Palm Leather: A Vegan Textile With the Same Properties as Animal Hide

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PALM LEATHER \pä(l)m ˈleT͟Hər\

n 1 a: A sturdy textile created by Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven in the Netherlands using the leaves of the Areca palm (Chrysalidocarpus lutescens). b: Made by soaking the plant matter in a special biological solution that leaves it supple and pliable. c: A biodegradable, 100 percent vegan material with some of the properties of animal leather and rubber. 2: Natural variations in color provide plenty of design potential. 3 a: Suitable for a wide range of products, including bags, footwear, and journal covers. b: Opens opportunities for artisans in South India, where the leaves and the skills to manipulate them are common.

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3 Responses to “Palm Leather: A Vegan Textile With the Same Properties as Animal Hide”

  1. jholla888 says:

    Wow, what a beautiful material. How can I purchase this tote bag?

  2. astaisaacs says:

    I understand the need for mimicking leather, but isn’t it really glorifying leather itself? I was thinking about this as I wore my faux fur coat around during the winter. It’s sending a signal that animal hides are attractive and warm. Shouldn’t we be developing things that are eco friendly and stand on it’s own without mimickng a dead animal? Just saying.

  3. chr66 says:

    I agree with the faux fur comment… maybe this doesn’t look too much like leather ? what the article doesn’t say is where the palm is coming from… is it rainforest friendly, small scale, orang-utangfriendly? etc…?

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