Lady Gaga Turns Recycled Soda Cans, Phones into Haute Hair Accessories

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If Lady Gaga has a passion for trashion, she’s managed to keep it on the down-low…until now, that is. The flamboyant chanteuse has “leaked” stills from her mucho anticipated “Telephone” video, which premieres Thursday and features the pipes of musical BFF Beyoncé. Tucked into her famous platinum-blonde locks: empty soda cans and the dismembered remains of a rotary phone. Think they’ll catch on?

Are Lady Gaga's recycled hair pieces haute or not?

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8 Responses to “Lady Gaga Turns Recycled Soda Cans, Phones into Haute Hair Accessories”

  1. trancisfrancis says:

    Nothing new here… I sent models down the runway in 1990 with huge can in there hair… And I wasn’t the first one neither…

  2. Snafflepuss says:

    Very Desperately Seeking Susan.

  3. […] to Mother Earth by sprouting a tree branch out of her head. This week, the green fashionistas over at Ecouterre noticed that she’s also into promoting recycling with this stunning can […]

  4. […] Stills from Lady Gaga’s much-anticipated Telephone video with Beyonce show the pop star wearing empty soda cans and rotary phone parts as hair accessories. We wonder if the always-fabulous Gaga’s new hairdo will catch […]

  5. […] I love Lady Gaga just as much as the next little monster. Every girl knows what it’s like to wake up one morning and discover that her heart has been eaten. However, just because her ingenuity has reached the level of Diet Coke can hair rollers does not make her Mother Nature. (I’m talking to you, Ecorazzi and Ecouterre.) […]

  6. Bellanta says:

    cmon: she ripped off the cans in the hair from Dominican-NYC hiphop new talent, Maluca’s – don’t give the Gaga credit. Check out Maluca’s ‘El Tigeraso’ and see how it’s really done:

  7. Belinda from She Inspires says:

    We loved this post so it was included in our 25 Top Blogs About Upcycling and Vintage Fashion:

    Do check it out and let us know your thoughts.

    All the best,


  8. […] original. But it looks like Andrew Yang’s dolled-up likeness of the recycled-telephone-donning, tin-can-hairstyling, meat-dress-wearing/vegetarian-scaring diva, designed for the Alexander McQueen fashion house, is […]

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