Get the Perfect Valentine’s Day Look, Plus Win an EcoTools Glamour Kit!

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We’ll announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, February 19. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Tuesday, February 18, so ENTER NOW for a chance to win!


EcoTools is a leader in eco-conscious personal care products. The entire collection of cosmetic brushes and bath and body-care products features innovative, natural ingredients, and earth-friendly materials. In a continued effort to give back, EcoTools has joined with 1% for the Planet, an alliance of businesses committed to leveraging their resources to create a healthier planet. Therefore, 1 percent of EcoTools’ annual sales will be donated to the organization.

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25 Responses to “Get the Perfect Valentine’s Day Look, Plus Win an EcoTools Glamour Kit!”

  1. mymechanicalmantis says:

    We will probably just stay at home with our 7 month old daughter and cook together and have some wine and relax. No need to stress out getting all done up and go out some place that feels less intimate for Valentines day. No place more intimate than home!

  2. atomikgurl says:

    A simple dinner at home, with raw chocolate for dessert.

  3. aplatte says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I had no idea that EcoTools made false lashes now; that’s awesome!

  4. rendy says:

    I’m celebrating it by sleeping in, lol its the day before reading week.

  5. winona says:

    Valentine’s day will be spent with my boyfriend, and I have absolutely no idea what he has planned.

  6. abcdefg says:

    cooking a nice dinner at home

  7. bellabcox says:

    romantic diner, wine and chocolate while cuddling in front of 2 movies: Chocolate and Amelie :))

  8. paulied says:

    Frozen dinner swap with other moms. Doesn’t get much more romantic than that!! Hopefully a nice meal with my better half as well ;)

  9. buffalorach says:

    I’m having an eco-friendly Valentine’s Day! Here’s how:

  10. tinagirl (@@warp65) says:

    I’m celebrating with my neighbors, although we won’t be going anywhere because we’re snowed in!

  11. dharma_gypsy says:

    We are celebrating it today because I happen to work tommorow. We are stocking up our goods at our local co-op and going to make our selves dinner and enjoy each others company in our home.

  12. earthlingem (@earthlingem) says:

    We both work in the service industry so we’re celebrating by me going for lunch at my boyfriend’s restaurant – sitting at the bar to watch him make me (and all of the adorable Valentine-Diners) an amazing from scratch taste-fest! <3

  13. sandra sand says:

    planning to go to a party “Β for Battle vol.2 (My Bloody Valentine version)” they are going to play post punk,synth pop,alternative,60s garage,garage punk,surf :) with my boy and friends! wish you a beautiful Friday you all !

  14. rossanadaluro (@rossanabannana) says:

    Since, I’m a vegan bodybuilding in ‘potty training pants’, I’ll be going to the gym to get my bodyfat % and body measured to see my progress.

  15. RichardBidmead (@Richarddd) says:

    My boyfriend and I will spend Valentine’s Day simply enjoying each other’s company and the splendor of the unknown for today and tomorrow.

  16. lindah says:

    We celebrated with a wonderful dinner and cuddle time.

  17. christinad says:

    We celebrated Valentine’s Day by taking a couples cooking class together. We both enjoyed it!

  18. just d says:

    I spent it 4 eva alone.

  19. jagandnevie says:

    Happy Belated VTimes everyone! We spent it with cupcakes, champagne, the kids and the WINTER OLYMPICS!!! Love Winter O’s so much more than summer – snow sports are just crazy fun.

  20. guillem fan says:

    Chablis with other female friends.

  21. sustainajillity (@sustainajillity) says:

    I spent it working on my master’s project for school and then having a low key dinner with my boyfriend. it was probably one of the best valentine’s days i’ve had to date.

  22. ashley73 says:

    I stayed home and relaxed!

  23. amyth says:

    I spent Valentine’s Day by taking my mum out to a delicious dinner!

  24. damiana says:

    I spent most of my day helping other people find Valentines Gifts for their loved ones! It was fun to put together all sorts of yummy superfoods, raw chocolates, jewelry and other healthy and beautiful products for the day!

  25. luisacristo says:

    I spent Valentine’s day with my beautiful children and my husband loved taking a delicious meal. For dessert red heart-shaped things: Strawberries, Apples. A day before we made handmade gifts for classmates: Small hearts felt :)