Piña Fiber: A Resilient Plant for Exotic Tastes

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Photo by Mark Aldane Tumang

PIÑA FIBER \ pēn-yə fī-bər\

n. 1 a: Long, fine, lustrous fibers obtained from the leaves of pineapple plants. (The plants are typically cultivated in Hawaii, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, and the West Indies.) b: Resilient, strong fibers often used for sheer, silky fabrics, ropes, twine, and paper. c: Piña cloth is wear-resistant and easy to clean, making it an ideal eco-textile for clothing, accessories, and home-design solutions. Eco-couture designers and the royals of the Phillipines swear by its luxe, soft qualities and use it to make the traditional Barong Tagalog embroidered ceremonial garment.

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10 Responses to “Piña Fiber: A Resilient Plant for Exotic Tastes”

  1. beherenow1 says:

    Where can you buy this fabric?

  2. adrenalin_girl says:

    what is the contact details of the manufacturer? Thank’s!

  3. srigshankar says:

    How and where can i get a Hank of Pineapple fibers or yarn? I would be really helpful for my research If I could get a suggestion at the earliest possible

  4. andrewscott says:

    We do supplies this kind of fabric. Im from the Philippines. Contact Meynard Andrew email add paul_andrews21@yahoo.com

  5. jornsickahfoss says:

    Another supplier of Pina, more directly online http://www.dbathis.com/

  6. elisa marta p. sarical says:

    We have an assisted client, the Labo Progressive Multi-Purpose Cooperative, based in Malasugui, Labo, Camarines Norte, Philippines, engaged in the production of machine decorticated pineapple fiber and handloom weaving of pina cloth.

    The cooperative has an ample supply of the handwoven pina cloth in natural color, plain or embroidered or naturally dyed pina cloth, plain or embroidered and the machine decorticated fiber.

    You can contact me at the Department of Trade and Industry Camarines Norte Provincial Office, Central Plaza Complex, Lag-on, Daet, Camarines Norte, Philippines with telephone number (054) 440-1338 or telefax number (054) 440-1339.

  7. g. alvir says:

    Can hand-embroidered pure pina fabric be safely bleached? I recently purchased a baptismal dress which I find too dark for my purposes. I would appreciate a reply as quickly as possible. Thanks.

  8. jornsickahfoss says:

    Embroidered and non-embroidered Pina fabrics are relatively delicate. Proceed with caution for cleaning and/or bleaching. We suggest to bleach with very weak solution of hydrogen peroxide and hang the fabric / garment in the sun. Commercial bleaches are not recommended for the weaken the fibers. Hope that helps.

    To others interested in purchasing Pina fabrics and hope to do so directly with the Philippines- good luck with that. The Pina and Abaca weaving industries are incredibly unorganized and irresponsible in our opinion and experience. Do not trust delivery unless you pick up goods yourself in the country from supplier. We wish this were not the case. Just try to contact anyone via telephone, email or fax. Its just short of a nightmare. Better to purchase from distributors based in Europe or USA.

  9. denise thompson says:

    I would like to buy 4 metres or 5 yards of white pina fabric for embroidery please. Could you please let me know the cost and postage and what type of payment? Credit card etc.

    Denise T

  10. jornsickahfoss says:

    denise – you may wish to write to nicepeople@dbaTHIS.com ( http://www.dbathis.com/) and request information there.

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