Win a Shopping Spree From Hessnatur by Eviana Hartman (Worth up to $400!)

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Spring needs to haul ass, pronto. Besides the fact that we’re ready to unfriend and unfollow Old Man Winter for being ornery, we’re also drooling over warmer-weather togs from the likes of Hessnatur by Eviana Hartman. We hit up our friends at Hessnatur to put some of their merch up for grabs, which means that one very lucky reader will get his or her pick of any two pieces—free! Would you snag the nubby linen-and-silk cardi and sand-washed-silk jumpsuit, the relaxed-fit pleated short and cabled fisherman’s sweater, or something else entirely? Let us know what you would choose in the comments below, and they could be yours!


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winner there.)

2. LEAVE A COMMENT telling us which two pieces from the Hessnatur by Eviana Hartman collection you want. We’ll pick the response we like the best, so be as detailed and creative as possible!

Hessnatur, Bodkin, Eviana Hartman, Spring/Summer 2011, eco-fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion, ethical fashion, sustainable style

We’ll pick our favorite comment and announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, March 2. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Tuesday, March 1, so ENTER NOW for a chance to win!


All Hessnatur clothing is pure, natural, and made with respect for planet and the people who produce and wear it. From cotton to linen to silk, wool, cashmere, alpaca and mohair, all Hessnatur garments are made from 100 percent natural fibers with no toxins from dyes, bleaches, or other chemicals used in the production process.

Hessnatur actively participates in the Clean Clothes Campaign, a coalition of trade unions, consumer organizations, human-rights groups, and women’s organizations that aims to improve working conditions in the global garment industry. Hessnatur is certified by the Fair Wear Foundation, which means it adheres to the highest social standards regarding working conditions and wages. (Farmers receive an organic fair-trade premium of up to 40 percent for their entire harvest.)

In addition to being sustainably made, the easy to wear, Hessnatur’s classic designs mean that you can make them staples in your closet for years to come—definitely what we’d call sustainable.


Eviana Hartman founded Bodkin in 2008 with the goal to merge her specific aesthetic—honed during a career as staff fashion writer at Vogue and Teen Vogue and as fashion features editor at NYLON—with a long-term interest in sustainability, developed through writing a column about ecological topics for The Washington Post, studying under pioneering “green architect” William McDonough, and having an architect for a father.

+ Hessnatur by Eviana Hartman

+ Hessnatur

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93 Responses to “Win a Shopping Spree From Hessnatur by Eviana Hartman (Worth up to $400!)”

  1. girlL8880 says:

    I’m a relatively young shopper, so I would not necessarily expect the Hessnatur collections to have items that I would wear. However, as I was browsing the online store, I found several items that I wanted to purchase anyway! The virgin wool knit coat is a gorgeous moonstone color, with a nice collar and a 35 inches of warmth to protect me from the cold New York air. Although I have been looking for a long sweater to wear in the city, I was immediately drawn to the color and texture of this one-and it’s 100% virgin wool!

    I’m also obsessed with the Pure Silk Georgette Tunic. I attend a school for fashion, and I recently saw a young woman wear a similar piece to class. The color, drape, and pattern is all beautifully organic. I would love to wear this with a pair of skinny jeans and light brown boots. I have wanted to die my hair a red-auburn for a long time, so I may even look like the model!

  2. Linda Kocsis says:

    Thanks Ecouterre and Hessnatur for this amazing giveaway! :)

    I am a long-time Ecouterre reader and Hessnatur customer, and I love you both.

    The whole Eviana Hartman Spring collection is phenomenal, so it was difficult to choose two favorite items.

    Being vegan and buying only organically produced clothing, I was thrilled to see the Pure Cotton and Linen Sweater in Terracotta Heather and the Pure Linen Safari Dress in Sand. These have to be my very favorites, hands down!

    Thanks again Ecouterre and Hessnatur!

  3. Bridgette Meinhold says:

    I’m way into Onsies – functional, classy and stunning – I mostly just want the black jumpsuit and would be super excited even if that was all I got.

  4. EllenLeroyReed says:

    Love love LOVE the Eco Lingerie Sleep Top and Leggings. Even through the photo, they look soft, comfortable, and pretty. Hessnatur shows the world that environmental stewardship is fashionable and beautiful.

    Thanks for the good work!

  5. freelancebyu (@freelancebyu) says:

    relaxed fit pleated shorts
    and the
    linen-and-silk Cardigan

    OK I admit it………I have the middle age spread and yep I made it worse? by quitting smoking and yep, made food my new best friend……… to make a long story short I am literally BUSTING OUT OF THE SEAMS of my clothing all the way around…… no pun intended

    I need clothes and to find environmentally friendly clothes that are stylish and “comfy” looking to boot fits the bill of what I want! the shorts are neutral / safari shorts which would go with anything and I love the “relaxed” “pleats” that will be flattering to that (cough cough) middle area and the cardigan will “give me some color” which my mother always told me I needed to add to my mostly neutral / white / black wardrobe.

    So If I won these two items I would have diversity, be ecologically friendly, please my mother, hide some chub and
    actually have some clothes that fit properly for the spring!

    Thanks for the opportunity and a great website too!

  6. Amanda says:

    I wasn’t familiar with this designer and I love her work. I’d pick the silk/cotton cashmere dress and the pure cotton and linen sweater.

  7. caudilet says:

    The silk cardigan fits my active lifestyle AND gets me out of all synthetic fabrics!

  8. Diane Pham says:

    I love the cable knit sweater. I’ve been looking for one just like that all winter, but all I’ve come across are poorly made sweaters with questionable material. I also love the jumper – from casual to a hot night on the town – it’s the perfect piece with a lot of versatility!

  9. gidget1101 says:

    the relaxed-fit pleated short and cabled fisherman’s sweater are my faves. i’ve been known to wear my clothes down to the thread, and i’d love to get comfy in this pair!

  10. Zarifah R says:

    Organic Cotton Boyfriend Blazer is pure awesome, with two choice of colour, I am sure want both. Combine with black Pure Silk Jumpsuit, the whole outfit look it going to be Gorgeous!

  11. ohgoodness says:

    Where the weather remains slightly frigid & cold
    I believe the organic cotton parka will do
    I love the way it appears comfortable
    and being “made in Turkey” too!
    But along with a desire for keeping warm
    comes that of being in-style the natural way
    the organic cotton boyfriend blazer in slate
    becomes quite appealing I must say!!
    The End~

    -I love the way the clothing are made and the materials used, as well as how they look.

  12. winterbell says:

    I would love to have the wool/cashmere sleeve scarf, I just love the idea, and the comfort of the design, and being able to wear it without worrying that my hair will go static. Also I could see it being able to be added it to almost any look, and complemented it perfectly.

  13. chichijunk says:

    do I have to pick just two????? I’m only on the sweater page so are and already found so many things that would fit my body style. I am in love with the Silk/Alpaca sweater (That would be perfect for me because a) it’s Alpaca so it’s got to be WARM b)it’s Alpaca so it’s gotta be SOFT c) it’s Alpaca and would match my Alpaca slippers and d) It’s ALPACA!!! LOVE IT!
    and then I saw THIS:
    Silk/Cashmere Sweater and I said WOW!!!! That’s my favorite! I love the way it hangs, it is EXACTLY my style and would really look great on me!! I Have To Have IT!
    Thanks alot, Hessnatur, Now I’m going to be spending the next couple of hours DROOLING over everything Else on your pages…
    ……AND…. I’m all over that Organic Fleece Vest!!!

    Thank you farmers for harvesting all of the great natural fibers and thanks Hessnatur for offering fine, quality products that will feel marvelous on our skin!

    I’m a newsletter subscriber! chichijunk at cs dot com

  14. Jessica Thomson-Toth says:

    My vision is the marriage of romance and nature.

    I’m taking my honeymoon in the Haida Gwaii, off the North coast of beautiful, supernatural British Columbia – a place where you can still spy majestic orca pods and trees as big as skyscrapers.

    I dream of spending my days jumping from rocks to puddles of salty water in an organic cotton tank dress, as a fine ocean mist carries on the breeze. In the evening, warmed by my handsome love and a pure cotton and linen cable knit sweater, the cry of seabirds and passing whales brings peace to our hearts.

    Nature and romance together forever.

  15. inkiedinkie says:

    I liked the oversize cotton parka from the collection because it seems to take into consideration that fashion can also have functionality. I like to look sharp just like any other gorgeous girl (modest much?) but primarily in the winter I need clothes to fulfill a task. I am cold or wet and need a coat to handle that.
    The other piece from the collection I like is the pure cotton linen sweater. It just reminds me of being coy and warm. Also of the movie The Big Chill. That quintessential american film set in the average american town with rich folk coming to terms with life and friends.
    The sweater embodies nostalgia.

  16. SharonsRose13 (@SharonsRose13) says:

    I try to buy only Organic and fair trade when possible.

    Working as an actress I have great opportunities to share this love with others.

    My favorite pieces are the Organic Cotton Parka in Sand (Small/4) and the wool/cashmere sleeve scarf in charcoal heather. I really like the silk jumpsuit but my inseam is 34…it is sand (4/Small) would be awesome for set!

    These are the most functional/utilitarian pieces for me and beautiful to boot!

    at one time I had only organic or natural fiber clothing and it was wonderful for the body and soul.

    I love the fact that your company has a “fair ware” goal. :-)

  17. laurelrose says:

    Out on the prairie, it’s still very cold and we have feet of snow on the ground in some places. I am so looking forward to spring and wearing lighter clothes and getting to be outside in the sun. I know it’s still going to be cool and windy for a few more months, which is why the Wool/Cashmere Sleeve Scarf and Organic Cotton Parka look so comfy! I work outside most of the time (when the ground isn’t frozen) and having comfortable and sustainable clothing to wear outdoors would make such a difference. I often feel that the clothes I purchase for outdoor activities are against all of the rules I normally try to follow when buying anything – they have lots of plastic, are hard to repair and often involve the use and production of many chemicals and petroleum products and are produced in non-sustainable production systems that exploit those who produce them. Thank you for offering such wonderful (and even affordable) products.

  18. lnielsenD4L says:

    I own and run a Green Building Products showroom and design center. I also happen to live on a farm and have horses. I want to look nice at work, and preferably dressed eco-friendly, but I also have barn chores before I leave every morning. NOT being a morning person, I never give myself enough time to go feed, then come back and change. So picture my morning routine with me in a nice skirt and sweater, complete with muddy barn boots and my ripped/stained barn coat, lugging haybales and welding a pitchfork. Very fashionable I assure you. Anyway, I think the Miguel Adrover Organic Cotton Tulip Dress would be just ravishing with barn boots (and nice boots too!) I also love Eviana Hartmans’s Pure Cotton and Linen Sweater in terracotta heather. Nothing beats a cozy cableknit sweater. Hey, I could even wear it over the tulip dress to warm back up after mucking stalls in sub-zero temps!

  19. truskin (@truskin) says:

    My first glance at Eviana Hartman’s collection made me quite a believer in the brand and the first impressions are very important, huh? The black silk jumpsuit and silk/cotton/cashmere dress made me instantly dream of the next summer on my bike going anywhere it takes me.. (despite the fact that it’s -20C outside at the moment)! Love that those both pieces(and all the collection) are so elegant and transformable and adjustable to all kinds of occasions and moods!

  20. organicZombie says:

    I must say that this is the first time I have heard of Hessnatur, and though I wish their site had more detailed pictures of the clothing I am enjoying what they have to offer. As for what I would choose, well I’m finally reaching a point in my life, career and lifestyle, where I want to start obtaining nicer clothing, and that being said I think I have to choose the Pure Hemp Shirt and the Organic Cotton Chinos. Hopefully they would help out my work attire collection.

  21. 30Minutes4Me (@30Minutes4Me) says:

    I am permanently cold. Or so it seems. Even in the middle of summer, I feel the cold. Which hurts, cause I love the outdoors. We have this rustic place we go to on weekends in the summer, but it can get quite cold up there. In the middle of summer, you can sometimes see your breath INSIDE. So my choices from the collection would be ones that would keep me warm! I love the style and shape of the linen and silk cardigan – and I like that is does double duty as a cardigan or a tee. My second choice would be the Organic Cotton Parka. It has such an awesome look. It would be the perfect add on for summer up north. In fact, the two pieces together, should work well. Eviana Hartman has designed a gorgeous line of clothes. The fact that it is eco friendly and that the company has a social code is an incredible bonus!

  22. melmcardle says:

    Silk? Cashmere? Organic? A blissful trio of greatness! I strive to live sustainably and support small artisans and eco-conscious minded talents from around the world. Not only am I a firm believer in ‘you are what you eat’, but the statement also needs to be made with what we drape our ‘temples’ in ~ and this girl would LOVE to be draped in the silk cashmere slate gray dress and/or the silk, cotton, cashmere vest in black. Both of these pieces are stunning and seem to fall just perfectly upon the curves of a woman.

  23. starrynite106 says:

    I would pick the Pure Cotton and Linen Sweater in Terra Cotta Heather as my first piece. My style is very laidback and comfy, especially during the winter. This piece is classic yet it is long enough to pair with leggings to make it more modern. It reminds me of an Irish knit sweater that my great aunt knit for me when I was younger, except more modern.

    I would also pick the Organic Cotton and Linen Scarf in Terracotta ecru because it looks fun and comfy and I am simply addicted to stripes. Another element that I incorporate into my style is mixing patterns like stripes and florals. This stems from my interior design background because I also design my projects in a way that mixes patterns and textures in a unique way.

  24. MollyM (@beepedyournose) says:

    The relaxed-fit pleated short and cabled fisherman’s sweater make a great outfit, welcoming spring but still keeping cozy!

  25. veganista says:

    OG cotton shorts + OG cotton/linen sweater = OG HOT! And the kind of who-cares-what-the-weather-report-says outfit that I’ve rocked since kindergarten! Because, while I’ve developed an acute awareness and sensitivity to sustainable living, eating and clothing, I never quite got the hang of checking the weather report before opening my closet door. And though my mother would likely shake a finger and probably say something about pneumonia- clothes aren’t about scout-like weather preparation, it’s about playing dress up, feeling beeeeautiful!

  26. ktdearest says:

    I am on my way to New Zealand in 3 wks…these are perfect summer clothes and well, where I am headed is hot…no like the winter weather of CA :) And I’ll do the US proud in these great clothes. Love the Organic Cotton Capris and the Pure Linen Tee.

  27. pduthoy says:

    I would get the Linen and Cotton Sweater Pant in the color slate and Wool/Cashmere Cardigan in the color Taupe for my wife. Thank you.

  28. bassiak says:

    I’m deeply in love with the sand-washed-silk jumpsuite! I also love the fact that nowdays we can wear clothes which are eco-friendly and fashionable! That’s wonderful that more and more fashion designers are aware about our world and our environment.

    The whole collection by Eviana Hartman is impressive, the colours are so relaxing and natural. When I look at the lookbook I can’t wait for the beginning of the summer and sunny, lazy days next to the nature!

  29. bassiak says:

    I’m deeply in love with the sand-washed-silk jumpsuite! I also love the fact that nowdays we can wear clothes which are eco-friendly and fashionable! That’s wonderful that more and more fashion designers are aware about our world and our environment.

    The whole collection by Eviana Hartman is impressive, the colours are so relaxing and natural. When I look at the lookbook I can’t wait for the beginning of the summer and sunny, lazy days next to the nature!

  30. minnies88 says:

    What a great clothing line.. I never would have know about this clothing collection if it wasn’t for the email that I received. Anyway I really like the relaxed-fit pleated short and cabled fisherman’s sweater.. It is really a great look :)

  31. JayP says:

    I try to be as pure and natural in all my purchasing. Clothing, food, toiletries, household products etc. So pure that I am having issues with my dog eating the $6 per bar soap I buy. Would love love love to add two pieces from Eviana Hartmans collection. Very hard to choose just two items when there are only two that I wouldn’t choose. My son plays a high level of hockey and being a single parent, I spend a lot of time at the rink. Can you say 5-6 days a week for 7 months and off and on the other 5 months? I would choose the following two items to keep me warm but all the while look very stylish.

    Item 32666 Boiled Wool Motorcycle Coat
    Item 32674 Cotton Patched Leggings in either color.

    Can you just see those once a week hockey moms….saying ”Well can you look at her! Who does she think she is…all dressed up at a hockey game! Ha ha

  32. PTORPEY says:

    I like the olive green set above, it looks comfy and stylish…for any age.

  33. ptorpey says:

    I luv the organic cotton boyfriend blazer and organic cotton shorts in chinchila (green). It looks comfy and stylish on the model and think it will look just as good on me.

  34. dechi says:

    Pure Alpaca Sweater Coat and Organic Cotton Cardigan are my favorite outfit from the Hessnatur by Eviana Hartman collection.
    I LOVE it so much!!!
    I want it so much!!!

  35. intensev5 says:

    I would love to get the Pure Linen and Silk Cardigan and the Organic Cotton Shorts. I am hating winter right now!!! I want to think warmer weather — these two pieces of clothing scream that!!! I want to buy “Green” clothing — thanks for the chance to win.

  36. ellenb says:

    With spring coming up, Hessnatur has perfect items that would work in cute fashionable ways every day! I really enjoyed the organic wool shirt-skirt, organic cotton parka, pure linen and silk cardigan. i enjoy their comfortable slouchy look and they would all go great with a pair of straight leg jeans.

  37. greenmomali says:

    I love the architectural elements and polished minimalism in this collection. My absolute favorite is the organic wool shirt-skirt. I love it’s functionality and the fact that it can be dressed up or down to extend it’s wear-ability. I think that’s part of what sustainable fashion is all about. My second pick would be the pure silk/cotton cashmere vest. I love how this can be worn to look like a vest or also layered with other things already in your closet to create a new look…gotta love that!

  38. Lolli says:

    The organic cotton tank dress, it’s beautiful & looks comfortable. And the pure linen safari dress, it looks like & breezy. Beautiful clothing.

  39. superdumb (@superdumb) says:

    The versatility of the Eviana Hartman organic wool shirt-skirt would be hard to beat. I’d like to see it paired with her wool/cashmere sleeve scarf for some ultimate mix and match layers!

  40. julzandrews says:

    my heart is now pounding with that overwhelming exciting feeling a woman gets when she sees something, she not only wants but will lose sleep cause she has to have that wonderful out fit, i can totally see these items on me: the silk/Cotton/Cashmere Dress,the Organic Cotton Boyfriend Blazer
    the Pure Cashmere Slouch Hat and just cause i can say i want them i will add a couple more things to my wish list, the
    Wool/Cashmere Sleeve Scarf, the Leggings and then finally. just cause the seem great for the summer, the Linen and Cotton Sweater Pants… there you have it, i would be thrilled with any or all of those beautiful items!

  41. unitsellers says:

    I would love the organic cotton roll up jeans and the organic cotton nightgown

  42. halosgirl says:

    Silk/Cotton/Cashmere Dress: Wrapped in midnight’s kiss this black dress can take me anywhere. Silk, cotton and cashmere it embraces my ability as a woman, no restrictions… I can move through urban jungle and raw country beauty to be back in the strong arms of him in evening dinner candles.
    Moving through life as the designer moved through mind, simply complex, subtly bold. A woman in her black Hartman dress. Pure and essential.

    Organic Cotton Parka: From a sea dream to cover a storm princess the organic parka would protect me from natures fury, whilst protecting nature herself in being 100% organic. Dress me in this quaint and yet modern piece, let my fingers curl warmly in the pockets of the designers intent. Let feminine flow not be condemned to indoors. Permit the Organic Cotton Parka…

    These are my two chosen favorites and what they inspire. I hope I succeeded to please so that I may live out these fantasies of fabric. Thank you ecouterre.

  43. sunchicka says:

    An adveturesome spirit draws me to the cabled fisherman’s sweater and sand washed silk jumpsuit. They make me want to go on a safari.

  44. ymalik says:

    I really like the cable knit sweater and the light weight jacket!

  45. karasanders1 says:

    If I could only pick two it would be the silk/cotton cashmere dress and the cashmere beret.
    It’s nice to have cashmere or wool blends on as it rains here a LOT.
    The cabled fishermen’s sweater is beautiful, too.
    Thanks for turning me on to a new store!

  46. skielty says:

    As new editor-in-chief of “Dress Responsibly” magazine created by non-profit Fashion Fights Poverty, I have a very limited budget (aka…zero) but have to command the respect I need in an eco-friendly Meryl Streep in “The Devil Wears Prada” sort of way. So I need to become known as “The Devil Wears Hessnatur,” and you can help me with that by letting me rock the pure silk jumpsuit at board meetings and cuddle in early AM fashion shoots in the organic cotton parka!

  47. carolynishis (@carolynishis) says:

    I would choose the Organic Cotton Tank Dress because it would hide some extra padding that i have found!

  48. pansy says:

    I only recently was fortunate enough to experience the wonder of organic clothing. I think I would choose the lovely and soft cable knit sweater to top the palazzo trousers for a casual yet elegant look. Then for a more comfy look I could try the organic denim jeans. Either outfit would be wonderfully comfy to curl up in front of the fire with my sweety. This would make for help me ring in that dreaded sixtieth birthday with a great young new look that would make me at least feet forty something! Hope you can help me out.

  49. pansy says:

    Whoops looks like an old gal like me needs to spellcheck a bit more too. Meant to say – This would help me ring in that dreaded sixtieth birthday with a great young new look that would make me at least feel forty something. (Guess I really need those new duds! lol)

  50. johnpross (@johnpross) says:

    It has to be the Pure Hemp mens shirt for me, two of them. They look gorgeous and comfortable, good for the environment too! What more could you ask for? Of course my friends would be jealous and that just adds to the fun!

  51. sprintze says:

    Now that is a little black -silk/cotton/cashmere- dress I could feel comfortable in! And that goes a long way to looking beautiful, right?  As second piece I would probably choose the slouchy hat. I have been looking for a similar style that will hold my hair, all wool, affordable for two winters now. Luckily this is a give-away, because the Hessnatur hat does not meet my affordability criterion either…
    I was originally pleasantly surprised when Hessnatur started to get this recognition on the U.S. market. I am happy to support Hessnatur because it is “local” (I’m German) and because it adheres to high ecological & social standards. The only downer is that the Hess family business has been bought by a big corporate group that, as a whole, is not committed to any such standards. Hessnatur has been a pioneer, constantly evolving and striving to leave the “muesli niche”. The cooperation with Eviana Hartman is exemplary for that.
    The collection is an intriguing mix of casual and extraordinary. I love the details: the inverted pleats on the linen and cotton sweater pant (for which my legs are too short, unfortunately); the two buttoning options for the wool/cashmere cardigan. And then there is the shirt-skirt which had me cracking up: Hands up who else remembers trying to wear a sweater as a skirt or harem pants as a kid! That’s creativity I admire.

  52. Catwoman729 says:

    Thanks so much for doing this giveaway! I am new to the eco-friendly clothing scene and am blown away by the level of elegance and style in clothing I can purchase that doesn’t hurt our planet or the people in it! This Hessnatur collection is just another example of that. I would LOVE to have the Wool/Cashmere Sleeve Scarf. Now, you probably don’t know this, but I single-handedly made arm warmers and hoodies popular. Sure, these items were available in stores, otherwise where would I have gotten them? But who faithfully wore this combo from the year 2002-2006 long before arm warmers and hoodies as everyday wear were cool? Now, I come to find that someone has combined the best of both worlds into a scarf that can be a hood and arm warmers? I shouldn’t even be asking for this product, I should be asking for a cut of the profits! But if you decide to just give me the product, I guess I would graciously accept that. I also NEED the silk/cotton cashmere dress. Now, I say “need” not because I think anyone who has a decent wardrobe ever really needs a piece of clothing, but because I have been told for years by every fashion magazine out there that I NEED a little black dress. Do I have one? No, which means I cannot go to parties or seamlessly transition from the workplace to cocktail hour. I guess what I am saying is without this dress, how am I expected to live a full life?

  53. Ms.Butterfly says:

    I have never heard of this clothing line before. I love organic and natural stuff: food or clothing. It just tastes and feels better, and is good for your body and skin. If I were to pick 2 items, I’d pick Organic Cotton Panties (Item 30466) and the matching Push-Up Underwire Bra (Item 30463) in Black. Both sexy and comfy.

    I will definitely come back to the website to make a purchase as soon as my finances are looking good again!

  54. mermaidhair (@cheveuxdesirene) says:

    I would love to get my hands on the Organic Cotton Tunic in taupe and the Pure Silk Jumpsuit in black. They are both beautiful, classic pieces that would last me forever. I could wear them over and over again, making them new again with different accessories each time. I’m in the process of seeking more “grown up” pieces to add to my wardrobe as I progress in my business career – the tunic and jumpsuit would be a fabulous start.

    My internship this summer will involve working with big names in the environment and business sector. I really want to be able to dress to impress. What better way to do so than in environmentally and socially responsible clothing rather than purchasing items from stores that promote cheap and disposable fashion?

    As an environmental studies major, I do what I can to be eco-friendly in my daily routines but with student budget constraints it is difficult to live the lifestyle I strive for. I’m hoping EcouTerre can help me out here ;).

  55. plaidrose says:

    Being new to organic fashion but an avid believer, this opportunity is amazing as my options are very limited at the moment!. All the clothing looks amazing but my favourites are the organic cotton sweatshirt and organic cotton sweater. I love the chunky cable knit and scoop neckline. I’m just in my second year of fashion design and merchandising and my ultimate goal would be to work with organic fabrics or any way be more sustainable to the environment. Dressing to match my goals is just the first step there!

  56. Sunnymay says:

    The first piece that captivated me was the Wool/Cashmere Sleeve Scarf Shawl which has unending possibilities with those sleeve endings, it can’t slide off. So I like the versatility and function of wrapping in a snuggly wrap of cashmere. The Organic Boyfriend Blazer is the other essential I like. Boyfriend shirts and tailoring is in this year and remains a classic. This blazer iscasual with the leather woven braid belt which I would add to finish the look over shorts, skirts, capri’s or pants.

  57. Natural Mama says:

    What a fabulous designer, I love it all. My two faves are the Cotton Patch leggings and the Silk/Cotton/Cashmere Tank Dress. I’m also a new newsletter subscriber,

  58. jnp says:

    Wool/Cashmere Cardigan (Item 32675 )+ Silk/Cotton/Cashmere Dress(Item 32672 )
    Purity of materials… asymmetric but overall simplicity… number of variations… Me, Myself and I

  59. lilly says:

    What impressed me the most about this collection my Hessnatur (apart from their commitment to sustainability) is its multifunctional nature – these pieces can be dressed up or down or used in different ways (i.e the wool skirt/shirt – brilliant!). It really echos the idea of having less and using it wisely.

    So, the problem is that there are too many things to like! I loved the organic cotton shorts (I’m a mom/artist running around after two little ones – practical is good!) and also loved the way they can be cuffed/uncuffed. Just changes the mood of the short.

    Also linen/silk cardigan, again because it is beautiful (just look at the drape), versatile (buttoning/unbuttoning it makes it look like a completely different piece) and so wearable.

    And, of course, being a bit cheeky the silk/cotton/cashmere dress is amazing and so so versatile (and the fabric must feel beautiful against skin).

    I’m a fairly new follower of ecouterre – thanks so much for showcasing the great sustainably-minded designers out there and making it easy to find great earth-friendly, fashion-forward clothing…love it. Thanks.

  60. InnaDyachenko says:

    My greetings to Ecouterre site’s team, Hessnatur fashion company and personally to Eviana Hartman as to the originator of afore shown eco-collection!

    My two garments of choice within the spring/summer’11 Hessnatur’s picturesque exposition would be funneled to linen-and-silk cardigan and black slouchy silk jumpsuit.
    Vermilion linen-and-silk cardigan reflects frisky springlike mood possibly better than other collection’s pieces due to its luminous colouring, sporty relaxed manner of fastening its front panels and – if you have all buttons done – promise of warmth at the times of windy weather.

    Black silk jumpsuit would make a priceless find to every fashionistas’ vernal wardrobe and their confidence aswell. Flowing and loose-fitting jumpsuit’s style topped up with – none the less – the strict lapels and cinctured on the waistline with narrow tie seems to evoke and implicate all novel spring hopes and prospective challenges into one piece of silky fabric. And one wearing this attire will win, definitely will do!

    And of course the leading common features of both my pick-ups and the rest part of Hessnatur clothing are due to be mentioned. They are such as congruent utility regardless of age, constitution and style-adherence of their future possessor as they will technically conform – I’m sure – the majority of other closet’s “inhabitants”. Being void of all-the-rage chasing, eco-gowns also occupy their beyond-the-time niche and will serve a long term life in analogue with classic or formal suits. But in comparision to the latter sustainable togs can easily be used in literally any circumstances when one needs them, to wit from office dress-code models to evening’s outfit to camping rig-outs, just team them up with the right accessories!

  61. Annie C says:

    THIS is FANTASTIC!: in Mahogany,
    I Would LOVE!!!!!!! I would CHERISH!!! I would COVET!!!!
    I would Wear This Out!!!
    and This is Fantastic Too!!!!

    Wow – it didn’t take me long to find my two favorites! I page in and I’m already in Love with 2 looks!!!

    PS – I also signed up for your newsletters! Can’t wait to see MORE!

  62. ground apple says:

    Wool Cashmere Cardigan
    Pure Silk/Cotton/Cashmere Vest

    I’m a short girl. Short as in… “America doesn’t cater to petite Asians” short. To get around this, I often opt for dresses and big sweaters… that could also be worn like dresses, haha. Big upper body pieces allow me to substitute pants with leggings or stalkings. (Tailoring everything is just not an option.) Anywho, I’ve been trying to live my life more sustainably and ethically one step at a time. I prefer the approach of chunking as to not overwhelm myself and hopefully ease myself into a more conscious lifestyle. Like most others, I began with free-trade coffee and then local fruits and veggies. Then as of a few months ago, I’ve moved on towards ethically raised meat and organic cottons. I am loving that Hessnatur by Eviana Hartman has high social standards for their work and care about the labor ethics that go into their product. It isn’t often you come across a brand that not only claims to care about the environment but is actually certified in it. In conclusion, I love conscious consumer goods and hope to continue to represent conscious consumers by my continually improving lifestyle and hopefully fashionstyle as well via Hessnatur by Eviana Hartman!

  63. ecojem says:

    Silk/cotton/cashmere dress + organic cotton tunic = :)

  64. kmom says:

    I’d be one bad-ass momma in the Boiled Wool Motorcycle Coat. Not very Spring-y, I realize, but Summer doesn’t come here til July.

    And for the other item, I want that brown double buckle belt shown, but I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I’d go with the gorgeous, ethereal Pure Silk Dress. Yeah, the total opposite of the Motorcycle Coat, but paired together the dichotomous duo might work.

  65. Esti says:

    I think the Pure Silk/Cotton/Cashmere Vest and Pure Linen and Silk Cardigan are lovely. Not just in their appearance – that too – but so much more: they’re lovely for the foundation of ethics, conscientiousness, and responsibility that they’ve been created upon.

  66. ashleygv says:

    That Cabled Fisherman’s Sweater looks very comfy! I would love to curl up in that (considering it’s snowing outside). And I am totally a scarf person! I wear one everyday, I have a nice collection going, but I think I could make room for the pretty Organic Cotton and Linen Scarf! :D

  67. Bird says:

    Comfortable and classic wear. Just my style.

  68. oksana2372 says:

    I adore Item 30466 (Organic Cotton Panties) and Item 30998 (Organic Cotton Cami)! “Lingerie is the feel of something soft on your skin, of support, of anticipation, of being a woman. True lingerie (even a nice bra and undies) say, “I am WOMAN. Hear me roar.” It brings out the best in us, it celebrates us, it is our gift to ourselves and ultimately, to our others. It is that extra special step we take to treat ourselves to something sensual” :-)

    Thank you for great giveaway!


  69. aprileverlong says:

    I like the cable knit fishermen’s sweater and the camel-colored maxi dress – pieces that could be worn either in summer or winter (which is necessary where I live). I’m just starting to line my closet with eco-friendly apparel and these pieces are ones that would be excellent staples.

  70. Hellisia says:

    I’m all about looking different and standing out, so versatility is a HUGE deal for me! When I shop, I RARELY shop for outfits, I find single items that I love… Half the fun is getting home to my wardrobe and figuring out how I can incorporate my new finds in dramatic and innovative ways, like piecing together a wonderful fashion puzzle! Building my wardrobe this way has given me endless options and outfits to choose from while rarely throwing away my older items — my look is consistantly me, but different and dynamic all the time!

    I was really torn between a few items in the collection, but I finally settled on the Cotton Patched Leggings in black and the Wool/Cashmere Sleeve Scarf in charcoal heather. Like I said, I LOVE versatility, and these items are both extremely versatile! I’m a skinny chick with looong legs, and I love showing them off with either skinny jeans/leggings or shorts/skirts, so i instantly fell in love with the leggings, especially with their contrasting panels (I love drama and contrast!) They would work with so much that I already wear, and to me that’s one of the points of sustainable fashion. And the Sleeve Scarf is just so elegant and funtional, it seems like it would be lovely for those brisk spring nights! (Besides, I’m a wuss about chill and usually carry a scarf and gloves most of the year…with this item, they’d never get away from me!)

    These items are JUST my style: beautiful, functional, AND unique! Haha, I’m already getting excited about how I could fit them into my collection! <3!

  71. geeg1253 says:

    love love love the natural colours and fabrics. everything looks super comfortable and sleek. i especially like the terracotta cardigan.

  72. jules79 says:

    I would love the Pure Linen and Silk cardigan because it is effortlessly stylish and chic and would add a luxeness to any outfit. It would also be a great layering piece and so it would be able to carry me through spring, summer, fall, and even next winter! I would also love the Cotton Patched Leggings. These classic leggings would be able to be dressed up or down and would be perfect for so many different occasions! The apparent style and comfort of these items are definitely something I need in my wardrobe!

  73. tropezstarr says:

    So… I am a husband so my response will pertain to what would look hot on my wife. First, the Silk/Cotton Cashmere Dress. This is an elegant and classic design that appears to flow and sit well. Silk and cotton are easily her favorite fabrics so you can’t go wrong there! The color would work well with any shoes, scarf, bag, or accessory. The second item would have to be the Pure Silk Jumpsuit. We all know jumpsuits are cool! And silk? Come one! Can it get any better? I can see her wearing this for a day at work or a night out (well, not now as it is snowing…) Although I was not familiar with Eviana Hartman I love the styling and profiles the line offers. Prize in hand or not, we will be following her!

  74. hockiemack says:

    I love the Pure Linen Safari Dress in Sand and the Wool/Cashmere Sleeve Scarf in charcoal heather.

  75. stephaniebeth (@stephaniebeth) says:

    I’m moving from the balmy but moderate weather in Seattle, WA, to the mostly snowing and cold weather in Ithaca, NY, and need some new warm clothes so I don’t get frostbite! I would love that Wool/Cashmere Sleeve Scarf or the super unique Organic Wool Shirt-Skirt

  76. ayt2007 (@AlisonYuleT) says:

    Wow, thanks for the chance to win something so lovely from the Hessnatur collection. I’ve been looking for brown trousers for quite a while now so I would go for the Camel Virgin Wool Trousers and the Silk/Cotton Top in Mist.

  77. kalbee says:

    I’m in the process of hearing back from an abroad program in Denmark for next year! The climate of Northern Europe is slightly different from sunny California.. but a Alpaca Jacquard Sweater and Linen and Cotton Sweater Pant would be warm, stunning, and would fit in with the local fashions. Help a green-college-student out?

  78. sonjajoy says:

    I would love to win the matching safari shirt with shorts. They look adorable, very comfortable for Florida and would simply make my red hat and crocs stand out in any crowd. It would make my day Ecouterre special.

  79. Arla_dutch says:

    I open up my eyes and realise it was the soft wind who has woken me up. When I lift up my head I see the beautiful sea and the white beach in front of me. It’s late in the afternoon and the wind is getting colder, so I put on my Pure Linen and Silk Cardigan and look at the pure Terracotta colour it has. I smile.
    I wake my friend up next to me and tell here we have to get dressed for our party tonight. In our lovely beach house I slide into my soft black Pure Silk Jumpsuit and put my highheels on.
    While we are dancing near the beach, the most beautiful guy is walking towards me. He takes me in his arms, dances with me and tells me how pretty i look. I smile at him and tell him that’s because it’s all so pure, it’s just the beauty of this natural quality.

  80. Courtney says:

    I love riding a motorcycle and without any doubt I would like to have the Cotton Patched Leggings and Boiled Wool Motorcycle Coat from this wonderful and cozy collection because they would be the perfect outfit for me for the upcoming spring motorcycle season!

  81. tdsollog says:

    I am battling fibromyalgia, and would love the comfort of something soft and silky like the silk georgette top, silk/cotton/cashmere jacket, and a scarf for good measure.

  82. Ecouturière (@ecouturiere) says:

    I was almost too tired to enter this contest- too tired of gray days to create a bright response that might be creative enough to win, too tired of the snow to feel like wearing anything but warm and comfortable yoga pants and fleece hoodie, too tired of this rough winter to feel like doing much of anyhting. But I have always loved Hessnatur’s clothing, so I gave it one click to brighten my day a little, and as soon as I saw the Pure Silk Jumper, I knew I had to rouse my spirits enough to enter. I want to pull on that jumper, wrap myself up in the Organic Cotton Parka, pull up that lovely hood, and stand on top of a snowdrift in defiance of this winter that has lasted long enough now. Take that, gray snowy days! Maybe I’ll even tuck some tulips into the parka’s pockets, and create a little of my own sunshine. After all, who isn’t bound to shine in such gorgeously eco-friendly clothing?

  83. pinkgreenbean says:

    This collection brings me from the cold wintry mix of our current home back to the paradise of my childhood on the beach. I can imagine being wrapped up in the warmth of the terracotta organic cotton & linen scarf, radiating promises of the soon to come summer sun! Underneath lies understated elegance in the form of an organic cotton tank dress in chinchilla, a muted seagrass shade perfect for lazy afternoons flowing with fresh sea breeze. Whispers of summer…coming soon!

  84. LMcLendon says:

    I am pretty devastated right now, my comment entry seems to have disappeared. I honestly can’t recreate it.
    So, to summarize:
    I would choose 4 pieces for the Eco Yoga Outfit Collection in Bordeaux and Bordeaux striped color(58). Item #25812, #25814/15 and #32207.
    I would love for my original entry to have worked but this is the best I can do now.
    Thanks for the chance and the win would be greatly appreciated :)

  85. enaidrassim says:

    I am very pro-environmental anything as long as it’s helping keep the world alive even if it’s just with something small like sustainable clothing.

    I would pick the Silk/Cotton blend top and the Organic Cotton shorts for a nice Spring outfit. I’m a young college student and so wearing a nice sophisticated top with shorts could make it look more contemporary.

  86. pjpjpj says:

    Your line of clothes is exactly what I would buy if I had the money to buy new clothes. They are in yummy mellow colors and look so soft and comfortable!!! If I could make and design clothes, this is what I would make: Plain and soft, not revealing, not sexy, not see-through, only relaxing and soothing, and comfortable, and all organic and labor aware…just like your line of clothes appears to be. Thank you! I will buy some one day and get back to you!!!

  87. jfreiheit says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the motorcycle coat. Being from Milwaukee, having a husband that works at Harley Davidson, and riding bikes ourselves…it is hard to find unique trends that work well in the bike scene but still scream fashion! This coat is so practical and warm yet allows a hat, scarf, and gloves (for those winter riding days!). Of course her off color tunic underneath would display simplicity and allow my scarf or jewelry to shine when we get where we are going and I am forced to take the coat off. Thank you so much for considering me!!!

  88. bonniejean says:

    I love the quality and feel of natural fabrics and silk and cashmere are at the top of the list for me. By blending these with other natural fibers into her designs I think that Eviana Hartman has created fabrics with beautiful texture and softness. The Pure Silk/Cotton/Cashmere Vest is very chic and would be a versatile addition to anyone’s wardrobe . I really like the flowing lines of the front and how it visually flatters. It would be fun to be able to wear this ! Another of my favorite fabrics is simple, soft cotton. The design of the Organic Cotton Tunic is very pretty and practical too. The hood and cowl neck gives you more ways to wear it and the drape of the design looks very comfortable to wear yet stylish. It would be great to be able to wear these garments and I would enjoy them very much!

  89. ninapwa says:

    Wowweee!! I love the Hessnatur site…I have trolled there often, but usually the larger sizes that I need are already gone. So it was fun to just imagine what I might win: I adore the organic cotton tank dress, and the organic cotton anorak/parka. I imagine that they would be soft against my skin, something I covet now. I ONLY dress for comfort, as I reached a “certain age.” And Eviana’s clothing all looks simply wonderful to wear.
    I love all the Hessnatur clothing!!

  90. hopecreates says:

    Many years ago, it was nearly impossible to find, let alone, afford clothing made with a conscious. This is so amazing that these items are now not only available, but stylish as well! While the choice was not that easy….I would have to choose the pure cotton and linen sweater in silver heather as it would be perfect for a summer eve sailing or just lounging on the deck with a prosecco and the sun setting. The other choice for me is the organic tank dress in chinchilla…it seems the perfect option for dressing up or down!

  91. dechi says:

    I love the Pure Alpaca Sweater Coat (Item 32654)and the Organic Cotton Sweat Jacket (Item 33614).

  92. DolphinV27 says:

    I adore the Silk/Cotton/Cashmere Dress (Item 32672) and the Organic Cotton Tank Dress (Item 33299)and here’s why (listen closely because it’s all a bit counter-intuitive): they’re both loose and tent-like which is exactly what i wanted to wear when i was overweight.
    did you catch the “when” part?
    now that i’ve lost weight (30 pounds…i’m still celebrating), loose and tent-like things are EXACTLY what i love to wear. before i was convinced they were hiding my figure…now i look at them and see how they show it off: i’m the slender little thing hiding in all that fabric! how cool is that?
    i didn’t use fashion as my motivation to lose weight, i did it to get healthy…too many people i know were getting sick from poor nutrition choices. i know now that life is too short to be uncomfortable in your own skin…or your clothes!*

    thanks! i’m subscribed!

    *i apologize, i’m daydreaming of what look like really soft fabrics on hessnatur’s site.

  93. kristine says:

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE/want/need the Wool/Cashmere Sleeve Scarf.. it’s so innovative, design wise ,combining two perfect winter accessories in one. AND it’s made with virgin wool!
    I’ve never been able to get my hands on virgin wool so I WOULD absolutely love to own this.
    and the Organic Cotton Boyfriend Blazer is simply adorable.
    I love the fact that it’s so lightweight and it could be technically worn as just a top or as a over layer. Going to an art school makes a student/artist poor (supplies, fabric, etc)…and it’s hard to be able to afford clothes, first of all, and I’m aiming my career towards sustainable fashions (and this could be a great start to my wardrobe!)