GIVEAWAY: Win Chic Cycling Gear From Nau (Worth $530!)

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Nau, bicycle fashion, bicycle clothing, bicycle accessories, cycle chic, recycled polyester, recycled fashion, eco-fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion, ethical fashion, sustainable style

As harrowing as your bicycle commute is, it’s no Tour de France, so who says you have to dress the part? Leave the spandex for some other hapless two-wheeler. If “velocouture” is your Waterloo, Nau’s new “Pedal” collection will steer you in the right direction. We’ve partnered with the Portland label to give away a kit to call your own, in your choice of men’s or women’s styles. Tackle headwinds straight on in the Dualist jacket, a merino wool and recycled polyester number inspired by vintage cycling jerseys. Take an unexpected turn in the Detour short, which comprises 80 percent recycled polyester and 20 percent organic cotton. And to corral your essentials, strap on the recycled polyester Motil Pack, which includes a built-in hydration sleeve and shoulder straps padded with recycled wool. The entire bundle retails at $530, so enter now to win!


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER. (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winner there.)

2. LEAVE A COMMENT and tell us what your must-have cycling accessory is and why. Although it doesn’t hurt to get fancy, we’ll be picking a winner at random.

Nau, bicycle fashion, bicycle clothing, bicycle accessories, cycle chic, recycled polyester, recycled fashion, eco-fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion, ethical fashion, sustainable style

We’ll announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, June 29. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Tuesday, June 28, so ENTER NOW for a chance to win!


Nau (pronounced “now”) is a clothing company based in Portland, OR. It makes sustainable urban and outdoor apparel for the modern mobile life.

+ Dualist Jacket $265 (Men’s; Women’s)

+ Detour Short $90-$98 (Men’s; Women’s)

+ Motil Pack $175

+ Nau

Originally published June 16, 2011.

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252 Responses to “GIVEAWAY: Win Chic Cycling Gear From Nau (Worth $530!)”

  1. Norsengineer (@TheKellyStrong) says:

    I just moved to the biking capital of the world (CPH) and I am absolutely terrified of looking like a fool on a bike! This new attire would put me at ease and help me fit in around the cycling pros! I really hope I win, I most certainly need it. I could never afford these great things as a student!!

  2. flamingjune says:

    An under-seat storage bag is my must-have accessory. I store my cell, keys, cash, and i.d. in the zippered pouch while riding but have everything I need for a stop at the store.

  3. leisuresuitwally says:

    A must-have for biking is a *versatile* jacket. Warm enough for those mornings, with vents to cool you down as you pick up the tempo. Light and waterproof goes without saying. No hood (unnecessary drag). And well placed pockets for your keys and iPod that don’t get in the way when pedaling.

  4. beenbrun says:

    A must have for me in autumn and spring is my fleece, but a nau merino would be better.

  5. galore_mom says:

    I love cycling around Prospect Park in Brooklyn. It’s one of the few exercises I enjoy (and I get to breathe some “fresh air”). My must-have cycling accessory are bike shorts!

  6. strictgeometry (@strictgeometry) says:

    Glad to see more companies offering cycling clothes without shiny spandex. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great for 30 mile + rides, but I hate putting it on for my 10 mile commute to work. Thanks, Nau + Ecouterre!

  7. strictgeometry (@strictgeometry) says:

    (Would help if I followed directions…)

    My must-have cycling accessory is a good bag. Anything that can transition between work, a ride, and a night out — and can still hold all my stuff — is priceless.

  8. leisuresuitwally says:

    A must-have for biking is a *versatile* jacket. Warm enough for those mornings, with vents to cool you down as you pick up the tempo. Light and waterproof goes without saying. No hood (unnecessary drag). And well placed pockets for your keys and iPod that don’t get in the way when pedaling.

  9. JoyFull says:

    My must have gear for bicycling is glasses for eye protection. I’m rather light sensitive so wear protective eyewear almost always when I’m outdoors, but especially so when bicycling. Stuff blowing in my eyes can interfere with safe biking.

  10. ambiker says:

    My new must have biking accessory is Brooks Brick Lane Roll-Up Panniers. I’ve been saving up for them!

  11. lindalabbe says:

    I am a huge Nau fan and a cyclist and would love to test ride the new Nau chic cycling gear on my commutes to the office! My Toes and fingers are crossed I will win!

  12. cindybatch says:

    My helmet! Can’t be too careful

  13. jadunn says:

    I can’t go with out my bike shorts, as much as I hate the look, commuting close to 20 miles a day makes them necessary.

  14. OpheliaQuixote says:

    Helmet and a basket!

  15. jkyw (@_jkyw) says:

    i love shorts over pants and a cute leather bag by erin templeton – check her bags out!

  16. JoSwa says:

    My must-have cycling accessory are definitely my bike gloves (I have both summer and winter).

    My gloves are so important, as they help me feel comfortable and protected during long rides while also maintaining strong bar grip as I navigate the crazy streets of this concrete jungle known as New York City…definitely a must-have!

  17. toddfield says:

    Bicycle shorts… definitely. I so need to check out those bicycle shorts that aren’t skin tight though!

  18. mdraegerPNW says:

    Bike knickers. For the Pacific Northwest, they are ESSENTIAL

  19. jessicadelia says:

    Although riding a bike is sexy in itself it doesn’t hurt to have some sexy (and comfortable) clothing for the ride!

  20. veganann says:

    A helmet and sunscreen!

  21. lcon1386 says:

    First would have to be a helmet! If you don’t wear one, please start! Then, good shoes and a good jacket. I bike 30 miles a day commuting to work so having a comfortable outfit is pretty key. Got in a hit an run on Sunday so I’dlove to see my luck turn around and get some awesome gear! ::fingers crossed::

  22. mary says:

    panniers! for groceries.

  23. josheejs says:

    A helmut! Safety first. :)

  24. Cyclemom says:

    A shirt or jacket with pockets are a must. From lip balm to my phone or a snack, I like to have things easily accessible.

  25. devonts says:

    A good pair of bibs is a must.

  26. chbenito (@chbenito) says:

    I love my backpack. It hauls everything I need and keeps it dry in the rain.

  27. expattx says:

    The must have for me is a good set of lights, anything to help people see me whilst I’m riding is a must.

  28. hollye says:

    That Motil Pack is FABULOUS. Would be a fantastic replacement for my ratty sling that I usually lug to on my weekend ride from Manhattan to Brighton/Manhattan Beach. And the hydration sleeve is just brilliant for summer. Love it.

  29. katrinmaria says:

    I’m going to university with my bike every day, a fancy Motil Pack would be perfect to stow my stuff!

  30. jessicabeck (@jessicabeck) says:

    I covet Nau like no one’s business, and a great bag is an absolute necessity for a useful bike ride. My current must-have accessory is a Camelback with woefully little storage space; the Motil Pack is like the cool older brother version.

  31. andyssd says:

    A must have bike accessory would be a bag that had a vented back to prevent back sweat while also being waterproof and padded so that I can carry my laptop to and from work in it, rain or shine. That and an industrial suction cup to grab on the sides of busses and cars to get a little pull here and there.

  32. sporkacus says:

    give me some shorts.

  33. Palionu says:

    The must have accessory (with clothes/helmet/sunglasses/gloves being a given) is an under-seat bag that I use for tool/tube/wallet/key storage.

  34. rockonsara says:

    The best accessory is a comfortable helmet and a bag that fits on your back properly. Distractions from a wayward helmet or bag strap (or anything else, for that matter) that can take your eyes off the road is dangerous!

  35. forbitron says:

    A must have biking accessory for me is a comfortable saddle to make the rides last longer.

  36. blence says:

    I bike to work everyday, and I am a huge fan of Nau. ‘Nuff said, I hope…

  37. DLori27 says:

    While I think there are a number of things a biker should have to ensure their safety and have fun, I’d have to say that every bike should be equipped with reflective lights, both in the front and the back of their bikes, so vehicles can see you when their car lights hit the reflective lights, avoiding an accident. I also think it’s mortar to wear a helmut to protect your head as well as glasses or eye gear, to prevent any stones or dirt from flying into your eyes which could cause a terrible accident. Lastly, it’s important to wear clothing with reflective colors on it, again so vehicles can see you, clothing that is not loose, particularly around the ankle because you don’t want your clothing to get caught in your bike petals or other part of your bike and a jacket or sweater, again to prevent any dirt or stones from hurting your skin. Also a jacket should have a reflective stripe on each arm, again so vehicles can see you and not accidentally hit you. Thank you for giving your fans the opportunity to possibly win such a nice contest and good luck to all!

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  38. JanetP (@anythingbtbeige) says:

    Must-have cycling accessory: excellent vision!

  39. Jessie says:

    My must-have accessory is definitely my water bottle. Unused to the California heat, the first time I trekked out without any water I nearly passed out at the end of the ride!

  40. WD Chang says:

    I live and breathe by playing in NYC traffic on inline skates. I’ve followed the Tour de France since Greg Lemond’s miraculous comeback tour in ’89

  41. agreg says:

    Must have bike accessories: good lights and a good bag. And a nice raincoat for cold and rainy days.

  42. agreg says:

    Good lights, good bag and nice comfortable clothes…

  43. Joellen says:

    The best bike accessory ever. A flipphandle. It turns your handlebar ninth degrees to make storGe easier

  44. petejustpete says:

    My must have cycling accessory is a helmet and a Road ID: Safety first and second ;p

  45. LLINNILL says:

    My must haves… movable, breathable pants/shorts & a roomy, well fitted bag.

  46. iribiri says:

    I guess my backpack. I always felt my stuff is safer when it’s strapped to my back :)

  47. makanimike says:

    the rebound jacket would be perfect for me who just moved to the tropics. light and waterproof for those sudden monsoon rains.

  48. liphel says:

    Would love to have a nice looking bag to carry a few things with me on some destination rides, and you can never have too many sets of nice clothes to wear on a ride.

  49. emmelle says:

    because the act of biking expression of beauty and strength.

  50. rjt111 says:

    An absolute must have for me would be comfortable yet cute shorts and a power house helmut!

  51. jmgorman says:

    Pants are my must-have accessory these days. Slim, comfortable, sharp – I just can’t carry an extra pair and change every time I go inside to see someone who matters.

  52. lambentamber says:

    The guys jacket is smoking. Would be great with my essential BailyWorks waterproof messenger bag, size:

  53. misformiche says:

    I use an old army surplus gasmask bag. fits everything i need and has proper strapping to keep it in place.

  54. schmidty says:

    A good lightweight jacket for the foothills in Oregon. I am an email subscriber.

  55. kzyu says:

    i want i want

  56. avalyn says:

    I’m from Singapore, which is hardly a bicycle-friendly city for now, though those of us who are fans of two-wheelers are trying very hard to make it so! I commute on my bicycle to and from work, so a simple, no-nonsense jacket and a comfy, padded backpack are must-haves! That is, of course, given that I assume folks are already equipped with head- and backlights, as well as a helmet…

  57. InertAgent says:

    I wish someone made rain pants in size small that had an in-seam more than 32″

  58. gc9925 says:

    This would definitely improve my commute to work!

  59. suncoast says:

    Leave the spandex to the boys;-) I would love to win this NAU cycling gear. I would wear it when I am volunteering at the BC Bike Race !

  60. alexrg says:

    I ride my bike pretty much everywhere so my go to cycling accessory has got to be a comfortable yet professional backpack that can take me from work to yoga or the beach while keeping me stylish :) that motil pack looks like it would fit the job perfectly

  61. Basak Cakici-Adams says:

    Mine is a bandanna!

  62. basak cakici-adams says:

    Cool looking and cool keeping!

  63. kcenya1950 says:

    bike shorts, absolutely, positively. followed by bike shoes — a close second

  64. fuz_catt says:

    keep me warm and dry!

  65. Mark-o says:

    My jean cutoffs and mesh tanktop need some updating.

  66. ggruhl says:

    Hmmm… from my slippery sleek bike shorts to my gloves that make me feel bikesexy, I’d have to say my favourite accessory is the hoods on my handle bars. When I grip them and pound down on the pedals my heart pounds in such a way that I feel like I could zip around the world in the next pedal stroke! What a feeling acceleration is.
    Happy cycling yall!

  67. bmaz says:

    A bag to carry my extra gear.

  68. cablecrt says:

    My must have cycling accessory is my collapsible water bottle.

  69. SLE says:

    I’ve got three “must haves” for my 20-mile round trip commute to/from work:

    1) bright neon green windbreaker jacket so cars can see me
    2) hat to keep my hair in place
    3) under seat pouch to hold my personal effects (wallet, phone, keys, etc.)

  70. bgietzel says:

    Jethro Tule

  71. said el arafi says:

    Good lights, good bag and nice comfortable clothes…

  72. dachro says:

    Sunglasses! Interchangeable lenses don’t hurt for varying riding conditions. Can’t see the road and the cars in front of you if you’re squinting from the sun!

  73. superdumb (@superdumb) says:

    A sturdy stainless water bottle. And a bike, of course!

  74. kbeekman says:

    My under the seat bag for hold my garage door opener (not just for cars anymore).

  75. adelin says:

    My must-have is a bike helmet! Three years ago, I needed a bike helmet when I started biking around NYC on my very own vintage Hercules (from 1973!). I asked around at work to see if someone had a helmet they weren’t using and a very nice guy gave me one that he had gotten for free from our workplace to encourage biking to work. Three years later, we’re engaged, and yes, I still have his helmet :)

  76. jsd says:

    shiny water bottle and chain

  77. mikeandy says:

    I believe this is my last chance to be cool.

  78. MaureenE (@maureenelsberry) says:

    Definitely my Camelback hydration system. I commute to work via my bike and in the summer in Arizona its 110 degrees so its very important to stay hydrated. But my pack doesn’t compare to the Motil pack in terms of style. Plus finding attractive, but still functional shorts that aren’t spandex is extremely hard to do, but I see Nau has pulled it off! I would love to be able to show off this gear.

  79. bhoug69 says:

    In Seattle, fenders are friends.

  80. kellshea says:

    Sunglasses/goggles are a necessity bc my eyes tear the minute they hit cold air! Plus, I like to see where I’m going.

  81. mkelly says:

    A must have on my wish list is a bike pannier and bike bag so I don’t get quite so sweaty biking to work in 100+ degrees during the Phoenix summers!

  82. abbottjohn says:

    My must-have has to be my bag because it keeps everything I have together. No matter what I decide to bring with me I always need my bag.

  83. becca says:

    must have: gore-tex coat and pants for rainy days. also insulated waterproof gloves for cold days.

  84. smswanie says:

    A decent backpack.

  85. kelphonic says:

    toe clips or bike shoes make the difference

  86. jazmcgregor says:

    My 3 year old because he sings songs to motivate me :)

  87. TommyCrow says:

    I love my very thin waterproof jacket. It’s small enough to always have with you.

  88. RiverSwami (@RiverSwami) says:

    Definitely need a proper fitting helmet, a mirror to see motorists before they run me off the road, and padded gloves. They have saved my hands many times. A tool kit stored in a weatherproof bag for those occasional technical problems is a must. Sure beats walking home! ;)

  89. Marlinda (@marlindapresent) says:

    Brilliant giveaway! I’m in love with riding my bike(s) -a good thing for it is my only transport at the moment – but finding clothes that fit the occasion is something different.
    On my way to work or classes I ride my bike wearing jeans, skirts and dresses – and I fully feel comfortable for those clothes are picked out by me from dozens of shops, all in my own style. But those fanatic bike rides, which ask for professional outfits limit me to be my-chic-self. They are probably fully thought thru by man, and support your performance perfectly – but MAN, there’s nothing available with a feminine touch of style. Therefore, Nau’s collection thrills me big time! I hope I’ll get to be that one female cyclist that will turn heads, and proudly point my biking-sisters to Nau!

  90. sho says:

    My pannier bag to carry what I need with room to spare for errands. It’s nice being able to put it on the rack and have the bicycle carry the weight.

  91. dropastitch (@@dropastitch) says:

    Must have: HELMET. That, and padded cycling shorts. Oh, and a foldup rainjacket.

  92. rkiha says:

    I ride to and from work daily and its nice to have attire that can seamlessly go from the commute to the office when the weather is nice

  93. Kisstoney says:

    I live in Fiji and I am looking for some shorts for mountain biking that are functional, water resistant and cool enough for riding in 30C with 100% humidity.

  94. chichijunk says:

    i get ecouterre newsletter. My must-have accessory is my bike lock. Goes without saying, without that, there would no longer be a bike!
    chichijunk at cs dot com

  95. eevs1 (@therobledo) says:

    Hi!, excellent prize!, I ride everyday to my work and now is winter and I get so cold, but anyway I won´t leave the bike as transport.

    My must have accesory are the lights, helmet, gloves and some kind of scarve to filter smog.

  96. rochey says:

    Reducing my car dependency includes riding in inclimate weather. My “must-have” accessories are a waterproof bag and jacket for my work commute.

  97. Marshadee2001 says:

    I already subscribe to newsletter. A good seat is most important, the more comfortable you are, the longer you will want to ride.

  98. Nadezhda (@Nadezhda_) says:

    Riding a bike in a city (Mexico City – my must-have accesory is the helmet: Security.

    ¡Saludos! :D

  99. Keamyrr says:

    Motivation to get back on my bike after being hit by a car!

  100. jackson2007 says:

    When I was a kid I never wore a helmet. Now, I never leave home without one. Safety first!

  101. clarepolitan (@clarepolitan) says:

    Helmet is essential no matter how short the trip. After that, a bag that stays securely in place is key!

  102. freya westerlaken says:

    I would love to be able to cycle in any weather

  103. literatzi says:

    My must have accessory are my head and taillights. Necessary when riding to and from bars around town at night!

  104. ginkgostudio says:

    Still looking for an excuse to get started with cycling. All my friends are doing it at the moment, and I’ve just not gotten around to buying a bike. Winning this gear would be a great motivation!

  105. Ecoccio says:

    definitely ROAD ID

  106. momordique says:

    Love my bike, but I want one of their jackets!!

  107. bblack says:

    Helmet. you know, for the preservation of life.

  108. aelfgiua says:

    I hardly ever get out on my bike without one of my children, but they are a pretty cool accessory!

  109. jm says:

    Must have cycling accessory is a sweet backback for my 17″ laptop. I know it’s excessive but I love it dearly. Less clunky helmet, stylish biking skort, lots of reflective accents.

  110. Am says:

    Oh oh, because no one really wants to wear biking jerseys.

  111. cubbieberry (@@cubbieberry) says:

    bicycle fashion in Australia IHMO is still a VERY new concept where one can REALLY cycle SLOW, leisurely and fashionably WITHOUT any lycra or too sporty. cycle chic is here to stay and NAU has raised the bar with eco-conscious designer wear! It was love at first sight!

    Because it is WINTER Down Under and right now Melbourne weather’s getting to be a bit unpredictable. AM NOT a fairweather bicyclist, but loves taking out my Dahon folding bike or Tagabike whatever the weather! chrysalis dress is simply perfect!

  112. coguelin says:

    I would love to see a well-designed racing bag, something I can run and cycle and jump in, made entirely from recycled materials.

    Something big enough to hold (let’s say) an iPad and a sketch pad, with well-thought-out pockets to separate my keys and pens and EDCs… but small enough that it can sit flush against my back, with straps I can adjust to keep it from sliding around.

    A bag made from bicycle inner-tires and truck-covers, from old military tents and leather jackets… something well-designed and beautiful, that will be a pleasure to pick up on my way out of the door. It seems only single-straps get to be cool AND green.

    I, for one, find that woefully unfair.

  113. ben.d.thomas (@biinT) says:

    In agreement with above, the winter weather in Australia is unpredictable, with a Sydney morning capable of being warm, rainy and cold quite sporadically, not to mention dangerous without proper cycleways and lanes! At the moment my favorite gear is my light, bright neon jacket (folds up to fit in my pocket) by Brooks, though I’d love something a bit more sustainable and warmer, as it is only good for a light drizzle…

  114. JoyC (@bjoycannon) says:

    I’m brand new to bike commuting, and it is pretty scary to me. Drivers are not good at respecting the bike lanes or looking out for bicyclists. I wouldn’t bike without a helmet!

  115. dunnm2 says:

    A must have for any bike rider is also a good way to carry water; whether it be a camelbak or a few water bottles on your bike staying hydrated is also very important.

  116. sprintze says:

    A helmet!! Yes, that makes me majorly uncool and unattractive. But, believe me, an appalic syndrom is REALLY unattractive.

  117. bvstarr says:

    My husband is the one wwwho rides. Getting ready for the BIG race in Iowa in July.He could sure use the clothes.

  118. bevans770 says:

    I have to have comfortable shorts and a good light for visibility.

  119. kibbyster says:

    a good windbreaker that also has some warmth is needed. thanks for giveaway.

  120. marissa848 says:

    My must have cycling accessory is a great pair of sneakers! It always makes my ride better!

  121. amyer23 says:

    Definitely, my bike helmet. You can never be too careful!

  122. sgrimmett (@sgrimmett) says:

    Any Sydney, Australia cycling fashion folk here looking to showcase their bicycle fashion, please tweet.

  123. wouter says:

    As an architect with a side job as bike messenger I find it hard to think of someone who will suit this better than, umh me!

  124. wouter says:

    Will promise to do great promotional work on my job as bike messenger.

  125. averageJane says:


    I tried to ride in a sundress once – the pretty skirt got caught in the chain and ripped when I tried to dismount quickly. Never again! Now I use jeans and shorts to prevent that sort of wardrobe damage.

  126. debby14 says:

    water and a comfy seat.

  127. rachel.abbey says:

    Love Nau, such a wonderfully styled and wonderfully ethical brand! Plus the quality is excellent! As someone starting to ride her bike more and more, I really appreciate Nau even more!! Thank you Ecouterre for this giveaway!

  128. Mister_Rick says:

    Shorts. Gotta have a good pair of shorts to get around comfortably.

  129. MaryG says:

    My most important thing to take with me is my helmet and my camelback!!

  130. kohearn says:

    My husband has been biking to work, about 9 miles each way, for a year now. He sure could use some ecofriendly cycling clothes to go with his new in-shape physique!

  131. calciphus (@calciphus) says:

    My must-have cycling accessory is a high-powered headlight. I ride at night and it’s saved me more than once from road debris and inattentive drivers.

  132. vmd23 says:

    a lock – for stopping and surprise visits! (Oh, and a jacket – from oregon and the fog/mist/rain is constant)

  133. xmasbby says:

    My must-have cycling accessory is my Shih Tzu, Louis. He rides on the front of my bike in a basket. I cannot cycle, or live, without him.

  134. ollie131 says:

    A wristband–for wiping away perspiration!

  135. dafin says:

    My must-have cycling accessory is a backpack

  136. oksana2372 (@@oksana2372) says:

    I signed up for THE ECOUTERRE newsletter.
    My must-have cycling accessory are good leggins and trainers because when you equipped well you could cycle like a maniac! :-)

    Thank you for the chance!


  137. ridesmith says:

    i was born to bike and thought that i might as well look snazzy while i do it, instead of a spandex warrior, i can be stylish!!

  138. eveline_pieters (@@greentunadesign) says:

    My absolute top cycling item is the icebreaker chakra zip merino wool long sleeve top. It’s perfect for all weather conditions, keeps me as warm or cool as I want to be thanks to the properties of the wool and the zip. And it’s stylish too.

  139. pduthoy says:

    Jeans or knee-pads so I don’t skin my knees too much.

  140. japell4 says:

    Definitely a jacket that is wind and rain resistant but won’t overheat me. Whether changes quickly in Boston, so it’s best to be prepared.

  141. thandiwe says:

    Chic and functional! I’d love to bike to work in this cool gear.

  142. krazykillaz says:

    My bike because I can’t cycle without it.

  143. aplatte says:

    Anything that breeeathes! especially in the summer when I have more free time to bike but it’s sooo hot & humid, lightweight fitness gear is a must!

  144. girlmeetsworld says:

    knee pads so I don’t get all bloody when I fall.

  145. abonadea says:

    i’m a 50 yo woman who gave up my last car two years ago and a bike is once again the foundation of my transportation. i’d love to have this gear and wining it is the only way i’d be able to get it. think good thoughts!

  146. Tempe (@rarestbloom) says:

    I’m an American living in the Netherlands and loving the bike culture here. My must-have is a versatile bike jacket that doesn’t look sporty but can still handle sudden changes in the weather!

  147. Bjesquire (@benjesquire) says:

    My must have item is a vintage leather saddle. Durable, comfortable and sustainable!

  148. mmccollough says:

    i love the simple and classic design! no loud colors, no “binding in sensitive areas.” looks to be very comfortable and stylish! i do hope to win and wear this ensemble!

  149. paola says:

    I love cycling

  150. turnageb (@@turnageb) says:

    My only must-have for cycling is my Capital Bikeshare key. I don’t own a bike, but with D.C.’s new bikeshare program I can grab a bike at any number of stations, either as part of my commute, or just for a relaxing ride in the evenings. All without worrying about protecting my bike or riding home when I’d rather take the subway. It’s been an amazing addition to my choices in getting around town.

  151. webmuse415 says:

    Oh… I need the fabulous gear to ride through the SF streets and meet with clients. It’s all about marketing. Great look, great feeling, great meeting!!

  152. kikithespunkymunky says:

    when i purchase my vintage schwinn dream bike, i will insist on installing a galvanized mailbox rear basket before riding

  153. melissa mc says:

    Definately a helmet is the most important to protect my noggin whilst zipping through the mountainside — ty for the chance!

  154. fmterry says:

    Two must haves for me are a good helmet and a bag to carry my camera. I like to make scenic stops along the way.

  155. nik says:

    A helmet that really fits. Bell, Giro, Specialized, Lazer…all are great but the helmet needs to fit well and be comfortable or you won’t use it. Thanks!

  156. horlera says:

    A comfortable, versatile shoulder bag (courier style) that doesn’t slip when I stand on the pedals (I hate that!) – loose fitting shorts that are lightweight and well padded (removable inserts are good) – clip in shoes MTB stye so i can walk off the bike too – comfortable “dry fit” fabric top. I commute on a folding bike, so don’t need a lock (weight bonus!)

  157. Hofken says:

    My must-have bicycling item is a Camelback water bottle. Riding in the desert – water is top priority

  158. Hans says:

    A must have cycling accessory is a quick release bike seat. Seat only, minus the seat post (which is usually too greasy to put in your bag). This helps cyclists with more expensive seats avoid theft. Unfortunately it hasn’t been invented yet. Maybe someone will read this post…..

  159. revolbike (@revolbike) says:

    I’ll be moving from a cycle-friendly town to L.A. and my new challenge will be to pedal my way between officewear and well ventilated. gimme a chic+cool combo right nau!

  160. hezzamade says:

    a basket, so I can lug my computer to work.

  161. hulafish says:

    My must-have cycling accessory is a new bike! I just moved and had to sell my old one. I hope I win…I LOVE Nau!!

  162. keltom2 says:

    bike shorts are a must

  163. thevicagirl says:

    This is a must have because of the color, black, which hids all sorts of sins. Such as sweet marks, and body flaws. Plus, since my wardrobe is already black it fits right in with allowing for many mixing and matching.

  164. Andrzej Kowalik says:

    Well, it must be a set of good waterproofs as I live (and cycle most) in Scotland and the weather here can change in 10 minutes.

  165. bluflax says:

    i will simply have died and gone to heaven if i were to win this mind-blowing prize. We/Boulder are just finishing up our state-wide walk and bike to work month. It has been an incredible experience and made me realize that I am in serious need of some cycling clothing/gear. Your products look incredible…breathable, stretchy, made of thoughtful materials. I’ve also always not-so-secretly coveted owning a Nau item. I know these wins are chosen randomly so I am crossing my fingers and hoping/expecting/visualizing a fruitful outcome. :)

  166. eseberg says:

    I’ve been looking at hydration packs.

  167. krbyhbly says:

    My super awesome BF is hardcore dedicated to earning a place of honor on Mt. St. Bike God – I’m totally all proud of his passion ‘n all – but my poor baby dresses a bit like a doofus when he’s on his bike. It’s okay – I love him – but it would be ten kinds of sugoi if I could be luck enough to win him some groovy new threads. Although, I would be so tempted to keep them for myself if I won – but his birthday is coming up and I’m a super sweet GF so I’d totally give them to him. Probably, well, I would definitely give him the majority of the super legit gear-prize.

  168. chelsd says:

    The biggest softest bike seat I can find!!

  169. intensev5 says:

    your must-have cycling accessory is and why
    a waterproof jacket that is lightweight and breathes so that I can be prepared for all types of weather

  170. Alejandro says:

    Hi! This jacket should be on the back of the sleeves has a row of LEDs. The arms is what really stands out and can be seen from behind

  171. jairus says:

    Heard great things about Nau, would love to get this stuff.

  172. srhitchcock says:

    My must-have is a PATCH KIT. I use it every other week.

  173. greenmomali says:

    my must-have cycling accessory is my bike stroller and son. we can stash lots of groceries in the stroller after a trip to the store, and my son makes every trip more fun! i’d be a much more stylish cycling mama with these awesome and functional cycling clothes from nau! i love their sustainable mission and their simple, modern style.

  174. ksekula says:

    Wow, free stuff! I am moving to OK in 1.5 months and I will finally be able to bike commute almost everywhere! I have no commuting clothes so this would be fabulous. Hard to commute to work in spandex…

  175. Bikeohio (@Bikeohio) says:

    I’m not calling my girlfriend an accessory, but she’s my “must-have” person. I really would love to have her go biking with me!

  176. jmc2404 says:

    A helmet! And sunglasses, to look awesome.

  177. mdaltezza says:

    My must have is a comfortable pair of cycling shorts that doesn’t look like i’m wearing adult diapers.

  178. missblip says:

    ohhh cycling. why would you run when you could bike. I love biking I have gone without a car for years and road bikes instead. I ride to school, work and play. What better than to have gear to compliment this love of mine.

  179. BlueSkies says:

    Can’t do without a pair fingerless biking gloves! Best to avoid rubber handle-grazed palms after a whole morning’s bike ride

  180. DracoV says:

    My have is a functional light jacket. It’s gotta breathe, protect me from the elements, and look good.

  181. amcmanus says:

    Most important accessory is front and rear lights. If drivers don’t see me during a commute, that’s a Bad Thing™.

  182. phredric says:

    My girlfriend would love it!

  183. vab0914 says:

    I have actually been on a never-ending quest for the perfect bag, for my daily ride, so that would be my must-have cycling accessory. That Motil Pack is getting me all kinds of excited..

  184. sharktooth says:

    Must Have = New Zealand Wool Sheepskin Seat Cover :)
    Why ??? Because it feels good !!!! :)

  185. JSO says:

    Helmet, water bottle, lock!

  186. khoward says:

    I just rode a bike for the first time in over 10 years yesterday! It was amazing, and am looking to get back into it. These clothes are super cute and would totally help.

  187. risaku80 says:

    A sweet helmet is a must have accessory. It’s difficult to tactfully combine safety and style; difficult but possible.

  188. cpd112 says:

    Definitely has to be the jacket. Style and looks are so difficult to find in cycling gear.

  189. skirmp says:

    I would have to say that my most important piece of cycling gear would be my helmet. I have a baby boy on the way, due in one week, and I can’t wait to teach him how to ride. But if I bust my noggin open for not wearing a helmet, I may never get to do so. I also need some all weather cycling gear, I live in New Mexico and the weather can change on the drop of a dime.

  190. SFires says:

    coolest accessory would have to be a bicycle powered generator: any cyclist stuck inside can charge up enough power to run a cellphone, laptop, and mp3 player (or other hand held device).

  191. Katdi says:

    I’m a photographer and architecture student who loves to bike, and one of the needed accessories is a set of pannier to transport gears and materials safely.

  192. gretchenm47 says:

    Comfortable pants. Seriously.

  193. wwew says:

    there are 2 essential accessories – a helmet and flat repair kit.

  194. archidol says:

    Definitely need a dope pair of pants and a jacket with iphone access, for sure.

  195. Brifromrhit says:

    Um. Sadly, my must have is a water bottle. I BURN through water on a ride!

  196. geoffk says:

    A helmet, to set a good example for the kids.

  197. mikey_hong says:

    a bomb proof lock… i’m in nyc/bklyn after all!

  198. kfleger says:

    A Springer dog jogger.

    It’s not as fun biking without Charlie :)

  199. Beastmaster says:

    I loVe NAU. Great looking practical performance clothing from a company that does some good while they’re at it. I’d consider my SAG bag as my most essential bike accessory because I am always carrying something. Please pick me!

  200. neilrobertson (@NeilRobertson) says:

    Woops… read that wrong… must have accessory… an easy pack-it jacket for the unexpected changes in weather.

  201. mrgreymonkey says:

    i need my asylum jacket!! so pricy though…

  202. c_lo says:

    My favorite cycling accessory are my Vans Sk8-Hi’s. Not only do they let me put them through a beating with cycle and skate, they don’t absorb spilled beer!

  203. frankobones says:

    I’ve recently begun applying to jobs based on how bikeable the commute is, this kit would help me expand my search

  204. BostonCyclistDave says:

    a good helmet with good ventilation for the summer

  205. easilyderailed says:

    stylish, hot clothes that are functional on the bike and head-turning off of it. esp something that would breathe in an nyc summer.

  206. geobabe13 says:

    My bike light is a must! When i commute to work, I often set out before sunrise and am chasing the sun on the way home

  207. browneyes says:

    On these beautiful evenings full of happy hours – lights.

  208. vivalet says:

    pants that stay in place, a helmet, and lights.

  209. says:

    I bike everywhere! enjoyable, ecological and economical! A good saddle is a must if you plan on going very far (or having children in the future)

  210. cortcramer (@cortcramer) says:

    Panniers please!

  211. urbangarden says:

    My must-have accessory is my “bike cap”–a removable seat cover that I got in Amsterdam. It makes riding on rainy days SO much better.

  212. lizzy says:

    anything merino! It’s still cold here, so I’ve been wearing my Ibex wool wrist-warmers.

  213. andrewjaustin says:

    My wife and I are moving to Denver tomorrow and I’ll begin biking to work full-time. While I adore all of Nau’s products, I would be so stoked about the Dualist to help keep me warm on those chilly Denver mornings :-)

  214. johnfschneider (@@johnfschneider) says:

    I live in the Twin Cities and do a ton of riding. A solid bag is a must have, something that comfortably stows a wide range of gear and that hugs me while I’m riding so as not to move around. I also really dig stylish cycling pants and shorts, the type that are really comfortable and designed for riding but that also look cool at the Pub or Robata. Rock on.

  215. says:

    A bag that fits well enough to ride in but will still hold my gym clothes.

  216. lauracb says:

    Gotta have a bell! A friendly way to say hello and pass others safely.

  217. CrossRcrBoy says:

    Fenders! Living in the Pacific Northwest, gotta have fenders.

  218. j.poncy says:

    Helmet, lights, and jacket.

  219. tyler7400 says:

    A helmet and a bell!

  220. JV says:

    A good saddle, to be sure!

  221. ahusveras says:

    I need a jacket I can commute to school in in the Pac NW, not get too wet, shake off, look good around the office, and teach a 3 hour medieval literature seminar to graduate students while still looking intellectual, and then, of course, ride home!

  222. half_pint919 says:

    A well fitting helmet and reliable lights with rechargeable batteries. Couldn’t be a bike commuter without ’em.

  223. Taisie says:

    Fenders are a necessity to keep those lovely new Nau clothes looking their best!

  224. Bikeybike33 says:

    I heart Nau. Nuff said Nau is the best.

  225. sklee says:

    helmet, lights and a sweatband (yeah, i’m a sweaty betty)

    thanks ecoterre and nau!

  226. adelmur says:

    A breathing mask to protect myself against the polluted air of our cities that let me breathe easily.

  227. turtle says:

    with out question my must have item is a camera. i always find interesting things to photograph.

  228. ladypawn11 (@ladypawn11) says:

    A good bag & helmet is a must!!!

  229. Leek says:

    Helmet !!

  230. Katherine Bikes says:

    I wear a helmet. Except for the few days a year that I forget it, and I remember how fun it is to ride without one.

  231. silhouette says:

    My must have is a nice bag with appropriate possibilities to adjust for biking and a nice and clean design – not that messenger stuff …

  232. eddiekclau (@eddiekclau) says:

    My gps + hrm to keep track of all the track info and my heart beat records, so i can train according to my heart rate zones.

  233. gracengs says:

    it’s everything i need to embark my journey of private transport. never to drive and only to cycle.

  234. chefcooke says:

    I have to agree with a number of people with safety first and choosing my helmet. I’ll a secondary item though, my Outlier 3 season pants, the only thing I know that competes with NAU clothing when it comes to cycling. Sorry NAU, the outliers are slick.

  235. 0Create says:

    Outlier Cycling Cap!

  236. Jojoanna says:

    My essential accessories are solid shoes and a bag that holds what I need while being breathable and secure. Would LOVE this fancy gear! I never have to ride very far but would enjoy doing it more with some better clothing!

  237. dalla777 says:

    Cute and waterproof jacket for sure.

  238. justinia says:

    When riding, I need a bag that won’t pull me off my seat at inopportune moments!

  239. elephantgoo says:

    A big smile! Which would be even bigger with the gorgeous Motil pack!

  240. miachel says:

    WIN! Happy for whoever wins, because it supports a good cause.

    Thanks for sharing great gear, y’all.

  241. says:

    i love my handlebar basket – perfect for dropping in my grocery stop purchases

  242. kvbrown says:

    My must-have biking accessory is a back wheel rack with a strap to carry my art supplies to and from art school. I much prefer biking to public transit :] It would be lovely to have new gear to sport on my way to school this coming fall

  243. kevintsui says:

    if you’re truly picking this at ramdom, you’d pick me.-)

  244. lzpetros says:

    A good saddle and a pair of shorts!

  245. hyphen says:

    Those things that stick forward off he ends of handlebars.

  246. RoTTerM says:

    Gel seat, Gotta be that sweet gell seat!

  247. Woodbadge237 says:

    Entering for my 19-year-old son who is wild about all things cycling. The clothes look awesome

  248. courthb says:

    Gotta have a wind and water proof jacket. Pretty much everything Nau makes is so versatile for any activity, love it!

  249. pjmre (@Peejster) says:

    Since I got my Dahon and am riding around in the Westside of LA, I’ve realized that my helmet and my ID bracelet are indispensible – and hopefully never *fully* deployed!

  250. Thierry123 says:

    its cool clothes

  251. abitnerdy (@abitnerdy) says:

    My must have accessory is a pair of stylin’ sunglasses. My eyes are uber sensitive and living in southern california, its sunny year round so a pair of sunglasses to protect my eyes from debris and harmful UV rays is an absolute must. Plus it instantly makes me look cool, bond style. ;) other than that…give me a hot pair of shoes and a reusable waterbotttle with a filter and I’m a happy biker. cheers. xo

  252. kmom says:

    Gotta have my helmet!