Milkofil: Milk Fiber That Does a Bodice Good

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MILKOFIL \ˈmilk-ˈō-ˈfil\

n. 1 a: A silk-like fabric by made from casein, the white, odorless protein from which cheese is made. Made by Maclodio Filati, Milkofil is said to have naturally antibacterial properties and perhaps even boost circulation. It does, however, take about 100 pounds of skim milk to make 3 pounds of milk fiber, a likely reason why it isn’t more widespread. b: Can be blended with other fabrics like cotton, silk, and cashmere to give it different characteristics.

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2 Responses to “Milkofil: Milk Fiber That Does a Bodice Good”

  1. […] Ecouterre is about changing people’s minds about what “fashion” design entails, beyond fleeting fads and mindless consumerism. Like any good product design, clothing production can be accomplished in a better, smarter, and more socially and environmentally sustainable way. And we’re not the only one’s who think so—organic clothing, produced without toxic pesticides and dipped in low-impact dyes, is gaining popularity across the globe. In 2006, retail sales of organic cotton products reached $1.1 billion globally—85 percent higher than the year before, according to the Organic Exchange. Organic cotton is by no means alone on the playing field. With improved technology, other strange and wonderful eco-fabrics have entered the fray, from salmon leather to fiber derived from milk. […]

  2. silknparachute says:

    Wonderful, and by the way, 100 pounds of milk is around 12 gallons, since a gallon of liquid weighs over eight pounds. They probably use waste milk, but at those prices, we may end up paying more to drink milk, if we start wearing it. LOL

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