Gallery: Genuine Mink-Fur Eyelash Extensions Are Now a Thing

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Once the province of well-heeled celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Madonna, mink-fur eyelash extensions are now sweeping through both sides of the Atlantic, according to the Daily Mail. Until recently, a single rollout could cost upwards of $7,000. Now that a single application averages at $500, mink eyelashes are becoming accessible to a growing number of disposable incomes. Their absurdity aside, the hairy accessories are also being touted as cruelty-free. “They don’t kill the animals,” Janice Vance of Designer Lashes London, which offers 100 percent Siberian mink eyelashes, tells the gossip rag. “They brush the minks and then collect the fur by hand.”

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4 Responses to “Genuine Mink-Fur Eyelash Extensions Are Now a Thing”

  1. GeorgieD says:

    How absurd to exploit animals for their lashes when there are countless perfectly good synthetics available already. Once again, the beauty industry have to take things one step too far at the expense of others.

  2. Breb says:

    Madonna and Kim K say that they stand for anti-animal cruelty. J-Lo just doesn’t care as she loves her furs. I am disappointed that these people even think this is okay. Brushing Minks? Really? Are you kidding me? That’s like saying, “I’m just scraping this baby’s skin.” It’s absurd! I agree with GeorgieD. We have so many other synthetic products that to have created this market is really just another sign of how inhumane the “human” can be. It’s just wrong.

  3. kelliemurray (@@kelliemurray) says:

    That is just gross. Leave those beautiful creatures alone. Who in the hell needs fur eyelashes for Pete’s sake?!

  4. batty4lashes says:

    Its scary, as whats “trending” in USA tends to catch on over in the UK as well. There are companies in UK latching onto this and are even charging up to £95.00 for a single pair of eyelashes apparently made from Siberian mink, as if we are suppossed to be naive enough to picture Siberian huntsmen/ farmers catching these mink gently brushing them and then releasing them? Highly unlikly
    Please avoid companies such as insatiable lashes, as the name suggests there is an insatiable need for such tacky useless products, even worse they are meant to appeal to hair loss sufferers, i.e anyone undergoing cancer radiation treatment
    Pure greed and exploitation at its worse

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