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If former Real Housewives of New York City star Cindy Barhop didn’t think she was in enough hot water, the spa owner now compares her fox-fur bikini treatment to a cure for cancer, according to The Cut. The semi-permanent procedure, which involves affixing neon-colored fur or feathers to one’s ladyparts, are only designed to last three days—more if you avoid washing your nethers (sexy!). “It’s like buying an extra set of lingerie or a fun shirt a different pair of glasses,” Barshop, who runs Completely Bare on Madison Ave., says. “This is that fun thing that gives you a little pick-me-up.”

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4 Responses to ““Real Housewife” Compares Fox-Fur Bikini Treatment to Cure for Cancer”

  1. greenapt says:

    We get it Ecouterre! You don’t like PETA but let me tell you that good old regular people such as myself, friends and family are also against the killing animals for their fur. Nothing fashionable, good feeling or glamorous about it. Your constant bashing of PETA only makes you look insensitive to the plight of animals suffering and dying for fashion. Why am i so upset? I’ve seen the wild trapping videos where fox and coyotes are trapped for days only to have the trapper come and beat them to death or crush the life out of them. Horrifying. Google it and watch the videos and quit bashing PETA.

  2. Brit Liggett says:

    Hey @greenapt maybe you should read the whole story before you leave a comment. It is OBVIOUS that Ecouterre is NOT into fur. And that Ecouterre loves PETA – duh – proof = a story about their nail stickers.

  3. Smawt Ass (@SmawtAss) says:

    Not only is this sick for the fact that it is yet another reason to torture and kill innocent animals for moronic reasons – but it makes me sit back and wonder how or why are there women with nothing better to think about or spend their money on, than to have their bush waxed off, only to turn around and put a decorated hat on it.

    Is her next Fashion trend for us to all shave our heads because she’s going to brain-dazzle our bare skulls? The fact that there are women who’d rather have a decorated stinky p*ssy rather than simply a trimmed & CLEAN one – is beyond coomprehension.

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