Human Teeth Jewelry: Creepy or Cool?

Human-teeth jewelry by Polly Van der Glas

For Australian silversmith Polly van der Glas, diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend; she prefers to raid the Tooth Fairy’s war chest for dendrites in the rough, which she sterilizes and then hand-sets in sterling silver. From solid canine-encrusted signet rings to delicate molar-embellished earrings, these toothy trinkets are a quirky take on recycled jewelry—and our idea of luxury gems. So what do you think? Champing at the bit for your own fanged finery or avoiding like the plaque…um…plague?

Human Teeth as adornment: haute or not?

  • 918 Votes HATE 'EM! Oh my God, are those FILLINGS?
  • 436 Votes LOVE 'EM! Nothing says "I adore you" like someone's shiny bicuspid!

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21 Responses to “Human Teeth Jewelry: Creepy or Cool?”

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  10. Ben says:

    Can we go with creepy cool?

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  14. olovesm says:

    My boys have been asking me what the tooth fairy does with all the teeth and so glad I can tell them– they make jewelry from them!


  15. creckcc1 says:

    Definately creepy.


  16. maitreyah says:

    Does anyone know how much these are please??

  17. dseaman says:

    They are just not that attractive. Maybe some fillings would help…

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