Project Runway’s Gretchen Jones Debuts Eponymous Line For Fall 2011

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For her eponymous label’s debut, Jones assembled a collection from sources as disparate as Frida Kahlo, Jean Michele Basquiat, Kurt Cobain, Buckminster Fuller, and the “experimental town” of Arcosanti in Arizona.

“I’ve been obsessed with Frida Kahlo, not just her aesthetic, but her tenacity and strength,” Jones tells Ecouterre.

“I’ve been obsessed with Frida Kahlo, not just her aesthetic, but her tenacity and strength,” Jones tells Ecouterre. “The architectural elements throughout the collection are inspired by Buckminster Fuller. [For] the knitwear, I really thought of the grunge movement in the Pacific Northwest and namely Kurt Cobain. [Graffiti artist] Jean-Michel Basquiat really influenced my editorial campaign, and Arcosanti is reflected in the Southwestern [references] throughout the collection.”

Each garment is named after a card from the Tarot of the Spirit deck. Jones christened the kimono cocktail mini “Open Channel,” for instance, while the slim chevron trouser is simply dubbed “Fire.”

“It’s important to name the collections and items like I do,” Jones explains, “because i feel I get to download each design with a special intimately connected to me. It’s like giving you a part of me.”

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13 Responses to “Project Runway’s Gretchen Jones Debuts Eponymous Line For Fall 2011”

  1. Urban Sherp says:

    Loved her jewelry on the show. She and Mondo were both so talented. Where can you purchase from her new collection? Completely obsessed with the blue hooded jacket, the ruching and contrasting colors are perfection.

  2. Hasmikjorgensen says:

    ewwww this sucks. Wow cannot believe she won the show. Stupid unattractive collection.

  3. robinbertelsen (@AirDye) says:

    Congratulations on the new collection, Gretchen. Especially love that vibrant, rich teal.

  4. luanahoward says:

    I was not impressed with her collection that won Project Runway, but I really like some of the pieces above. I will look for her when I shop.

  5. critter says:

    I just watched the final of PR on New Zealand TV. I totally agreed with all the judges’ prolonged comments (for once – I rarely like was Kors has to say). It was a TOUGH call, but I felt in my gut Gretchen should win. Her collection wasn’t designed to win PR, it was designed for a bigger picture – she is at a further evolved state than Mondo. He will have his moment.

  6. petalfly says:

    I think she’s one of the most talented Project Runway winners (as a real DESIGNER not as a TV personality). Her clothes are approachable yet quietly and effortlessly hip. They are on trend but they also retain elements of the classic, all while speaking from a singular perspective.

    I love that as a designer she realizes that what differentiates “design” from art, is that design is useful. Some designers (often men who design for women) forget that women have to actually DO things other than just strike a chic pose. I can really see myself working, going out, completing projects, running up and down the city, etc, in those clothes.

    She really is tapping into a place inside of a woman that expresses who she wants to become. The girl in this collection is that effortlessly cool downtown girl you can’t take your eyes off of, but she’s also the woman with her head on her shoulders, with ambitions and priorities, with her bare feet on the earth and in the soil.

    I think she has the most potential for commercial success out of all the winners so far. This collection is definitely better than the one she did for Project Runway, which is a good reason to look forwards to future things to come.

  7. kekkline says:

    Looking at this collection she seems stuck in the past. The only thing I see that seems current is the jacket. Whe needs to get out of the hippie era.

  8. rramsey says:

    I am watching a rerun of Project Runway now and I still believe a tremendous mistake was made when Gretchen won last season. She should have been eliminated instead of April and Mondo should have taken home the ultimate prize. This is one woman’s opinion and I feel great expressing it after a year.

  9. killy says:

    Her collection is nothing new. I had a green satin blouse in 1979 that was simply a shorter version of the green dress. I had bought it on sale at a discount store. Her clothing is tired.

  10. Mykot says:

    While we may be bummed out that she won last season, as I and most people thought Mondo should have won, I do quite like most of the clothes above. Also, I don’t understand why everyone called her the bitch of the show, as while yes, she was sometimes mean, she was alos very caring and supportive of Michael C. in the end and many other contestants. Plus, EVERY contestant critiques everyone behind their back, not just her! Even Mondo talked smack about some peoples clothes. Glad to see her create nicer clothes, though.

  11. Sash says:

    I liked her clothes on Project Runway, and I love the clothes in this new line. I would buy all of them if I could afford them. And Gretchen was nearly as bad as that Jeffery from a previous season who won. He was very nasty.

  12. ctsclay says:

    This collection is a lot like her project runway collection accept for a few new looks.

    The short dress is pretty, but nothing that I haven’t seen before. Even the jewelry is a re-do. You can see that Gretchen is trying to expand here with this collection,hoods with ruffles? Might she be going after the younger crowd that shops at Urban Outfitters?

  13. joeguy says:

    Thank you thank you thank you to all of the people who GET Gretchen. I am someone who never watched the show until 3 months ago. I watched all the shows back to back, over a couple months. I love Mondo, but I can tell you that Gretchen listened to the judges and, as someone who had the whole shows to watch at once, I could easily see that she’s one of the most talented ever on there – and she should have won. Her win let me know the judges were in it for the talent. Mondo designs clothes for children. Sure, he’s the Picasso of fabric. But Gretchen, when you really look at her stuff, you see that she didn’t have to scream to win. Very consistent.
    Looking back, it’s easy to see who the most talented were/are: Seth Aaron, Christian Siriano, Irina, Mondo and Gretchen. And I don’t believe for a minute she’s as bad as she was portrayed.
    Did ANYONE question Mondo’s wonderful timing about his AIDS. Also, Mondo’s collection was a ‘Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown’ takeoff of Seth’s collection. Look closely.
    Thanks for letting me get the steam off.
    Gretchen I love your aesthetic and respect you. Your colors, in the final show on PR, were a tad disappointing.

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