Gretchen Jones is Guilty as Charged at New York Fashion Week Spring 2012

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Each season, Jones cribs her inspiration from a book and a music album, this time from The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge by Carlos Castaneda and Horses by Patti Smith. Both, she tells Ecouterre, are about the “active pursuit of self-enlightenment.”

Castaneda’s descriptions of psychedelic-drug use in the ’60s, in particular, informed the frenetic explosion of patterns.

Castaneda’s descriptions of psychedelic-drug use in the ’60s, in particular, informed the frenetic explosion of pattern, all replete with ritual or personal meaning. It’s clear that there’s no extricating Jones from what Project Runway judge Michael Kors once derided as her “Lady of the Canyon from the ’70s” perspective but that, and her penchant for designing clothes she’d wear herself, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Certainly Jones will always have her detractors, but the longevity of everything bohemian must offer her some vindication, if not a ringing endorsement.”The prints reference the start of a cult following of my own,” she says, as if in response. You can almost hear the gears grind tentatively, then gently snap into place.

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3 Responses to “Gretchen Jones is Guilty as Charged at New York Fashion Week Spring 2012”

  1. Kodachrome says:

    ZOMG! Fugly doesn’t even begin to describe this collection and the awful styling / make-up do nothing for these poor models.

    It’s as if The Children of the Corn lost their supernatural powers, got married and started a cult. The guys, no longer having the power to hunt down humans around the cornfield, turned to beating their women regularly, and these are the pictures taken after the FBI raided their compound.

    Bohemian my *bleeeep*!! I have Bohemian friends who would not be caught dead wearing any of these things. Some are too loud (see cringy orange pieces), most of the skirts are way too short for a REAL Bohemian girl. The shoes are not at all in the Bohemian style. And those awful slanted shorts that want to be skirts are way too stiff for any self-respecting Bohemian.

    I really don’t see the appeal here.

  2. broSeph says:

    I’m sorry but every one of these models look like they are from a polygamist colony trying to be fashion forward. I should know I see those same clothes when they go shopping at the local walmart.

  3. dachsiegrrl says:

    I know I’m late to the party, but I agree completely with what’s been said. Her stuff was awful when she won Project Runway and it’s gotten no better. Those weird slanted shorts are hideous and the whole thing is a mess. I remember in her final PR collection she had this weird lace-edged granny panty on one of the models – it looks like “diaper” is the main inspiration behind her design aesthetic. They do look polygamist-cult-like; maybe this is their Fall 2011 Stepford LookBook.

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