H&M Launches First Products Derived From Garment-Recycling Initiative

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Available in stores in February, the upcoming range comprises 20 percent recycled cotton, which H&M says is the maximum amount that can be currently used without compromising the fabric’s integrity. Still, the retailer says its goal is to progressively increase its use of post-consumer recycled materials.

H&M says its goal is to progressively increase its use of post-consumer recycled materials.

“The trend is moving more and more towards working with recycled fabrics and as a designer you of course want to work with the latest trends and developments,” Jon Loman, the concept designer behind the recycled-denim line, says in a statement. “It feels good to do something that both we and our customers believe in and that benefits the environment.”

H&M’s garment-collection program, the company says, offers an “easy solution” to eliminating clothes from the landfills. Although the initiative minimizes waste in the short term, H&M says it has its long-term sights on reusing and recycling all textile fibers for new use. Any proceeds from the program will benefit the H&M Conscious Foundation, where the money will be funneled to projects designed to close the loop on textiles.

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2 Responses to “H&M Launches First Products Derived From Garment-Recycling Initiative”

  1. purewaste (@@kallemaatta) says:

    Cotton is a toxic plant and it is really good to see H&M starting to use it more efficiently. 20% recycled denim is a good start. 100% recycled should be the goal.

  2. wa off says:

    I totally agree with the previous comment..it’s nice to democratize ethical fashion and big firms like H&M have the power to do so… but we have to pay attention on H&M ‘s green washing…20% is nice, 100% is better, more over when the name is H&M, that have ressources and finances enough to develop an affordable whole range of sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly garments ! why don’t they switch into 100% green quickest ? It isn’t a matter of money for them… maybe a matter of invetors and shareholders ?… ////www.wa-off.com The french little voice of ethical fashion

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