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Supple Recycled Denim and Leather Duffel Bag

by , 10/21/10

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Can you believe this beautiful duffel bag is made from old denim jeans and reworked leather coats? Designed and made by Chance, it’s the perfect combination of the durability of the denim and the softness of leather.

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8 Responses to “Supple Recycled Denim and Leather Duffel Bag”

  1. opalsky says:

    What was this designer thinking. All of this attention being paid to the creative, innovative
    use of RECYCLED denim and the designer used LEATHER, instead of recycled plastic, for the
    trim and handle! I guess the term ”Designer” was to make the bag alluring to a more upscale demographic, who might not find the Duffle appealing because the denim was recycled…
    This whole concept has lost it’s credibility with me. If the company, CHANCE, wanted to appear
    more environmentally conscious, a quality manufactured plastic would have been the ethical
    alternative. Not to mention, the skin of a cow belongs on the cow. A woman who’s vanity
    outweighs her conscience, needs to go back to spending $1,600 to $2,400 on her Coach and
    Louis Vuitton handbags. How contradictory, using the term Recycled with the word Leather,
    justifies it’s usage…especially in this designer’s challenge.

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  3. chance says:

    What was CHANCE thinking? You know what I was thinking… I was thinking here are all of these unloved leather jackets and stock piles of old raw leather going to waste. I was thinking, what if I re-use this beautifully aged Italian leather jacket and find a new way of giving this out dated garment life again. What if I dye this leather using traditional and natural plant base dyes, giving it the CHANCE to have a new adventure and a new meaning in a world that is having to become conscience of what we have and learning how to appreciate it, conserve it and reuse it. To me the term sustainability or environmental is not about \’quality manufactured plastic\’ it is about reusing what is here and making it beautiful with style and functionality. Interestingly enough, I also have a bit of knowledge about plastic manufacturing and the difference between degradable, non degradable and biodegradable plastics and the effects they have on the environment. The future in the new plastics field is very exciting and I look forward to talking with you more about what we are up to in regards to this. CHANCE is very proud to be recognised in this challenge and supports all participants and creatives who have dedicated their time to support this important global movement – to become a sustainable society.

  4. opalsky says:

    Chance, I appreciate your explanation. I believe the Cow, not the” old raw and beautifully aged,
    leather” was unloved and, sadly, cannot be given life, again. Personally, I don’t need or want
    leather to be a recycled textile. Yes, it is, here…but it’s function is, slowly, being regarded as
    inappropriate and unjustified for anything, other than the creature who’s body it protects.
    That said, I couldn’t agree with you more about how plastic is being recycled. There
    is no excuse for the manufacturers of plastic materials, not to keep consumers in the know
    about what each grade of plastic is the most acceptable for effective reuse and the least
    threatening to the environment. Corporations should, then, confer with those manufacturers,
    about the potential of using these plastics without adding to the cost of their product, then
    having their customers go back, for economic reasons, to stores who use styrofoam and
    and other unrecyclable packaging. Educating consumers, not in a condescending way, about
    the ultimate benefits, of recycling properly manufactured plastics might
    make a profound difference. Economically, this a tough time, and this issue is not a priority
    in most households, but awareness can be taught in entertaining ways. Let’s try! Thanks…

  5. emmasoh says:

    I think this bag is beautiful! Good work. I want one!! I am curious though opalsky why you don’t want to see leather being recycled. Surely it is better for the skin to be used again and again rather than being discarded or put into land fill once the animal has died. I’m actually a vegetarian but I firmly believe that if animals are being killed for meat (which they are) all parts should be used so there is no waste and if leather can be re-used for another purpose then I can only see that as a good thing. Especially as there is no way the whole world will be converted to not eating meat and wanting leather. I don’t think that’s realistic at all.

  6. opalsky says:

    emmasoh, I loved the denim handbag, too! I was going to get it right away, but after reading
    that the trim was made from recycled leather coats, my guy reaction was one of guilt. I would
    never use leather, in whatever form, as a fashion accent. It comes across as desirable. That said,
    I\\\’ve given what you said some thought…I can understand the idea of recycling the old
    leather for something more practical. I\\\’m not sure what that would be, at this time. Zoo\\\’s have
    been using animal hides and fur to create a familiar environment for orphaned offspring. I
    appreciate you approaching this issue with the bigger picture in mind. I am a vegan, an I allow
    my veterinarian to hunt for deer on my farm, because I would rather have them killed by
    an ethical hunter than suffer in the freezing cold. Again, the bigger picture…This will
    give me something to reconcile and and if I network with like minded friends, I might
    have some some suggestions.

  7. bezza says:

    Suffer the freezing cold… are you mad?
    Deers are an animal that have adjusted to the changing seasons for millenium… If you are using that ideal to reconcile something is seriously wrong with the way we think…
    Also we have as humans used and recycled leather since the days we did eat the meat and use the hide on our backs… why so many complications and opinions?

  8. emmasoh says:

    Thanks for your reply opalsky. I think it’s great that people with different views can come together on a forum like this to discuss things with an open mind. Trying to be ethical isn’t black or white, there are so many different elements, and there is no way we can all agree on all things. Bezza! Complications and opinions are what make this world so interesting. Everyone sees things differently and I think it’s brilliant that we can talk about things and help to open peoples’ minds.


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