Organic Cotton–Derived Battery Could Power Safer, Cheaper Electric Cars

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A Japanese startup has developed a new battery technology that could one day make Teslas as common as Camrys. Designed to supplant lithium-ion, which currently powers everything from electric vehicles to consumer electronics, the “Ryden” dual-carbon cell by Power Plus Japan promises long-lasting energy storage that is as affordable as it is safe reliable, and sustainable. Its secret ingredient? Cotton, or more specifically, organic cotton, which serves as a precursor to a so-called “carbon complex” with properties hitherto unseen in other carbon fibers.


While advanced batteries today have made great strides in performance, they do so by “compromising on cost, reliability and safety,” according to Kaname Takeya, CTO of Power Japan Plus and a key figure behind the battery technology used in the Toyota Prius and Tesla Model S. “The Ryden dual carbon battery balances this equation, excelling in each category.”

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Power Plus Japan claims that the Ryden charges 20 times faster than its lithium-ion forebears. Operating above 5 volts, it’s also more powerful than other advanced batteries. Despite its firepower, the Ryden contains no rare metals, rare earth metals, or heavy metals. In addition, the company says its carbon complex can be charged and discharged thousands of times without any drop in capacity.

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“Power Japan Plus is a materials engineer for a new class of carbon material that balances economics, performance and sustainability in a world of constrained resources,” says Dou Kani, CEO of Power Japan Plus. “The Ryden dual carbon battery is the energy storage breakthrough needed to bring green technology like electric vehicles to mass market.”

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2 Responses to “Organic Cotton–Derived Battery Could Power Safer, Cheaper Electric Cars”

  1. ludia228 says:

    Title should be corrected… they said Organic Carbon, not Organic Cotton

  2. Jasmin Malik Chua says:

    It’s organic carbon _derived_ from organic cotton, but I tweaked the headline to make it clearer, thanks.

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