GIVEAWAY: Win The Sway’s Recycled-Leather Biker Jacket (Worth $856!)

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Hell’s Angels, rock stars, and rebels without causes have one thing in common: their reverence of the beat-up leather jacket. If cruelty-free fashion is your schtick, however, The Sway has your back (and front and side, but who’s counting?) Its biker jacket, available for sale at Free People, is hand-patched from offcuts and leftovers of the leather industry, so no animals were harmed to provide that tough-cookie exterior. Need more green cred to go with your street one? The Sway lined its topped with 100 percent recycled pinstripe cotton. Enter now for your chance to win!


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winner there.)

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3. LEAVE A COMMENT ON FACEBOOK HERE telling us what you’d wear the jacket with. We’ll pick the response we like the best, so be as detailed and creative as possible!

The Sway, Free People, recycled leather, upcycled leather, reclaimed leather, recycled cotton, upcycled cotton, reclaimed cotton, eco-fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion, ethical fashion, sustainable style

We’ll pick our favorite comment and announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, Feb. 16. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Tuesday, Feb. 15, so ENTER NOW for a chance to win!


Australian-born designer Belinda Pasqua is the founder of The Sway, a handbag collection hand-crafted from fine excess leathers. As a protocol, many companies generally over-order leathers during manufacturing, which means a percentage of leather pieces are not used or are left over as offcuts. The Sway uses these leathers to create each piece. Due to this, the label does not harm any animals for skins. The Sway’s hangtags, linings, and packaging materials are all made from recycled paper and cotton fibers. Its manufacturing facility is powered using advanced natural alternatives.

+ Biker Jacket $856 at Free People

+ The Sway

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14 Responses to “GIVEAWAY: Win The Sway’s Recycled-Leather Biker Jacket (Worth $856!)”

  1. Moonwoods Handcrafted eyewear says:

    Wow, beautiful. Happy to subscribe! I actually ride a bike…vroom vroom, not ching-ching. I think its a great way to get around the city at 125miles a gallon! I have had a hard time finding riding gear that was sustainably constructed. Thanks for putting a good foot forward in utilitarian, fashionable riding gear! Hope to win and sing your praises from the mountaintops, to the valley where my biker gang hangs out.

  2. gingerpye says:

    I’d wear this with big hoop earings. Nice dark deninm jeans and boots. Love that it’s cruelty free!

  3. anreise says:

    I have been looking for a nice leather jacket cut for a chick’s body… hook a brother up! Actually, my wife would totally lose it if I won this for her. In a good way.

  4. tdsollog says:

    I would wear it to where I work…. a construction site in Camden, NJ. I would love to rock the “badass” look.

  5. DLori27 says:

    I just spent a lot of time entering your contest and leaving my comments. I added the links to where I shared about the contest on my facebook page and where I retweeted so it would make it easier for you to verify. It appears I wasted my time. so I’ll do this part again without the links.

    I subscribed to your newsletter via my email.(kleimanlaw at aol dot com)

    I “LIKE” you on facebook and shared about this contest on my facebook page (kleimanlaw)
    I follow you on Twitter and retweeted about this contest on my twitter page (@DianeLori)
    Finally, I posted my response to your question as to how I would wear this jacket on your facebook page where you posted about this contest.

    This jacket is incredibly beautiful and is so versatile, it would go with anything and everything . I would love to add this to my closet as a staple to my wardrobe. Good luck to all and thank you for such a generous and kind giveaway!!!!!

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  6. katball (@katball123) says:

    wow! very nice!

  7. says:

    Nothing! I would love to strut down the mall during peak hour with only the beautifully crafted jacket on and of course some gorgeous and finely refined heals, with my hair tied back, pacing the pavement to the intermittent sounds of the different music blaring out of each of the fashion store as I glide past. Each store, will al be looking with glaring and at the same time an envious protest at me and my greatly styled, textured, crafted, recycled and horrendously sexy jacket which they cant have.

  8. sunchicka says:

    A fun polka dot dress, black tights and swedish hasbeens.

  9. castlefashion says:

    I posted on Facebook already but I just wanted to give you a better idea of my thoughts (I don’t think words do clothes justice!)

    So here’s the first outfit!

    I’d pair the biker jacket with a floral dress (probably in muted tones like taupe and light pink) and lace up knee high brown boots.

    This is a different shot. The other outfit was an infinity scarf and cropped top with cargo skinnies. Again, lots muted colors. The scarf is in sand and the cropped top is military green.

    I hope that gives you guys a better idea of what I meant! :)


  10. kyrate says:

    good look and would make a sweet cycling jacket.
    Here’s to chicks who enjoy being stylish, love earth friendly wearables, and need to keep their bodies warm while enjoying the outdoors!

  11. vely says:

    gorgeous. love this desighn. and it’s so me. i’d wear it with a long flowy skirt.

  12. Amanda says:

    Beautiful. I’d wear this with a vintage 40s dress.

  13. chichijunk says:

    What a beautiful jacket! It’s chic, stylish and edgy. I think my best look for this jacket would be my skinny jeans and my black leather ankle boots that zip up the back with a crop top. I’ve never owned a leather jacket of such a fine quality as this one. It would definately be a major upgrade to my tired wardrobe and would make everything I wear alot more stylish and up-to-date. I can’t wait to show this off!
    Thanks for the great opportunity to own a quality piece that will be the envy!
    I’m a newsletter subscriber and facebook fan!

  14. TBrave says:

    I would put it on my good friend Athena.