Gallery: New Hampshire Considers Perfume Ban for State Employees

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New Hampshire, whose state motto is “live free or die,” has a new champion in state representative Michele Peckham, who thinks that her constituents should live free of the consequences of other people’s poor decisions. The politican is the primary sponsor of House Bill 1444, a piece of legislation that would ban state employees from wearing perfume or scented products on the job, particularly if they deal with the public. “It may seem silly, but it’s a health issue,” Peckham tells the New Hampshire Union Leader. “Many people have violent reactions to strong scents.”

So tell us, is a perfume ban for state employees haute or not?

  • 33 Votes HELL NO! What a fascist move to stifle a form of personal expression.
  • 73 Votes HELL YES! Why should people endure allergic reactions by no fault of their own?

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2 Responses to “New Hampshire Considers Perfume Ban for State Employees”

  1. Barringer says:

    If you need scientific evidence for the justification of this bill go to Betty Bridges’ Fragranced Products Information Network.
    Because perfume manufacturers (which by the way, also make allergy medicines and aspirin and pesticides and other toxic chemicals – Ritalin and antidepressants etc) don’t disclose the toxic ingredients in their perfumes (including those added to laundry detergents etc), Bridges and a few others used their own money to have testing of one of the products they got the most complaints on.

    EPA has done testing on fragranced products (laundry and other household scented products) and found they contain a soup of toxic ingredients.

    This is NOT about preference – it’s about the fact that fragrances changed in the 1980s to mostly petroleum based synthetic ingredients and they are now as toxic as tobacco smoke.

    They are neurotoxic, and in schools they can cause learning disabilities as well as respiratory problems.

    IF every state were to be this PROGRESSIVE, then perfume manufacturers would be forced to disclose their poisons and then create products that DON’T contain hazardous ingredients.

    Though some would still have allergic reactions to some natural scents, there would not be the poisoning and accumulation of poisons in our systems that result in the compromised immune systems we are seeing today.

    Make no mistake about it. producers of pesticides and other pollutants are also producers of perfumes, and they profit by making you sick – coming and going (almost every polluting chemical industry has a pharmaceutical subsidiary).

    If perfumes were to no longer be petroleum bases (pesticides as well) think of all the oil we’d save – not that that’s a priority to those running this country.

  2. anti-smell says:

    this is not an ultimate solution, people need to be educated and be reminded how to concern about other people!
    come and visit, anti-smell campaign!

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