindylea says:

    I could really use this shopping spree. I have been holding down the fort at home for 5 weeks with my husband being gone, plus he is unemployed. Therefore, this shopping spree would be the perfect way to spruce up my look and mood. Fingers crossed!

  95. jck1 says:

    What a fantastic site! I live in Houston and am bracing myself for the heat and humidity of summer – the organic linen tank dress would be absolutely perfect for this climate!

  96. kclouse says:

    I guess I can’t really choose just one, My love thinks I’d look good in a lot of the mens line but I’m still in school and alas have no money. However, I think the organic cotton jeans would look great with the Linen/cotton sports jacket. I love the militaryesque cut of the jacket and the buttons are pretty cool too. Or maybe I just see myself looking like one of the models if I was wearing the jacket, who knows.

  97. mongoose says:

    Cashmire coat looks devine!

  98. sfinzi says:

    I love the Kids Natural Waxed Parka, for my son and the organic cotton trench coat for me, it’s really beautiful! Thank you for the giveaway!

  99. superdumb says:

    I am in love with the mohair swing coat!

  100. jportra says:

    There is so much to choose from! My favorite thing (if I had to choose…) would be the Silk/Cotton Jersey dress. I would love to wear that to my upcoming birthday dinner with some family and close friends… It’s such a great cut & length to flatter my figure and the berry color is great for redheads. I would love the chance to show off a piece from such a responsible company. :)

  101. carebear2911 says:

    the georgette dress in navy blue caught my attention at first glance! and i see that it is a favorite of many… it is féminine, flowy, and im sure one feels fantabulous wearing it :) winter is almost over (in my part of the world! vienna austria that is) and i cannot wait to shed these thick layers, show some skin, wear some sandals, and of course the beautiful georgette dress ;)! i wish i wish i wish i wish i wish

  102. diesel51 says:

    Boiled Wool Jacket because it is short. I ride my bike early in the morning and this would be warm enough, but not long enough to hinder my peddling around town. Stylish and practical.

  103. binca says:

    While so many of the items on Hessnatur are beautiful I am completely enchanted with the Organic Cotton Poplin Coat, the lace work alone is gorgeous. The coattail cut in the back of the coat adds a fun but sophisticated flare to it with the beautiful lace detail and folds of the coat. The color provides a calm and cool feeling to the coat balancing out the intricate design so that the coat is versatile for both casual outings or a night out on the town.

  104. daveclarke says:

    I come from a land down-under (NZ) where winter is creeping up on us. I live between an iconic mountain (Taranaki) and the Tasman sea. When the wind sweeps down off the mountain the temperature plummets and climbing into something warm after climbing out of the surf is essential. Climbing into something warm and cool is the hessnatur Pure New Wool Duffle Coat, sweet.

  105. Jane Ryan says:

    The Organic Linen Dress carries a simple line yet is elegant in its flow from the neckline to far below the knee. The lined pattern of the organic linen draws the eyes up and down and up again to remain on the happy face of the wearer…wherever!

  106. ssaforsberg says:

    I really appreciate the versatility and design of the Pure Raw Silk Sweater (in prussian blue) — good for leisure or business casual wear, light to medium weight, nice layering piece, good length, nice solid color selection with texture, 3-season appropriate — and raw silk breathes so well without chafing my sensitive skin. The price is certainly right at $75.

  107. tyeriverirish says:

    I like the linen/cotton number18,Ilove anything linen.The detail sewing at the bodice as well as the flower print at the hemline makes this dress high style.This dress is so beautiful in olive and i can see myself wearing it for years just adding a scarf to change the style

  108. TheresaDTraub says:

    Wow, is there a better way to make an organic statement then with the hand-crafted alpaca poncho? The giant leaf inlay is eye-catchingly gorgeous. What a great piece for spring evenings in Colorado. It’s the only thing you’ll need to keep you warm.

  109. stef says:

    The Organic Cotton Blouse! Simple, Green and Sexy

  110. pammybaby says:

    My skin, my body, houses my soul,
    The Earth, the sky, the waters, all roll,
    together, forever, like lovers united, whole.
    My Earth loving choices, provided by you,
    That clothe me, display me, banish the blues!
    In linen, silk, cotton, in a rainbow spectrum of hues,
    Fair trade, best practices, and style, all clues?
    Dress me, celebrate me, inspire me, Ecouterre,
    if I dare, ask Ecouterre to let me wear your beauty?
    So I can step forward, into the world, brave, bright, and new.
    So, I will ask, Ecouterre, please let me wear your beauty,
    all the flowy dresses, so I may feel the wind and be a cutie!

  111. schweitzer says:

    I love love love the wool/camel hair cardigan and living in San Francisco, you almost always need a cozy cardigan. The color is super rich and vibrant, which is a bonus, and I would love to share some of the room in this cardigan for hugs and snuggles with my husband and doggies. I can just picture the love and snuggles happening in this cardigan now.


  112. stephaniem says:

    If I can only choose one favorite, then it would have to be the Pure Silk Georgette Dress…yes please! Hand me one of these, a glass of fabulous red wine, and a book of Neruda poems then fly me to Croatia where I can sit on a beautiful beach and wow myself with my ridiculously good fashion sense. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

  113. iland5 says:

    My practical self would snatch the dark wash organic jeans right away, but the wool and silk lace dress is absolutely fab…so many wonderful, choices!
    Then, I’d love to give all the rest of the spree to my eco-amazing sister who is turning 40 this month and is stuck in a serious mom frump in the style department (how many plain organic tees can one woman own?). This has been a tough couple of years for her and a new wardrobe that is both beautiful and in line with her values would be a huge surprise.

    shhh don’t tell : )

  114. spur848 says:

    the silk cotton cashmere layered skirt is the MOST! HAVE. TO. HAVE! it speaks to grace and freedom, will give a dancer’s grace to every movement, and it’s my perfect colors, too. I would wear that everywhere, it fits my style perfectly and will give that extra lift to each outfit. That is the most compelling garment I’ve seen in a very long time.

  115. wbunny says:

    The Organic Cotton Jacket (item 31825) is by far my instant favorite. I immediately knew it was for me by the knowing glance on the gorgeous model’s face as she single-handedly pushes her stroller down the block. She obviously loves this jacket and wears it with a can-do attitude! She is telling me I need one too, pronto. Seriously now, this great jacket looks like an absolute light-weight, great fitting must have for the Spring of 2010. One simply can’t go wrong with 100% organic cotton! Fantastic! Comfort! Bliss!! Who wouldn’t look superb in this clean, modern and sophisticated cut with the match every-wear dune color? I’m hooked! Thank you so very much Hessnatur for your super smart earth-friendly styling for the conscientious shopper.

  116. elisse says:

    I’m subscribed!
    Hessnatur has a Lot of lovely things, so it was difficult to pick just one, but my favorite thing is the Pure Silk Georgette Dress, Item 32222. It looks so “floaty” and pretty, and most importantly, like it will be Flattering- a great feat of design engineering! It’s a classic- chic and stylish, but not something that will be passe 10 minutes from now- or ever! And it looks like the sort of all-year-round dressy-dress that can be dressed up with interesting jewelry and worn thoroughout the year- important here in West Virginia – a.k.a. “Four Seasons Country”! (We definitely get all four seasons here- sometimes all in one day! LOL) The silk looks like it will feel luscious against the skin, and the Delft Blue color is divine! And: as a 50-years-young Boomer Babe, THANK YOU for using attractive OLDER models! :-)

  117. savona says:

    I like the silk/cotton jersey dress because both materials are natural, light and easy to maintain. For women who are more voluptuous, the dress is complimentary. It says alot for very little. The exotic nature of the materials is fantastic. One can only imagine how travellers along the silk road must have felt when they crossed the continent into Asia. To experience such treasures.

  118. mukies4 says:

    Since I’m pregnant and expecting twin boys in the April, to look at the women’s clothing is such a tease. So when I was looking at the baby section, the organic cotton tights for babies really stood out for me. So cute, stylish, and affordable too. My favorite out of all of them is 22998, the smiley face one. Who doesn’t love a “bear” butt?

  119. Valalala says:

    I want/love/am obsessed with the silk/cashmere wrap cardigan in almond blossom.
    It’s gorgeous AND it’s cashmere. That paired with the lavender printed organic cotton dress?! I would be set for the summer.

  120. mzonenberg says:

    Oh, dear, I absolutely love the pure linen shirt for women. My mother told me stories of her farm life in Europe before WWII. They wove their own linen, and bleached it naturally by draping it over the bushes in the sunlight. She always said there is nothing more comfortable to wear, than natural linen in the summertime.

  121. gingerpye says:

    Great linen shirt. Looks very sharp.

  122. Missyoungandorganic says:

    I absolutely Love love love the Alpaca and WoolCoat. I love the Big hood that you can just hide under, and if I were to win I’d pair it with a little black dress, black leggings, and knee high boots underneath! Now that’s an outfit I’d wear over and over!

    The black Lace and silk dress would go well! And I love how long the coat is. The fact that it’s organic and made well, is just screaming to be in my closet!

    I would love to win this giveaway, because it would give me a huge boost of help for future photo shoots and posts!!!!
    I’ll post more of what I like from Hessnatur on my website tomorrow.

    Thanks Ecouture for introducing great websites. I’ve been a recieving your newsletters for a while now and love what you introduce!

    Yours Truely,
    Miss Young & Organic

  123. binca says:

    I was completely enthralled looking through Hessnatur’s website, but the one thing that enchanted me the most was the Organic Cotton Poplin Coat. As a mother of two who has not bought much for her wardrobe for the past 6 years, I have been looking at finally updating it, as I am still wearing shirts my mom bought me from high school (I am a young mother). I feel like this coat speaks to me and would help show the type of person I am. It has a nice cool color, the putty color as they call it, that while it is not flashy it has a mystic about it. The lines of the coat are gorgeous flowing down in almost an a-line skirt fashion from the waist. The coattails and intricate lace pattern speak of an intellectual yet simplistic nature. I find this coat to be truly gorgeous and would feel honored to get to wear it. I feel like it expresses who I am, and I cannot think of many pieces of clothing that have ever done it in such an elegant fashion. And knowing that it was produced in a manner that is ecologically conscious would be wonderful as I studied natural resource management and believe that it is imperative that we have respect for the environment. This coat shows both the beauty of the earth and the amazing talent of its makers in it.

  124. Belinda Wearne says:

    The Linen/New Wool Bermudas are my favourite item hands down! They will last forever as a basic in my wardrobe, ready to be dressed up or down and ever comfortable. I just love the concept of the entire collection which shows that you no longer have to dress like the stereotypical ‘hippie’ to have an eco-friendly conscience ~ green AND stylish!

  125. mrslindscarpenter says:

    I love the purple dress but I think my fave is the multi layer cashmere skirt! Beautiful

  126. Zyrotin says:

    It seems like a simple choice, but the Organic Cotton/New Wool Jeans item 25145, are an easy favorite. As a guy in Alaska a comfortable and warm pair of jeans make for a great treat and 34 is just my size. Regardless of winning, I’m picking up a pair these jeans.

  127. melancholie says:

    I love that they are finally here in the US! I used to order from them all the time in Germany. i LOVE their wool sweaters! Especially this one and this one ;)

  128. jodyleepj says:

    I only feel really comfortable without a jacket in the middle of summer… and even then I like to carry one just in case. That’s probably why I’m so drawn to the Hemp/Organic Cotton Jacket… it’s casual and would look great on top of most other Hessnatur items :)

  129. LV says:

    I love the Silk/Cotton Jersey Dress; It’s neat, clean, comfortable and professional. I could easily wear it work.

  130. mona191067 says:

    “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” said Albert Einstein
    Love Hessnatur for honoring heritage, teaching compassion and respect toward our planet and its people, building hope that some day everything will be 100% organic made.
    Love Hessnatur White Trenchcoat!

  131. cjstephens says:

    Hemp! Let’s create some demand for this fiber.

  132. bandnerd145 says:

    I love the organic cotton clothing featured on the Hessnatur website and their sustainable practices because I grew up in California’s San Juaquin Valley, a land of incredibly productive farms, but it has been incredibly polluted by pesticides – and as I child I remember our house being crop dusted by the airplanes spraying the chemicals meant for the fields. Organic cotton not only means that it has no pesticides, but that a crop that uses on average, far more pesticides than other crops is clean – this means clean air, clean water, clean soil, and the health of the worker who picked the field and the person who wears the sweater, as well as the one who manufactured it, are spared of these chemicals. During my time in LA studying anthropology, I had to actually visit sweatshops in the LA garment district, and I can tell you first hand what having worker protections really looks like. And how these people who are over the sewing machines not only get paid decent amounts to support their families, but also have their health considered, and the factory taken care of for them. This is a major improvement, because these people, the garment workers are the lowest of the low in manufacturing, and many times are paid fractions of pennies per shirt, or per collar, or per whatever that they are sewing. This companies practices means that I can wear their garments with pride and not guilt, and a knowledge that I am promoting another system whereby people can be healthy, whole, and one with their environment and their economy. Also, a shout out to my friend Lindsay Seligman, who won the HessNatur t-shirt contest, and who’s t-shirt I must wear now :) Good job girl!

  133. gomeggo says:

    I keep going back to the cardigan “with flower print that grows from the hem”. I love that the Hessnatur site induces happiness. When did clothing companies start attaching videos to help display their product?? That is GENIUS!! When I watched the girl modeling this cardigan I couldn’t help but smile right along with her. In a time of lots of bad news and a very long winter, Hessnatur and this cardigan are spreading joy and the promise of spring. Here comes the sun!

  134. tofucute says:

    Pure Hemp Top (31739)
    Very pretty and no animal derived ingredients.
    Too bad hessnatur doesn’t carry sizes for skinny petite women.
    I’m a small east asian female. I think only their ponchos would fit me.

  135. rosemary says:

    Great clothes.

  136. stillh2o says:

    Love the accessories– I’ve been trying to ‘recycle’ the stuff I own already so accessories are a big help!

  137. cloie87 says:

    The Silk Dress (30854) is perfect for shopping, traveling, working, and toting around my almost two-year-old son. It’s both beautiful and practical, and needs no accessorizing to make a statement!

  138. Mona says:

    I’m torn between the dune coloured short jacket and the white trench coat. The dune jacket is a more structured look which would compliment and raise the style look of any casual outfit. It’s so great that it’s organic, and I love that this company offers apparel in Yak and Alpaca wool. Thanks Inhabitat for turning me on to Hessnatur!

  139. rachelbeaton says:

    It IS difficult to choose just ONE “fave.” But in keeping with what “jumped out at me first” the silk dress (Item 30854) really fits my style. The jewel-toned colors with the mixed floral patterns and the sheer silk fabric is so fun and whimsical and extremely feminine. I love the pairing with dark colored tights and boots. The waist belt and stylized 3/4 length sleeves add unique details, that combined with the other features I’ve mentioned make this piece truly original and really fun to have in your wardrobe (the type of dress you’ll get complements on whenever you wear it). And the dress could easily transition from the winter season to summer. With one of my favorite colors being purple and having always loved soft sheer flowing fabrics – this one’s a winner for me. The most important aspect of this piece and ALL of the Hessnatur clothing, though, is the sustainability. My husband and I have taken to shopping in thrift stores to do all we can to consume less virgin materials and reuse as much as possible (AND to save money). So discovering your store is exciting – to know that there is one location where we can find all sorts of wonderful clothing NONE of which will negatively impact our world is refreshing and a relief. Thanks!

  140. kari says:

    The Pure Silk Georgette Dress proves that some of the most luxurious fabrics are moral too! In a world of synthetics, plastics and pleathers, sometimes the best way to reward yourself is with something real. Hessnatur offers timeless, quality items in modern cuts. I imagine the Hessnatur woman as a world traveler, someone confident and conscious, who lets her natural beauty shine in this dress.

  141. lyricsporadic says:

    What I like about Hessnatur’s clothing, from what I can see, is that they’ve taken classic, wearable pieces, that will last through the seasons, and made them with fibers and materials that are eco-conscious. The piece that calls out to me most is the Yak Wool Sweater. I really admire the idea of taking a lesser known, but extremely warm fiber like yak and making a really classic silhouetted cabled sweater. It’s a piece that will last a lifetime, keep you warm, and stay stylish (all leading to less waste and “disposability” of clothes). I also love that it’s made with undyed fiber — less chemicals in the process of spinning the yarn, and an extra touch of sustainability. Brilliant!

  142. solarpoweredbeing says:

    There once was a girl from Bend, Oregon,
    who vowed never to throw on the floor again,
    And with the utmost of care,
    She was so thrilled to wear
    The cotton poplin coat so much more again!

  143. alindalord says:

    The trench is to die for.

  144. debrag666 says:

    I actually love the cover dress in Navy. It seems beautiful and light, airy and flowing. Would be a beautiful addition to any closet for an evening out or a very nice brunch. The fact that it is eco-friendly is just gravy on some beautiful mashed potatoes.

  145. Kimbert says:

    I’m getting married in July and I’m NOT wearing a traditional wedding gown. I have been looking high and low for a beautiful but simple dress that I can wear again – I feel like paying for a dress that you only wear once is frivolous and unnecessary. And, as an unconventional woman, I want a special dress – Hessnatur has got it!

    I love the Pure Silk Georgette Dress in Black – a perfect dress to accompany my beautiful Navajo Turquoise squash blossom necklace!

  146. OutpostLiz says:

    Wow! What a gorgeous web site – it’s almost impossible to choose! I can see a dozen things for me, and a dozen for my mom!

    But given the chance, I’d choose the camel hair coat. Living in a cold, cold climate, I find the biggest design challenge is looking chic while staying warm and safe! Take pity on us Wisconsin women; we have to walk around in puffer coats that in truth are just down comforters with sleeves! By the time spring comes around again, I am so happy to see my waist once more, not to mention the daffodils ;)

    Thanks, Ecouterre, for this contest!

  147. LMcLendon says:

    Well, My favorite is two pieces but you can’t have one without the other, now can you?!
    Item 30639 Organic Cotton Velour Pants
    Item 30638 Organic Cotton Velour Pullover
    in Plum, Yummy!!

    Now that would be Heaven!!

  148. Underdog says:

    It would have to be the white linen shirt. As a fundraiser for a non-profit organization that supports our National Park here on the island of St John, I would feel very comfortable wearing this to a luncheon at Caneel Bay Resort to converse with guests concerned with the protection of our National Park and Coral Reef Monument. Not to mention I work for what I love and it certainly is not money, I could use a new wardrobe to help continue my networking!

  149. AdamAlbonni says:

    Phew! long list of comments to read…

    umm…was this intended to include men as well…? I didn’t read every comment, but it seemed as if they were all from the ladies side of the table…

    Haha I wasn’t entirely sure if this was intended for men to participate, so I figured I would check out HESSNATUR’s website (simple and refined, much like their artfully classy Mens line). To my astonishment, THERE WAS A MEN’S LINE! yay.

    At first glance of the various pieces in the men’s line, I am literally a bit overwhelmed. I have never even HEARD of Hessnatur before, but it kinda seems like they’ve been creepin on my dreams, because they designed a line that is 110% an exact fit of my preferred look/style, and natural body shape.

    After searching through the pretty well-rounded offerings for men (this is still exciting for me, because I have just found a possible new favorite brand, just need to test the cut/fit of their articles), the Ferrari amongst toyota’s (bad analogy, as none of the other pieces in the line are anything NEEEEAR a toyota) quickly caught my eye.

    Going back to the previously mentioned attitude that I think their current line exudes, this piece is just…it’s a confident man’s jacket. I’m sure Ayn Rand would choose it for her timeless character Howard Roark…if he were to ever stumble out into the 2010 Hollywood scene. I can already envision how versatile this particular jacket will be…perfect for someone such as myself who is fresh out of Chapman University (private school…so, needless to say, they’ve packed some student loans as stocking stuffers alongside their prayers of Godspeed) and actively pursuing his own 100% Locally Sourced Organic and Sustainably Engineered restaurant concept. I come into contact with people weekly to discuss their current projects, as well as my own…and it would be inspiring to have such a masterfully tailored, sleek, mature and sexy jacket like the Linen/Cotton Sports Jacket in size 40 : )

    Mind you, I’m having to overlook the Pure Linen Scarf, the Organic Cotton Sweater with the tall ribbed collar in China Blue, the Sand multicolored organic cotton sweater, the L/S Silk Cotton Polo in black, and (despite the fact that I think their line of pants is a bit too…old?…i was still able to find 2 keepers) their organic cotton pant and jean.

    It would be more appreciated than words can say for my mom if I surprised her with a $1000 shopping spree for her 52nd birthday that is tomorrow.

    Regardless, glad I began following Inhabitat and Ecouterre over the course of the last 2-3 months…wonderful to watch the expressions of others’ passions, and inspirational for me every day.


  150. AdamAlbonni says:

    elbow patches, too?!

    Watch out, Ralph Lauren…!

  151. Aurorasuisse says:

    This summer finds me moving – from the sporadic climate of the East Coast to the much more consistent life of sunny Southern California…of course this means my wardrobe isn’t quite as prepared as I’d like. Uh-oh, what’s a girl to do? So I have a mission! My goal when looking at Hessnatur’s site, you ask? To find articles of clothing that can take my current wardrobe and expand its usage.

    First I looked at dresses…but as cute as they were, a dress can only be worn in so many wears and certainly doesn’t extend my current wardrobe. Sorry wool and lace coat. Perhaps another time. Sigh. I continue looking. A quick pause at the organic cotton jeans. I do need new jeans..but same dilemma. They don’t help get more wear out of what I already have. The search is still on.

    The organic cotton trench coat – perfect! Classic look and can go with everything. Just the right length to be worn with both pants, capris, skirt or dress. Thin enough to carry around in case of need for a cooler night. Ideal for when the weather is mild – not cold enough for my winter sweaters, but not quite warm enough for tanktops or thin tees. Yes, here it is, the holy grail – *this* is how my east coast wardrobe can quickly be west coast efficient. All with one stylish coat!

  152. JenM says:

    You drive a hard bargain! ONE piece??? Funny, I was just looking at Hessnatur’s spring line for children. My one and only daughter is about to turn two, which is remarkable (and I’ll tell you why), so I’m looking for new clothes for her. This spring marks the one-year anniversary of a year long battle for her life. Having finally emerged victorious, and leaving a hospital full of doctors, surgeons, and specialists baffled at our survival, we are ready to celebrate this new lease on life! How fitting it is to be springtime!
    I love Hessnatur. I love Inhabitat (and Ecouterre). I’ve followed them both since conception as a former green living journalist (I had to quit so I could focus on my daughter). When I saw this giveaway, I just HAD to check it out. Hmmm, taking a gander at the women’s line . . .
    Why, YES, I DO need new clothes! As a (still) nursing mother, and no doubt due to all the stress and missed meals over the last year, I’ve lost a lot of weight. None of my clothes fit! So I was quite salivating as I poured over Hessnatur’s web pages. Jeans, capris? Yes, please! Ooh, love that mille fleur print dress! Tons of terrific tops that make nursing a breeze . . . what to choose???
    ONE item??? No fair, I tell you! Well, if I have to decide on a totally splurge purchase of choice, it would probably be the tunic-style pure silk blouse with drop shoulders. $108? Sheesh! I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that money is a bit tight for us right now! But that shirt is gorgeous, and perfect for the upcoming hot weather here in Phoenix.
    Okay, now you’ve got me dreaming. It’s good to dream, so thank you for that. And thanks for showcasing such a wonderful fashion company.

    Your fan and theirs always,

  153. Kavita says:

    To sum it up, Hessnatur iS: Simple……Classic…..EcoChic. I am expecting the 4th addition to our family and could use a few new pieces. My fav’s so far are the tomato/Multi-coloured pieces you carry (both the tunic & dress are beautiful!)


  154. nicole says:

    Just call me Georgette all summer long because the Pure Silk Georgette Dress has my name written all over it! (Yes I’m following in the three-inch heeled boot-steps of the artist Prince, and my name is now represented by a cool unpronounceable curly symbol!)

    But really, I looked at all of the Women’s pieces and was wowed by such a beautiful collection! But of all the eco-lovelies Georgette simply refused to let me forget her. I have had shades of red on my mind of late, and I’m planning to wean myself a bit from my favorite blue and green dresses. I guess it’s because I’ve just moved to Arizona and I’m surrounded by gorgeous shades of red. I want to join in, blend in… The Pure Silk Georgette Dress captures my vision perfectly. I’d feel so daring yet so innocent, so fabulous yet so humble, and yes I’d absolutely wear it on my vintage English bicycle as I cruised by those amazing red rocks.

  155. crowlegs says:

    All the styles and fabrics look great but I must confess I am not looking forward to winning for myself, I have a beautiful wife and daughter at home and it would be the best surprise if I could win it for them for the fashion and for what stands behind it

  156. MapleH says:

    The linen tank dress is beautiful and simple and thats what I’m all about.

  157. pip says:

    holy toledo! there are a ton of replied here.
    ok, my fave is the lambskin coat.
    i have made my choice for several reasons.
    1. i hate being cold–and with that beauty–i would never be cold again.
    2. i could share it with my dog. she loves lambskin! anything natural–so when i wasn’t wearing it, she will likely attempt to don it. or at least sleep in it.
    3. so it’s tough out in the world right now. if i become homeless with this coat i will still be protected from the elements.
    4. it’s beautiful.

  158. ldevito3 says:

    My favorite item is the Hessnatur Spring Cardigan. It is the perfect piece to take me from day to night. I work at the US Forest Service and the flowers on the cardigan are beautiful… they remind me of being at one with nature, when I have to be stuck in the office! This cardigan is completely fabulous, stylish, yet functional AND it is eco-friendly. You never have to choose between style and substance with it; that my friends is why I have chosen it as my favorite piece!

  159. DLori27 says:

    It truly was very difficult for me to pick ONE favorite because I have always favored this syle of clothing. However, the one dress that really caught my eye is the Organic Cotton Dress in Lime. This is a gorgeous dress, made of 100% soft cotton, that’s extremely comfortable and flowy. It’s probably one of the most versatile dresses one could own, perfect for work, shopping, or an afternoon party. It’s colors are uplifting and conjures up thoughts of beautiful spring days. Regardless of your mood, once you slip into this dress, your world will become a little brighter, you feel very feminine, sexy and beautiful, you can’t help but smile and exchange pleasantries with strangers because you feel more alive. Most importantly, when you feel beautiful, you stand a little taller and exude a sense of confidence, class and style to the rest of the world. Your whole mental outlook can be immediately transformed to a positive state, allowing one to put aside any worries or troubles and just appreciate being alive and all the beauty that surrounds us but goes unnoticed far too often. The loose, flowy nature of this dress gives me a sense of freedom and makes me feel truly alive and one with nature.

  160. Joules says:

    Lovely site, with so many beautiful choices. The Pure Silk Georgette Dress in blue, is my favorite, with its especially lovely color and style.

  161. Melodie13 says:

    I’m picking one new dress for Summer 2010! Hessnatur’s organic cotton wrap-effect dress. It’s classic, stunningly beautiful, and oh so feminine. It’s sure to be family hand-me-down…

  162. emosley says:

    Could it be true that someone out there has finally heard all of the sighs of frustration? As a water resources engineer and officer for a not-for-profit organization, I don’t check my standards at the door when I’m working. Professionals – those who work in offices, and give presentations, and see clients/customers/patients/etc. – actually need to dress for business sometimes. I believe in the notion that we “vote with our dollars,” and so I spend a lot of time researching my purchases to understand where my money is going. To this day I still have a very difficult time finding business attire that meets the same high standards as my jeans, t-shirts, and casual wear. All the cool organic cotton printed t-shirts in the world (and how many can one person own?) don’t add up to even one flattering, fashionable blazer that I can wear to a public presentation. For this reason I choose the Organic Cotton/New Wool Jacket (Item 29472), and I’d be eyeing those matching trousers. A suit! Oh, a rare find indeed (for men or women). Regardless of the outcome of this contest – my enthusiastic thanks!

  163. wildbug says:

    The A-line style of the stunning Organic Linen Dress is perfect for me! Love the horizontal stripes on top and vertical below that give a lengthened, graceful silhouette. The earthy tones and textured linen fabric appeal to my tactile senses. I have suffered from severe chemical sensitivity for the past 5+ years and for the past 2 years I have had so much difficulty finding clothing to wear. I have literally had to wear the same boring (sweatpants and shirt) outfit every day and it’s almost worn thin. This illness has drained my bank account so winning this shopping spree would be a true miracle for me. To find non-toxic clothing I can wear would be one thing, but to be able to wear such beautiful pieces would take my life to a whole ‘nother level! Hessnatur, take me away!!

  164. Kirily5 says:

    Hessnatur’s silk dress is my absolute favourite. It’s gorgeous, feminine, ethereal and everything I could possible want in a dress.

    But most importantly, this dress (and I’m sure everything else at Hessnatur) is made from natural fabrics and not synthetic ones. I’m allergic to synthetic materials and good quality clothes made from natural fabrics are difficult to find. Usually when I do find them, the price of the garment has been hiked up considerably, beyond what I can afford.

    I’m glad to find a website that not only is filled with gorgeous, non-synthetic clothes, but they are all reasonably priced which (I think we can all agree) is how it should be.

  165. andreaq52 says:

    Lovely selection, difficult decision. But after about an hour or so, I’ve decided upon the beautifully simple yak wool tank. This piece is refined yet versatile, sophisticated yet casual. It looks so soft and luxurious, that I’m sure I’ll never want to take it off. Can I wear it in the comfort of my own home? Yes. Can I dress it up and wear it to work? Absolutely. Can I wear it when I take the kiddos to the park? Why not? This is a piece that could be worn once a week, yet make your wardrobe seem endless!

  166. minnies779 says:

    I really love the yak wool cardigan in brown.. There are so many gorgeous items to choose from.. Thanks for the chance :)

  167. minnies779 says:

    I really like the yaka brown wool cardigan.. There are so many gorgeous items to choose from. Thanks for the chance:)

  168. lovinhessnatur says:

    Ok where do I begin, first off I thank the Lord above for such original organic clothing and eco conscious ways from the very founder of Hess Natur, Heinz Hess, the employees that dedicate there time and effort to make such happy customers as me return, and I thank the farmers and all human beings that raise there animals the “organic way.” The way animals should eat, we wouldn’t have any of these clothing at all if the Lord above, the Creator of all things, had not provided us with such materials to fashion it and create it and wear it to protect us and cloth us human beings. Thank you Lord of all, this is the hard part, the website Hess Natur is filled with too many beautiful apparel for both men and women and babies. my personal favorite is as simply the warm up jackets to the jackets to the cardigans, there are just too many creative designs, even your new design item # 32135 is really attractive, the design is really simple yet genuine. I would like to be more creative with this but I am just typing what I love about you guys over there at Hess Natur, if I win yay, if I lose I lose, it doesn’t matter because whoever wins congrats to that individual because you deserved it! I’m just happy with discovering your blog to show you guys how much I love your clothing and what you do to provide us human beings with such wonderful clothing, thank God always first to the Creator and 2nd to human beings that provided us with hard labor and love for us to wear these wonderful clothes! I am about finished and wanted to keep this focused on the Lord Jesus Christ, who was and is and is to come! also to thank you guys for everything! may the peace and love of the Lord be with you all! Thank you for everything!

  169. canadian girl says:

    The Alpaca Cardigan coat is whispering my name. Simultaneously laid back and stunning, it would move with ease from my studio to a romantic walk or playtime in the park. The flow of earthy colors evokes the warm feeling of a sunrise, and the playful, hug-me trim seems to announce the model’s arrival. A wrap of cozy confidence and style. Love at first sight.

  170. lnielsenD4L says:

    I don’t normally care for “message tees” but I find the “love life” tees to be very inspiring. The design, with all the plants and animals, but subtle but beautiful. If there is one thing I do love and appreciate its life, all kinds of life. That’s something I have no problem “advertising” on my body. The only thing that could make it better? If a portion of the proceeds went to some worthwhile environmental group.

  171. elaveyra says:

    When I think of eco-friendly clothing, I think of plain cotton tee-shirts in muted colors. I love that Hessnatur really has a full collection of clothing. My favorite is the New Wool/Linen Jacket (Item 27123). It has a nice cut and the fabric looks beautiful and expensive. It’s just a great jacket that looks good, not “good for being green.” You don’t have to sacrifice anything to make green choices!

  172. seline says:

    I’m in love with the pure silk tunic blouse. It’s sure to show off my lovely neck and looks like it can be worn with any body type. I love to buy clothing that I can share with my mom!

    Nothing says cool and chic like flowy silk. I can be a rock out modern girl with the blouse + ripped jeans or mysteriously gypsy by wearing it with a blowout skirt. Its definitely a must have stable for spring and summer. Lovely.

  173. mamamouseiam says:

    Have you ever bought a lottery ticket, then fantasized until the drawing about what you’d do with the money if you won?

    That’s what I’ve been doing for the last hour or so…make-believe shopping at Hessnatur!

    How can I possibly choose only one favorite item from a basket worth $3,199.95? (And I haven’t even begun to pick out baby clothes for our soon-to-be-born first grandchild, or some pick-me-up surprises for our very pregnant daughter…) But the rules state I must comment on which piece is my absolute fave, and why, so my choice is the pure silk tunic (30769). I’m a sucker for paisley, the colors are scrumptious, and I’ve never owned a 100% silk garment in my entire life! I like and appreciate the story of Hessnatur.

    Only 30.5 hours remain to fantasize about winning…

  174. Summer Fannin says:

    Pure Silk Georgette Tunic item #30366~

    I can imagine the feeling of floating on air while wearing this amazing garment. Blending in with the sunset with its gorgeous palette, soft silk flowing against my skin, feeling like a goddess in the wind. Eco~friendly dyes down the drain, minimalizing the Earth’s strain, through this act we all gain, with beauty to behold on any given day!

    Thank you very much! Moonshine

  175. posiesandink says:

    I am in love with Hessnatur.

    A few months ago I was sure our adorable chihuahua mini pincher had brought home fleas. Many squirmy flea baths later… it turns out synthetic clothing, latex, and fabric finishings are the real culprits. Removing everything I react to from my closet left a wide swath of destruction akin to Sherman’s march to the sea. I’m left with the monumental task of reconstructing an entire wardrobe, underwear on up.

    I’ve scoured the internet for wearable clothing and Hessnatur steps in where Anthropologie and Banana Republic step out. I’ve cried and I’ve laughed – it’s shockingly difficult to find clothes with a full “ingredient list”. Hessnatur spells it out from bleach to dye. Finding feminine tailored clothes sans rayon, viscose, modal and spandex is usually like spotting an albino kangaroo. The abundant selection of one hundred percent natural fiber clothing in feminine tailored styles is like heaven. I need closets full of the Organic Cotton Top, the Ramie Pants, but most of all – I adore the Mohair Swing Coat. It’s cute, fluffy, and fun. It reminds me of the organic cotton faux fur Loyale Costilla Jacket I lusted over in previous seasons, but far more practical, warm and delicious in mohair. I’m 25, petite, and always cold. I often need a coat when others don’t – and I love the sense of humor inherent in wearing a furry coat. With it’s luxurious silk lining, thick mohair pile, and generous length, it won’t matter if I never find anything to wear underneath!

    Oh Mohair Swing Coat – please be mine!

  176. SustainableMBA says:

    Reading the story of Heinz Hess, and the great company he founded, reminded me of why I have chosen to dedicate myself to sustainable business. Nearly two years ago I found a business school that, like Hessnatur, was founded on the ideals of conservation and practicing my deeply held values of nurturing people and planet to transform the business world. To me the company is a perfect example of how social and environmental well-being can mesh with a successful business. The social standards (such as Fair Trade) are important to me but even more important is supporting good business and telling compelling stories of the work being done on the ground, worldwide.
    As a soon to be MBA graduate of a Sustainable Business school I would love to be wearing a sophisticated, elegant jacket that not only captures my desire for professional presentation but embodies my values. As a young man, I have longed to support a company that produced high fashion design while adhering to sustainable practices, and could think of no higher honor than giving my final business plan pitch to venture capitalists in June, while wearing an organic cotton poplin jacket #31975. Launching my entrepreneurial career armed not only with triple bottom line business skills but also a wardrobe to match.
    Keep up the good work.

  177. Ghislaine Fay says:

    It is hard to choose, but I love the organic cotton tee with roses. It remembers me of my childhood when I had a tee just like this one. It remembers me of days on the beach where it protected me from the sun and hours in the dunes with my mother, brother, some friends and our dog. It are precious memories and I love to revive them.

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