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Glen Callender and his foreskin have a bone to pick with Oprah Winfrey. The founder of the Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project has launched a protest against Winfrey, for her endorsement of SkinMedica anti-wrinkle cream…which contains HUMAN foreskins! Callender has called Winfrey a hypocrite, saying that her use of foreskin-cream habit contradicts her work speaking out against female genital mutilation.

Oprah Winfrey, SkinMedica, Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project, Canada, Glen Callender, Vancouver, eco-friendly beauty, eco-beauty, green beauty, natural beauty, organic beauty, eco-friendly skincare, sustainable skincare, organic skincare, foreskins

What Winfrey describes as the “magic fountain of youth” is really a concoction containing foreskin fibroblast, skin from babies’ foreskins used to grow other skin or cells.  Winfrey has endorsed SkinMedica endlessly, on her show and in print.

Parents everywhere would probably be shocked to find out that the foreskins they have removed at their child’s birth are not thrown away, but instead used for scientific purposes- or worse…sold to make face cream. Callender also brings up the point that infant boys do not have the choice whether they want to be circumcised or not, further complicating the ethical use of the foreskins.

Callender has been quoted saying “How would Oprah respond if a men’s skin cream hit the market that was produced with tissue extracted from the genitalia of little girls?” This thought may sounds extreme or shocking, but Callendar’s comparison is totally valid.

He and his supporters staged a protest a sold out appearance by Winfrey at Rogers Arena in Vancouver yesterday, urging the cultural icon to come to her senses.

+ Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project

[Via Toronto Sun]

11 Responses to “Oprah Draws Criticism for Endorsing Face Cream Made From Foreskins”

  1. guest says:

    while i think both forms of circumcision are wrong, i think it’s also wrong to put them on the exact same footing the way this article does. FGM is FAR more invasive and traumatic than male circumcision. with females it’s almost akin to removing an organ, with males it’s foreskin. there is a difference. you’re not helping the cause by not acknowledging the difference.

  2. isaacW says:

    Oprah would never use the clitoral hoods of baby girls to make a face cream. There are women who are circumcised (clitoral hood removed) rather than excised (clitoris removed). the guest above me and Oprah herself are unaware of this fact. I think Callendar needs to make certain people know that male circumcision is the equivalent of removing the hood of the clitoris. It should also be noted that women who have been circumcised (excised and infibulated) often want it done to their daughters and say that not having a clitoris makes them cleaner and makes sex better. These are the same ignorant things americans like Oprah use to justify genital mutilation.

  3. Supernaut says:

    IsaacW – as you correctly point out, many people have the idea that “female circumision” is the removal of the “clitoral hood”.

    Yes, this procedure is carried out in some countries, for various reasons, but generally the word refers, somewhat euphemistically, to *clitorectomy*, the COMPLETE REMOVAL of the glans, hood and ajacent labia minora, often left until puberty or even later. Very, very nasty.

    As for the idea of putting baby parts in “skin cream” and this woman’s endorsing it ………

  4. anit cutting says:

    How do you know how traumatic it is for either one?

    You have no clue regarding that and never will.

    Ask a male infant and get a full report for us.

  5. gibbleguts says:

    One would assume that Oprah did not know that she is rubbing baby penis on her face.

  6. James Loewen says:

    Oprah knows full well what this skin cream is made from. It was revealed on her show.

    Male and female genital cutting of any child is a sick form of child abuse. Female genital mutilation has varying degrees of severity, just as male circumcision does. To condemn one while turning a blind eye to the other is sexist.

  7. Ray Weikert says:

    The idea and use of such practices only strengthen the decline of our culture’s morals as a society today. Such uses of human flesh for such purposes as to beautify our outward appearance unfortunately does nothing to beautify our inward beauty. I find this to be an abomination as, I no doubt, believe God does.

  8. hockeyfighter says:

    Male Genital Mutilation (MGM), as it is practiced today is the equivalent of excising the inner labia, clitoral hood, and hymen of a girl. I would imagine that Oprah would endorse a product that contained neonatal vulva if there was enough money in it for her.

  9. andrewdelange says:

    Regarding Male vs Female genital mutilation: The severity of the act, whether trauma or pain related, does not make a difference in judging the morality of this kind of thing. I get so tired of seeing comment after comment focusing on tiny microcosms of the issue. At the Core, ANY product which endorses chopping living tissue off any species of animal, anywhere, is cruel, unless it is your own flesh you are selling.

    At the same time, Oprah isn’t Mother Teresa. She’s a celebrity who’s pressured to endorse certain things, and she’s human, meaning sometimes she makes decisions which don’t reflect her beliefs. Who cares what she says. Do YOU endorse it? That’s the critical juncture right there!

  10. truecry50 says:

    As far as knowing what Oprah is doing endorsing this, none of us know. If she is aware of the ingredients for her “fountain of youth”, and she is opposed to female genital mutilation, I would invite her to sit in on a regularly preformed male circumcision. If she does have the compassion she seems to exhibit on her show, she would recoil from the use of such products immediately, and without equivocation. If she refuses to see where her “fountain of youth” comes from, well then, she’s just shielding herself from essential knowledge and she has no excuse. If you have any doubt about circumcision, please watch the YouTube video ending in NLmU6xTdeTI – titled “The Truth About Circumcision”. Be prepared. It is incredibly horrific. If you are sensitive, pause the video, and read the captions. I found this made it a little less nausea-invoking for me personally. There are no pictures of the procedure, just a real mental picture of what the procedure actually is. Inform yourself please, before making decisions about the worth of male circumcision.

  11. chet says:

    Try some labial cream collected from circumcised african baby girls instea. Oprah is a double standard sexist, always has been. Truth is, no amount of foreskins are going to make her attractive, she is fat and cannot control her eating which is the sign of the internal glutteny that has made her rich. If there is a hell, she’ll be there for sure!

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