H&M Launches Eco-Chic “Conscious Collection” for Earth Month

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Unlike H&M’s previous stabs at sustainability—namely its “Waste” and “Garden” lines from 2010—the Conscious Collection will be a permanent fixture for H&M, recurring at different times throughout the year in different guises.

An ongoing collection, the Conscious lineup will recur at different times throughout the year in different guises.

“The name ‘Conscious’ describes our continuous work towards a more sustainable fashion future,” a spokesman for the company says. “Today and tomorrow.”

H&M’s commitment beyond the obligatory capsule collection is certainly commendable, but whether its ethos runs up against its business plan of cheap, disposable clothing remains to be seen. We remain optimistic, if cautiously so.

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One Response to “H&M Launches Eco-Chic “Conscious Collection” for Earth Month”

  1. audrey says:

    On the H&M Website they say that white is the trend for this season but really, isn’t it one of the spring-summer trendy color every year?
    This is bull****, the reason why it is shades of white is because it is difficult to have a lot of ranges of colours when it comes to organic/environment friendly textile. You can’t make as much colours naturally as you can with chemicals. Plus, organic fabric are coming in different ranges of beige, creamy colours because the fibers are natural and not treated. Plus, it would have been more expensive to dye the clothes anyway and the white colours gives an idea of something natural.

    Finally, they speak about the environment but what about the people making the clothes? I went to H&M this afternoon and the shop window was all about the sale. I had to go upstairs to find out that the conscious collection was there.
    How come they have £9.99 new collection jeans (not on sale) in the shop and at the same time advertise for a “conscious collection” isn’t it contradictory.
    All people see is the price but do you really know what cheap cost for people on the other side of the planet?

    To resume, this is just some PR crap, they don’t care about the environment (because if they did, all their clothes would be environmental friendly) and they don’t care about the people. All they care about is that you spend your money in their shops.

    I am NOT just an angry person or working for the competition because they pretty much all do the same. I am just a fashion management and marketing graduate, I have worked in mass market brands like Uniqlo and Luxury brands like Chanel so I know that there is some serious issues about how the clothes are produced in EVERY COMPANY.

    What does it have to take for people to wake up? a fashion version of a movie like Blood diamonds?

    My advice, think twice when you buy and don’t hesitate to raise your voice for what you believe is right.


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